Nitin Taggar

Sharon is based in the United Kingdom. She’s a Traditional Chinese Medicine trained Acupuncturist and Hypnotherapist, as well being as a Certified Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui Consultant through Safrina’s certification programme. 

Her passion for Feng Shui has spanned over 25 years since working in the corporate world. Watching the Feng Shui masters do their calculations, finding the buildings auspicious energy, fascinated and inspired her to explore Chinese Metaphysics. She now incorporates both Feng Shui, and Acupuncture when supporting her clients. 

Nitin Taggar has been a Classical Feng Shui practitioner for over half a decade now. His journey with Feng Shui first began in 2002 when he was certified in Western Feng Shui. Nitin soon realized that results with Western Feng Shui were a hit or a miss, which indicated to him that there were gaps in the knowledge he was presented with. He set out on a search for an outstanding Classical Feng Shui master and came across Safrina’s program; he has since graduated successfully from being a student to a consultant in the field. Nitin, a thorough professional, is known amongst his clients as someone who gives extra attention even to the tiniest details, and builds strong ties with them.

Under Safrina’s guidance, Nitin has assisted multiple clients, who have seen massive results in key areas of their lives. His clients have often referred to him as a competent, keen-listener, detail-oriented and highly-knowledgeable professional.

Apart from English, Nitin can also do feng shui consultations in Hindi and Punjabi.

Sharon Cawthorne