Manifesting with Candles

 Some of you may already be familiar with candle rituals, a tool that I have been used for quite a few years now in conjunction with my practice of Feng Shui.

So what are Candle Rituals?

Fire has always been a powerful form of energy. It lights up the darkness, it transforms one matter into another, it keeps us warm, it fills up our bellies and our hearts. Fire ritual comes in to give that additional boost to your manifestation or visualisations. Boost to help them cross the finish line, so to speak. A candle ritual is really powerful.

Candle ritual or a fire ritual doesn’t work simply because you build a fire or simply because you ignite a candle. It works because it’s your energy infused into the candle. What I’m trying to say and wanting to really hit home here is that a candle ritual is only as powerful as you are.

There needs to be, there needs to be a few things that should be done before you light your candle.

Cleanse your aura

Especially if it’s been a stressful day. You don’t wanna just come through your door from, you know, a stressful day at work and then light a candle. No, you need to take some time to cleanse your own aura, either by meditation or taking a salt bath, you know. You know, soaking in the tub, putting him a lion salt in it.

If you have essential oils that are great for purifying, that’s absolutely perfect. Or even lavender to help you calm, help you basically center yourself.

Cleanse your space

Before I do my rituals, I like to cleanse my space as well. How do you cleanse a space? You can cleanse a space by using using crystals, room sprays, with incense. I love sandalwood incense. I also really love using resin. I use frankincense and mer. The more smoke, the better. I like to smoke out the place and then I do my candle ritual.


Sit as comfortably as you can, preferably on the ground or on the floor and then imagine being connected between the center of the earth and your root chakra. So the energy’s coming back and forth, cleansing your aura. Whatever negative energies that you have, your worries, fears, frustrations, flows into the core of the earth and we’ll let Mother Earth cleanse it for us.

And then followed with you visualizing the universe pouring its beautiful energy back inside of you. I highly recommend doing that before you do any additional inner work just to get reconnected with the energies of the universe.

The Candles!

my preference is to have candles that are unscented. So this might be a little bit hard to find in regular stores. Why unscented? So that you can actually infuse the candle, not just with your own energy, but also with the power of scent, i e, specifically essential oils, or even if you wanna do herbs, certain herbs can attract certain properties as well.

Option #1: Pillar Candles

These candles are big, and take the longest time to burn. You can choose pillar candles that burn for 5, 7 days. Some even take as long as 30 days to burn out! These are my go-to really when I have some long-term desire I wish to manifest.

Option #2: Taper Candles

You can use unscented taper candles. Candles that people use for their dinner table. They should take about four hours to burn.

Option #3: Tea Light Candles

In a pinch, tea light candles will work well. In fact, for special rituals, I use butter lamp tea, light candles, which are harder to find. But in Hindu and Buddhist temples, they actually use gee lamps and not wax candles.

But if you still can’t find tea light candles, regular candles will work as well. You can also find them in different colours.

Option #4: Votive Candles

Votive candles work really well. I personally like them simply because I find it’s less messy. I don’t have to worry about the candles going all over the place. I also learning how to read the smoke of the jar when you’re done. They usually take about four to six hours to burn.

Choose Your Candle Colour!

White Candles

White is good for everyone. I would say you need to have a white candle in your stash. It doesn’t matter what you want to attract. White is a good one to have at all times. If in doubt, in terms of the colours, go for white. White is also really good to repel destructive energies because it’s pure and it contains positive virtues in its highest. It’s also great for purification, to raise vibrations, to heal emotions.

Red Candles

Red is used to attract! People use red candle rituals to attract passionate relationships. However, be careful because remember, you are charging the candle with your energy, okay? You have to be clear in what you want to attract. Just be err on the side of caution, if you want to use the red to attract a relationship into your life, I would suggest using the lighter shade of red as opposed to the darker reds like the blood red. I wouldn’t use that.

Red can also be used for protection, to give you strength, to infuse passion, give you courage, or help you remove blocks. So go for the lighter shade of red if you really want to use red.

Black Candles

This is another colour that I don’t personally use. It scares me a little bit to be using black candles. Black, however, is not necessarily bad, okay?

People use black candles to absorb and destroy negativity. You can also use it to heal severe diseases and remove obstacles.

Light Blue Candles

Light Blue is tranquility, healing, patience, happiness.

