Hello everyone, it’s Safrina from Feng Shui and Prosper and sorry I know I am about five minutes                     late with my livestream, I had a little bit of a technical difficulty but hopefully you guys can hear me you can see me okay. If you’re watching, let me know who’s watching. I know I had about 13 people ready to go and I went live earlier just a few minutes ago. Hello Tracy and who’s watching me on oops – are you guys seeing me on Facebook on YouTube hold on, okay perfect. So we are live both on Facebook and on YouTube so if you see me darting my eyes, that’s part of the reason and I’m trying out a new set up here because I don’t want it to just go on YouTube and abandon my Facebook followers and vice versa so that’s why I’m trying to go live in both places. So today, we have a very interesting question that came up from one of my Feng shui 2018 participants. Now just a quick plug before I go into the Q&A is if you have not registered for my Feng shui 2018 annual event now the live events are all done but you can still register and get all 11 plus hours of recording. The main event itself is 4 hours where I handhold you guide you through how to prosperify your home for the year of the dog. And to be honest even though the New Year doesn’t happen in like in January, I think February 16th, it’s actually Chinese New Year, the energy of 2018 is actually already starting to take hold. If you guys have a door in the North corner, you know what I’m talking about. Or if you guys have a door in the east corner and you have not put your remedy for 2018, you know the New Year energy is already starting for you guys. So this is not something to play around with if you want to make sure that next year is you’re on an up level rather than being stuck where you are or even backsliding right, then I hope you join me by registering and getting all my video recordings. Again the address, if someone can type out either on youtube or on Facebook, it’s www.fengshui2018.com.

Now I have a beautiful community on Facebook which is part of anyone who registers can join me as a bonus on a VIP inner circle and I’m getting really really amazing questions coming from many of them. And this is one in terms of mirror usage – hey Emily Marie on YouTube – it’s with regards to how to use mirrors for Feng Shui purposes now I’m going to break some myths about mirrors so either this is going to get you very relieved
or this is going to make you a little bit upset because a few of these are super myths that has just been regurgitated and regurgitated and regurgitated over and over and over again honestly. I don’t even know where it starts so first things first is – the idea that mirrors are a water element, actually going to take a quick sip here, the idea that mirror is a water element. Now I can’t really fathom how that comes to play because even because a lot of the feng shui principles come from how things were in the olden days, right. And even if you think about youknow, hundreds of years ago when there were no mirrors you know okay well if you want to think about like the cavemen era or you know whatever before technology happens the first mirror I guess you can arguably say that the first mirror was the your reflection in the river or on the lake right on a water surface. I guess, maybe that’s why mirror equals water element comes from but really once people started                knowing about chemistry and things like that and you know manufacturing and productions and all that mirrors really are metal, you know. A flat metal surface where it’s reflective or even nowadays it’s glass but there’s a little bit of a metal element there so that it reflects better.

So the idea, the super myth that mirrors if you have a space in your home that needs more water therefore you put more mirror in there, that is not something that the Grand Master is talked about at all. So that’s super myth number one. I know there are questions coming in so I’m gonna try to go through them in a bit so just hang tight. Super myth number two is the usage of the bagua mirror, now you have to be really really careful with this. In my feng shui lineage, the lineage of the Tan Yangu School of Feng Shui, I have not heard in any of our textbook talking about the bagua mirror okay. And in fact, I have a few private consultations as well as people
who email sometimes with questions who already have the bagua mirror above their door, my question to them is has it gotten worse since you put the mirror in? And they said most of the time four out of five, I would say they said it actually did get worse once the mirror was put up. Now the whole thing the idea, that’s perfect perpetuated with regards to the bagua mirror is that if you have a poison arrow or if you have, I don’t know like bad neighbors or whatever and so if you put the mirror at your front door then it’s gonna reflect the energy back to you. But guess what, if you have a poison arrow – let’s say if you have a big tree and this is actually what happened in one of my sorry I have something in my eyes – this is actually what happened in a private consult, is that the moment me and my master got there there was a huge tree right in front of the door and  there was a bagua mirror – guess what it doubled the tree.

