On-Site / Long Distance Feng Shui Consultation

Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Audit

I provide home and business consultations in Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area as well as long distance consultations worldwide.

Rates are based on the square footage of the residential or commercial site.


What can you expect from your feng shui consultation?

– I will look into your space, internally as well as externally to make sure what kind of energies are afflicting or supporting you

– birth date information for everyone in the space will be noted to ensure recommendations are unique to them ( especially for the bedrooms and offices )

– PDFs will be provided for guidelines of placements

– a recorded phone session will be done where I go through my recommendations with you. These calls normally last between 60-90 minutes, and the mp3 recording will be emailed to you for your future reference after the call

– a recorded private Google Hangout is also an option if you have Google credentials, fast Internet speed and webcam

– if you have follow-up questions after our call I am available to answer your questions via phone or email

Your feng shui consultation with me will analyse 3 layers of energy for your space:

permanent energy ( how this space will affect you as long as you’re there, some years it’ll be stronger or weaker depending on the annual energies ); extra care taken for main door, kitchen and bedrooms
annual energy ( how the yearly changes in energy supports or challenges everyone in the space )
monthly energy ( I will let you know if there are specific months where your front door, kitchen or bedrooms are afflicted, with recommended remedies )

** Feng shui updates are also advised to be done every year as the energetic pattern shifts. Rates will not be the same as the first consult as most of the information I already have on hand, and the phone call will usually be a shorter one ( around 30 minutes ).


FULL CONSULTATION rates are based on square footage

Please email me at safrina@fengshuiandprosper.com to book your appointment or clarify any other questions you may have before deciding whether or not a feng shui audit with me fits your needs.

60-minute Video Call Consultation ( residential ONLY )

We can do a video skype or video call so you can walk me through the house. We will go over all the most important feng shui placements for the whole house including bed placement, fountain placement etc.

There will not be a written report for this option BUT you will get a copy of the video recording as well as 2 follow-up emails should you have further questions after our session. A layout as well as compass reading done by you is all we need to get this started.

Please email safrina@fengshuiandprosper.com for your inquiry


“Safrina gave me a feng shui consultation and in particular suggested that i move my bed so that it faces west in order to improve my financial cash flow.  I reluctantly shifted the bed on the prescribed date and was quite surprised to receive a totally unexpected job offer that very day to do some ADR on the new Tom Cruise film, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.   The gig was a well paying one that will see me receiving ongoing residuals from the film.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but from now on I am paying more attention to my energetic patterns.  Thanks Safrina.”- Peter F, Los Angeles California


“Safrina came to my house to do a feng shui audit and also did a birth chart reading over the phone. She was very thorough and took the time to explain everything in detail. Any time I had a question, I could email her and she was happy to help (this was my first experience with feng shui so I had a lot of questions!). She even gives suggestions on where to find items she recommends. I really enjoyed working with Safrina and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a birth chart reading or home audit.” – Karen B, Toronto



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