The Best Feng Shui Elements for your home vs Best Elements for you

Today we are talking about Best elements this topic came about and I realized, I needed to talk about this even though I’ve mentioned it before but I need to specifically focus a show on it because there’s a lot of confusion, there’s a lot of misuse in terms of Best Elements. Okay,first I’m going to talk about Best Element for you, okay your Best Element contrary to popular belief it. Oh and another thing, I’ll backtrack before I talk a little bit more on this. Why do you need to use Best Element in that certain situations when you use the Best Element then you boost the auspicious energy that you’re trying to boost, basically, right? And we know in Feng Shui where those of you who are maybe just newbies in the Feng Shui journey, in Feng Shui, there’s five elements, okay?

Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal. Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal.

And there are a couple of ways to use the Best Elements and I’m going to go into that on this live stream so the first one is your personal Best Element. Now many people have the misconception or have been lied to which
is even worse that their Best Element is based on the year that they are born so let’s say that they are born in the year of the Wood Rabbit. They believe they think or they are told that makes wood their best element simply because they’re born in the year of the wood rabbit – that is not true, okay? Because if you follow that you might actually be doing a disservice to yourself because Chinese astrology is definitely more in-depth than that okay.

How is the best element actually derived is by the year and the month that you are born. Year and month but month we specifically look at the season. What season is that, what is the element of the season so for instance winter if you’re born during the winter then the element of that season is water, okay? If you’re born in the fall the element of the season is is metal. If you’re born in summer the element of the season is fire, right? And spring is wood. Okay, there’s no earth season and so we look at the season that you are born and the element of the day that you are born so just like every year has an element, every month and every season has an element, every day has an element and every hour month and every season has an element, every day has an element and every hour element we look at the day and the season that you are born. And honestly there’s no fast calculation on this when I was trained in Chinese Astrology the portion on best element is seriously
like this thick. So it’s not something that I can cover on a live stream here.

My best recommendation if you want to know your best element is to actually go and get a consult with a Chinese astrologer. Don’t come to me because I no longer take clients on that for that but work with a Chinese astrologer, yes to get your best element. What is the best element for? Okay, the best element is really good for you to figure out your best career path, your best business path and those of you guys who were in Manifesting Code, you have like a more thorough video on this but I will and by the way if you want to check out Manifesting Code the link is here. The Manifesting Code, you can check that out after you’re done with this video here so once you know what your best elements are you then know what are the best career paths
for you, what’s the best industry, what are the best kinds of companies for you to work for,  what’s the best kind of business for you to start even what are the best kinds of stocks or businesses for you to invest in, right? So just as really quickly is I’ll tell you in a nutshell what each elements are. So fire is if you think about the Sun right, it’s got a wide reach so fires like media, entertainment. the food industry, metaphysical religion based and spiritual based industries and marketing and PR I’m not sure if I mentioned that. Okay earth is is mining
it’s anything related to let’s say pottery or ceramics things around crystals. Some grandmasters say insurance is part of like a like a trust-based it’s not so insurance is under there but for me insurance it’s actually metal element because it’s a financial service.

That’s my take on that.Other earth would be construction okay. Metal, metal element if you think about back then right well even now money coins gold – that’s metal.That’s anything financial related okay so the banking industry. Anything related relating to law and the judiciary or the army that’s metal as well because if you think about war and military and whatever there’s the sword right that’s very strong metal so that’s a metal element. The legal system right judiciary, that’s metal. Anything around numbers like numbers driven like data and
statistics into that and things like that that’s also metal. Water element –  water if you think about the image of water it starts from the mountain it flows into the creek then to the river then to the larger River and then the
sea so it’s constantly moving anything that’s constantly moving it’s very likely a water element.So water element Industries would be import/export, the cleaning services industries, retail any like beverage industries like coca-cola would be would be water right. What else? Oh travel and tourism, that’s water. Wood
industries if you think about a farmer and Chinese astrology is actually a lot about imagery you guys so wood  industry would be like a farmer planting seeds, watching them grow, nurturing them  and then harvesting them right so um industry such as teaching, consulting, training, coaching, HR those because you’re guiding people in terms of their your their strengths and weaknesses ,your nurturing, their talent and things like that.Okay any creative industries are very likely a wood element as well like fashion industry because cotton comes from plants which is wood. Print and publishing well at least you know like online print and publishing it’s still considered wood but it’s also a little bit of fire oven, oh technology is fire.

