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The 7 ways you are blocking love from entering your life

What are you doing energetically (consciously or unconsciously) that is blocking love from entering your life?

Number 1: Not valuing yourself.

Like, attracts like in terms of Law of Attraction. It affects the energy that you emanate out into the world. It affects your light, so to speak. So even if you’re not verbally saying it out loud, people can pick up your energy and they can sense it. So if they can sense that you’re not valuing yourself, that you’re constantly putting yourself down, then people are going to pick up on that vibe.

The block is even stronger if you are on the extreme end of this. Internal dialogues that says “Oh! I’m such a loser. I always pick the wrong guy. What is wrong with me?“. That kind of vibration is very low, and if you find yourself doing this – not valuing yourself, turn that dialogue off and start liking who you are!

 Number 2: Always going for the worst case scenario.

You are stuck in the future, but not in a positive, supportive way. You’re focusing on a future ridden with fear, guilt, lack of self-worth, lack of self-confidence.

These are patterns where people SAY they want to be in a relationship, but are in fact scared of commitment. What are you subconsciously telling the universe? If you outwardly say you want a relationship, but on a deep level you’re scared to be in one. The universe is going to honour what your inner self wants. Because remember that the subconscious is powerful, it works to PROTECT you from what you fear.

Some might want a relationship, but being in a committed relationship to you might mean losing your freedom. Whether it is actually true or not. You want to be married, but you’ve seen people struggle with their in-laws or get messy divorces. And your inner self quietly builds up walls. If you are stuck worrying about the future, the worst case future. That has not even happened yet! Then you need to pull on the brakes and you need to stop. Address these fears head on, go instead to the BEST CASE SCENARIO.

 Number 3: Overanalysing

Either you’re overanalyzing the past or you’re overanalyzing the future. That feeling of desperate urgency, scrutinizing, constantly putting everything under a microscope. All these removes you up from the present.

And the energy of being desperate is very off-putting. When you are not in a relationship, you’re desperate to find your person. Even if you are currently in a relationship, you still give ut desperate energy to get the other person to commit to take the next step.

But let’s say you find yourself in a desperate situation, what can you do to diffuse this desperate energy? Well, by having a honest and open conversation with the other person. Don’t keep that energy building up inside. The energy of KNOWING versus the energy of desperation is different. Energetically, it feels very different. One is more stable, the other erratic and can get uncontrollable.

 Number 4: Constantly comparing

So you have a long list of what your Mr. or Miss Right should be! And often this list is based from your personal experience, from how your parents are to each other, or how your friend’s spouses/partners are with them. Or sometimes…. and this is the worst reference: social media, movies and tv shows. Oh no.

Let me be clear, it is important for us to KNOW what we want in order to send this out to the universe. However, you must also be flexible. The thing about love is, there are no perfect matches. No one is ever perfect for one another, there is not perfect human being. YOU are not perfect either.

What I can tell you is this, the universe gives us what WE need. It will not be in your list you wrote, because the list in YOUR soul lists down different things. Things that your are not aware of.

Love is not something that you compare apples to apples. You can’t compare your partner with your best friend’s husband based on their carefully curated Instagram posts. It’s unfair. So if you ever catch yourself comparing your relationship with other people’s relationships, know that they are also comparing THEIR relationship with someone elses too. Be content. I love this quote “Happiness is loving what you already have“. Now THAT is good energy.

 Number 5: Manipulation

Using guilt, sympathy to manipulate others. What are you doing vibrationally in terms of attracting your mate? When you use these tricks to attract and eventually get a partner, you’re not doing it from your highest and best self. You are actually taking power away from yourself. You will eventually feel negative energies from your partner, which then feeds into your cycle of guilt, sympathy and manipulation. The cycle repeats over and over again until the relationship implodes. Because there was never a solid, trusting foundation to build on. So, instead approach everyone genuinely as who you are. Do not play games, no tricks, no schemes. If it was meant to be, it will be.

 Number 6: Blanket Generalizations

Strong belief in blanket generalizations. “All women are impossible to deal with.” or “All men are jerks!” or “All men are only after one thing” or “All women want is my money.

Blanket generalization statements and beliefs again, comes from past experience. Either your own, or of someone you know. Usually from your family, and usually programmed when you are much younger. They come from a place of trauma and deep hurt. Another defensive mechanism placed by your subconscious, to PROTECT us.

But be very careful with these blanket generalizations. If you say it often enough, every cell in your body will believe it to be true. When that happens, it’s going to put up a huge energetic blockage for you. So if you’re fully convinced that this blanket generalization is true, then you’re only shooting yourself. This time, you are stuck in the past.

How are you going to allow space for another person to come into your life when your heart space and mind space is just stuck in the past. I admit, trust is hard to build and easily destroyed. And yet, it is once again unfair to cover EVERYONE and EVERY SITUATION under the same blanket generalization. There are always exceptions, it was never a rule.

 Number 7: Not knowing yourself

Do you really know who you are? Numbers 1 to 6 all point to a person who moves around the world already pre-programmed. But who are you without all these pre-programmed thoughts and beliefs? Do you really know, WHO YOU ARE?

There’s a couple of things that you can do. One is, to track yourself. I am a big proponent of writing things down, some call it journalling. Start by journalling for 7 days straight. Write down all your thoughts and feelings, start tracking familiar and consistent patterns. What are your triggers? Where did they come from? When did it begin?

Track every negative and positive thought you have for the next 7 days. Then look back, and review your entries as a third person. Disassociate. Read the pages, who is this person?

Check back to the blockages 1 to 6:

  1. Not valuing yourself
  2. Always going for the worst case scenario
  3. Overanalysing
  4. Constantly comparing
  5. Manipulation
  6. Blanket Generalization

Which of the 6 blockages does your journaling/tracking reflect most? Pinpoint, then address these blockages. Act. 🙂

I wish you all the best in opening your heart to welcome more love into your life. Love can be for a partner, your family, your siblings, your friends, yourself!! Until next time. <3

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