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Hi everyone it’s Safrina from Feng Shui and Prosper.

If I am new to you I am the founder of Feng Shui and Prosper, I’m a classically trained Feng Shui consultant. I’ve been helping my clients – residential, commercial and retail – clients worldwide activate the most abundant energy as possible in their home. Today we are talking about Feng Shui for relationships so hold on to your hat you guys because I will be talking about things that I think most people don’t normally talk about in a full complete picture and I find that to be not very supportive or it doesn’t really serve people when they’re only being given incomplete information. So Feng Shui for relationships it’s what we’re going to be covering here. Now I know the title says Feng Shui and relationships but we are not going to be focusing a hundred percent on Feng Shui because those of you who have followed me for any amount of time you know I always say start with the feng shui but you go above and beyond Feng Shui for the biggest, best, deepest, more long-lasting results. This is what you need to do this especially if you want to attract relationship.

Now today admittedly my intention was more to talk about romantic relationship simply because on the 27th of this month will be my 15th year anniversary with my husband and I’ll share a little bit about my how I met him. For those of you who didn’t see my story about how I met him, that I had on YouTube many many many years ago. So I was 22, I was in university you know, having fun. I was here in Canada, I left Malaysia I started a new chapter in Canada as an international student.

You know I was doing the studying but I was also partying pretty hard. At one point though it got really old I was, you know just in my early 20s ,but I wanted commitment and so I did the online dating… I met a lot of really nice people at the peak of it and I tell people this all the time – at the peak of my dating life I would have four first dates a week and I ended up… there’s a side benefit to this apart from me wanting to meet my my mate. The side benefit is that being a struggling student most of the men that I had that I dated were we’re working ( I’ve always liked older men… they needed to be at least five years or older than me so most of them were working). And so we would go out for lunch or dinner or whatever and most of the time they would pay, right? And I would bring home the leftovers so that’s how I fed myself in university. But God darn it for… average of four first dates in a week… After a while that got pretty tiring right? And you’re just like… and I would fall for guys that didn’t reciprocate or they would fall for me and I wasn’t quite feeling it.

I remember one time we fell really really hard with each other, me and this guy. We started talking and somehow the topic of religion came up.And I told him my religion – I am Muslim on paper – I have to say I haven’t been practicing because honestly I believe that all religion teaches us to be beautiful human beings and it’s just human beings that wreck the religion the teachings anyway. And he was Catholic and that was I and that came as a shock for him. And I was like well I have it on my online profile I never I never hid the fact that you know that I’m muslim. And the next day he was supposed to pick me up for a date. He just stood at my at my door and he didn’t come in and he said “I can’t do this… I can’t date a Muslim girl” and I remember I was so heartbroken I was crying on campus the next day with my girlfriends. I was telling them like I really fell really really hard for this guy. And so I got fed up. I was so fed up with dating and this is when I started… this is really my first foray into Feng Shui because growing up in Southeast Asia Feng Shui was really big, right.

Everywhere in Malaysia, like I just grew up with people around me who believed in Feng Shui. And so I was like, okay. Let’s get this Feng Shui thing a try okay, let’s see what happens. I was still very skeptical but I’m like I was scraping the bottom of the barrel at that point, not with the men that I was dating but more in terms of emotionally I was just emotionally drained I didn’t want to just you know keep going out on random dates. And so I called a friend and she gave me a few tips. I was only renting a little room in a basement in a house so all I could feng shui was my room. I covered the mirror because it reflected my bed. I changed… I put stuff around which, to be honest most of them were fast food feng shui but she gave me a couple of tips that, now that I look back it might actually help me tap into the right bed positioning. Anyway, two months later someone else saw my online profile and emailed me. We started talking on the phone for two weeks. Every night for two weeks we started talking on the phone and it was weird you’d normally I would say yes to a date early on because I don’t want to waste my time, right? I would be in the mindset of  “okay let’s let’s meet up and let’s see if there’s chemistry”. But with this guy, the email might came back and forth and then we started talking on the phone. Two weeks on the phone and this would be like phone calls that would last for hours like you know into the mornings. Only after two weeks we decided to meet. And so we met November 24th of 2002. Yeah, November 24th of 2002 and it was the best date I’ve ever had!