Sorry forgot to mention that um so printing publishing because paper comes from trees right so most creative and diverse fall under wood element. What am I missing? Did I say fire, wood, metal, environmentally, Shantanu is asking – that’s that’s actually so I was gonna say this a little bit later but nowadays nothing is cut and dry just one element by the way so environmentalist, Shantanu is asking right off the gate I would say wood but let’s say if you were an environmentalist and you’re fighting for let’s say sea pollution then that would be wood element with elements of water in there. Okay? What is it that I’m missing terms of elements did I cover all five haha I did Fire I did, Metal, Wood, I’m blanking out here I did Earth, shoot someone. To be honest with you my blood pressure today is a little high so I’m a little fuzzy okay? I think I covered it all so how you use these how you use these elements is – thank you Joyce – how you use these elements is like I said if you are trying to figure out your career path, once you know what your best elements are then you try to do that okay as best as you can if you’re already in your 60s or or you’re close to retirement and you’re trying to figure out what you can do I mean, we try to be a realistic right which is why I I tell my clients especially the ones who have that college-aged kids like kids who are going into college I normally do recommend that they do their birth the birth charts for the kids so that we can see as astrologers, we can see the strengths and weaknesses, their passion. What their higher purpose is and also where they would be more fulfilled. Now I have, you know parents who want their kids to be doctor, as engineer, as accountants or whatever and your kid can be successful in it but question is will they be happy?

Will they be fulfilled, it’s their life mission going to be let down by this path that you’ve chosen for them that is not in their best element, right? So as parents we need to think about that. You ultimately want your child to not just make money but also be happy with what they do, be fulfilled with what they do right? And if you want to start a business you figure out your best elements and you start your business in these areas. If you have money that you want to invest right you go to the stock exchange or whatever you’re like okay I want to buy some company stocks what kind of companies then you look at them let’s say if you want to buy stock for Facebook that’s fire because fire is internet if you if your best element is water then maybe you buy stocks for Airbus or Boeing or whatever because transportation is metal, right? That is the usage. A lot of people come to me and recently I have to admit I got one where I was I got a little bit impatient in that “Safrina, what’s the color the best color for my wallet??” Okay true talk here are you guys okay tough love if you haven’t done your Feng Shui – the best color for your wallet will do nothing for you. If you want more money yet you don’t do
the action to open up the opportunities to bring that money in, having a wallet with your best color, best element will do nothing for you, okay? I know it is so easy to be sold the idea oh by this lucky Feng Shui wallet and you will ensure that your all you always have money in there. Guess what what puts money in your wallet right, what puts money in your wallet? It’s through, you know it’s through you attracting money. The wallet does nothing, okay not on its own. If I were to give a percentage of how important is it for you to wear let’s say if wood is your best element how important is it for you to be wearing green top to toe, green wallet, green shoes, green underwear right it won’t help much if the Feng Shui of your home is bad or if your actions do not align with success. Now, my best element is fire, one of my best elements so you’re gonna see I have red in my
hair and uh if you want to know your money element it’s actually the element that you control so this gets a little bit deep I might actually, you guys in a Manifesting Code, I will do a separate little thing on this but oh
those of you in Feng Shui 2018 actually you get a calendar and the calendar actually tells you what your money elements are, okay? So blue is my money element therefore you see actually on this side I have like the bluish or like the dark purple which is considered a  water element but why am I doing this like obviously I have you know this is fire as well right but I don’t just wear my best element I make it maybe my accessories and everything  but my Feng Shui is done to the maximum if I want to make money, the blue hair is not gonna give me money okay just because I have blue on my body doesn’t mean that’s gonna make me money I’m just aligned with my element but I also make sure that I build up my business right so that’s the thing do not spend, do not lose sleep over getting the right color for your wallet, do you guys hear me?

You think I am spending too much time on this – you have no idea how many people message me on Facebook asking me about best color for wallet okay? No shortcuts there are no shortcuts.You can wear your best elements but that should be your last resort. The first thing for you to do is to do your Feng Shui. The second thing you need to do is to deal with your inner energy with your meditation, with self-sabotage, with your karmic energy, those are the things it’s more work but those are the things that will transform your life.

