Q: Does it matter which direction your front door OPENS?

 Is there a difference on which direction the front door opens?

Short answer is yes.

How do I determine which direction my door should be opening? Let’s say your door is facing West, whether or not facing West is a good door depends on your flying star chart of YOUR house, which is based on the Period and the Facing of your house.

Let’s say you have a 9-5 at the door, or you have a 9-7 at the door. Then the door is going to be activating it’s facing – the 5 and/or 7 for that house.

Doors in Feng Shui is where the money chi comes through. Do you want a door that is a “money door” for 20, for 40 years? Or do you want a “money door” for 60 years? Especially if it’s a house that you’re building for your kids to inherit, for your grandkids to inherit, you’d want to make sure it brings money to the people in the house, no matter the Gua Number.

In Advanced Feng Shui, there are actually doors that are good for all periods. But that is for me to know and for no one to find out…… just yet, because I haven’t done a full course on that just yet.

Does it matter if the door swings in or out?

It doesn’t matter whether it swings into the house or swing away from the house. It still brings in the same chi energy into the house.

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