So that’s not good. Immediately we asked her to take it down and so we do not use the bagua mirror, at all. If you guys don’t know what the pop-up mirror is, it’s basically like the octagonal frame with a round mirror in the circle and usually it’s what’s the word convex. Yeah – do not, do not ever use that okay. What are the other common mirror myths, okay. Never so in terms of, if you want to place mirrors in your space what do you do? My guideline really is what does the mirror reflect? You don’t want the mirror to reflect out your door. You don’t want the so be careful when placing mirrors in your entrance. You can put it by the side but you don’t want where you come in and you immediately see yourself in the mirror that’s what you don’t want, okay? So no mirrors reflecting out the door no mirrors reflecting the stove okay? It can reflect other part of the kitchen but do not reflect the stove. As much as even if your stove is fengshui’d and is prosperous okay. Because you don’t want too much fire. You don’t want too yang of an energy. In feng shui placements and even in our Chinese astrology, we actually want elements to be as balanced as possible. Which is a little bit of a segue but when you talk about the five element theory – why do we use the weakening cycle to remedy an element instead of the destructive cycle? It’s the destructive cycle is too strong. You just want to weaken, it not necessarily destroy it okay. Even
it is a negative energy, you just want to kind of balance it, neutralize it. The other mirror feng shui myth, okay so don’t have mirrors reflecting the stove, don’t have mirrors reflecting the toilet bowl and I don’t mean the mirror in the bathroom that is obviously fine. I’m talking about mirrors that are outside of the bathroom. For instance if you have the bathroom door open and there’s a mirror outside and it happens to reflect the toilet bowl, that’s another No No. I would take that away. And obviously no mirror reflecting the bed. This one is really common and I have to say it’s not a super myth. We do want to follow that. You don’t want your mirror to be reflecting your bed. It’s just not good for a restful sleep. And it’s generally not good for relationships as well, okay got it?

 So let me look at questions – you guys over at YouTube. I think I can see your comments as well, so feel free to comment. And hello Danielle oh you caught me on YouTube  okay? So no questions who’s got questions about mirror? I thought I gave you guys a heads up on Facebook anyway oh I’m surprised I’m actually here prepared to
just answer questions about mirrors and Feng Shui but I hope that makes sense you know in terms of what do you not want to a wonder the question that was in the bonus webinar for 2018: is using the mirror to reflect a positive direction? That’s not really hey hi – it’s not really – we don’t really use some mirror for that purposes okay we don’t use that to double up a good direction or to double up a good energy. Let’s say, a good 81 flying star energy. How do you double it up really is with other placements and with usage, right? Let’s see questions,
questions okay oh now – I’ve got questions, okay perfect. So can Canarys asking are mirrors okay they’re facing the north for 2018? Facing the north yeah – that is fine. It’s not like doubling up the energy of the north.

Again you look at what the mirror is reflecting in terms of physical stuff, okay? Is it is it reflecting clutter? Is it reflecting a poison arrow? Is it reflecting other not nice things? I’m saying my words here – I’m sorry. And Fanny is asking what about a mirror facing another mirror? That’s actually a good question. I haven’t seen this a lot but it’s very similar as doors facing each other, the energy is very what’s the word not combative, they’re like opposing right. So I wouldn’t have mirrors facing each other. I would have them staggered. Another thing too, it is very maybe, it’s just my own personal preference but I just feel like energetically it’s not good. There are certain styles of mirror where it’s like a sunburst so you get like little pieces of mirror all over the place so when you’re looking at the mirror you’re kind of – it’s not really feng shui, you have to say but you’re kind of disjointed, I guess
is the word right. I don’t like those either. If you want to use a mirror – use the ones that are a nice one piece, okay. Oh hello Nellie, so glad to see you catching me live. And Marilla is asking mirror in the dining room reflecting a big clock? That is fine, that is fine. Especially if so the big clock Marilla, actually I’m trying to remember the big clock in your dining room because we did a private consult. If the big clock is there to activate the positive energy, and you happen to have a mirror to reflect that I guess in a sense that means you have two mirrors to activate the positive energy. But then you have to watch out: in the months where the number five and I would even say the number seven goes into that space and you guys who follow my Feng Shui 2018, you have my calendar make use of my new year calendar so that you can keep track of the monthly changes right. So if you’re using the mirror to double reflect, let’s say lighting or a moving object right? You have to be really
careful that – in a month, that it’s afflicted I would say number five and number seven – take them away for the month. And when the monthly energy is done, you put that back in again if you have not joined me in Feng Shui 2018 which is my annual online event, I think about eleven, twelve hours worth of videos and webinars and Q&A recorded – you can go to FengShui2018.com and grab your registration and you get immediate access to all the recordings and get your house what I call Prosperify 2018. Just a quick midsection advertising there okay.

