Sleeping under a beam / bulkhead / slanted ceiling

Sleeping under a beam or bulkhead

What does the slanted ceiling or the beam affect you? For example, these ceilings right above the bed,

Irregular ceilings and bulkheads like these put extra pressure on anyone who sleeps under it. Sleep is when your body heals and recovers from the day’s stress and demands, so you would want your sleep quality to be as optimal as possible.

The remedy is a simple one: Just move the bed, clear the slanted ceiling or beams.

But what if I can’t?

So if your room, for example the attic, where the entire ceiling slants. No matter where you place your bed, it is still going to be under a slanted ceiling. Oh no! What can you do?

Then your remedy is this: Use a four-poster bedframe. Like a princess.

This type of four-poster bedframes offer a stronger structure, a pillar that protects you from the energy pressing down the slanted ceiling above. Keeping the energy up.

Another option is to put drapes around the bed, like this one here. Soft drapes to soften the energy flowing down into your bed.

You can also use drapes to cover any beams above the bed too, IF you do not want to move your bed away from under the beams. This example of the room above, shows the person sleeping in the bed being sliced THREE ways! Here, he remedied it by covering the beams with soft drapes to diffuse the strong energy.

Sleeping in front of the door

If your bed is right in front of the door, know that the energy flows through the bedroom door and straight towards your bed, straight towards the person sleeping on it! I can hear some of you asking, what is so wrong about having Qi energy flowing right at you? Because, prolonged direct hit of Qi energy is too strong.

Take for example, a client of mine who shares her bed with her husband (obviously). Bed placed right in front of the door. Her husband sleeps closest to the door, so I asked him, “Have you been having any leg problems?” I can still remember his facial expression, “Oh geez. Yeah, I started getting these restless leg syndrome ever since I started sleeping here”. And it didn’t click until I asked him that.

If you like sleeping like this, you can as long as you keep the door closed. Only if you absolutely can’t move your bed anywhere else, because something is better than nothing.

The better remedy is actually to move it away.

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