Advanced Chakra Healing : Journey to Powerful Manifestations

In this article, we will explore the profound connection between chakra healing and the manifestation of our desires and goals. By understanding and harnessing the power of these subtle energy centers, we can tap into a limitless potential for personal growth, transformation. Manifestating of our deepest desires. 

For the past few years, I’ve been asked by Mother God, Father God, Universe – about my Soul Blueprint. I’ve been asked to step onto another mission in this lifetime, and being very honest, this is a mission that scared the heck out of me.

It is a mission for me to help women over 40, who are struggling to get pregnant when science and medicine have let them down. My mission is to step in, if they choose to allow me to help them with vibrational medicine – energy healing. Part of that path means me taking them through healing and clearing their higher dimensional chakras.

I’m delving more into the realms of soul purpose, soul mission, and not just the mission in this lifetime, but also the next. For many of us in many of our reincarnations, our embodiment on Earth revolves around one soul mission. Again, I’m still a student. I don’t pretend to know everything.

You’ve probably heard of the seven chakras, right?

The seven main chakras. The 7 COMMONLY known chakras, there are so much more than that. Which is why this topic is important to break the limited understanding that we have about chakras, and introduce you to the other Higher Dimensional Chakras.

It’s good to start with the seven chakras, but for us who are on the spiritual path, who are wanting to work on more than just this three-dimensional plane. We must and should work on the higher dimensional chakras.

So what do I mean by that?

All right, so here is a chart that I had my assistant make for me. Okay. What we are familiar of are the seven primary chakras here, right?


I’m just focusing on 15 chakras. I have been trained in the 8 Morphogenetic Chakra.

I mentioned about life purpose and sole purpose, actually sole purpose is more in the higher dimensional realm. So what happens is all these chakras, each of them correlate to a certain dimension.

Chakra 1 is the first dimension; Chakra two, correlates to the second dimension; Chakra 3, is the third dimension. Which is where our physicalness is right now. We’re walking on earth. The things that we see and touch is all from the density of the first three dimensions, and as we go higher up into the higher dimensions, the solid state becomes less solid.

So once we get to the fourth chakra, for instance, is on a higher dimension and this is where you’re gonna have to have to believe on faith.

So from Chakra or Dimensions 15. There’s no form. And as it goes down to the 14th dimensional chakra, 13th dimensional chakra, 12 dimensional chakras, 11th dimension, and so on and so forth. As it goes down the dimension, it starts gaining a state of having solidity to it. All that started from the higher dimensions. The pre-matter state before it became solid, before it became manifested in a 3D physical plane.

For those of us who are in the law of attraction path or the manifesting path. If we want to manifest, just visualising actually is not enough because most of us are still visualising in the third dimensional realm.

If anything, you need to work from the 5th dimension. Thoughts become things. When they are thoughts – they are in that pre-matter realm. So only then when they gain strength through the thoughts that we feed them, then they gain the ability to manifest in the 3D Dimension, whether it is actually something that we want in our lives or something that we don’t want.

We are all power manifestors. But the question is, are you consciously manifesting what you want? Most of us are subconsciously manifesting the things that we don’t want because we keep putting our energy, our Chi via our thoughts and our emotions, feeding into fear and worry and not enoughness. Lack of self-love and all that is percolating in dimensions 5 and up.

And if we don’t nip it in the bud through healing, it will come down and manifest in the 3D dimensions. Appearing in our lives even though we don’t want it, we manifested it. Once you understand what our purpose here is, the intensity of that fear is so much lower when you work with Divine and realise that you ARE divine.

We have 15 dimensional chakras and more. We were just taught to forget about our power. And once you reconnect with that power, once you start healing from the higher dimensional plane, that is when you realise a lot of your fears and worries are unfounded.

Thank you.

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