Who gets the Feng Shui Benefits/Effects?

In today’s video we are talking about who is affected by Feng Shui energies

Well hello, Feng shui nation, it’s Safrina from Feng Shui and Prosper. And today, I’m going to be talking about if you are in a situation where you want to feng shui your home but let’s say – you have a spouse who is stationed overseas or you have kids who are away in college or maybe you want to feng shui your office and you’re the CEO but you’re kind of semi-retired so what happens when you do the feng shui. Now the thing about feng shui and I want to remind all of you guys here is that there’s a misconception that feng shui is only about placing stuff right.

Feng shui is not just about putting things. It’s also about using that space because when you use that space you’re either activating the chi there or you’re absorbing the chi there. So when you’re using feng shui to activate positive energy in a space for instance but let’s say if you’re doing feng shui in your master bedroom but your husband is away. Maybe he’s stationed elsewhere or maybe he’s on a contract work somewhere and he’s there you know he’s at work during the weekday and he only comes back in the weekend. Between the two of you whatever energy that is there in the master bedroom the one who uses that room full time is the one who’s going to be absorbing that chi negatively or positively.

And the same thing. I’ve had a situation where I actually a very recent situation where I have the CEO who came to me to seek advice in terms of getting rent leasing a new office space for his company. Now he’s the CEO but there’s another boss above him who just kind of sort of you know visits the place but it’s pretty hands-off when it comes to the whole business. At this point because the CEO will be the the one who really runs the business so the most important office obviously goes to to the CEO because you don’t want to even though in terms of the role in in the company there is still someone above him the one who is using that office will be the one absorbing the chi so when I picked out a really prosperous office for the head of the company I put the one who’s actually going to be physically there in that office okay. Then the big the head honcho, I’d put it in a secondary good office room so hopefully that makes sense.

So if you have kids who are going who are away in college, you can feng shui their room but because they’re hardly there, maybe they can come back in the weekend. maybe they just visit during semester breaks or whatever the feng shui that you do in their room are not going to be fully maximized because they’re not there, you know absorbing that chi so for those of you guys who are in this situation, this is the real thing that happens. so normally we feng shui for the people who are actively using that space.

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