Questions, questions –  Linda asks is it good feng shui to have mirror in the bedroom? Yes but not reflecting the bed right? So you have to be creative. Actually, I just went through this with a client last week in a private consult, you have to be creative in terms of where you put the mirror. If you really need a mirror in the room then fine just make sure it doesn’t reflect the bed. Jeanne says so what do I do with a mirror reflecting on my bed since my cabinet lighting reflects my bed unfortunately my bed friend is fixed always my cabinet? Then cover the mirror. Years ago before I met my husband and some of you know my husband is my feng shui husband. I did my feng shui and then two months later I met him. So I was renting a little room up you know north, a little north of Toronto, I was still in University, and it was a really tight quarter so I couldn’t move my bed. And the same thing, my closet is like sliding doors and it’s floor-to-ceiling mirrors. What I did was I went to the fabric store and
pretty much got long curtains to cover it so when I in the morning when I’m changing. I have the mirror up but the rest of the day when I’m done doing my hair makeup, changing I have a fabric down so that’s what I did. Canarys, is it good to place a mirror facing safe or cash safe? I guess there’s that thought of doubling the
money if you really want to – then go for it okay?  Thank you for that Tracie, awesome.

So now I’m going to go on YouTube and see what the questions are there. Danielle okay yeah I took the bagua down about two weeks ago – amazing. I am so proud of my peeps who join me in Feng Shui 2018 to really see the questions asked, initially being very basic and then now I see the trajectory of their questions starting to get a
little bit more intermediate and yesterday I told one of the participants I’m like I’m such a proud feng shui mama because now when like someone wants to buy lighting and they know okay this is bad lighting because there’s a lot of poison arrow or in terms of elements and stuff like that. It’s really, really amazing to see everyone’s progress to finally do proper feng shui for your home. Okay so Marlene asked how about mirror as a tool for a plate for money corner? Tool for a plate for money corner, you can do it and I actually have so again in terms of using mirrors to double up the physical stuff, the structure is the things right. I don’t have it right now but I used to have a crystal grid. What’s a crystal grid? It really is crystals with specific patterns right to activate certain manifesting properties and I put the crystal grid on a mirror so that the mirror doubles up my crystals so that’s fine. It’s I guess, it would be similar in terms of what you would want to do for your money corner okay? So Mawapo is asking is big-screen TV considered a mirror because I have a 55 inch in my room? If it’s very reflective – yes. So many a consult, I have had to ask my clients to also cover the TV screens when they’re done watching the TV. And they’ll be like oh but I let the TV, I’d fall asleep and the TV would just like keep going you know like well then – stop doing that.Even better is not to have a TV in the bedroom like we don’t have a TV in the bedroom,we actually when we hardy to watch TV right. So especially for a 55 inch, it’s gonna reflect quite a bit um you know quite a bit of of the bed. And it also depends on the reflection of the TV screen, there are
some TV screens that are not as reflective as others so I guess it really depends but personally better be safe than sorry is to actually cover the mirror.

Okay some of these, I’ve already answered. Emily mirror is reflecting a window it’s absolutely fine. Emily yes is there a bad aspect that a mirror will fix? I know oh so there are certain school of thought that says if you have
a missing corner, you use a mirror. If you have a missing corner and you have a missing corner. You can’t use mirrors or lighting or whatever to try to cover it up. So I don’t actually use mirrors as a remedy for anything. If it’s in the house, it’s in the house. If it’s reflecting bad areas then I take tell my clients to take it away but I don’t use that as a recommendation for placements at all. So DLG who is DLG, you told me to place four plants in the center for our money corner? We placed a mirror by the entrance and it is now reflecting the four plants. Does that cause a problem? Okay so this is an 81 combination kind of question. So the four plants to activate a certain wealth energy in the 81 combination is because of the number four. So if you have a mirror to reflect the floor plans then that becomes eight which kind of defeats the purpose. So maybe you want to move the plants elsewhere or move the mirror. That might be a little bit easier. I think I saw Danielle saying that she feels things have gotten a little bit feeling, the effects now more after taking down the mirror. The bagua mirror. Look at I know it’s a little bit hard especially if you’re kind of new in the classical Feng Shui journey but again we’re going into 2018 if you’re starting to feel the negative energy a little bit more, it’s not because of the mirror. It’s likely because of the annual changes, that’s a really starting to take place. Okay seriously you guys who have not
done you guys who have a door or a bedroom or a kitchen in the north and in the east and you have not put your remedy in – tell me. If you’re already starting to feel it something is up right.

