Law of Attraction Decoration is NOT Feng Shui

 A lot of Feng Shui articles out there is nothing more than Law of Attraction decorating. There’s an important distinction to make between what is Law of Attraction decorating and what is actually Feng Shui.

People tell me all the time, “I do Feng Shui! I have a Three-legged toad”, or “I have a bowl of fruit on my on my dining table.” Is this Feng Shui? It’s not. BUT, if you have a bowl of fruit that has really expensive fruit in them, and it makes you feel good. Can you keep it? Yes, because that feeling raises your vibration, that is Law of Attraction Decoration.

I remember back when I was young, how I knew our family was doing much better is when my mom started buying imported fruits. Before that it would be like bananas, papayas, whatever local fruits. But once money was starting to get good, that’s when my mom would buy apples and grapes! And seeing those fruits made me feel happy, and even smug! So seriously, whatever brings you joy and whatever gives you the feeling of prosperity and abundance, or however it connects you to your desires – USE IT. This is an example of Law of Attraction Decorating.

I have this client who has a huge picture of lions with her cubs in his house. The lions was just like laying down on the floor with her cubs. He asked me, is this bad to have a photo of lions on the wall? So I asked him, “When you look at that painting what kind of feeling does it give you?” And he answers, “It makes me feel like my family is protected, that we are a whole, happy, healthy unit. That they are safe and they are thriving.” So then I said, “Then keep it!” It’s not Feng Shui, but it’s Law of Attraction Decorating.

Just save your money buying those Lucky Charms

Lucky Key Chains, Lucky Rings, Lucky Pendants, Lucky Necklaces. It’s not Feng Shui, but if you wear it and it makes you feel good, then maybe it’s not a bad thing after all.

It works not because it’s a lucky bracelet. It works because it makes you feel good. Abraham Hicks famously said, “If you want to manifest anything, you must be in a feel good space.”

You cannot manifest more money if you feel bad every time you think about money; manifest love if every time you see a loving couple in your mind you tell yourself “that will never be me”. You cannot manifest better health if the doctor or your nutritionist is giving you advice and you’re not following it.

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