Stop using the wrong Feng Shui Bagua!


If I were to give it a percentage, I would say 95% of Feng Shui information especially the English language Feng Shui information either online in books or spouted by other experts, 95% from what I see anyway basically the majority of the English language Feng Shui information is wrong. Especially the information around the bagua okay. If you’ve been on the feng shui research journey for any amount of time you would have heard about the bagua which is the I have a sample here right if you guys can see, it’s probably a little bit bright but this
you know the the octagonal shape.

And there’s been a lot of confusion about how it is used. There’s been a lot of there’s been a lot of confusion about how it is used. There’s been a lot of how do you use the information that’s in the bagua? So if you guys are familiar with this one here right – this is the I’m sorry to say this is the fast food feng shui, I know it’s a little bit bright for you guys but this is where it has now it takes, it’s an offshoot of what is classically considered the bagua but then it’s been changed to I don’t know the full history of this but this is definitely not the one that you should be using when you do your feng shui okay? So the ones that most of you guys are aware of is so this is – the south, this is the north west-east and so on and so forth right? So the idea is that the self is the fame corner, the southwest is the relationship corner, the West is I don’t even know the West is that they call it the children or the creativity corner, north west is called the travel corner or the helpful people corner, north is the career corner supposedly, North East as the knowledge or education. East is family and then South East is money corner right? How many of you guys still think south east, it’s always always and forever the south east corner?

How do you guys still have that misconception you probably don’t even know it’s misinformation, misconception? I am breaking this myth the bane of my existence as a classically trained feng shui consultant because this is the one that really ruins a lot of you guys. So many situations like for instance someone on the livestream a few weeks ago just said oh he thought he was activating his career corner and he put a water feature in the career corner because sure – the element of the north is the water I don’t you know I don’t disagree with that is what is the classical formula. So unbeknownst to him he was misguided by all these wrong information out there. He put water or a fountain in his career corner and things got worse he said. I’ve also had many many clients over the past eight, nine years of being a consultant, I have many clients who think that their wealth corner is in the southeast corner.

And what do they do? They activated that put a fish tank, again they put a water feature. And in fact two, brought me in the moment I came in I look I did my compass reading and I saw in the southeast corner is a water feature and I said you know – “you’ve been doing do it yourself feng shui, haven’t you?”. And they’re like no actually we had a consultant before and he told he or she told me to put it there to activate for money but what happened
these two actually they were at the brink of bankruptcy and I asked him things got worse after you put the water feature there, didn’t it? And they said yes. And very quickly as well. So this thing here okay if you’re still doing your Feng Shui based on this, based on the same direction you know marriage direction travel direction whatever you need to stop. Especially when it comes to activations okay? Because this will dig a deeper hole for you enough. I’ve seen it some of you guys probably are seeing it as well. And probably wondering what the eff is happening. I followed this to do my feng shui but nothing is working! I don’t know why? This is why okay so I what I will show you for the rest of this video.

The main intention for this video is really to have you stop doing it this way okay.         And the obvious next question, Safrina then what else do I do? Real feng shui now Ary you’ve taken my you’ve taken my certification course right? My feng shui certification course.Those who study true Feng Shui will realize that there is so much to learn – even on an intermediate level. That’s what the feng shui certification is. Even at a beginner to intermediate level.There’s so many theories, so many formulas to remember and then you also realize that Feng Shui is not simple. That is part of the reason why I can’t write Flying Star Feng Shui book because it’ll take me years because there’s so much to cover. And that is also what I can’t just have someone ask me a question on the live stream and I can’t just give you a quick general advice because feng shui done properly is not generalized.

