The Facing is NOT always the Front Door!

One of the main misconceptions especially if you’re in a house is that the facing of the building is always the front door. It’s not always the case. Most of the time it is, I would say maybe 95% of the time, your Feng Shui facing of your home or of your building aligns with the main door but there’s always that you know handful of cases where the facing of the building could be the side of the building, right.

And in very rare occasions – it could actually be the back where you know maybe again you know, we’re talking theoretical here but you know if your street facing is further from your main door. And yet you have a really, really strong river body of river and very fast moving, very loud and it’s much closer to the back of your house that could be your facing, right.

So real Feng Shui is not generalized. And even when I look at facing, I always look at Google Earth because if someone says – Oh, I have this street I have that, that, that. Like all that just goes past me. I would rather just look at a Google Earth screenshot to figure out where your doors are. Where’s the street address, where are the high traffic, low traffic – all that taken into consideration before we figure out the facing.

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