Hi Safrina,

We are pregnant!

We had to pursue some help from the specialist so that definitely helped our chances but it has finally happened!We moved the bed about a week before our procedure and I’m not sure if that is what did it but it worked! I did end up getting a beady thing to hang at the bathroom door so I felt better about bed placement. If all goes well we are going to have the baby in January. Can you think of any other things (based on our house and charts) that we could do to promote a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby?

Its interesting, a lot of the things that you were able to find with my chart correspond with a chart reading that my mom had done for me when she went to India. Good job!!

Take care!

Nandini, British Columbia Canada


I got this email in my inbox just a  few nights ago, a wonderful news from a client who started working with me around August of last year. Like many of you reading my blog post now, she came across this blog through her research on feng shui and, lucky for me, she decided to reach out and take a chance on a feng shui practitioner living on the other end of the Canadian mainland, doing the whole consult on the phone.

Nandini and her husband has been trying for a while now to get pregnant. We moved the bed ( as you can read from her email ) to a spot that is more supportive of both of them not only to conceive but to also get overall better chi. Her house had an afflicted children’s sector which we remedied with the correct feng shui placement. Looking at her and her husband’s paht

New mom and baby, courtesy of Photosavvy from Flickr

chee / bazi chart I also realized they have clashes with regards to their affinity with children. This initially really worried her, but I reminded her the birth chart reading is to let her know of potential energies surrounding a certain issue. Through action, inner tools as well as feng shui a negative thing can be suppressed effectively.

Obviously delighted with this baby news, I replied to her with my congratulations. However I gently reminded her to take things easy as, again, based on her chart, she is prone to miscarriages, an advice she is most likely to heed. As a mom myself I highly recommend doing as much meditation as possible while pregnant. I personally believe that is the reason why my own baby was very good-natured, ate and slept well, and my pregnancy and labor was without a hitch.

I am pre-empting some readers who may say, “Well, they went to a specialist, that’s how they got pregnant”. Well, yes and no. How many times have you heard of couples doing their second, third attempt at a fertility treatment? Once again I’ll repeat that I am all for taking action as well, so seeing a specialist definitely is not a wrong move – PLUS, based on Nandini’s chart she is more likely to get pregnant through Metal methods ( ie. modern medicine ) rather than, let’s say, Wood methods ( usually more traditional medicine involving herbs etc ).

I’ll repeat myself until I’m blue in the face I suppose. Feng shui is about complementing visible action with the invisible energies at work.

No voodoo involved. 🙂

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