How is it possible that every home worldwide has the same energy? How is it possible? It’s not okay? So every space has a specific energetic blueprint to it and those of you who have either done the certification or you’ve done the annual feng shui webinar with me for any amount of time –

either you’ve just registered or started following me a few years back. You now know those of you who started your class real true classical feng shui journey, will realize that energy is not general like this. You will know that energy is based on the period of the home, based on the facing the compass direction of the home. Only from there you know what the energies are. So you know like some of my students who took the course they’re like oh now we know why you can’t justanswer simple general or general questions on social media or whatever because I don’t have enough information about your home to give you proper recommendation. If you work with the feng shui consultant and actually someone made a comment on this on another video that I had about having needing that the compass is the basic tool that any feng shui enthusiast especially a feng shui consultant must have. So I have a separate video on that about about a compass being the most basic tool for feng shui and someone made a comment she’s like “oh my god, I just spent a ton of money bringing in another consultant and I never saw her use a compass. She used my door, she used her door to kind of calculate the energy. Guys, that is not how it is used.

Doors in feng shui are important but it only determines what are the strongest energy that’s coming through the door. You do not do your feng shui replacements with calculations based on the door, okay? So now that I’ve you know I’ve told you guys to forget about this. What can I tell you about how it is done or how the real feng shui bagua is? So to be honest with you, I’m too lazy I couldn’t I couldn’t even I tried to Google like classical feng shui bagua And you guys can try Google classical feng shui bagua. What comes up is actually this – the fast food bagua. Wow that is not classical you guys that is not classica.l So this is a look into what is, this is not all of it but this is what probably won’t blow your mind but too much, okay? Because if I go too much into the advanced information you guys will be – like kill me, kill me, now right? So this is the classical one or the basics of it the foundational one of it okay? I don’t know how clear, it is I might actually be able to I wonder if I can share my screen I don’t think I can share my screen on this one. I will put a picture up on this after I’m done with the livestream. So this is classical bagua okay so you can see that they try to pawn it off as feng shui. The all these things that’s that’s true in most of the fast-food bagua is the elements they got the elements right. They got the directions right. They have the north, south, east, west. They got the directions right they do have the trigrams so that passed it off as classical but apart from that what the directions mean are wrong okay. So this is what so Ery you took the course with me right you can take a look at your notes if you still have it. But this is what it is. So south at the top north, east, west, south west, south east, northeast northwest, okay. And you have the trigrams here. Someone actually asked why’s the south on the top? If you guys want to know there’s actually two different types of bagua.

There’s early heaven bagua and the later heaven bagua. Early heaven bagua has a different configuration that one is more for date selection which we’re not going to talk about here. But we use a later heaven bagua which has the south at the top and the north and so on and so forth okay. This is what we use for Feng Shui purposes, don’t ask me why. That’s just how it is. I mean I’m not – who am I to question something that’s been around for
thousands of years right? So anyway so most of the fast food bagua, they have the right idea in terms of south is fire, north is water, west and northwest is metal. Southwest and northeast is earth. Southeast and east is wood. They do have that now this is another way a bastardization of the feng shui. Some of the books says – oh if your bedroom is in the east and the east is be a wood element you need to paint your bedroom green. It’s not as simple as that you guys. It’s not okay. Like it doesn’t make sense. If you have an open space place – are you supposed to have you know that your South wall red, your north wall blue, your east wall green and your west wall white or gray? How does that make sense? You know and a lot of people do their decorations based on that right, a lot of people do their decorations literally you don’t take it literally like that okay? So stop cuz the room will not look good okay? So first things first. Each direction is specific to a family member I’m gonna bring it back a little maybe you guys can see it a little bit better okay? Each direction is a specific family member – I’ll just keep it at that I’ll talk a little bit more about it in a minute. So south refers to okay let me start with a father basically Northwest is the patriarch. And patriarch means male yeah I mean usually the men in the house – the father. And actually as a segue okay so that the text that I got from my client and this is a home that I that I worked with uh with the architects from scratch. We did the layout, I did the you know so it was a feng shui home from the ground up. So well the house has been built. The clients moved in and then someone told her – oh your bathroom is in the northwest. And that’s bad because the Northwest is the your bathroom is in the northwest, leader the Northwest is you know it’s um it’s the breadwinner. And her being you know the breadwinner of the family, she thinks it affects her so that person again well-intentioned really freaked her out. That’s when she texted me I said – the Northwest is the oldest male in the house that usually the oldest father figure in the house.