Blessing Francis asked can I put a mirror above my kitchen sink? Only if your kitchen sink is prosperous.             If your kitchen sink is in a location that is actually activating money loss, your mirror will double that. Okay Emily Marie is there an optimistic number of mirrors to have? Not really again because mirror is not I don’t use it as a replacement for water element. I don’t use it as a replacement for metal element. If I want water element, I’d do the watercolors or the water element itself. If I want metal element I use the metal colors or actual metal itself right? So I don’t use the mirror in you know so in terms of collection or in terms of an auspicious number – you can follow the general flying star auspicious numbers I guess right. The good numbers would be 1, 4, 6, 8, 9 so you can do that if you want to. But again that’s not like something if I were to write a feng shui book, it’s not something that I would even you know give even a couple of pages to. Not very important. Leonora: Hi Safrina, what is the best day on May 2018 for moving to a new house? It’s not mirror related? Did you sign up for my Feng Shui 2018? Leonora, your name sounds familiar. If you did – my Feng Shui 2018 webinar and the calendar will help you plot out a good day for a moving house. Verna asks is it okay to put the mirror opposite to the window? That’s fine. Yeah. Sadiah, I was given my bagua mirror as a gift but was told to keep it turned down on my dresser. I don’t know. Because I don’t use it so I don’t know what the purpose would be, especially turned down. I have not heard of that before.Question: if we need to increase metal element in the North section of my house, then can you play some metal piece in a mirrored bowl? Can you place a metal piece in a mirror wall to magnify the metal element? I guess so you you will put the metal element and then put the mirror to double up the metal element you can but I would still prefer the metal element itself, okay? Got it? Try not to use replacements like this as much as you can. Alright how long have we gone on to? Real good questions you guys. Danielle says boyfriend says no to moving the TV screen in the bed in the bedroom see if he’ll be okay with you covering it? Yeah so I will – oh my gosh we were like almost half an hour in.

Last question so Emily says is there anything with a mirror to do with the sign you are? Not that I know of not feng shui wise. Maybe in other spiritual tools maybe but not in Feng Shui, yeah. All right everyone, thank you so much for joining me here on YouTube and here on Facebook. Hopefully you guys have you know gotten some good insights with regards to mirror use in a nutshell. At least the way I am trained. And I am very very proud of how I’m trained so in a nutshell mirrors are not and well not too important of a consideration. And it’s not a very important remedy to use. At least not in my practice and not the way I am trained other consultants might disagree with me but you know it hasn’t been and you know a big missing piece at all in terms of getting results for my clients. So again thank you so much for joining me. I will try to do a live stream like this once a week. I’m thinking every Wednesday, we’ll see how it goes with my schedule. And again if you guys are not registered for Feng Shui 2018, please do yourself a favor I’m not you know I’m not saying this because um it’s my offering. I’m saying this because I truly truly care about what is happening or is going to happen in 2018 and I want you guys to have a successful a year as possible right. And having making sure that your house it is at least good for the new year, it’s the least that you can do. If you are serious about your Feng Shui at all. It’s a little bit of an investment to make sure that you know what’s coming to you next year. Again to register is FengShui2018.com, I have a lot of my lot of people who are registered here, who’ve watched all the all the recordings and you know they can tell you in terms of what they’ve learned the a-ha moment that they’ve gotten. A lot of the savings that I’ve managed to you know they they can now stop buying all these feng shui stuff for for the new year that they do not need. And also a lot of confusion being answered finally. And I know Feng Shui is a rabbit hole, it’s a little bit of a rabbit hole you, answer one question and then or I should say like a Pandora’s box – you answer one question and then there’s another level of questioning. Like more intermediate more advanced questioning happening. That’s just how the learning cycle goes but at least you’re basic, your newbie or beginner feng shui questions, will be resolved and once you’re done with the videos. So again thank you so much everyone. I will see you guys in a week – take care.


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