Hello everyone, it’s Safrina, the founder of Feng Shui and Prosper and if I am new to you – you are watching live stream Tuesdays. As much as I can every Tuesday, I come up and join you guys      on Facebook or YouTube
and we do a live stream on various Feng Shui spiritual, self-development topics. So today so I’ll tell you today, we are talking about Nature, Nurture or Destiny so stay tuned. So how did this topic came about was my husband rented a documentary called Three Perfect Strangers and it was a very it’s a fascinating documentary. If you guys never heard of it, never knew about it,maybe after today you can check it out rent the DVD, go online whatever Three Perfect Strangers. So what happened was the documentary started with the newspaper had with a shot of two guys identical twins and they found each other, they were both adopted and they found each other.
And then another. And this happened somewhere in New York, Manhattan, I think New Jersey area and when the newspaper came out that day, there was a third kid, 19 year old kid, there were all 19 year olds, I think 18 or 19, looked at the newspaper and said well these boys look like me so it turned out that there were not just twins that they’re actually triplets that were separated at birth. That alone was a very interesting story but as the documentary got further in they realized that there was this very I would say, sinister experiment happening in the background.What happened was a psychologist or psychiatrist, I forgot what his real designation has decided to do a social experiment so what they did was they  picked birth mothers who have okay –
spoiler alert so if you’re gonna watch another documentary I’m gonna spoil a lot of it for you – unfortunately but I have to tell you about it because that’s where my thought process might. So this social experiment was these psychiatrists or psychologists you know following the Freudian lineage, they specifically looked for single mothers who had mental health issues and we’re having multiple births so twins or triplets and so these triplets were split into households and they were followed because because what happens was as the boys grew older, they would have people visiting their homes like videotaping them, have them doing you know math or science test and everything and and behavioral test whatever it is. What they told the parents when they were adopting the kids, they said well now that you’re adopting this baby, we’re gonna check up on them you know every so often just to see that they’re doing well it’s for a study so that’s all the parents knew. The parents didn’t know that they were twins so the gist of it all is that these three boys they found each other at 19 and there were so many similarities. They were like instantly famous. If anything went viral back in the 80’s, I think this is when it happened. And mid 80’s or early 90’s, I forgot if anything went viral by then they went viral so they were instantly famous because of you know being split at birth and they’re now finding each other. and they got you know, it was instant connection they realized they smoke the same cigarette, they liked the same kind of girls, they all wrestled in high school so there were those innate characteristics that they realized were so similar. And then at the same time they also found that there were certain differences as well. And this is where I want you guys to all
really sit with this because as we go into Chinese New Year, every year without doubt without fail every year – I get people messaging me, emailing me, asking me how the year is going to be for them. And my answer to
them is well you know astrology is just one part of it and we’re gonna go through the heaven, earth and mankind luck, you guys know I always go through that. Only because it’s so important but this documentary with these three boys, having the same birth charts in you know we look at Chinese astrology, okay we’re not talking about other astrology up there but in Chinese astrology that would have the same birth charts. Exactly the same but with the three boys now okay so in terms of heaven luck, they have the same astrology but then the three boys go into three different households. One went into a blue blue-collar household. One into middle income household and one of the boys went to an affluent household. And it’s very interesting how, again the similarities were there even though they were in different households however one was particularly inclined to have some
mental health issues. Now all three came from the same mother who had mental health issues – why is it that this one is expressing the same challenges as the birth mother and the other two even though they had issues because they were separated. No matter what spiritually soul lies on the soul, level they knew that there were two parts of them that were that was not with them. Actually the documentary said as part of the separation anxiety was all the boys when they were adopted I think at just a few months or maybe a year old all three of
them would knock their head against the crib. So there’s definitely you know, psychological issues that all three boys had to go through. But one of them specifically went into a deep mental hole, had to get you know going I think all three of them went went into psychiatric ward but one ultimately committed suicide. Okay so spoiler alert, I know a little too late for that now I’ve blurted it up – committed suicide. And so this was where that whole social experiment was, they wanted to see if the boys would go into the same path or if they would like you know if they would kind of branch off and you know have do different stuff think different things, have different likes and patterns and things like that so I’m just gonna take a quick sip here so that’s the topic that psychologists have always battled on right in terms of nurture versus nature. But what I wanted to throw out to you, I’m not saying that I know the answer. I just want to pose this to you guys in that what about things like I know I say destiny on in the title but think about this when I was watching the documentary this was what I was thinking three different boys, three different souls, three different past lives, three different karmic patterns.

