Feng Shui and Business Cards

My advice on business cards will be transferrable in terms of choosing colours for your website or any marketing collateral – anything that represents you or your company, your products and services.

So the answer to choosing the best element for you, obviously easier if you don’t have any business partners, is to choose colours that are determined by your Four Pillars of Destiny, or Chinese astrology. Based on the day and month you are born, we can determine your more favourable, as well as unfavourable elements.

If fire is your best element you’re looking at reds, yellows and oranges, or even reddish purples.┬áIf wood is your best element, green is your best bet. Earth colours are browns and beiges. Metal colours are white, grey, silver or any other metallic colours. Water-element colours would be black and blues.

If you want to do this right, unfortunately there’s no do-it-yourself method. A client of mine once googled a tool online but it ended up suggesting a colour that was the client’s worst possible colour choice. So your best bet is to consult a qualified Four Pillars practitioner.


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