Door and Water Activation!

Not all homes can take a water activation and what do I mean by water activation – it can be a fish pond, can be a pool, can be a large external fountain. And this is how the elite practitioners do it. So this is the main door. And let’s say, after we look at the permanent energy of the home I decide oh this house can actually take a water activation okay. So let’s say this house is facing south so let’s say based on the permanent energy of this house this house can put a water feature in the southeast so the southeast for this house is this area right. I’m using the 24 mountain right now, for those of you who took the course in case you have questions. I’m using the 24 mountain compass, not our lineages demarcation method because we’re putting the water activation outside okay – external feature. So you can put the fountain anywhere. The advanced way is to actually take the compass at the door and then superimpose that so one compass in the middle of the house and another compass at the front door.

So whatever overlaps between the southeast from the center and the southeast from the front door that is the best spot for this house, based on their permanent energy to put a water feature.

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