Flying Star Feng Shui Update for 2014


2014 Flying Star Feng Shui Update

For a lot of you feng shui enthusiasts out there, especially those who have been following flying star feng shui, this is something we always want to keep in mind during Chinese New Year because we know the energy is going to start shifting and you want to make sure your front door, your bedroom and your kitchen aren’t affected by these negative elements. And if they are, that’s when you deploy specific remedies to reduce the affliction. It may not take away the affliction completely but it will at least reduce it.

On the flip side, if the auspicious energy for 2014 actually visits your front door, your kitchen and your bedroom, then you’re good to go. That’s when you know that just by using those areas, you don’t even need to employ placements to activate this prosperous energy.


Grand Duke

One of the first few things that we look at is where the Grand Duke is sitting for 2014. The Grand Duke energy sits on South 2 (172.6 degrees to 187.5 degrees in your compass). What does this mean in terms of feng shui? You want to avoid angering or triggering the Grand Duke, therefore no digging, no hammering, no sawing, no ground breaking, no renovations in the south 2 this year, unless you want to invite misfortune. If you wish to renovate, push it off to 2015 if you can. I highly, highly recommend this although I know it inconveniences a lot of people who plan on getting work done. Believe me, it will be well worth the wait.

However, if your office is sitting in South 2 whether you’re in an actual corporate office or if you have a home office, see if there’s a different room you can use. It might be a hassle to move everything over to a different space, but again believe me, if you want to make sure your career and your business doesn’t stall, then using a different space would be highly, highly recommended.

If you’re in the South 2 area, either your bed or your home office or your office and you can’t move it, then at the very least, position your back against this sector.

So for 2014, if you want to rearrange your work space, the key thing is of course don’t be in the South 2 position but failing that at the very least don’t sit facing South 2. Because that will mean the whole year you’re absorbing the grand duke opposition energy. Not good.

Earth Star #8

The good news is, if your front door actually sits on the South 2, it is very very prosperous – not because of the Grand Duke, but because of the #8 star that occupies the whole south area this year. The #8 star is the most prosperous energy in terms of all 9 stars. So if your front door is in the South (especially South 1 and South 3), great! Like I mentioned before, just by going in and out you’re already activating the prosperous energy there.

However if you want to make it even stronger then you can place any yang items. By yang items I’m talking about things that are constantly moving. It can be a clock (especially a pendulum clock), a fan, or your entertainment system (electronics are considered fire element).


Three Killings

The Three Killings sits in the North this year (337.6 degrees to 22.5 degrees – looking at your compass, that’s pretty much pointing dead north). The Three Killings generally means loss of loved one, loss of good name and loss of wealth. Other things that might happen if it’s provoked are theft, burglary, mishaps and accidents. Clearly, the Three Killings energy is definitely something you want to make a note of.

So what do you need to do for the north this year? Keep this area quiet. No loud music! If your living room happens to be in the north, that unfortunately means perhaps less entertaining. If your bedroom’s in the north this is fine if you keep it quiet. As well, no renovating. Pretty much keep this area quiet with low key activities only.


Wu Huang ( Five Yellow )

The Five Yellow Star, or the Wu Huang, based on flying star feng shui is the thing feng shui consultants look for first and foremost. You need to worry about this especially if your front door and your bedroom sits in the northwest this year. If your front door, kitchen or bedroom are in the northwest, you need to place more metal there. Why? Because the wu huang is an earth element. Going back to the relationship between all 5 elements, you weaken the earth element by placing more metal there. If you think about a pregnant woman, her body is at its weakest right after giving birth to a child. And if you think about that analogy in terms of the five elements, the earth gets weakened when it ‘produces’ metal. So in this way just by placing metal in the northwest this year, you would be reducing the inauspicious earth energy in the sector. It won’t take it away completely, but at least it will be weaker.

I also recommend that you keep this area quiet and dark especially if this is your front door. I would even put an all-metal wind chime outside your door so that when the wu huang energy gets to your front door, the wind chime weakens it a little so it’s in a slightly diminished state by the time it goes into the house. Don’t linger around the door either, and don’t leave the light on all night. If this is a security issue then see if there’s a different way around it. I know a lot of my clients like to have the light on outside their front door through the night. Perhaps invest in a motion-sensor porch light as an alternative.

If your kitchen is in the northwest, it will be rough because in using the stove and oven you’re activating the wu huang even more. I know it’s not very realistic or logical for you to cook less, so the best thing you can do, if your kitchen is in the northwest, is try to prepare simpler meals. No elaborate 4-hour turkeys. If you’re entertaining, order in. In short, reduce your kitchen usage as much as possible. I realize this is hard because people love to congregate in the kitchen, maybe the kitchen table is where the kids do their homework and so on. If there’s a different room you can use for these purposes, definitely go that route.

As with doing renovations in the south, if you wish to renovate in the northwest, you’re going to have to put it off until 2015. I’m sorry, but if you don’t want to activate any mishaps in the household then it’s highly, highly recommended that no renovations at all are done to the northwest. Especially so for the months June, August and September of 2014 when the northwest will be doubly afflicted. So note this on your calendar and try to protect the area as best as you can.