Okay so what are the colors? The colors for Earth are anything ground tones anything you know earthy. The colors for metal are white and and grey,s any shades of grey and any metallic color so like gold and silver and platinum aluminum, chrome. The color for fire is red, yellows and oranges. The color for water is black, black there’s only one black I guess unless maybe more blacks. Black and blues. The element for Wood is any shade of green okay, very simple. “Oh Safrina, what about what about this green what about this green?” Are they green? If they’re green they are wood. Honestly, stop over complicating things okay? “Oh, Safrina, this this yellow is more orangey than more yellow well orange and yellow are both fire by the way? Why are you losing sleep over this, honestly? So and Tess is saying gold so is gold Metal or is gold Fire, you know what it’s fine if it’s both right? Again don’t over complicate things and I think we were talking about oh we were talking about some industries are actually straddling two elements and that is fine as long as one of the element is your personal good element that is totally okay. Now the misconception now we’re going into the Feng Shui part now the misconception is people think now that okay – let’s say that my best element is Water that I need to paint my room blue because my best element is water – nah this is where the line stops. Your best element has
nothing to do with how you do your Feng Shui placements okay and I again I hear this over and over and over again this is something that you guys need to totally divorce but totally separate yourself from that, okay? Your personal Feng Shui or your personal best element has no application in your home Feng Shui. Two separate entities. Now best elements for your home, I wish, I wish, I wish there is like some of you guys you’re probably still doing fast-food Feng Shui right some of you guys think that the element or the east and the southeast is Wood therefore you paint or you use green color in there. That the north is a Water element you put blues in there that North West and West is Metal and you put more metal in there and then north east south west is Earth and you put Earth elements in there. No. Wrong way of doing it.

Classical Flying Star Feng Shui the activation and the remedy is based on the energy based on the mountain star and the water star of the home. Now this is where things start to get complicated and start to get confusing. So let’s say, you have a mountain star and so if you guys look at oh I should have made a  made an example here. Maybe I can – let me see if I can do a quick screenshot. Oh anyway, if you guys don’t know what
a flying start grid looks like you can kind of maybe just google it right now so you have the the grid in front of you it’s a three by three box right with larger numbers in the center and the smaller number is in the top left and the top right boxes. This happens for all the boxes all the nine boxes right. The top left box is the mountain star that affects your health in your relationship. The top right number affects your, that’s your water star that affects any financially related issue. So your career your business, your investments, okay? So in terms of how do you what what is the needed element for a room it’s depending on the mountain star and the water star whether you want to remedy it or you want to activate it so you this is probably where I’m gonna lose the bulk of you guys especially if Flying Star Feng Shui is new to you but let’s say you have a seven in the mountain star and a nine as a water star, nine is a negative energy right? Especially a mountain star it can mean third party in your relationship, it can be it is  illness you can trigger illness and stress. It can trigger accidents, mishaps so you definitely want to remedy that. Number seven is a Metal element what weakens Metal again if you want to do that’s uh a classical Feng Shui you need to be well versed in the five element
Theory.What weakens metal you guys who have been following me for a while or have learned through me in Feng Shui, my annual function webinars and in Manifesting Code what weakens Metal? I’m looking for comments here –  Water, Water weakens metal so then you need blue or black in that room okay?

But good job Renee, good job Joyce but the nine in your water star which is a Fire element nine is a Fire element and that’s your your water that’s the element that is activated or activates money energy so you then say “oh my gosh,Safrina, if I put Water in the room, it’s the fire for my money”, right which is kind of true so what you do is for that you put Fire elements to activate it, you can turn on the light right have you know have a little bit more reds or yellows or oranges there right so you know there is no clear-cut sometimes it’s like you you do get into a situation like 3 & 4 right 3 as the mountains star for as the water star if you, 3 which is bad for conflicts you know arguments or relationship and stuff like that right so if your relationship is very volatile and you want to remedy that number 3 you put Fire right to remedy that but then that Fire element also weakens the 4 in your water star which affects your money so then what do you do right so usually in this case you know it’s not just the Feng Shui, I teach my clients especially you guys in Manifesting Code, I teach my clients how to attract more love relationship, more love energy, health energy, money energy not just through Feng Shui but
through other manifesting tools other spiritual tools because sometimes Feng Shui has a glass ceiling in terms of where or how much it can help you.

