Timely and Untimely Flying Stars

Classical feng shui is more than just placing stuff.

It is really a very intricate wisdom of calculating and seeing the connection between time and space. So a lot of the feng shui information that you get in books, in online articles and even in quote-unquote experts most of them they regurgitate and they vomit out all these feng shui information that only talks about putting stuff. Feng shui is not just about putting stuff. It is also about knowing and seeing how the chi, how the energy moves around. Just like science, it tells us energy is constantly moving and in feng shui, we follow that very same wisdom as well. So there’s no such thing as doing feng shui on your house five years ago and you think you’re once and done. The reason why it doesn’t work that way is because as time changes, the energy also changes. So what worked for your home feng shui wise might not necessarily work right now. In feng shui the energy changes every 20 years which is what we call a feng shui period, it changes every year, every month, every day and even it changes every two hours.

Now if you’re not you know a professional consultant like me, you don’t need to go into the nitty gritty of the every two hour time changes, that’s when I do date selection and other stuff for my clients but what you need to take away from this video is that energy is not stagnant. And therefore your feng shui placements should not be just something that you put and forget. It’s not an it’s not a slow cooker it’s not a walk away. There’s no such thing as a walk away feng shui you have to keep on top of it. Now at the very least if you’re new to feng shui you need to refresh do a feng shui replacement updates for your home at the very least – every year.

Today, I want to expose your mind into the concept of timely and untimely stars now most classical feng shui,the concept of timely and untimely star is something that really informs the way we do our placements. It really guides us into in terms of how we do our consultations, what we recommend to our clients. And most of one, what I’m covering here today is Flying star feng shui which is a method or a school of feng shui. But if you’re looking at other methods of feng shui such as Xuan kong da gua or such as Liu fa then the concept of timely and untimely even in Chinese selection, we look at timely and untimely stars as well.

So let’s focus on flying star feng shui. If you are brand new to classical feng shui you might want to try flying stars as your first method of feng shui to go into the way feng shui is meant to be practiced. We don’t use gua number not the way that you think it is being used. In fact the way my school desk one number is actually considered a more advanced level so whatever that’s out there in on the books, on online those are really bastardized, diluted versions and they do not work.

That’s another that’s another topic for for another video but today, Flying Star feng shui when we talk about stars, it’s not the stars that you see in the sky. Flying stars really is numbers, specifically numbers one until numbers nine. And all these numbers and you know in flying star, there is a way to calculate these numbers. The way we calculate the permanent energy of your number the energetic blueprint of your home or of your business right, the space of your business either retail space or a commercial, corporate space is by looking at the period and meaning when you moved into the building.

And also the facing of the building meaning a compass reading if you’re working with a feng shui consultant and they don’t ask you when you moved into your home, they don’t have a compass on them. They don’t take a compass reading save your money, move away – walk away because they’re not doing real feng shui.

Once we have the period and the facing of a building then there is a series of calculations that allows us to come up with a feng shui chart like this. And all these numbers as you can see they’re numbers ranging to one to nine and for someone who is properly trained in Flying star feng shui, all these numbers all these sequences all these combinations mean certain things. Now I’m gonna pull back a little bit instead of well I won’t be able to teach you about what this whole chart talks about. That is something that’s left in my certification course but let’s look at what these numbers mean from one to nine.

The idea of timely and untimely stars basically reminds us that time is never stagnant. And that something that was lucky or prosperous during one period of time might start becoming untimely, less prosperous and a little bit more for lack of a better word unlucky stars. So not one star is always good again when i talk about stars I’m talking about the numbers here okay not one star is always good and not one star is always bad. Depending on the cyclical nature of time, you will see that these stars, these numbers one till nine we have will have also a cyclical nature to it. It’s almost like what comes up must come down right and vice versa, it’s like a wheel so it is constantly shifting.

So what determines a timely and untimely star? It is mainly mainly based on the feng shui period that we are in right now. And feng shui period changes every 20 years for Flying stars every 20 years. If you’re looking at different methods of feng shui the period calculation will be a little bit different as well I’m not going to go into that today. Anyway for flying star feng shui right now currently we are in period eight. Period.eight officially started February 2004 and period eight will continue to be the period until February 2024. So right now at the time of shooting we are January 2022 so we’re really just two more years in period eight. While period eight is the reigning period that means the timely star is numbers eight, nine and one. You know once once you finish now you go back to one. And it starts all over again remember it’s a cycle right so as we’re in period eight, the numbers eight, nine and one are considered the timely stars.

And any numbers outside of that are considered untimely. Now there are a few other nuances again, it’s just a little bit too much and too complicated for me to talk about everything, in a short Youtube video but suffice. It to say just to make it simple just to make it, i’m not diluting it but I’m making it simple right now for period eight the timely stars are numbers eight, numbers nine and numbers one okay. Number one. Once we step into February 2024 in Flying Star feng shui we will be stepping into period nine. And at that point the auspicious energies or the timely energies will be the numbers nine, one and two. So what does this mean when a number is timely or untimely? I am going to go, one you know one by one number by number and give you the general idea of what that star holds what is the innate characteristic that the star will exhibit when it is timely as well as when it is untimely. So when period eight rolls are sorry when period nine rolls around in 2024, number eight is no longer considered timely. Because in period nine the timely stars are nine, one and two period eight is no longer considered the favorable timely star. So by period nine number eight wherever it pops up in your in your flying star chart will start to exhibit the more negative side of things basically when anything is timely that is the prosperous star okay. Prosperous can be wealth, can be can be health, can be you know relationships as well generally. And prosperity is not really just money but obviously money is where a lot of our heads are at right? And so you can you can think of timely stars as where the prosperous money energies would be as well.

