2023 Feng Shui and Astrology Calendar




Use this Feng Shui and Astrology Calendar for your yearly Date Selections, so you can plot out and maximise your most auspicious dates of the year!

The calendar shows you:

  1. The Lo Shu based on the Period of the year
  2. Monthly and Annual Flying Stars
  3. New Moon and Full Moon Phases
  4. Element of the Day
  5. Animal of the Day
  6. Year Breaker
  7. Month Breaker
  8. Day Constellation
  9. Day Officer
  10. So much more…

Pair this book with my Annual Feng Shui Membership! Where you will get access to:

  • Online Training #1: Home Feng Shui Period and Facing
  • Online Training #2: Home Demarcation
  • Online Training #3: Basic Date Selection
  • 12 months Support Forum for Annual Energy Support

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