We were the you know I met up with him at at the lobby of his office because the restaurant was close by there. We were the first table there and we were the last table to leave. We pretty much closed the restaurant – you know where the people started sweeping and they started putting the chairs up. They had to do that in order to chase us out. So it was an amazing first date. So November 24th of 2002 was our first date and January first we moved in together. So this was like a month of knowing each other we moved in together because it felt right. t felt really right and I remember my best friend at that time and my sister they were like “wait a minute, you just met this guy”. I don’t even want to know what his friends say because I’m nine years younger than him. Well I know what they said they called him a cradle-robber! But anyway, so January 1st we moved in together and then April he proposed and then about ten months after our first date we got married. So this year, September 27th we we would be together almost 16 years but married 15 years. So there are definitely highs and lows. Every relationship has a high and low and this is mine feng shui story, I called him my feng shui husband. So this is my feng shui story about how I met him. Now there are a couple of things that I also want to bring into the picture in terms of how and why my  husband and I got together, and this is something… this is what I wanted to to bring into your mind as well into your awareness. Now I know most people here and we’re talking about romantic relationship, well, you can kind of transfer it to other types of relationships, okay?

Business relationships, friendships, family relationship… People come into our lives for a reason even the ones who aggravate us come into our lives for a reason. Everyone in our life is our spiritual teacher. Now having been married to my husband and we’re still very much in love… it hasn’t been easy though. Now the low points honestly and being really transparent here, the low points in our marriage is where we start to really question what is really going on here? And so going back to the foundational information of Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Mankind Luck. now the Heaven Luck you guys already know is the feng shui. Sorry, Earth Luck is the feng shui and feng shui means you activate the relationship energy as best as you can. I will cover that more in Feng Shui 2019. Here’s my very first shameless plug here.  Many of you guys who are watching are already in Feng Shui 2019 so you guys will get information about this. I’m gonna include additional information that’s not in here. So in terms of activating for relationship it is not your Southwest that is.. it’s not only your Southwest that is the relationship corner. And in most of your cases your relationship corner is not even the Southwest. How do you determine what is your relationship corner – where it is depends on your period of the house, and depends on the facing of your home. And so I will be adding a recorded training on this for everyone who registered
for Feng Shui 2019 in terms of what are the strongest relationship directions that you can activate either with feng shui placements or just with usage to activate for in this case romantic relationship. I will also have a
downloadable PDF with crystal grids and using these relationship crystal grids. Now the crystal grid can be a grid for  family relationship, the crystal grid can be for friend relationship, the crystal grid can be a little bit more flexible in terms of what kind of intention you want to…. what kind of relationship you want you intend to attract. But I will then be looking at period 6, 7, and 8 homes, looking at all the 24 mountains, all the compass facings and I’ll tell you I’ll drill it down to the most auspicious relationship corners and how you can activate it with a crystal grid – if you can activate it with the crystal grid. Now using crystals is NOT feng shui but I’m taking the fact that there are Feng Shui energies for love based on feng shui formulas on feng shui calculation and I’m marrying it with crystal energy to help you activate that. Okay? There’s the difference so those of you who are not yet in Feng Shui 2019, you have not registered and you want to get access to this, it will be included in there. So that is Earth luck. Don’t think that just by buying a pair of mandarin ducks you put it in your southwest corner and that’s gonna do it for you. Unfortunately not. Personally for me I feel that the…. I didn’t go back to that house and take a compass reading but I knew it was facing east and I think it’s facing due east. I was going back to how my bed was shifted I think the biggest thing was the shifting of the bed.

