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Just wanted to quickly share an email I got just earlier today from a client in LA whom I did bazi analysis as well as home audit for, another testament to the power of doing feng shui FULLY and COMPLETELY, with no pieces of the puzzle missing, no cutting corners, and no ” I want my life to change but I’m not willing to do what you recommended me to do”.

” Safrina gave me a feng shui consultation and in particular suggested that i move my bed so that it faces west in order to improve my financial cash flow.  I reluctantly shifted the bed on the prescribed date and was quite surprised to receive a totally unexpected job offer that very day to do some ADR on the new Tom Cruise film, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.   The gig was a well paying one that will see me receiving ongoing residuals from the film.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but from now on I am paying more attention to my energetic patterns.  Thanks Safrina.

… My dear readers, what is the price you’re willing to pay by not placing your bed correctly…???


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