Feng Shui and Construction/Renovation

We are going to talk about Feng Shui and Construction. Now if you guys have studied classical Feng Shui specifically for any amount of time you’ve probably come across the idea that every year there are certain directions that you should not do your renovations at. And in fact when I work with my clients who want to do their renovations, I do date selection and I don’t just cross out the bad directions based on the year, I cross out the bad directions based on the month and the day as well.

That is when you get a more succinct, a better date selection pretty much to get the work started but renovations on date selections or directions where you shouldn’t be touching is definitely one of the things that most classical Feng Shui enthusiasts have come across, okay? Most of the time it doesn’t affect most of us you know like let me here I’m in a building so I don’t or I’m not allowed to do any renovations to my unit but definitely if you are in a house or if you buy a home and it’s a fixer-upper this is definitely a topic that would be of high importance for you guys.

So let me just bring up my notes here and I know there will be questions around this so I will answer them at the end of the video. So every year and you guys who are registered for my annual webinar you know we talked about this as well right every year there what are the directions that you cannot do renovations? Generally okay just to be on the safe side and not confuse you guys generally, we are looking at one the Grand Duke direction to the Three Killing direction three the Sui Po direction and then four we’re looking at the Flying Stars specifically number five, the five yellow.

Now how do you determine the brand new direction the grand duke direction is actually wherever the animal of the year is so everyone thinks oh you know like for this year for instance is the year of the dog. Everyone thinks oh I’m born in the year of the dog, it’s my year, it’s my lucky year. Well, it can kind of be a good year but you’re hit with a Grand Duke direction so next year being the year of the pig or boar, those born in the year the pigs or boar they would be hit with a brand new direction and every animal sign has 15 degrees in the compass so for the dog this year for instance they are northwest one so you should not do construction on a Northwest one direction of your home, either internally or externally.

Internally meaning within your walls and externally quickly let your front yard, your backyard things like that okay? So Sui po is the second one so once you determine the Grand Duke direction, the direction just across from it is the Sui po and that’s another direction that you shouldn’t do any renovations at. Now let me do a caveat once those of you guys who take my Feng Shui certification, there’s another level to go through but this is good enough to start with, okay in terms of figuring out directions.

So for instance this year being the year of the dog, the compass direction across from it will be the dragon so the 15 degrees on the compass that is considered like the dragon palace, will be the Sui po direction, there’s no renovation at that area as well and then there’s also the Three Killings. The thing about the three killing direction is it hits the Cardinal direction, cardinal meaning north, south, east, west. And this is a little bit too long for me to go over but if you you can Google it like three killings, how do you determine the three killings direction then it’ll tell you between north, south, east, west what would be the direction that is the three killings therefore no construction.

For this year for instance being the year of the dog it makes the north direction in the three killing direction, again I’m not going to go through the nitty-gritty here you guys feel free to Google that but the north direction then because it has a three killing is a no-no renovation. Now we go into flying stars. Flying stars the first thing we look at is okay you look at the annual direction wherein the number five is, you cross out the number five. And this year is very interesting because this year in the north has the north has three killing and the number five so it’s a double whammy in terms of no renovation. So if any of you guys are not aware of this you ended up doing your construction or renovation or a ground digging work in the north, you will likely find or if you work back you will likely realize that things start you started seeing a little bit more challenges after that okay?

So what kind of challenges if you do what we consider disturbing the Chi? So it could be injuries either to let’s say to construction workers or injuries, to the homeowners or your family. It could be delays in the project. The ones that I’ve seen like the wrong stuff being ordered or you know things are finally shipped but it’s in the wrong quantity or things like that so that obviously delays the project because many of the work can’t happen until the materials are there fully. Contractual disputes it could be disputes with the builders, it could be disputes even with your interior designers, your architects and things like that. Or basically complications with the project that can turn it into it can turn a small project into a huge extensive project and not in the fun way.

It’s like okay you want it and this one also happened you know I’ve seen it where the owner wanted to just tear down the wall and then realizing there were you know the work wasn’t done properly and therefore that project had to be done in a larger scale than they had the budget for so going over budget or going over the time that they had set in terms of doing. Whatever rental work our construction work going over that is definitely a very common thing when you do construction in a bad direction okay.