Unless she changed her gender she is not affected by the energy in the northwest. And by the way a bathroom in the northwest is fine. What we don’t want is a kitchen in the northwest. If there is a man in the house okay a father in the house you do not want a kitchen in the northwest bathrooms are fine. So even though she’s the main breadwinner, she’s the she’s the leader so to speak, you know she is the head of the house but she’s not considered a patriarch unless she does like a gender change surgery. Really she is still if she is here Southwest which is the matriarch. If you guys can see the matriarch okay. Next is the oldest son I’ll do oldest son sorry I got this wrong I take this wrong this is youngest son actually okay North East, his youngest son and then the oldest daughter in the southeast, oldest son is the east, youngest daughter in the West middle daughter in the south, middle son in the north. Now there are a couple of questions around this as a tip you guys are gonna you know a couple of you are going to be joining me in March for a feng shui certification course will act. Every you’re still here right. How much time did we spend on the bagua, when we did the course a lot of time because a lot it’s based on the bagua.

But it’s not how you think it is. So I’m gonna go through in as much as I can on the livestream in terms of how looks really being used. So what happens if you’re just you know if you are how do I say this okay so let’s say so you’re married and okay  let’s say it’s a door right like my building here we’re close to University of Toronto. There are a lot of condos that are you know that are taken up by students so there’s no there’s no mother there’s no father or whatever but if there is a certain specific energy in a room that’s bad for the middle son for instance then if you’re the middle son and you stay in that back room for the middle son you will get affected. Everyone else will be okay. And without making too much confusion, there’s actually age and marital status and parental status as well that goes into it right. So for instance you could be a husband and wife. Husband and wife you move into a place but you are yet to have children so you’re still not considered a patriarch because no one’s calling you daddy as yet. Unless and until you have children you’re not the patriarch, you’re not the patriarch. You’re still the oldest son or the oldest daughter okay. That’s going a little bit more advanced but I know some of you some of you guys are gonna also gonna ask me what happens if I don’t have three sons and three three sons and three daughters? What happens to this? Then you actually go back to the age, the marital status and I don’t know if it’s a actually a word of parental status whether you’re a parent or not you could be married but your childless that gives you a different status here okay. So I guess I can go through this really quickly. Let’s start with the youngest okay. So youngest son I know I typed out all this here but it’s actually youngest okay it’s a typo so the youngest son is single male youngest and younger than 16 okay.

Youngest daughter is single female younger than 14 okay. And then middle daughter is single, female, unmarried so over fourteen okay. married no children. Middle son is single male also no children because I guess nowadays you can be single but have kids older than sixteen. Oldest son is that you’re married male okay.
Oldest daughter is a married female so it doesn’t matter what age now will your hopefully more than fourteen and did I miss anyone? And tell me if I miss anyone I forgot to keep track but anyway that is how it works okay so as you can seenow you don’t actually take up bagua and superimpose it on the layout you guys know. Oh you like any of you guys who still have the bagua and you’re trying to superimpose it on your layout stop doing that. So how do you actually use the bagua Okay let me take a look at my notes cuz and you don’t follow the gua number
again forget about the gua number. You don’t use the fast food feng shui, you don’t use the gua number – PERIOD. That will bring you a lot of confusion at best and will give you bad results out at the worst point okay. So how do we actually use this information how do we actually use the information that is given to us from the bagua – oh by the way you’ve got you guys see numbers as well okay so you see five in the center, six.