So that goes a little bit more deeper than what I can cover on the live stream but I’m just saying a pair of mandarin ducks didn’t do it for me, I can tell you that much. So that’s the Earth Luck. Everything that’s
included in the Earth Luck, I will cover more in depth in Feng Shui 2019. What you can know for now is – for those of you guys who haven’t been following me for a long period of time… hear me on THIS. You need to let go of the idea that the Southwest is your relationship corner. Let go of panicking that “oh my gosh my bathroom is in the southwest corner so my relationship like is going down the drain”, you have to let go of that because your relationship corner could very well be in other places and in more than one direction. Got it? It could be in more than one direction. So that’s the Earth Luck. The second one is Heaven Luck and this is really important because heaven like is a couple of things now. It’s your astrology. So I will also have some basic information on how you can plot out the best months of the year to kind of really put yourself out there where the where the energy for attracting a romantic relationship is at its peak. Because you guys have heard me on this right and how do you put yourself out there? Go out to more networking things, go out to more social events. Maybe you can travel because some of you guys you meet your person on a travel, right? Especially if water is your best element. I’ve had clients who came back with that. So with Heaven Luck and you can work with the Chinese astrologer. However, hear me on this: the astrologer can tell you what the optimal time is to attract a
relationship. It could even be the whole year, right? However, if you don’t work with your Mankind Luck, then
your astrology can have the strongest inclination for relationship but if you don’t fix your own inner Feng Shui right  around relationships… if you don’t go out there and meet people, if you don’t put up an online profile, if you don’t maybe work with a matchmaker because I have a friend who worked in a matchmaking agency right called It’s Just Lunch, IJL and they put men and women together. If you don’t go out there and see… you know actually put yourself out there your Heaven Luck, your astrology, can have the strongest energy where love
relationships but you’re not meeting it halfway then it’s all voided.

And the other part is Mankind Luck. Okay the second one the one in the middle here… The other part of Mankind Luck is also and I’ve seen this before astrologically relationship and marriage luck was really strong. I remember in one situation that she was that a client of mine was supposed to get married but she wasn’t. And when I told her that, I was like this specific year was supposed to be really good for you. And it was what maybe 10, 20 years ago. And she said “yeah someone actually proposed”, I said, “Okay..?” And then she said “But because of my ego I wanted him to pursue me even more before I said yes to him, and what happened was he gave up he and he went to someone else”.

So that’s your Mankind Luck as well – that’s also your ego, that’s your actions, your decisions that again, astrologically you might have the relationship like in your chart you also need to take responsibility to meet that halfway.I know many of you like for instance the year of the rooster it was peach blossom luck for a few astrological animals and they’re like “oh I’m gonna meet my my one person this year” but then towards the end of the year it didn’t happen. And usually once you peel back the layers to try to figure out why that didn’t happen, there’s usually either the earth luck blocking it the Mankind Luck blocking it or even the Heaven Luck walking in there is some blockages if you’re not if you’re still not attracting your main okay another part of Heaven Luck and relationships are big on this in terms of karma in terms of past lives whether you are open to this belief or not I definitely am a lot of our intimate relationships our parents,our siblings, our children, our spouse a lot of our more intimate relationships this is not our first go-around with them most of the time in our past lives we have had relationships with them your father, could have been your past lover, your mom could have been your father, your children could have been your grandparents like things you know it’s always been in because and again it’s up to people what people are willing and open to believe but usually go through each reincarnation, each physical manifestation coming back with this similar group of people because there are spiritual lessons that we need to learn. Now some of you guys know that I did a past life regression certification almost two years ago now. And in one of my regression, I went back and I saw that my husband had a connection with me in a past life and that was very interesting because I know  I wasn’t prepared for it but it also opened up so much insight for me in terms of why our marriage just the way it is now the good and the bad okay?

