Decluttering Does Not Mean You’re Doing Feng Shui

Okay, guys. Straight talk here – decluttering is NOT feng shui.

Hello Feng shui Nation. It’s Safrina from Feng Shui and Prosper. And today, I’m going to make some of you guys squirm! So, decluttering. There have been so many books and even Feng Shui courses out there who are touting decluttering as one of the main pillars of feng shui. I am here – to bust this super myth. Those of you guys who follow classical feng shui will agree with me, that none of the grand Masters in China. None of them. None of the classical feng shui texts would even breathe a word about decluttering, okay? Decluttering and its link to Feng Shui is a modern invention. It’s a western world invention. So I get a lot of pushback on this.

So what happened was a few weeks back, I was asked to be a panel on clubhouse.

If you guys are on that new social media Clubhouse, apparently is the place to be. I’m still not quite, you know sold on it. But anyway, The topic was about decluttering and feng shui

I told my host – the person who invited me to be on the panel I said “Well in all honesty, decluttering is not Feng Shui! I mean it’s nice to declutter. It’s great to be organized,

but it’s not a feng shui or a practice and it has never been until the western world, or the modern world somehow (I don’t even know where it started)

It just started saying “Oh, if you want to do feng shui then you declutter there have been books on feng shui and decluttering. There have been courses on feng shui decluttering.

A lot of money has been made by linking decluttering and feng shui and I’m not here to knock those people, but I am here to just set the record straight. Clear the air,

because if you look at all the classical texts of feng shui if you talk to any of the Grandmasters, In China, none of them would have breathed a word about decluttering.

Okay, so I have no idea where it started. Honestly it just took hold and started a life on its own pretty much now. I’m not here to say that decluttering is not a good thing to do.

Okay, it’s good to stay organized and when you’re organized the Qi flows,

I agree with that, but even if you live a minimalist life, there are still rooms in your home that can be bad feng shui based on the permanent energy that is within those four walls.

You can have an absolutely empty place, like as decluttered as it possibly can be

and there are still auspicious and inauspicious energies where feng shui is concerned.

So decluttering is organization. It’s keeping things neat and tidy, you Marie kondo your life and all that but decluttering needs to be separated from the practice of feng shui.

Now, there are certain schools that argue that if you want to activate energy in certain area,

then you declutter. Well, yes or no. Energy is moved when it’s being used, right?

Some people say, “oh, I declutter my bathroom and I found money it could be coincidence”

but it could be your bathroom actually was one of your wealth directions and because you were decluttering, you were activating the energy in there. You are spending more time there, that it happened to bring in some opportunities for you. It has nothing to do with the decluttering itself.

It’s in the activation of the energy you could! And many of us we declutter all the time.

But if you’re decluttering and you’re spending time decluttering in a space that’s

negative, you’re also activating that negative energy, right? And those of you who have followed me for any amount of time You’ve heard me say that feng shui is not always about putting stuff.

It’s about usage.

When you’re decluttering, your technically using that space You’re moving things around, you’re activating the Qi, right? Now whether or not activating that Qi is good or bad depends on the space itself But that’s why I said certain schools say if you want to activate certain Qi, then you move the furniture. You clean up the space. That’s all well and good but that shouldn’t be taken as proof that decluttering and feng shui is the same thing. No, it’s just one of the methods to activate the Qi in a certain area. It is not in and of itself feng shui, you know when that person very generously invited me to be on a panel on Clubhouse.

I said “I’m very likely going to be stepping on a few toes here” because she got other Consultants on as panels as well. And I took a look at their bio and they’re not classically trained.

So I already know what kind of perspective they’re going to have in terms of decluttering and feng shui and she said “that’s okay just come onto the panel I mean it’s a discussion anyway” if what I’m saying is resonating with you then let that sink in that sure, decluttering

and organizing your space is all good, but don’t confuse that with a feng shui practice.

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We’re going to spend more time talking about feng shui, the way it’s meant to be practiced

and I might be busting a few more feng shui myths down the road. I’ll talk to you guys soon.

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