This is actually the location, number seven, eight, nine, one, two three, four. So the 81 combination actually relies very heavily on this and I’ve gotten a couple I have prepared a couple of situation up examples for you guys okay. So for every direction on the bagua,not necessarily direction on your layout okay there is a difference, for every direction on the bagua for instance the southwest is the palace of the matriarch is the element of earth and if you want to give it a number like the flow not the flying star number I guess but it’s – I guess you can call it life it’s not a number just so make things simple and this is the trigram. And this trigram of Kun in terms of health oh I should talk about health okay so every trigram also has a link to how the energy affects us physically in terms of our health for instance. So the trigram of Kun being a sorry yeah being the matriarch is the abdomen right the mother’s give birth so it affects health around the abs area affects the skin okay. The patriarch in the northwest is the head, it affects the head okay. You can’t find information about this
online this it’s mostly true most of the information with regards to the health direction is correct so I won’t go through everything but like the middle son is ear and kidney. I shouldn’t say the family member, that’s going to confuse you. The Trigram Kan effects ear and kidney.The trigram Ken effects hand. The trigram chen, effects feet. The trigram sun effects butt and hips. The trigram li effects eyes and heart and the trigram tui effects mouth and lung okay. I’m not going to go through everything about that but here are the examples okay now. You’re gonna realize that you don’t actually superimpose – stop superimposing the bagua on your layout – main thing. So some of you guys may have remembered I talked about 81 combination Oh what is the 81 combination? If you guys have never seen this I don’t know how clear this is for you guys. Who has seen this before right so this is the energetic calculation for a home or a building that is period 8 meaning moved in, moved in after 2004
February of 2004 so it’s a period 8 home facing north one. Period 8 homes but facing a different direction would have different calculation.

So therefore if you’re reading a book or if you’re following an expert and God forbid if you paid a consultant and they don’t use a compass reading and they claim to be classical – they are not classically trained.

So based on the period and the facing now, we can calculate the energy so now every direction has an energy. And what is the 81 combination? 81 combination are the top left and top right numbers for each quadrant okay so two, five, seven, nine, nine, seven, five, two, three, four, one, six, six, one, eight, eight, four, three. Those are 81 combination and each  combination has a different energy. As a reminder – it’s not general you can that’s another reason why you cannot do generalize feng shui advice, okay. So how is this bagua translated into actual feng shui replacements?

 Again you don’t superimpose. So for instance three two or two three combinations so I don’t have that here, I guess I should have but if there is if you’re seeing like a two three or a three two combination okay that means abdominal complications for women and again I didn’t make this up this is just formulas that’s been passed down by my Grandmaster and while I don’t believe in blindly following I have seen this to be the case these have been proven okay.

Two the combination of three two and two three why does it impact the abdominal area for women? Because the number 2 here is matriarch and affectsabdomen and skin, okay. You can potentially have skin issues as well but mostly abdominal okay. If you have five eight or eight five okay again if you do if you plot your 81 combinations and you have let’s say 5 8 or 8 5 it represents sickness. Especially worse for the youngest son okay we don’t like 5 anyhow right in flying star 5 is the worst number and 5 affects the 8. What is 8? In this trigram in this bagua, it is the youngest son and what kind of in an illness its general illness but very likely relating to the hand it could be hand injury right.And then 8 2 or 2 8 so again you take your period you take your facing if you’re seeing 2 8, are you guys able to see this, if you’re seeing anywhere 2 8 or 8 2 let’s say if it’s a master bedroom right there’s 2 8 in there it’s a master bedroom. This actually and if you guys can see 8 is the youngest son, 2 is the married woman who’s also a mother okay 2 8 and 8 2 – I have seen this are affairs between older woman i.e matriarch with a younger son with a younger female which is usually underaged, okay.

And if there is eight seven or seven eight okay if it’s anywhere here eight seven or seven eight – going back to this eight is youngest son seven is youngest daughter okay. Kind of like the Romeo and Juliet kind of thing it’s potential for these younger girls and younger boys to run away together ie eloping okay. And I and I actually have a situation of this I saw this the daughter’s room had this energy and was very much you know in love with the boyfriend at that time and you know my client wasn’t very happy about it and I said you know what if you don’t want her to run away you need to be at peace with her choice cuz otherwise she’s gonna choose to be disconnected to you.

And she’s gonna choose her path no matter what you say right. So the daughter is still with the family what happened was that they allowed the boyfriend to move in because they don’t want to lose the daughter because I can tell you if theyand it’s again Feng Shui is not always about placement it’s also about your awareness and how you deal with situation so I’ve seen the 8 2 and the 2 8 as well and obviously this was something not something that theclient readily supplied to me in terms of information but Flying Star Feng Shui don’t lie and I approached her with it and I said very gingerly because you don’t want people to feel offended but she fessed up to being tempted, haven’t  acted on it yet.