Like after 15 years, we’re still very passionate we’re like I know it’s TMI, but we feel like we’re still dating but at the same time because now we have the two kids we have a stress of being parents you know and then other stuff and stresses of work and stresses of business we do take it out on each other and then therefore the past life relationship dynamic that I had with my husband in his other reincarnations in the past also comes to the forefront so the good and bad came and and so we need to work through it but now because I have that insight in the past life there’s more compassion, there’s more empathy and there’s more motivation for me to fix it now because I don’t want it to come back to me next life right so whether or not someone has a past life connection with you again you can work with a past life regression as you can work with an Akashic record practitioner if you want to get insight on this but you’re not stuck by it. Sure it has affected you for many many lives before but you have this opportunity in this life to address the spiritual lesson to absorb the spiritual lesson that you’re meant to learn and this is the part of the last room that I really wanted to put a little bit more emphasis on more than the Feng Shui because the Feng Shui, how long do you stay in a space right?

You can deal with it for however many months or years that you live in the same space but the Heaven Luck, the karmic relationship the one at the bottom there that one can stay with you for lives and lives and lives many many lives. And that’s the most important one to deal with. My relationship with my husband is very closely related to me needing to build my own self-worth because in my past life he was my stepmother if you guys want to know in my past life. He was my stepmother and it was a very strenuous relationship right and so in this life we’re kind of struggling with the same themes in our marriage not to say he berates me or anything but again well we talked about chakras before my throat chakra has always been an issue for me to heal and I’ve always never liked arguments so in a relationship in a relationship like this not liking arguments especially in a marriage doesn’t really empower you as a partner right so I really have to learn to heal my throat chakra in order for me to really voice out what I need what my worth is asking me to claim in this marriage right. He’s an amazing husband and amazing father but we have our karmic lessons that keeps us bound to each other unless and until we learn it. Are you guys getting this?

Okay so and maybe you guys don’t want to  hear this: a lot of you not the ones who are who have followed me for a while I know people start following me and then they drop off because that “Oh Safrina is gonna not telling me to put a pair of mandarin ducks and then tell me that everything’s gonna be alright” because that’s not the truth. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not going to lie to you just so you feel good. Attracting relationship and I feel like the karmic part is the one that is the hardest for people to work through – needs to be addressed because you can do all the Earth Luck, you can do all the Feng Shui placements right you can do all the Feng Shui, let’s say in your past life or even in your current life right either maybe the family that you brought you were brought up in or whatever the society that you’re brought up in you weren’t brought up with an environment where you were told that you are lovable for instance so you don’t trust that you are lovable. If you don’t learn that and that’s part of Mankind Luck okay because of the environment that’s the environment that you were born into however it is up to you to heal that inner wound, right? Once you realize you are lovable then whatever Feng Shui placements that you do then you will start attracting the people who are ready to love you for who you are, yeah?

That’s just one example self-confidence or self-worth is also a big issue in relationship either it’s a past life or a present life issue, you still need to fix that you still need to address that head-on so that you are then connecting with people who are there to support you in your self-confidence and you self-trust. So whatever kind of relationship it is that you are attracting, we do need to look at it more holistically so I’m sorry if this is not a live stream where I say “oh spend twenty thirty dollars buy this little tchotchke, put it in your southwest corner all good,” I’m not here to do that okay? So if you feel like you’ve been butting your head against the wall in terms of attracting your highest and best partner then you need to ask yourself the really hard questions.Maybe not look at past light because you do need some guidance in terms of that look at even just this life look at all the relationships are there any patterns coming around? Maybe people love you, maybe the men are so in love with you ready to commit even but something in you is shutting, putting attracting your highest and best partner
then you need to ask yourself the really hard questions. Maybe not look at past light because you do need some guidance in terms of that look at even just this life look at all the relationships are there any patterns coming around? Maybe people love you, maybe the men are so in love with you ready to commit even but something in you is shutting, putting up a wall right? Why are you putting up the wall if you start seeing this as a theme and all the past relationships. Why are you putting up the wall? Does it have to do does it have anything to do with your childhood? Look at that. There are many books are on there that help in terms of excavating the internal parts in terms of you know attracting your highest and best mate your highest and best partner so go look at those right if you need a relationship coach go get a relationship coach and then you do the Feng Shui placements that’s gonna be the one that boosts it up but you need to do the hard work first where the relationship is concerned.

