How to do your Feng Shui Salt Cure

 Here’s a step by step guide on how to do your Salt Cure.


These are the things that you would need to start making your non moveable Salt Cures.

  1. A clear glass jar. It needs to be a fairly good size, one that would take about 500ml of liquid. The important thing to make sure that the jar as a wide mouth at the top.
  2. 6 Coins. They can be pennies or dimes. Coins are good energy conductors and round in shape.
  3. A bag of coarse sea salt enough to fill half of the jar.

Step 1:
So very easily, we’re just gonna fill up the glass jar two-thirds of the way with core sea salt.

Keep going until you have about two-thirds full, maybe a tiny bit more. Then level the top either with your hand or a spoon.

Step 2:
Arrange the 6 coins at the top of the sea salt. I like to arrange them in a nice circle. And yes, they will move around when you pour the water in so don’t worry, it affect the salt cure.

Step 3:
Gently pour in the water all the way to the top of the jar.

And that’s it! Now all you have to do is place it where you need it the most.

Movable Salt Cure

Now to make this into a movable salt cure, all you need to do is to make sure that when you move it, the liquid in the jar does not spill out. To do that, we use clingfilm or saran wrap.

So do that

After you’ve wrapped it, just secure it with a rubber band, and then you take the knife and you poke holes on top. The important thing about the salt cure is there needs to be air circulation. So just poke some holes right on top here.

Finally, wrap the bottom of the jar with aluminium foil.

Where to place your Salt Cure

On the floor:
You can place your new Salt Cure on the floor. If you don’t like the look of the salt cure, or you want to keep it away from small children and pets, hide the salt cure in between furnitures or in a flower pot or vase. That’s fine too.

On top of a cabinet/shelf:
You can put it on top of the cabinet as well. However, if this is a high traffic area, let’s say, if you need a cure in the kitchen and the only spot you have is the kitchen counter, I would suggest placing the salt cure in a flower pot/vase too. As long as the pot or vase is fairly tall and can hide the salt cure.

Just make sure you don’t cover the top, make sure that there’s air circulation, you’re good to go.


As time passes and the salt cures does its job in clearing the energy, you will find crystallization forming at the top of the jar. Sometimes they’ll go around the jar and depending on the affliction – if the affliction is really strong, the crystallization would actually spill over the jar. Some got to work so much that the crystallization covers the entire jar! So what I would suggest not to place the salt cure on your wooden floors or your carpets. Use a simple base like this to protect your flooring.

There you go, I hope this guide was useful to you. Stay subscribed for next blog article on where to place your salt cures!

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