Maximize Prosperity with THREE Feng Shui Money Corners

Instead of settling for just one Feng shui money corner, all homes actually have three money corners, and some homes actually have a fourth. According to Feng shui, everybody has a money corner in their house, meaning they have a corner in their house that brings prosperity and money. So we’re looking at your home from a bird’s eye view, right?

I have been a Feng Shui Consultant for the past 15 years, and I consider myself an Elite Feng Shui Practitioner because the way that I am trained. It is very advanced compared to what a lot of other Feng Shui experts purport to be trained. I’m here to tell you all homes, actually have three money corners and not just one. If you want to learn how real Feng Shui is done, read until the end of this blog because I’m going to show you how you can do it.

Here is a home layout, a simple, rectangular, or square layout, and I’ve put down the directions as shown here.

You’ll find to know two things.
1. The Feng Shui period of your home,
2. The compass facing the compass reading of your home.

Now, in this example, I’m choosing this layout to have the Feng Shui period of Period 8, meaning in this example, let’s say the tenants moved in between February 2004 till February 2024. Between February, 2004 and February, 2024, the Feng Shui period is Period 8.

Now the next thing that we need to do to calculate the energy of the home. Which is also the compass facing.

I’m gonna make it as if the building is facing south. So if you were to put a compass on this door, if you were to put a compass against this door, the compass is going to show that this house is facing South 2.

For a house that is Period 8, facing South 2. This is where their money corners are.

There’s one money corner right in the South direction, in the West and in the Northeast. And not only that, this permanent energy chart actually has a fourth money corner in the Southeast!

According to Flying Star Feng Shui, the strongest is actually the one in the Northeast. This room has the strongest money energy for the next 20 years. So if you happen to have a bedroom here, then guess what? When you sleep here, you’re going to be absorbing all that money energy!

Unfortunately for this layout, there is a money corner in the southeast. If only this wasn’t the bathroom, it makes it a little bit harder to activate it. But if this wasn’t a bathroom and you can actually put an office here.

The permanent energy of this house is tied to relationship building. It’s really good for marketing, publicity or social media marketing as the money energy here

Out of the four money corners, the one in the South is waning. The time factor is so important in feng shui and as the times pass energies changes too. So the money that is right here is actually waning as we go into Period 9.

The energy here for this permanent chart of Period 8, facing South 2. The energy here is really great for career progression. Not to say people who are in businesses can’t use the money energy that’s in the west, but it lends itself a little bit more for career progression or making money through traveling.

There are nine places, nine directions in the house that you can activate. For relationship, health, and money. And out of the nine, three are your money directions, your power money corners.

To learn how REAL Feng Shui is done, start with Flying Star Feng Shui. There are so many layers of information to go through before you even figure out where the money corners are; where the relationship corners are; how to place your bed; how you place your desk.

That’s what I’m here for. I am here for those who want REAL Feng Shui to get real results. I am here for those who are realizing that what is out there is a little bit too simple. And if you want to learn more information about how you can find your wealth corners based on the period of your home, based on the compass facing of your home, click on the link and I’ll take you there.

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