Staircase Feng Shui

Staircase leading straight into the bedroom door 

So you find yourself in a home where the staircase leads straight into your bedroom. Is this bad for Feng Shui? Well, only if you can withstand the strong energy that comes from having that direct line from the staircase right into your bed.

The bedroom is where we spend a lot of time in. This is the space where we rest, relax, recover and recuperate from the day. We should ideally be in a peaceful and tranquil state. The thing about having the staircase right smack in front of your bedroom door is that the flow of energy/qi becomes TOO strong.

To improve Staircase Feng Shui. Just think back on a time where you sat in a room that has a staircase right in front of the door. You get that uneasy feeling, almost like vulnerability. You can’t really explain it, but that’s just how you feel. That leads to poor night sleep, restlessness and resulting in a whole host of other problems – crankiness, lethargy, headaches.

What can you do?

Staircase Feng Shui: The Remedy

Move the door away from the staircase.
This involves some renovation. So by moving the door away from the direct line from the staircase, the energy comes up the staircase and has a meander a little before reaching your room. There’s time for the energy to discharge slightly.

Place items in between the staircase and the door.
For example, a plant or a piece of furniture. Anything that can break the direct line from staircase to the bedroom.

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