Dark Blue Candles

Helps you with initiating change, being a little bit more flexible. It helps you if you want to tap into your subconscious mind. Blue helps with healing and inspiration. Blue is also a very spiritual colour. For spiritual wellbeing, if you want to seek wisdom, truth, or light.

Gold Candles

Gold is good for you to make smart quick actions with a financial emphasis. So helps you trigger movement. It also helps you attract happy, active people to your life, and also helps you expedite money that you know is coming.

Green Candles

Green is great for finances. It’s also really good for fertility. So green is a really good colour to use when you’re doing like a candle ritual, wanting to materialise… your wishes. Anything to do with growth, increasing luck, or finding job or career related stuff.

Grey Candles

Grey is a colour of neutrality because it is a blend of black and white. So it is used for attracting and repelling. It draws in undesirable energies and then sends it out into the universe for dispersal. When do you use grey candles? It would be if you believe you’ve been jinxed or hexed.

Yellow Candles

Yellow is good for intellect and academics, so it’s good for you students out there. Also good for attraction, emotional health and success.

Brown Candles

Brown, um, helps you, uh, ground your center and get more connected to the earth because brown is earth tones.

Pink Candles

Pink is spiritual, emotional, loving. For instance, your love for your children, your love for your siblings, your love for your parents. You can burn pink candles towards those kinds of relationships.

It’s also good for self-love, commitment, friendship, starting a relationship. So I actually prefer to use a pink candle rather than a red candle.

Orange Candles

If you want to initiate relationships, use orange candles. Orange is a blend of red and yellow. So it kind of has the best of both worlds. Remember, yellow is great for students or academics. When combined with red, which is action energy. So it’s great for prosperity, energy building, attracting other people who also have like high vibration, happy people. It builds vitality and stamina, which also then leads to physical action towards a desired goal.

Purple Candles

Purple. Now purple, um, is the colour of expansion in all forms. It can be your health, it can be your relationship, your business, your spirituality.

But I’ve been taught to be careful with purple because it expands what you already have. So if you are wallowing in bills, you’re living paycheck to paycheck and you use purple to supposedly to improve your business, for instance. Most likely you’re just going to increase your bills. So this one is for Expansion, but it can be positive expansion, it could be negative expansion, so be careful with purple.

Silver Candles

Silver is astral energies. You can use for finances as well.

Green is not the colour of money. It’s gold and silver. So really for financial goals, I would go for a silver or a gold candle over the green candle.

Okay, and so where to place it when manifesting?

Hopefully you have been following Flying Star Feng Shui. At the very least, read up on where the flying stars are this year, the Annual or Permanent Flying Star. If you guys know your permanent energies, those of you who took my course or you guys who are more self-taught, but advanced in your flying star knowledge, you can do your candle ritual in flying star numbers that would support that.

So for instance, for career advancement, the number 1 and 6 are really good for career. So you can place the candles there for general prosperity.

When to do Candle Ritual?

If you’re advanced enough to know the Daily Stars, then you can plan ahead with that in mind. Another way to time your candle ritual. Can also be based on the moon cycle.

Between New Moon and Full Moon – Increasing, Growing, Attracting

So between the new moon, which is dark moon, to the full moon. It’s dark and it’s slowly increasing in strength to towards full Moon. That is a good time to do a candle ritual for increasing, attracting, growing.

Between Full Moon and New Moon – Removal, Minimise, Heal

When it’s the full moon going towards new moon. It’s in the waning phase. So you see the slice of the moon, the visible moon getting smaller and smaller. That’s a good time to do a candle ritual for removal, for healing. For example, you want to remove illness or you want to remove pain, that’s a good time to do a candle ritual.

Now you’re ready to manifest with candle ritual!

Finally, you do your candle ritual. You can do your meditation sitting a specific direction and start your prayer, your candle ritual, your meditation, your visualization. Okay, so we are at woo, almost 40 minutes, and that’s all the notes that I have for this one.

Let’s recap everything.

Important thing is cleanse your space. Cleanse yourself before you do the candle ritual. Choose your candle, choose a moon cycle and sit down, holding your candle. When you’re meditating, you’re visualizing that which you want to attract, the candle will work better if your energy and your intention is clear.

Your meditation visualization doesn’t have to be long, can be just a few minutes. As long as the energy is focused, then you light the candle. You can sit with the candle if you want, just looking at the flames, tuning into your intentions.

Once you are done, blow the candle out and bow your head to the universe with gratitude. 🙂 I wish you all the best in your candle rituals!

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