Can you Feng Shui a small room?

Hello Feng Shui Nation! It’s Safrina from Feng Shui and Prosper. And we’re going to do a quick video this week about how to feng shui small spaces.

If you’re only renting a room or if you live with your family or live with other people but they’re not so much open to the idea of feng shui-ing the whole space. Then what can you do?

You can at least, at the very least, feng shui your own room, will this work?

Obviously, the better solution is to feng shui the whole space. Especially the front door, the kitchen, because those are the common areas. But if it’s hard for you to feng shui those common spaces, then the only space that you really have control over is your bedroom, most of the time. And so the question is, are you able to only feng shui your one room?

Well, you can, if that is the only way for you to go about it.

Okay, so in this example you are going to see this layout here and on the top right corner here is the flying star chart for homes, that are Period 8 facing North 1. Meaning they moved into this space after February 4, 2004 that makes them here at 8 and based on the compass reading they are facing, not just North but specifically North 1 and you come up with the Flying Star Chart here.

So generally, when you feng shui a space, you really should superimpose this whole, flying star chart into the layout here. However, the family that’s living here, they’re not that into feng shui except for one family member, who is using this bedroom over here. So then this the person who’s using this bedroom is wondering… hmm, I wonder how I can feng shui just my room, in that case.Then you take the permanent energy of the home. And you superimpose it into just the bedroom. Okay, so then you’re going to see the impact of the space or I should say the permanent energy of the of the room and that would affect proper placements of either, the desk, the bed, or even the energy that is coming through the room. Obviously, I can’t cover what all these numbers mean in a little video like this. This is something that is covered in the Certification Course Level in the Consultant Level Training.

But this is just as a preview for you guys to see how a person or how a proper feng shui placement, even just for a room,still takes all the permanent energy into consideration. And then if you take it a step further,then you also look at the annual energy and the monthly energy. So technically, how you feng shui a space like this Is the same way as how you would feng shui a little room, okay?

It’s just taking the bigger picture and then superimposing it into a smaller picture or smaller container so to speak, Okay. So I know this may shed some light to some of you guys who are a little bit more well-versed in Flying Star but for those of you guys who are not, this might make you scratch your head even more and you’re probably going to be a little bit upset at me, but this channel really is talking about classical feng shui mainly Flying Star.

So for those of you guys who are still doing what, I call fast-food feng shui. You’re going to look at these numbers and you’re gonna go like what do these numbers even mean? So if that’s the case, I would suggest that you start reading books. Proper authors on Flying Star and start getting yourself familiarized with that.

So there you have it, you guys. Just a really, really quick overview on how you can actually feng shui a one-room. If you’re not able to do the full space. Again, the bigger solution should be to feng shui the whole space, that’s not the possibility for everyone’s living situations. So hopefully you got a couple of takeaways in terms of how you can start looking at the four walls of your room and how you can start doing your placements that way.

If you like quick tips, like what I’ve just shared with you just now in terms of how you do real feng shui, the way feng shui is meant to be practiced. Please hit subscribe and make sure you hit the notification button so that you get notified every time I have a new video uploaded to my channel, and I hope to see you guys soon.

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