Feng Shui, Bazi / Paht Chee and Business


[Video transcription]

I have clients who come to me either they’re already in business or they’re thinking about going into business and they’re unsure which path they should be taking. Now for one thing, not everyone is suited to be self employed or to have their own business and how you determine this is by your Chinese astrological chart which is Bazi in Mandarin or Paht Chee in Cantonese.

If you don’t currently have your own business and you’re wanting to go into one and you’re not sure if this is the right decision to make, I highly, highly, highly recommend taking a look at your Chinese Astrological chart. Because, what you need to look at is the Direct Wealth or Indirect Wealth stars – if you have these stars in your chart.

If you have the Direct Wealth star it tells us that you’re more suited to be a salaried person, to be employed by a company, to always have to always have steady income coming in.

But if you have the Indirect Wealth star then it tells us as practitioners that you are more suited to have your own business that you have the necessary skills and necessary luck to success in business now I always say it to my clients that the Bazi chart is all about potential energy doesn’t mean that everything is set in stone.

So if you’re thinking about going into business but you look at your chart and you don’t have Indirect Wealth luck in there, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go into business it just means that it’s very likely that you’re gonna to go into obstacles than other people and the success is a further reach for you.

It’s not impossible. Obviously from a feng shui perspective you wanna make sure that feng shui wise you are supported to get more success

And let’s say you partner up with someone then hopefully your partner will have what is lacking in your chart not sure just in terms of Indirect Wealth star but also in terms of what you’re favourable element and all that.

It’s a little bit deeper in terms of decoding your bazi chart. But those are generally where my clients come and say

“Hey Safrina I’m sick and tired of working for someone. I have some business idea but I’m not sure what to do. Other insights that the Bazi can tell you is. ”

If you wanna go into business, what kind of industry do you want to be in or you SHOULD be in if you want to if you want to go with the flow as opposed to swimming agains the current. Why would you wanna go against the current when you don’t need to. And so the bazi chart will give very good insight as to what are the best elements for you

In feng shui we have five elements: fire, metal, wood, water and earth.

And every chart, there are certain elements that work well for us and certain elements don’t. So let’s say if your best element is

fire and you want to have your own business then fire industries that you can get yourself involved in are let’s say media and entertainment.

Metaphysical businesses… spiritual businesses… the beauty industry hmm food and beverage – more food, like restaurant business and things like that. That would be fire.

If metal is your strongest element then you can go into mining, go into banking, jewellery-making businesses let’s say.

If water is your best element then you’re looking at travel industry, import and export, sales-related industries where there’s a lot of traveling. Things like that…

Earth element industries would be insurance, construction… and then wood elements industries would be agriculture teaching and training,

printing and things like that. Obviously I’m not giving you an exhaustive list here but just to give you an idea that

your best elements would not only tell us what industries you’ll have success in, you also have more fun in. When I found this concept and I looked back at my career choices, the ones that I just had so much fun in and so much ease in were the ones where they were my best element.

So that’s another thing that the bazi can be a really good tool for you to decide if you’re in a career path and fork in the road there and you’re trying to figure out what you should do, the bazi can give you a lot of clarification on that.

Now, in terms of feng shui for business, my corporate and retail clients have been misled by a lot of feng shui myths out there, diluted feng shui information that they only have one money corner That’s not true. Because if you feng shui properly then you can have up to 3 money corners. Just depending on the layout. If one money corner is a store room, then there’s nothing much you can do. But that definitely gives us a little bit more possibilities in terms of how to use feng shui to boost it up. And, once you plot these properly let’s say you’re in a retail space then obviously you want the cash register in the money spot. You want your front door in the money spot, If you have a water cooler let’s say, you’ll want that in the money spot IF that direction can `see’ water which is another thing, you know…. water placement is another topic that I’ll cover in a different video.

But that is how that is the interaction that would be what I would recommend before you go into business. And if you already have a business obviously then you want to make sure that the feng shui serves and supports that space. But if you have let’s say a big business decision

that you can foresee yourself making, date selection would be great and based on your Chinese astrological chart we can pick the best months

and even the best day, for you to sign important contracts… when you should go all out in your marketing… when you should lie low and not make any big decisions… Some people will say, ” so aren’t you limiting yourself?”

Well, in a sense. Yes.

But why would you be… like I said, why would you want to go against the current when you don’t need to. Like, if you can afford planning your business strategies that way then you’re lining yourself up with more potential for success.



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