Feng Shui for love and relationships - answering common questions!

Do you want to learn how to feng shui for love and relationships? Here are the subjects that I’ve covered on this video:



1 ) Feng shui myth of the universal love corner – there’s no such thing!!! Each space is different, and each space also MORE THAN JUST ONE love / romance corner – based on classical feng shui you can have up to 3 usable love corners!

2 ) feng shui guidelines for the bedroom:
– mirrors and television
– plants and fountains
– work or fitness area

3 ) Bed positioning – under window, under beams and under slanted ceilings

4 ) How to tap into your relationship direction based on your kua number ( yan nian direction )

5 ) My second round of 3-week Feng Shui For Love Programme that is kicking off on January 22nd, 2014!!!




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