So one is awareness I told her obviously don’t cuz it’s not gonna end well and then well I actually put her in a
different room. Okay you guys is how so the bagua is very important in Feng Shui. It’s definitely very, very important but what we look in the bagua is the trigram. And what does the trigram point to in terms of who gets affected in the house in terms of what potential health issues could come up in terms of and you use it in terms of you look at the element and based on that you do your remedies based on that. So I wish in the live stream I could go up over everything but those who took my course you guys know it took me four days right. it’s not something I can do unless you take the course.

So Eva asked how do you plot feng shui
combination? There are calculations out there so you just put in the year that you moved in and you put in the facing of your home, the direction of your home. And the calculator is going to basically plot out the energy for you. The trick is to actually know what the numbers mean unfortunately so you can have this chart but you won’t know what it means unless you have the proper information. And even the facing you have to be really careful with the facing because well most houses, most buildings so facing is pretty straight forward most of the time  it’s front of the building or where the main entrance is but that’s not always the case.

Oh that I guess that’s a great segue for those of you who are registered for Feng Shui 2019 if you want some help actually I said that the date I think it’s October 3rd so those who registered for Feng Shui 2019 especially if this is your first go-around with me. My bonus webinar number three is for me to help you determine the period of your home and the facing of your home. Because some of you guys, and determining the period of the home can be very confusing as well so we’ll go over that. And determining the facing of your home you can send me a Google Earth shot of your home and we’ll figure out where the facing is. That is where you take your compass reading if you get your period wrong if you get your facing wrong even if you have a calculator it’s gonna give you the wrong numbers, okay?

So any other questions with relating to this. Sharifa, am i pronouncing it right do you teach Feng Shui online? I don’t teach the course online I do have a course coming up in March if you guys are interested in that then you send me an email or you shoot me a message here on Facebook and I’ll give you the link to the course I am holding another one in March. But if you want to start learning more actually I should put up so if you guys are not yet signed up for Feng Shui 2019 but you want to – just go to Feng Shui The next webinar is October 3rd so if you register now then you can email me your questions with regards to determining your period and your facing and we can go over it on the webinar. For those of you guys who are already registered, I will be sending out an email about this and you can start sending me your questions.

In a nutshell –
Stop thinking your relationship corner is the Southwest or your money corner is the southeast because this is what determines it, okay. This is what determines where your money corner and where your relationship corner is. I did the fast-food Feng Shui for a few years it wasn’t until I start I took the certification – I was happy and depressed at the same time. I was depressed because of the amount of energy and money and time wasted on the wrong information right. So that would be so that is how you need to take it from here. Yvette says I would need an actual layout of that of what of your home yeah so for those of you who registered for Feng Shui 2019,
again it’s over here on this corner here Feng Shui 2019 that’s the address website that you go to to register if you have not yet registered. This is if you can’t do if you know if a private consultation is not an option for you
then this is the best way that you have the best way that I can offer you in terms of doing your home finally do it n your home based on the right information okay. And for those of you who did the annual webinar with me
before, you know I look at your layouts. I look at your you know your  placements and we have a private Facebook group. As well even after the webinars are done can also post your questions there. That’s the only way I can really give you proper information because then I have proper sight on okay – how does this layout look where are the doors where are the streets? What are the formations outside of the house, okay.

