Command Position and Sleeping Under a Window

A really big one is command position. Basically, the myth is that the bed HAS to be placed perpendicular to door.

There’s, there’s a lot of misconception about the command position, it applies not just for the bed but also the desk placement. Thing is, even if you have a bed or a desk at the command position, but you happen to be facing the wrong direction. That wrong direction is going to make things complicated, overriding having a desk or bed at the command position. So forget about what you know about the command position.

There’s also a myth of no sleeping under the window.

Now, the main reason why it is not good is more for health purposes. If it gets windy, during the colder seasons, and you happen to be sleeping right under the window, then the cold wind will impact your health. You might get migraines; it’ll affect your sleep. Other than that, sleeping under a window is not a Feng Shui concern.

There’s been many times that I’ve asked my clients to actually move their bed under the window, they were puzzled “But Safrina, you’re not supposed to sleep under the window, right?” That’s a half truth. It’s not a Feng Shui issue, it’s a traditional Chinese medicine concern.

If the best energetic placement for the bed just happens to be under the window, then what you do is just cover the window, using solid or thick curtains so that when you’re sleeping, you have the curtains down. So that the, the cold air or the cold wind is not hitting your head, so it’s okay to have your headboard against the window.

Q: So what’s the proper way to face your bed?
A: That’s an energetic question, which unfortunately I can’t answer it here. I’ll need to know the overall energetic blueprint of your home before I can safely answer that question.

I’ve had clients who were very resistant at first (with bed placement, I get a lot of resistance :)). But I say, try it for three months. If after three months you still don’t like it, sure, move it back. It’s only happened once or twice, and it’s more of the client’s personal preference, but most of my clients came back to me sayind, “you know what, I actually sleep much better. And things have been like shifting more positively.” So for most of them, they just keep their bed placed that way afterwards.

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