Get Feng Shui Certified with
Feng Shui and Prosper

In-person or Online! In this 4-day Flying Star Feng Shui course, you will get breakthrough after breakthroughs, and the question you’ve had for so long will finally get answered. The constant frustration and the desperate seeking of answers will end here!

Do I need to have taken prior feng shui training in order to take this course?

However, I do recommend that you at least start with one of my annual feng shui trainings so you’ll have time to absorb the content there first. They will come in very handy during the course! In fact, it’s even better if you’ve never had prior training before. The reason is so that you don’t confuse and mix up different school’s teachings, formulas and theories. 

Can I run my business part-time?

When you become a feng shui consultant, you work for yourself and have full control over your schedule, the amount of clients you decide to take on. Some graduates take up consulting as a full-time career. Others use it to augment their income part-time. In fact, Safrina built her international feng shui consulting business part-time and then was able to leave her corporate career to build her business full time. 

What does the course fee include?

The course fee includes the official textbook from Central Academy of Feng Shui, unlimited access to course recordings, private graduates-only Facebook group for continued support, as well as certification of completion. 

Can I really start marketing myself as a feng shui consultant after this course?

Absolutely! This course will set a strong foundation of knowledge for you as a new consultant and in fact, you’ll be off on a stronger footing because your work will be based on generations of Grand Masters’ proven formulas and theories, not just regurgitated teachings that can be hit and miss thus diluting your feng shui results. You can be confident in the skills that you learn in these 4 days, and the service that you will deliver to your clients. 

What if I just want to learn for my own usage, and help some family and friends? Will this be overkill for a personal-interest use?

Not a problem at all! Even if this is not a business interest for you, you can still take the knowledge learned in this course to make sure that you do your feng shui placements with the utmost confidence and clarity.