Hello Nina. Kat says I see yes join I’m a shameless plug here join Manifesting code and Feng Shui 2019 –           it is an important combo because Feng Shui 2019 gets you ready based on the annual energy. Manifesting Code actually gets you ready based on the permanent energy so we are actually as much as possible right, without taking an actual course manifesting code in a simpler format because not everyone wants to know all the complicated stuff. They’re just like just tell me where my money corners are so I can activate it so in Manifesting Code I actually go through and tell you where your three money corners, where you’re you know did I talk about relationship corners? I actually I’m blanking out right now but that is based on your period and based on your facing so Feng Shui 2019 is not going to give you that. It will give you enough information to get you ready for the year but I can tell you even what I share in Feng Sui 2019, the depth that we go through
like you guys who took it before, the depths that we go through in terms of getting you ready for the new year based on the period of your home, based on the facing of your home – I have yet to find the amount of support the amount of access that you guys have to me as your as your guide, I have not seen anyone else offer it in the same format that I do. Yeah so you guys who are who have taken the annual Feng Shui – it’s not so much to tell people how much value you guys have gotten from me. It’s not in terms of tooting my own horn. You know what I am sick and tired of people either knowingly or unknowingly, misleading people. And to be honest sometimes I don’t know how I know of consultants who actually have been marketing themselves Feng Shui consultant way before me okay here in town in Toronto. I know of a couple of them. And I’m sure over the years they must have known that what they’ve done is vastly Feng Shui, the years they must have known someone must have told
them and yet they still keep taking money doing the wrong Feng Shui.

And that irks me that is my biggest issue with this industry to be really honest with you because it’s so easy to be a feng shui consultant. And to be honest I don’t even know if all of them even took the course. Some of them probably even just read a book and started marketing themselves as a feng shui consultant. For me, I told my husband I need to make sure before I take a cent from anyone that whatever information that I give is the right information. So I only felt good after I did my certification and I made sure that lineage was really important for me I wanted to know who taught my teacher and who taught my teacher”s teacher. That was important for me and I was I shocked it up to a good karma that I found the right school that I found the right teachers and the grand masters. So I am even after doing my certification I was still kind of just okay let’s see how much of this is the truth so many many many many many times after I plotted this out without the clients telling me too much, usually they tell me enough but when I look at this and II look at the combination the 81 combination and you know again some of the stuff are very sensitive right?   It would be –  have there been like alcoholism issue since you moved in? Or you know have there been any affairs or have you been really sick? Have people started getting really ill since you moved in? And they would say yeah how do you know or even did you guys started getting sued after you moved in you know and usually the skeptical person would sit up how do you know we got sued in this house after we moved into this house, I said no one told me the energetic combinations for me. It’s just that powerful when you have the right information. So if you guys want to learn all about there’s a few things – I don’t want to confuse you guys. If this is your first time hearing about the wrong feng shui bagua and you’re confused anyway and you want to start getting your house ready for the year .Then you join me in Feng Shui after you’re done with Feng Shui and you want to learn more about the permanent energy and more about the inner energy because I actually talk more about the inner feng shui then you can join me in what Kat mentioned before okay. And so Lisa is asking so the period of the home is the
year we moved in versus the year built yes yes yes yes. Kat says classical feng shui seems complicated at first but oh ah I love that okay I love that analogy.

So I will do it get this question all the time hey once I do the feng shui, how soon can I can I see results? I can’t ethically give you a timeline because it really depends on a lot of things. It depends how well it’s being remedied it depends on because sometimes you’re remedying but you’re still activating the negative energy – then you’re kind of how do you put a break and put on the accelerator at the same time. Some clients actually do that because unfortunately if it’s like a really highly used area. Let’s say if the front door of the kitchen or the master bedroom it’s really bad and we put the remedy and yet because it’s the important areas it’s still being used you can’t help but not use those areas then you know you need to give it some additional time for the negative energies to you know to for you to start seeing visible results.

That’s just how it is you know it’s not an
excuse it’s just how the energies work. Yeah okay I think well we’ve been going on for almost an hour now. Thanks so much so I’ll leave it here. Thanks so much for for watching me live. There’s quite a few of you guys here. If you know of other feng shui enthusiasts. Especially if you know that they’re struggling with their fast-food Feng Shui – hopefully you’ll see the sense in sharing this video and stopping them from figuring out oh how do I put the ba gua over my layout. Just stop them from wasting any more time and energy on that because it’s just
heartbreaking when I see that. Okay you guys, thanks so much for watching take care.


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