Okay, let me take a look and see there are questions… Yes 15 years I wanted to travel and do something special but it’s hard with the two kids you know okay No questions… Miriam was asking you were going through your direct officer pillar? What do you mean by that like – are you saying if it’s my ten-year pillar that had the direct officer not quite sure. Hey Mitch, hello. Okay, so no questions from you guys right so that’s basically it. Sorry if you’re disappointed you wanted more Feng Shui tips here but I have to admit this is how I dragged you guys in to a live streams because not everyone wants to look at past life. Not everyone wants to look at the inner junk but just one thing that I wanted to remind you if you’re not yet in Feng Shui 2019, my second bonus webinar those of you who missed bonus webinar number one the replay is up if you registered if you do register register now you’ll get access to the first bonus webinar replay right away you can register at over here, the second bonus webinar is happening September 16 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and this time we’re talking about inner Feng Shui for relationships so it’s tied with today’s topic in that I can tell you right now you can do all the Feng Shui placements that you want but if you don’t work on the internal one it will still be hard for you to attract the right person okay you can attract them you’ll get more opportunities you start getting more attention but if you’re not working on your internal self if you don’t do your internal healing then the quality might be a little bit off okay I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying if you want to help it along and make sure that you find the best one as fast as possible right then you need to work on yourself.

Okay, so Joyce’s saying Mankind Luck in a work is more important to begin with them work on Feng Shui – yes. Yeah that is what I am saying you can do the Feng Shui but don’t just leave it at that the more important work is the Mankind Luck and the Heaven Luck and you guys know that’s where I come from Anyway I have so that’s the thing about me is that I want to make sure that those of you who invest your time invest your money in any of my products, I want to make sure that you guys get results I actually get really sad when people don’t get results and which is why when I used to just just offer Feng Shui consultations they would do their placements they see results but not to the point that they were hoping it to be – I feel bad I feel sad and then I see the way I run my own life I do my meditation,I do my gratitude or my journaling, my forgiveness, my energy healing all my charity, right all the stuff and then I’m like maybe I should start telling it them about all these other tools that have helped my life right so oh for or yes yes yeah I know sometimes my husband’s like you’re burning yourself out for this group but you know what: it’s my mission. It is. Your journey is my journey I know this sounds cheesy but those of you guys who are in my annual webinars, those of you guys who are in Manifesting Code I hope you can feel that this is coming from my heart that each and every one of you – I am invested in your journey. This is why I do what I do. More than just paying my bills of course it pays my bills beautifully and I’m very grateful for that but some of you guys want to have one-on-one conversations in the background and those conversations when they happen like this sounds bad but every conversation you guys take a little piece of me take a little bit piece of my heart take a little piece of my work but that but I willingly give it okay? And that is how I built that is how I build my business that is how I want to build how I support and serve everyone in here. If you haven’t registered for Feng Shui 2019 please please please start your journey with me there okay get your Feng Shui set up and if you feel called to do the inner work to do the deeper scarier work then you join me in okay and yes on September 16th is bonus webinar number two only open to those who register for Feng Shui 2019 again if you register for Feng Shui 2019 you’re gonna have some basic astrological information with regards to Feng Shui and relationships you’re gonna get information on where are your strongest relationship corners that you can activate in your home we’re gonna becovering period 6 . 7 and period 8 homes and I also have a PDF to guide you in terms of crystal grids for relationship again romantic relationship  or non romantic relationship, you can use the crystal grids and you can also tell you where you can put them in your home.

Okay, thank you everyone for your time. You guys are beautiful. I am so honored, you guys. Have a great day, take care.


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