Wealth Qi Private Intensive

Heart-centred online entrepreneurs!

Are you tired of swimming against the current in your financial life and in business – expending all your energy but not seeing much results?

In your own private intensive you will have a full day to be guided and supported in your business, immersing yourself in ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, Astrology and Law of Attraction and FINALLY learn how to use them to change your financial trajectory!

Just think…In one day, you can achieve more progress toward your business and life goals than you can in a 2 or 3 month period! Or if you’re a natural procrastinator like I was, you can actually collapse months and even years of non-work and achieve breakthroughs at the end of our 6 hours together!

With no distractions and me as your guide by your side we will put your very own plan in place to create more abundance in your life.

What can we achieve in a day?

My uninterrupted, undivided attention on YOU, is your ticket to…

  • Open the floodgates to an energetic transformation in your life and business by activating all the prosperous feng shui energies inherent in your home and office
  • A breakthrough in 1 or 2 key areas of your financial life – break free from your thoughts and emotions around money that no longer serves and supports you!
  • Powerful motivation that lasts. So not only are you excited to get started, but you’re excited to keep going, taking action, and getting results, long after our day together
  • An entirely new relationship with money – one that unleashes more abundance into other areas of your life as well

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Imagine walking away…

    • Empowered with the knowledge that the space where you live and conduct business now has the ultimate Wealth Qi!
    • Feeling confident, clear and centred about who you are and where you’re heading in your life and business.
    • Preparing high-level inspired business plan based on your true passions and deepest desires – no longer feeling overwhelmed and lost with all that ‘needs to be done’
    • With an increased and strengthened wealth consciousness that won’t waiver at the first sign of a bump in the road

What’s included in your virtual

Wealth Qi Private Intensive?

  • 6 hours of 1:1 time with me to uncover and banish your most pressing wealth-blockers, done via Skype or private Google Hangout
    Detailed Welcome Packet for me to get to know you before the intensive
  • - As soon as you sign up for your Wealth Qi Private Intensive, you’ll receive a comprehensive Welcome and Preparation Packet that will help you immediately get clear on your goals and start to take steps to make positive shifts in your life. This packet includes exercises you can begin immediately to draw more wealth into your life.
    - This packet also includes a list of information needed for me to do the feng shui assessments on your home and office

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  • A detailed written report of all your feng shui placements for your home and office space
  • With insight gleaned from your own self development work and/or from my study of your Chinese Astrological chart, you will be coached on your known and unknown internal saboteurs to wealth so you can FINALLY claim your true prosperity

  • A 90-day life and business action plan to take home with you so you know exactly what you will be working on to give your business and finances that Wealth Qi boost! These are the exact strategies I use to build easy lead generation for my international business and attract clients that I love to work with!

  • An audio or video recording of our day together

  • Follow-up Support (45 min call) to ensure that you are on track and support you in moving forward with powerful, positive momentum.