Can one house be lucky for one person but unlucky for another?

Today we are covering on “Can one house be lucky for one person?” Let’s say a family is living in that house can it be lucky for one person and yet unlucky for another person? And we are going to go, I have four I think I have four points here obviously one, two, three, four, five. Actually, I have five points here to explain why that can actually be the case so an unlucky Feng Shui home can still be good for some some other members in the family or vice versa. A good home can still bring up issues for one or two people in the family I do have a downloadable PDF that you guys can so you guys can get your hands on the notes that I am going to go through today

All you need to do is just to type in the comment under the video just type in P D F, it’s gonna pop up a Facebook Messenger and it’s gonna give you a link you click on that link, fill in like a really simple form and it’s gonna take you, it should take you to a PDF where you can print this out. You can save this in terms of the notes that I’m going to cover on this live stream today. And those of you who are watching me on Youtube, I will have the link to the PDF under the video in the description so if you’re watching me on Youtube, you go to the

description and that will bring you to the forum where you can have instant access to the PDF.

For the purpose of this discussion, I’m keeping my explanations to just Feng Shui. Now

most of you guys already know that in Chinese metaphysics there’s three levels of luck, right? There’s many different names to it that’s three trinity of luck or whatever it is but there’s Heaven luck, there’s Earth luck, there’s Mankind luck. For in this discussion we are only concentrating on Earth luck so for those of you who are new to this, Heaven luck, Earth luck, Mankind luck are the three components that ultimately determine what happens in our lives. So Heaven luck is astrology, it’s your karma, it’s your spiritual life lessons that you’re meant to go through, it’s your astrology and among other things. It’s what’s considered unchanged

okay although I have my own perspective on that okay unchangeable.

Then there’s the Earth luck which is your Feng Shui which is the energy of the space that

you surround yourself in. And then there’s the Mankind luck which is what I call inner Feng Shui, your inner energy, your mindset, what’s in your heart space,what are your self-sabotage tendencies, what are the addictions or other things right? Wrong actions, right actions all that. All those Heaven, Earth and Mankind luck encapsulating will ultimately determines what you see in your life. So for the purpose of this live stream, I am concentrating on just the Earth luck which is the Feng Shui.

So first of all what room do you use the most in your home so right now we’re talking about

the permanent energy of the home so when you have your layout, you determine the

period of your home, you determine the facing of your home then from there we can actually well us as consultants, we can actually see what is the energetic blueprint of the home and each room has one energy okay? As much as you want to Feng Shui up you know, there’s no such thing as 100% good Feng Shui home. There will always be each space will always have a positive direction and a not so positive direction okay? So when you build a house from scratch let’s say that maybe the not so positive direction you make it into like a not less important room like a storage area a washer dryer or whatever okay? So when you look it when there is a home a layout and each room each space each little container in that whole house has a specific permanent energy so for instance if one bedroom has more permanent energy that affects health okay so the permanent energy of a master bedroom might say is very strong in illness and stress then the people living or sleeping in that master bedroom would be absorbing all that energy of illness and stress compared to other people in the family who are not sleeping in that room because when you’re sleeping your body is absorbing right?. And we’re looking at five to twelve hours every night your body is there, being affected by the permanent energy of the home. Vice versa if the master bedroom is very prosperous it’s great for relationship and it’s great for a business, it’s great for networking or spiritual work then the person using that room will be able to really absorb that energy and be given the opportunity to capitalize on it now it’s the mankind luck now to determine whether that person actually takes the necessary decision or actions to capitalize on the opportunities that open up to him or her but Feng Shui wise each room has a positive and negative element to it, okay?

So that is how it you know if let’s say: one sibling has a better room for studying and another sibling has a room that’s not so great for studying then they would have two different experiences, okay? Or even the same person would studying one area that’s really good f

studying and then move to a different part of the house to study he or she will find that maybe it’s hard to focus it’s hard to really absorb the information and things like that. It definitely can impact has an effect on the person using that space okay? That’s point number one. Point number two are the permanent energies more specific to one family member. Now this is one of the private consultations that I did right after I got certified so the energy in the master bedroom if you guys know Flying Star Feng Shui? Hopefully most of you guys know about Flying Star Feng Shui. There’s such a thing as the mountain star and the water star okay? You guys can kind of Google it. What is the mountain star and water star and Flying star Feng Shui so and this is something that I taught in my certification course.

