A FREE 15-video video series to help you differentiate what is ‘fast food feng shui’ and what is feng shui the way it was meant to be practised.

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Video 1 : STOP Using The Wrong Bagua

Video 2 : Here’s the REAL Feng Shui Bagua

Video 3 : Bagua and the Family Members

Video 4 : Bagua and Body Parts

Video 5 : What About 8 Mansions?

Video 6 : Intro To Flying Stars – The Best Classical Feng Shui Method To Start With!

Video 7 : Determining Feng Shui Facing – It’s NOT Always The Front Door!

Video 8 : Determining Feng Shui Period

Video 9 : Feng Shui Permanent Energy ( Calculated After You’ve Determined Your Feng Shui Period and Facing )

Video 10 : Flying Star Elements

Video 11 : Flying Star Energies

Video 12 : Five Elements Cycle – THIS Is What You Use To Activate / Remedy Feng Shui Energies

Video 13 : Levels Of Feng Shui Energies

Video 14 : Don’t Use Kua Number – THIS Is What I Do Instead!

Video 15 : How I Place Furniture As A Feng Shui Elite Practitioner – Bed Placement Example ( To Activate Fertility! )