What is considered digging or disturbing the earth? So if the ground is actually dug up so if for instance if you’re planting a tree, a small tree is okay we’re talking up we’re talking about a fairly mature tree okay obviously, different trees mature with it definitely heights and everything but if you need to dig you know I would say like two feet deeper than two feet and that’s definitely you’re activating the Chi there. Or if you remove a tree and we’re talking about a big tree as well like you know just pruning or pruning your bushes or weeding that’s not an issue. Larger projects like building a pool obviously you’re digging a big hole for the pool so that’s considered disturbing the earth. And inside your home, renovations could be like you know bringing a wall down plumbing or electrical projects turning out counter services or flooring okay these are all like you know taking out the titles and stuff like that these are all considered activities where you want to make sure you want to take care a little bit more that you’re not activating negative Chi.

Or exterior walls you could be removing next year whilst you could be removing the window removing the door now in my experience some door removal actually are fairly quiet a fairly simple activity, they just you know unscrew the current door and then they put them you door in if removing the door requires like you know changing the frames and doing like more knocking maybe knocking down the walls so you can put in a bigger door then that would be considered you know a construction thing, to be mindful of. But if it’s just simply changing the door with no other work around the frame and stuff like that then I would not consider that to be a major task okay.

What else is not considered a construction issue where from choice answer or construction in the negative direction is concerned it’s moving furniture you can do that anytime, painting you can do that any time, changing light fixture or changing the doorknob that’s not a big deal or plunging flowers or just minor weeding that’s okay as well okay. If you have to get the work done. So this is the question that I get over and over again especially like the roof because when you do the roof it’s not likely that you’re only repairing part of the roof or replacing part of the roof most of the time it’s done like the whole roof is replaced all at the same time so obviously all the directions would be hit so then date selection is really important you should at least start in a good direction and this is actually something that doesn’t get talked about very often but just like and actually I haven’t talked about it much at all but I will be talking about it tomorrow night a little bit more info on that stay with me here.

So if you need to work on the whole house for instance then you start in an auspicious direction and then you and then you can go to the rest of the directions and those negative directions you can put more metal element there, okay. Some schools and I’ve suggested this as well as an all metal of six rod wind chime, if it’s a small enough project or even a permanent salt cure just to kind of absorb the negative energy there. And so that is let me take a look at questions. Do you guys have any questions for me – no. I don’t know if you guys can tell but I’m wilting a little bit and I’ve been a little bit, I’ve been yeah I’ve been a little ill so I’m trying really hard to keep the energy up here but with that said if you guys don’t have any questions on that. I think it’s actually in terms of the guidelines for renovation, it’s pretty straightforward it is more of a hassle when you actually have a project that you’re wanting to do. So let me tell you guys about my master class that is happening tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Tomorrow night is what I call the Construction Sha, master class so in this master class what you guys will learn – Oh those of you in Manifesting Code, you get access to this as usual all the master classes are part of your Manifesting Code membership. Those who are not yet in Manifesting Code you guys can take a look at this: link that I have over here, bit.ly/constructionsha

that’ll take you to the registration page but let me quickly go through with you what the master class will cover. It will help you to determine first of all the Grand Duke, the Sui Po and the Three Killings for the year, and for the month two basically the same thing can be transferred to doing you’re picking the right month for your construction. Other flying stars that can also make construction tricky we’ve talked about we’ve talked about the number five but there are three more flying star numbers that can also you know trigger some negative energy for, you know for your renovation plans and how to find construction days.

This is the construction base will be something that’s a little bit more in-depth so the master class my intention anyway is we would actually be focusing a little bit more on the date selection so you will need either a Chinese calendar if you can find a Chinese calendar but those of you guys have my 2018 Feng Shui astrology calendar you should have that in front of you to help you in terms of crossing out bad days and also to figure out good days to start your construction so I think that’s master class short run about hour and a half two hours tops but that would get you definitely get you ready in terms of planning which part of your home you can work on for specific year, for specific month and depending on the time I might actually share with you guys a way to active not just to remedy the bad directions but also to activate the good directions that’s a but kind of connected to construction I haven’t used it very very much but the ones that I have kind of experimented with we seem to see pretty amazing results so I’m all about experimenting as well as much as I learn new things, I experiment and then I look at the results, I experiment with my own thing here and then if I see just like the tapping into the heavenly noblemen luck, I tried it out myself first and if I see it working really well then I share it with other people.

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