Just like if you remedy if you remedy one thing you’re also reducing the good luck somewhere else. It does happen so in the case of the 3 on the top left and the four on the top right I will go for remedying the top left because what’s the point of money if you’re always you know you’re always arguing with your husband. What’s the point of money if you’re estranged from your your siblings that’s it right so you remedy the negative first and foremost and because the money energy now is also weakened by the remedy right because what what you’re fixing also unfortunately weakened for positive energy then you boost that up with your spiritual tools with your manifesting tools with your action okay, make smart money, career business decisions right that’s how you do it so um so that is that is basically the gist of it if you guys have any questions you let me know but elements- just as a recap – elements where the home is based on the energy of the home, elements for you is based on your birth chart, okay?

Can you combine the two? No. So let’s say if the best element for your bedroom is blue, you can wear blue if water is your best element okay or you can yeah so things like that. any questions otherwise I’m like oh wow
we’re at like 40 minutes maybe about 30. Does that make sense you guys, did you learn something? Did you realize you’ve been doing it correctly? Did you realize you’ve been doing it the wrong way maybe? . I have a
feeling most of you guys have been doing it the wrong way. Oh another really good reason when I do birth charts for my clients. I only do it for my Feng Shui clients the ones who do the full consult with me. But for me personally knowing your best element above and beyond the money related stuff right above and beyond
knowing what career to go into what business to go into what kind of investments for you to do is also health which is really important okay health is wealth so if Fire is your best element energy healing and spiritual healing is really good oh by the way disclaimer my lawyers and I have a heart attack, if I don’t have a disclaimer um so whatever your best elements are if you are in a health situation and you need prevent intervention by um you know visiting a doctor, getting treatments and stuff like that – go for it okay? Don’t say “Oh Safrina, I did go for chemo because chemo is Metal element and it’s not my best element”. Do not do that if you need a treatment you go for the treatment and you complement it with your best element treatments.

You guys got it? Okay so if Fire is your best element then um you energy healing so there’s Reiki, there’s Qigong there’s um there’s emotional freedom technique that you guys know I love we just had a group healing session last night so energy healing, spiritual healing I do believe in prayer but don’t just pray for health you also do other necessary things to get that to get your health back okay? Metal, metal is modern medicine, its needle jabs, it’s you know it’s surgery it’s also acupuncture. Wood is you know plant based you know, plant based therapies right like traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, any herbal remedies and stuff like that you know using roots and leaves and berries and you know plant based therapies that’s Wood. Water is any liquid really so it can be juices or broths or you know like Chinese medicine for instance Chinese medicine is actually a combination of two at least the traditional way right Hi Joe – so the traditional way like the TCM doctor will give you a packet of herbs and then you make it into a soup and you drink that soup so TCM a traditional Chinese medicine it’s actually Wood and Water okay?

Just like essential oils. Essential oils are plant base but it’s it’s it’s an oily it’s in its oil right? So essential
oils are wood and water, flower remedies if you guys look to the health food store you see flower remedies those are wood and water therapies as well. So as long as one of your good element is wood or one of you
good element is water you would find that you get better results through the right element therapies. Earth, Earth is crystal healing. Earth is like some people find it therapeutic to sit in mud for instance cuz that you know it takes away all the impurities and the toxins so that. What am I missing? Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth….

I did it all okay I think. Thanks so much for watching now you know how best elements are derived. Now you know how not to use and how to use it. Seek out a Chinese astrologer if you’re interested, if you’re curious about your best element. By the way everyone in my Manifesting Code does get that part from me I look
at every month birth chart and then I send out a quick note with regards to their best elements and how to use that. Tess is asking now that business I’m running now as a gasoline station and it was not right for me um so gas station water right so if it’s not right for you I don’t know do you want to sell that business right if it’s not for you. How drastic of an action are you willing to take right? Maybe sell that business and start a new one or if you’re too far into this gas station business then maybe get another stream of income from something that is in your best element right I’m not asking people to let go of something that they’ve built for decades right? If you are a surgeon and you’ve been a surgeon for 30 years and you find out that Metal is not your best element am I going to ask you to stop being the surgeon no it’s not realistic right you’ve already spent most of your adult life building that career but maybe your investment you know your money and can be invested in your best elements yeah.

We need to be realistic as well right so if you guys are wondering about this Manifesting Code that I keep talking about over and over again look it up if you want to know a little bit more about me and other stuff that I do and my blog is on and that’s it from me this week. Thanks so
much for spending time with me and again feel free to share this with friends or family who might like this I truly truly appreciate that and I appreciate you and again. One more final call for World Refugee day. Let us all make a difference in this world even a small one okay? Take care.


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