Those are the
things that third part, was you know has never especially at least where the psychologist is concerned most of the time it’s not put into the mix right, most likely because they don’t believe in it so I was wondering okay so they
have a birth mother who was mentally, psychologically challenged, she had three boys and they had psychological issues, granted because they were separated and they on a spiritual level they knew it, they knew they weren’t complete but why was one taking the bigger hit. I’m wondering if that destiny portion the past life the Karma has anything to do with it. Again I’m not saying I know the answer and also being a Feng Shui consultant,
I wonder if of course – I wonder how the energy of all these these three separate households affect each boys, right. We’re not even talking about parenting style, what kind of parents they have, what kind of society they have, of course that comes into play but you know so there’s all these things that need to be factored in so when people want ask me for an astrological article reading and and even other astrological readings, how many of you guys have one have went to like the tarot card reader, a fortune teller or whatever right and you’re given an answer but maybe it wasn’t accurate and you’re like oh she wasn’t good because she said this was gonna
happen but it didn’t. But if you really think about it there’s some energy,  consistently influx, it’s constantly shaping and so sure I do astrological readings for my clients but I tell them I always tell them do not think that this is set in stone. So when you ask me how the year is going to be for you especially when you only tell me your year like I’m a dragon house – how is it gonna be for the Dragons, I can give you general stuff but you know like for instance I was sharing in my annual webinar because everyone was freaking out that they are born in the year of the pig and they’re gonna hit with the Grand Duke. And what I told when I shared with people on the webinar by the way if you didn’t join Feng Shui 2019, you can register here, you get to see the replay where I share this is that my husband being the year of the dog was hit with the Grand Duke this year right? Did I make him panic? Because he sit with a Grand Duke? No! Do I have him carry something to do with the Grand Duke? Well he was open to it so he carried something with him. However there are other things that you can do to make sure that the negative energies don’t affect you, you know as much as it could have – it’s basically where I’m coming to you to. So sure there’s nature, there’s nurture but even with those two factors there is still the possibility of having a different kind of life. I’ll show you I’ll share with you in Manifesting Code, there’s actually one client – she and I we share the same birthday. We have the same birthday, only different birth hour and we have very different lives. Because astrology is just – let me let me bring this up here okay, astrology which is in heaven luck is one portion. So me and her – we’re astrological chart is concerned, we’re very similar we have the same day, same month, same year but the mankind luck and the earth luck is different therefore we have our lives are night and day. I’m married with a kid and she is you know single, carefree, childless woman at this moment right. Night and day kind of life so even with these boys being born in the same hour, they have different
lives you know, different way of thinking different way, even in character you know all their wives would say oh this twin is like this this, twin is like this, this twin is like this so even behavioral there’s differences right. So as much as much as there’s so much interest in astrology at the beginning of every year, I beg you guys especially if the news is not good, I plead with you guys to not throw in the towel just yet.

Just because astrologically, it’s gonna be a challenging year for you – it does not have to end that way because you still have oh you still have mankind luck,right which is your own actions your own and there’s also earth luck, I’m pointing it the wrong way, I need to go this way it’s like which is your Feng Shui and I gotta tell you like this year my husband being hit with the Grand Duke – actually career wise this has been the most gang buster year for him. And in fact he just got news about another huge acknowledgement and another bump in his salary that he wasn’t necessarily seeking for it, just fell on his lap. So so much for being hit with the Grand Duke where you know oh you’re all like you’re afflicted and whatever that’s just one third okay? Don’t write it off but don’t let that be your end all and be all okay. Because remember astrology, it’s just one third okay so that’s pretty much all I wanted to say because there’s nature, nurture versus destiny and and that’s the part that’s hard and destiny being past life being karma – it’s also another thing that each and every one of us need to look into, we need to explore a little bit more. It does seem like a very esoteric, very it’s hard to grasp, it’s hard to even get the right information about this right but if someone you know and again – I’m not saying like for example that that twin that committed suicide, he likely had some past baggage either the current life or the previous lives baggage or karmic debt if you want to call it that that affected him more than you know that made him more struggle a little bit more, in terms of mental health more than his other two brothers. So that’s that’s pretty much what I wanted to share with you guys today.

