How to feng shui your kitchen

Here are some basic guidelines to ensure how to feng shui your kitchen based on classical feng shui!

Video transcription:

This video this time around is talking about feng shui and your kitchen. Now, if you’ve followed my previous videos you know I always say that for residential… if you want to feng shui a residential space there are three main areas that you always need to make sure have the best feng shui as possible.

First and foremost is the entrance. Second is the kitchen and then third is the feng shui for all the bedroom – at least the bedrooms that are going to be used. So for this time around, I do see that there are a lot of questions around how to make sure that the feng shui is good especially in the…. in the past few consultations, the kitchen seems to be the sticking point for a lot of people so I thought might as well do a hangout this time around and I will address a few of the main concerns here.

So let’s get right into it.

First and foremost, do not place a stove in the center of the layout. Especially if your house is facing Southwest or Northeast because this will make it a double whammy. Because the heart of the kitchen for the houses that are facing Southwest and Northeast… the heart of the kitchen is already weak. And when you put the stove there it makes it even weaker. Even for a regular house if they are facing a different direction, you also want to make sure that the kitchen isn’t right in the middle. Just imagine, if the…. so the kitchen being the heart of the home is equivalent to the heart of your body. If your heart is weak, then your whole body is weak. Our heart is the one that’s pumping blood and nutrition and energy to the rest of the body. Same thing with the center of the kitchen. If you have the stove there, you’re burning up the luck and this is especially true for the health of the residents.

So if it possible for you to move your stove, if it’s currently in the center, you definitely want to look into that as one of your main projects to do. If you’re building from the ground up and you’re working with an architect, definitely tell them DO NOT leave the stove there. Try to see if there are other ways around it. The stove should always be placed behind a solid wall. So… in modern homes, we do see very often where the stove is in a kitchen island, right? A lot of people like it that way where you know, when they’re cooking they can interact with their guests or anyone… or anyone in the kitchen with them. So it’s great for social reasons.

However, the stove, while it is symbolic for health and it’s also symbolic for your finances as well. So if you’re not getting support, if the stove is not getting the support, it is symbolic of your wealth being very vulnerable as well. And you definitely don’t want to be in that position.

No mirror to reflect the stove. Again, I see this more often in the more modern homes where they have the nice mirrored backsplash or they have the aluminium, the metal sheets that they use as a backsplash that’s very reflective of the stove. So…. and mirrors anywhere else in the kitchen is also very important. The mirror can be… I guess the main thing is to make sure that there aren’t any mirrors that reflect the stove. Because one stove is enough heat, if the mirror reflects that, that’s a lot of fire, a lot of yang energy and we usually want things to be on an even keel energy-wise. So nothing that’s too explosive. So definitely no mirror that reflect the stove and also no mirror to reflect the clutter. Now I know, I’m an avid cook. I have a lot of the Eating God Star in my Four Pillars of Destiny. So I love eating, I love cooking. So I know how it is, when you’re in the kitchen you have the pots and pans and everything. So when you’re done, clean it up. Clutter is the main rule. No matter what space, if it’s commercial, residential, or if it’s in a corporation. Clutter blocks Qi from coming in. AND, if it’s reflected by the mirror, again it’s doubling the clutter. So you definitely want to make sure that once you’re done cooking whatever you need to clean up.

No stove in the Northwest corner. This is one of the cardinal rules. When I have families coming to me for house hunting either buying or renting, the moment I see the kitchen in the Northwest especially if there’s the father, the man of the house is still around, I usually tell them to “you know what? Don’t even look further, just keep shopping”. The reason being the Northwest is the Qian trigram and that signifies the patriarch, therefore it will be hard for the man of the house to progress either career or health or relationship-wise. And depending on their astrological chart this might make some of them depressed, this might actually… could actually trigger quite serious mishaps. You know, losing a job or business not doing well and things like that.

So really… and you would think “how could a kitchen in the northwest put up such obstacles for the man of the house?”

Well, without going into too much details, you know… feng shui has been around for years and years and when there is a pattern of certain kinds of placements and you see similarities in terms of what’s happening within that space, it’s… you don’t even need to explain it too in-depth but there’s definitely co-relation to that.

Now, I don’t mind sharing that years ago my husband and I we actually did live in a space that had a kitchen in the Northwest. And we were there actually there for five or six years, this was right before I got certified as a feng shui consultant. And career-wise it was hard. It was hard for him. You know, he didn’t… his relationship with his supervisors were a little bit rocky so it definitely didn’t support him as much as it should. So knowing that now… I know for sure, even based on my own personal experience and having done other consultations where the Northwest has the kitchen as well, I know for sure that it doesn’t support the man of the house at all. So if you are looking for a space to either buy or rent, and if there’s a man of the house and there’s the kitchen in the Northwest, just keep moving on.

The next one is… no red kitchen. The reason being there’s too much fire. The stove itself is already a fire element and once you put in…. and once you make the kitchen’s colour palette mainly red, you’re putting in more fire in there. And again, anything that’s too strong is not feasible especially with red. In feng shui actually be very very VERY careful with red. It’s almost overkill sometimes when people think that red is auspicious in feng shui and red can attract relationships and romance. If you place it wrong, you could actually be attracting more negative energies instead. And of course that wasn’t your intention. So definitely no red walls in the kitchen, if you want some red accessories like that beautiful red Kitchenaid mixer that I’ve always wanted but I still don’t have, that’s fine. Little accessories are fine. Things that are temporary that can be taken out , those can be red but anything that’s permanent, you know like red tiles, red painting… paints on the wall, red cabinets… those, especially if you’re serious about feng shui, I will strongly recommend not doing it.

Next one is no stove… don’t place a stove across from a sink. And this is true if it’s exactly facing each other. The result of this is you know, a lot of disharmony within the household. A lot of quarrelling and things like that. So… the remedy for that is you can put a green mat in between them to kind of calm the energies there. The same thing goes to if your stove is on the same countertop area as the sink and it’s very close together. Usually I will recommend for the sink and the stove to be at least two feet apart. At the very least. Even that two feet may be still a little bit close. But if that IS the case, if you can’t change it, again place a green element there in between them. It can be maybe a green placemat, it can be plants and things like that. So that would be one way to remedy it. The stove should not be aligned with the kitchen door as well as the stove shouldn’t be visible from the main door. These again, you want to make sure, because the stove signifies health as well as wealth, you want to make sure that it’s not vulnerable. So if it’s… again if it’s immediately visible from either the kitchen door or the main door, then the Qi… it makes the stove very vulnerable, and thus your health and your wealth will be vulnerable as well.

The stove shouldn’t have a washroom right above it. And this obviously only applies to houses or lofts. Cos’ what happens when everytime someone flushes down the toilet it… energetically it’s symbolic of pouring water over the stove so you’re always putting out the fire. Which again weakens your health and your finances as well. So that’s definitely a no no.

And the stove now.. the direction, the facing of the stove is also very important. So this can be a little bit tricky especially if there’s more than one person living in that house. If that’s the case, it would be… obviously it would be preferable if anyone… so let’s say it’s husband and wife, if they’re east group or west group, that would make things a little bit easier. But if the husband is east group life gua and the wife is the west group, then at that point I usually ask my clients, “okay, who’s the main breadwinner here?”

So we try to have the stove positioned in the way that supports the main breadwinner more. Obviously we don’t want to make the other person lose out so you activate your wealth corners throughout the house as well. So those are the general tips for the kitchen and if you’re able to… if you’re able to observe these tips for the kitchen you’re off to a great start.

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