So when number one star is timely it is considered energy that brings in fame and fortune. When number one is untimely, it can lead to separation, divorce okay. When number two is timely, it is also good for fertility, it’s also really good for wealth especially real estate because number two is an earth element and real estate is earth right, makes sense. When number two is untimely it is usually illness especially around the abdominal area. When number three is timely again it is wealth but when it is untimely, it is arguments it’s lawsuit, it’s slander. When number four is timely again it is prosperous for wealth but it’s also great for academics for creativity, for literary pursuits. When number four is untimely we are looking at potentials for divorce, potentials for affairs where number five is timely and for those of you who are who have been following flying stars you’d be interested to see to or to hear that the number five is actually unexpected wealth. Mostly not to say you can’t work for the wealth but there’s also like like inheritance or you know, lottery winnings and things like that. So number five when it is timely is actually unexpected like lots of wealth. When number five is untimely which is actually the situation now as we’re going to you know period eight, period nine, number five is general challenges so it could be illness, it can be relationships breaking down. When number six is timely we are looking at um again wealth but also improvement in leadership positions especially in military area or in sportsmanship or anything that’s considered like competitive right. Because number six is a metal element and if you think about you know back in the olden days, warfare right is by swords and knives right so it’s very military based. The reason why I add a sports into it is because you know sports is kind of like the modern day version of of the Coliseum right no one dies from it but it’s still considered like a fight, it’s a battle on the field sports wise. So number six when it’s timely that’s great for that when number six is untimely it’s potential for separation and loneliness when number seven is timely it’s wealth fertility and pregnancy. When number seven is untimely which is the situation now number seven will usually trigger results such as losses, backstabbing or office politics, petty people or jealous people, competition. And competition in a relationship can be it could be a a third party. The third party can be an actual person or the third party could maybe be you know maybe travel has taken your partner away or his or her hobby has taken you know your partner away anyone who’s like a golf widow, right competition in a relationship can be like that. Competition in a career could be, let’s say you everyone say “Oh you know a job is opening up in this company you’re the you know, it’s that you’re a shoe-in for that position for that promotion and all of a sudden that opportunity just kind of falls away or things like that or someone else takes your promotions or takes your opportunities or takes away your acknowledgement at work. Competition is in business right it could be you know maybe another business opens up and takes away your client things like that so number seven which is currently untimely that is the characteristic that it’s exhibiting right now. Number eight when it is timely currently we are in period eight so number eight is obviously wealth and growth and general prosperity but when number eight is untimely, it is sickness and injury especially relating to children. Number nine when it is timely, it is success, its abundance however when number nine is untimely we are looking at illness especially around the heart and sorry the heart and the eye area and so this is a really interesting topic because we are going from period eight to period nine and everyone is kind of like “Oh, do I need to update my house up here at nine not necessarily you need to see where your next set of timely numbers which is nine one and two remember we’re going into period nine you just need to see where your nines ones and twos are in the Permanent flying star chart of your home. Again that is based on the year that you moved into your home and also the compass reading of your home then you can determine if a period eight home will be auspicious in period nine. In fact, a lot of periods seven homes can still be auspicious in period nine as long as the layout supports the people who are living in there. And in fact as a practitioner, I actually do not like the charts that I’m seeing in a period nine home and I’m asking a lot of my clients to finish building their homes and move into their homes before period nine starts because period nine has some energies that has me a little bit worried for the people who are living in there.

So there you have it timely and untimely stars I know I’m bound to get a lot of questions on this because it is a topic that obviously demands a little bit more discussion about it. Even me and my certification students we talk about timely and untimely stars so much because that determines how we remedy a space that also determines how we place the beds, the work desk, the stove to make sure that the bed the work, desk, the stove and the door is going to be timely or untimely and in fact based on the timely and untimely stars it also allows me to help my clients build a home usually when they want to build a home most of the time i ask them do you want this to be your forever home or is it just like you know maybe five to ten years. If it’s a forever home it might make things a little bit tricky but you can still you know build a house that is prosperous for 40 years 60 years maybe even 80 years. Again depending on what the external landform and everything.

Feng shui is not easy y’all. Feng shui is complicated as heck and in my channel in my videos, I do try to make things as simplified for you so at the very least you you don’t go down into the rabbit hole of fast food feng shui, feng shui that is bastardized, that’s diluted which is unfortunately i’d say 90 percent of the feng shui information out there is the bastardized fast food feng shui version. And so I’m hoping with every video that I save a little bit of you from that rabbit hole but suffice it to say if Flying Star feng shui is brand new to you, that’s the one as a beginner that’s the one that’s again it’s not simple but that’s the easier one to kind of wrap your head around right. There are definitely more advanced methods of feng shui and that makes things a little bit more fun as a consultant but also harder to implement in real life because it’s a little bit even more nuanced but hopefully you got some value from this video and if you’ve got any questions about timely and untimely stars, post it in the comment below and I’ll either make another video of it or I’ll answer you as best as I can all right. Take care, bye.

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