You do NOT NEED “Feng Shui Objects/Items” to do Feng Shui

Hey guys, it’s Safrina from Feng Shui and Prosper and I wanted to do a quick PSA for you guys here, okay. We’re just a few days away from Chinese New Year, the year of the ox but it doesn’t matter which new year we’re going into, I am here to remind you guys of something. You do not need to spend hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars every year to buy Feng Shui objects – in order to Feng Shui your home. Classical feng shui is so much more than just turning your house into a Chinese restaurant okay? Don’t fall into that trap and don’t fall into the idea that it needs to look Chinese in order to be feng shui.

This is how I feng shui for my retail clients and for my corporate clients We look at where are the auspicious energies, we use the positive areas and we reduce the usage of the areas that are more negative. And in terms of feng shui placements right, if you want to put stuff then you really look at what are the elements that are needed in a room. Now this is not something that I can cover in depth in a in a short recorded video but if you look at Flying Star Feng Shui for instance, all the numbers have an element. And once you learn how to examine the numbers and their interactions with each other you can boil down the element that you need to either activate the good energy or to reduce the negative energy.

So for instance if you need more fire, you can put something red like this, you can turn on your light throughout the day. If you need more wood, you place more plants. If you need more metal maybe you put a metal statue. If you need earth, this is where people crystal lovers – this is where you can put your earth elements. If you need water, you can put a pail of water right. Feng shui is as simple as that but I understand in order to get into that simplicity, there is a whole bunch of complexity behind it.

So the mystery of feng shui continues but it’s not something where you are dependent on a store to supply you with the things that you need to feng shui.

Honestly, what you can get to feng shui your home, it really is dependent on the budget – not the store itself. Whatever elements that you need if you’re on a budget – let’s say go to a dollar store. Go to a salvation army, you can easily source out feng shui items that way. Again look at the elements, look at the color right. If you have money to throw around, then feel free to go into those higher end stores, it’s totally up to you. You do not need to google feng shui stores or feng shui items to get your house ready for the year of the ox. So that’s just my public service announcement here. I know I’m gonna lightly you know, get some comments probably not very happy comments but come at me.

But for the rest of you guys, I hope you will see that classical feng shui really can be non-descript, You don’t need to announce to anyone that you’re doing feng shui. No one really knows when they step into a space that I worked on no one could really pick up that feng shui was done for that place. But yet you get really, really good results. So just wanted to leave you guys with this. And for those of you who celebrate Chinese New Year

i’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye.

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