Year Breaker ( Sui Po )

Now, the Year Breaker is the North which is 325.6 to 7.5 degrees in 2014. What does the Year Breaker mean? It’s usually the location that directly faces the Grand Duke. Again, the Grand Duke is in the south, therefore the Year Breaker is in the north.

As I’ve mentioned, the north is a little weak this year because it has the 3 Killing in addition to the Year Breaker. This is a bit of a ‘double whammy’ for the north. However, there IS wealth luck there as well. I know it’s contradictory but every space can have positive energy for one thing and at the same time have negative consequences for other things as well. So in this case, the north actually has wealth luck, more so in terms of future wealth luck which is also great for you to activate. Couples considering marriage or starting a family, if you have your bedroom in the north sector this actually boosts your chances of success in those areas.


Wood Star #3

Among the other annual stars I want to talk about is the #3 Star which sits in the southeast. While #3 usually means conflicts and arguments on a minimal level, if it’s really strong (again depending on the flying star chart of your actual space), if the permanent energy there already has the conflict energy then I would urge you to be extra careful. I see potential legal entanglements there. It could mean contracts going bad, it could even be someone suing you, or bringing you to court. One way to mitigate this is to place something red here. It doesn’t have to be anything big, you don’t have to paint the walls red, just a red accent that pops up. As long as you know when someone goes into that southeast room that they see the red. That’s all. It doesn’t have to be anything that overtakes the whole space.


Wood Star #4

The #4 Star sits in the center this year. This one is kind of a double-edged sword. The #4 is great for academics and students, but at the same time it’s also a Peach Blossom Star. The Peach Blossom is great for single people and you can definitely activate the center. On the other hand, if you’re in a relationship the Peach Blossom Star might actually be a bit of a pain because it could bring romance and sexual scandals to the household. In fact, going back to a global platform, the number that’s sitting in the center for the year in terms of the flying star chart has very strong energy. Think of your heart being the center, the thing that powers your body. If your heart is strong then your body is strong. So the center is the #4 and with the Peach Blossom, as I mentioned, don’t be surprised it the media starts picking up on more sexual scandals and the like. In terms of the gossip columns, 2014 promises a juicy year.


Metal Star #6

The #6 sits in the west. If your front door or your bedroom is here then this is a really good year to tap into career opportunities. I usually tell my clients the #6 is a great star to have on your side when you’re trying to network. Again if your front door, your bedroom, or your office are here then definitely get ‘out there’. Go online! Go offline! Meet with people because you’re likely to meet someone who can help you in your career.


Water Star #1

The annual #1 star is in the southwest. Mothers, heave a huge sigh of relief because I know 2013 wasn’t great for many of us. Last year was draining energetically, and quite stressful for mothers generally. Now with the #1 flying to the southwest, we’re going to see a better year in 2014. Again this is great for a career boost as well as wealth luck.

Talking about parents, the southwest is the palace of the mother, the northwest is the palace of the father. Remember when I mentioned that the northwest is severely afflicted? Well, that unfortunately afflicts fathers a bit more. It means a year where, if progress is made it will be two steps forward, one step back. That would be one of the better scenarios. A more unfortunate scenario would be constant blockages in terms of moving forward, whether career-wise, financially, relationship-wise and so on. So you definitely want to make sure your remedies are in place so that the wu huang doesn’t affect fathers to its full degree in 2014.


Earth Star #2

The #2 star sits in the east this year and the #2 means stress and illness. If, for instance, your front door is here you’re going to see the household being more lethargic, not being able to manage stress very well in 2014. Pregnant women and elderly people, if your room is in the east, see about moving to a different room because this will not be a great space to be in. Again, one remedy is to put a lot of metal in there. If it’s a bedroom, you could use a metal bed frame. If this is the door, you could hang pictures with large metal frames. Or perhaps a metal vase, or something like that placed by the front door. Brainstorm in terms of what metal elements you could introduce to your bedrooms, your front door, your kitchen if they’re in the east to reduce the illness energy there as best you can.

Metal Star #7

The annual star #7 is in the northeast this year and the #7 usually means an emotional roller coaster in terms of internal qi energy. If your main door is here then you’ve got higher possibilities of burglary and theft, so I would suggest that if you don’t have a security system in place, definitely think about installing one this year. In terms of finances and career, the #7 star also means opportunities being taken away from you. For example, there’s an opportunity for a promotion and you’re one of the more qualified candidates but somehow it’s given to someone else. This is a broader sense of ‘theft’.  If your bedroom is here in the northeast the main energy would be that of acrimony. If your office is here this means backstabbing, office politics, jealousy surrounding you. How do you address the #7? One way to reduce its unsavoury energy is to place 3 lucky bamboos in a round glass vase.


Well, there you have it, a quick run-down of the energies for 2014. Keep in mind that even if your space has a strong affliction it doesn’t mean it will be a bad year. Awareness is key. Use this to your advantage now that you know what the energetic patterns bode for your space. Place your remedies accordingly and always try to make sure that your actions align with the best possible outcome.

Here’s to a wonderful Horse year ahead for everyone!!!

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