Our school’s interpretation of any one combination for Mountain start two, water starts three or vice versa meaning Mountain star 3 and water star two, the combination of these two numbers in an 81 combination flying star means abdominal issues okay. But it only impacts the female in that room and this is what happened in one of my first three private consultation since I got certified like eight, nine years ago as a Feng Shui consultant, what’s this master bedroom indeed had the two it had the two three, it had the two three combination in the master bedroom and I asked the client you know what was going on with your mom and in fact I don’t want to go into too much detail but in fact it was and this has been a house that the family has lived in for 30 plus years so that energy had all those 30 plus years to work on his mother and it was confirmed that his mother had abdominal complications i.e stomach cancer okay? But his father was completely fine because that energy impacts specifically the mother if you guys know about trigrams the number two is the trigram could which affects the matriarch okay? So that’s just a little bit of a tid bit that in terms of classical Feng Shui study for you guys. It can get very in-depth but very interesting as well because once we plot out the permanent energy of a home, you can see how that impacts people in in the family and there are certain energies that impact middle son, certain energies that impact younger daughters, certain energies that impact the father right? Like head injuries around the for the patriarch things like that so there are permanent energies that impact a specific member of the family and everyone else using that very same room will not get impacted.

So the third point is are there any structural issues when it comes to Feng Shui? The example that I have in the PDF is if the kitchen is in the northwest area of any home, it is detrimental to the patriarch. And me and my husband we have personally seen this happen where and this was before I got certified so the place that we were living in at that time had a kitchen in the northwest and my husband had the most challenging time around career. And when I found out about this structural issue in the northwest, that’s when I realized that this is why it’s affecting him more than it’s affecting me. And I’ve seen this over my past eight years doing consults I’ve seen this over and over again if the Northwest is in the kitchen then the patriarch meaning man of the house will get affected. What happens if there’s no man of the house, if the kitchen is in the northwest of your home and everyone living there are our females then you’re fine, you’re absolutely fine okay?

Point number four – how are you guys doing so far? Point number four: what are the annual energies affecting different parts of a home so for instance in 2018,okay those of you guys who are caught up in your flying star Feng Shui for the year especially those of you who are in Feng Shui 2018, okay you all know that the number five, or in Cantonese will one is in the North this year and the number five is just general challenges for people who are using the room in the north okay? Or even the actually we’re not going to talk about the brand new here so we’ll just use the North. In the north that has the number five as an example for this year so you have a whole family living in that under the same roof but the person who has let’s say a bedroom in the north or the person who uses a north let’s say the kitchen in the north and the person happens to use the kitchen the most or maybe there’s a back door or a side door in the north and you know one specific member of the family let’s say likes to use the side door or the back door to come in and out of the home then they will be the one triggering that energy right? So they will also be the one absorbing that energy as well okay? And what direction are they’re facing this is the fifth point on my PDF here – what direction are they facing when they’re sleeping or working so this year Grand Duke so in terms of direction there is permanent energy direction and then there’s annual energy direction, in terms of good directions and bad directions.

Let’s talk about the bad directions so we’ll just talk about this year okay? This year the grand duke direction is Northwest one okay Northwest one and so if a person is let’s say watching TV and happens and his favorite spot is the spot on the couch where he happens to be facing northwest one even though he’s looking at the TV is facing northwest, one think he is actually facing the Grand Duke which is something you’re not really supposed to be doing okay? Maybe he doesn’t know Feng Shui, right but you know but he compared to the rest of the family who are also watching TV but they’re facing a different direction they’re not facing Grand Duke then he will be the one that’s getting that unfavorable energy okay? And that’s going to affect him or if you’re facing north and it’s funny last was it last weekend mean my husband and my daughter we were sitting now we were playing Monopoly right, family board game night we’re playing Monopoly and my younger daughter was not doing so well and I just realized I told her, you know what you’re actually sitting facing north so it was really interesting to see how the wrong direction can impact even the little things right board games no big deal but if you’re sitting or you’re facing, or were sleeping a bad direction either permanent energy or annual energy that will impact you and so this is the situation where it can just impact one person instead of the whole family okay?

So that’s it I covered my five points – how to properly prepare your house for the new year you join me in Feng Shui 2019 you go here – This is where you don’t just get bits and pieces of information, you get fully ready all directions for your home. Again

one last pitch for all other inner Feng Shui stuff and there’s also a lot of

Feng Shui information that I don’t cover in the annual Feng Shui and then the Feng Shui 2019 is I covered the annual Feng Shui but I don’t not so much I don’t cover the inner Feng Shui stuff as much.

All right everyone, take care.

Get the PDF of this live stream notes.

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