Main gist of it is sure it’s astrology is great to give you insight. Once you have your astrological reading, it helps you plan your year. I do you know fairly in-depth astrological readings for my clients but whenever there’s bad luck, I tell them okay so this is the rough patch that is coming your way – this is how you navigate that right. So if it were to happen for instance, if I see illness or if I see separation like marriage or if I see I remember one time I had to tell my client because I looked at both hers and her husband’s charts and I told her this year there’s a potential for someone wanting to break the marriage so I said and she obviously started getting really worried and I said don’t panic what you need to do you know now that you have kids and whatever most couples kind of lose touch with each other so I said just make sure you have your date nights you know. If you’re hitting a rough patch, go see a couples counseling, don’t just you know sweep it under the floor you know and I gave her
resources and experts and books to read just so they have a healthier communication style right. That was a few years ago and they’re still happily married. So that’s the thing, the astrological reading may give you the good news and maybe not the so great news but once you have that info you don’t just sit on it. Now you know how to deal with the energy of the year, okay. This is especially for those of you who read the New Year astrological
article or video or book or whatever and you’re all panicking, you’re like okay that’s it I’m just gonna stay inside my house and not do anything for the rest of the year and wait till the year is done and then I’ll do. I actually had one client tell back to me and I’m like that it’s not the point of the astrological reading alright. So let me know, I can take questions but not questions about your astrological chart. I’m not doing it on the live stream. Hind, has a very good question – let me put that up on the screen. How can we protect our aura from negative energy of other people? It’s not really topic related but this is a very interesting one. So I believe in protecting yourself and protecting your family. In fact I think in Manifesting Code, I have a couple of modules in terms of protection. So what you can do usually for me I ask my clients to do a visualization, a bubble visualization so you’re just imagine yourself in a bubble and you you know and maybe you have that person who’s giving you bad juju right –
bad bad vibes you can visualize that person outside of your bubble, trying to give you the bad energy and the energy is just bouncing off your bubble. It doesn’t affect you that’s one way to kind of protect yourself and when I have clients who have you know potential mishaps when they’re traveling obviously they’re concerned about that I have them do very similar visualizations as well and so visualization for me is very important. And I’m not I’m not a Reiki master or whatever but you also need to make sure that your Chakra centers are strong that you know that like some people have weak centers where it’s easier for other people to kind of impose their energy on you, especially those of you guys who are who are energetically sensitive, who are Empath, you absorb whether these people have negative intention towards you or not, energetically your boundary is so weak that you tend to absorb other people’s negative energies right?

How do you know what this if this happens to you? If you go into a space and you get drained you know all of a sudden you feel very drained or if you hang out with a specific person, let’s say and you start getting headaches or whatever just feeling really tired after the interaction. That could be a sign of you being having absorb their energy or even energy vampires people can actually take your energy from you. so that bubble visualization is a very simple one but I find that to be a very powerful one to do as well. I’ve used that and I’ve recommended that to my clients. Those of you, Manifesting Code – I’m pretty sure I have a visualization meditation track on that so you guys can take a look at that okay. and so now growing up in Southeast Asia I don’t want you guys to panic but growing up in Southeast Asia, I have grown up in a society where we believe in black powers right. We believe in that there is such a thing as black magic. And
some people do go out there and do weird things to other people right and those of you guys who you know live in other parts of the world I’m sure you agree with me that they do exist. How do you protect yourself from that? Where we are concerned let you are you know here I am as I touch my hair but you need to be very careful in in terms of like things that have your DNA right, because sometimes things can be done to you with just like a piece of your hair so again, I don’t want to scare anyone with this but in terms of protection you know there’s basically how do I say this? If you every so often if you do a protection ritual for yourself again, you can google it or you guys in Manifesting Code I have a couple of protection rituals there do it every so often don’t do it when you feel like you’re already under attack. Prevention is better than cure so I would do it you know every once in a while protect yourself, protect your family, protect your home so that you don’t come under attack okay. No other questions I know this is a really maybe a weird topic for you guys as I sip my Ribena, so um yeah alright so I
guess no other questions from you guys yeah? Otherwise I’m just gonna let you guys go but again I will there is a chance there is a chance for me to actually cuz I’ve been asked to do a Chinese New Year talk and I’ve struggled with this because they wanted me to do astrological reading for every animal signs. And you guys know me I was actually trying really hard to dissuade the client from that because I said you know exactly what I said this whole live stream and that so what if there is an astrological forecast. You know some people are just gonna think that they’re cursed for the year or some people are also gonna think that oh it’s a lucky year they don’t need to do anything it’s all gonna fall on their lap. Not really even if the year is supposed to be a good year for you, you still need to make sure that your mankind luck and your earth luck is in tip-top shape. Otherwise, the good vibes are not going to come to you as strong as it could right.

So you know so there’s the tension
that I have in between what I know is a more holistic way of dealing with this as well as the client because it’s a fundraiser, it’s for you know, I’m not making any money from it’s a fundraiser but this is the kind of information that they want. so I’m struggling with the format that I you know that is not selling out my integrity in terms of the kind of content that I share with people. So that’s what I want to share with you guys this week, if you guys are watching the replay, feel free to post your questions. If it’s relating to this topic and again –  don’t ask me your astrological reading for the year because I won’t do it on like a Facebook post like this even if you want a private astrological reading from me I only do it if I do your Feng Shui way because like I said at least, I help
you deal with two out of the three right of the three Lucks. If you do your Feng Shui then sure I’ll do your astrology. If you want to do just your astrological reading I’ve always said no. From the past few years now I don’t just do one level of luck okay. All right that’s – oh Joe you’re only coming on now. I’m just about to leave. Thanks everyone for watching. I will catch you guys next week.

Take care.

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