Feng Shui and Career

As a feng shui consultant I get asked a lot of the same questions over and over again, and lately I’ve been getting more clients concerned about the state of their career. So how can Chinese metaphysics can help them in finding more satisfaction in their career.

“I want to start my own business but I’m scared it’s not a good idea?”

Some people are meant to be self-employed while others are not. The person’s characteristics of course lends a big factor, but the bazi / paht chee chart will let us know if the energy in your Chinese astrological chart will actually be supportive of this. Taking it a step further,  if the energetic pattern points to fulfillment and financial stability through having your own business, we can time it so that you plan your activities based on the energetic patterns (i.e. not making big business decisions in a month when you’re afflicted, finding the best time to launch your business, if you’re better off doing this on your own or taking on a business partner…)

“I have a side business right now. When – and should I – take this full time?”

When it comes to career decisions I’m all about timing, and date selection. If you are in a year where you’re majorly afflicted it would suit you best to see how the following years are looking energetically for you, then plan accordingly. I have a client in Indonesia who had big plans to expand his business this year, but due to a couple of fairly serious afflictions this year my advice was for him to hold off until next year and to make this a year of building a stronger foundation before employing more people and expanding the office.

“I just got laid off. While I’m upset I’m hoping this means this is an opportunity for me to try something new. But what would that be?”

“I hate my job right now… but I don’t know what career path I should be focusing on because I don’t know what I want to do !!!”

Based on the 5 elements in your chart we can pinpoint what are the elements are more supportive of you and narrow down the nature of industries that would be most suitable for you. Based on your day of birth we can also tell which job descriptions (either you need to be in a position that lets you use your creativity/leadership/attention to detail etc.) would likely give you the most job satisfaction.

“I am still in school but I’m starting to question if what I’m pursuing is right for me?”

Your bazi / paht chee chart will give good indication whether or not your current studies are suitable for you.


My personal experience on this?

A few years ago I realized I didn’t want to stay in my position at the time much longer. It paid the bills, but it didn’t get my adrenaline rushing at all and I am pre-disposed to needing to feel more useful in my job. So I set out the intention of finding one that would be more aligned to me. Based on my chart I knew which industries would suit me best, so I did my company research that way. I used date selection to figure out what dates to send out resumes, and when to do the interview when I got a call. So here’s how it went down:

– I sent out 5 resumes

– out of those 5 resumes I got 3 job interviews

 – out of those 3 job interviews I was offered the job by 2 of them

– I chose 1 ( of course ) 🙂


Statistically that is a 20% success rate for a job search. How would it change a job seeker’s life if they were able to boost their chances of success?!

I had another client here in Toronto who came to me, feeling worried because her contract was almost over and her boss, though they loved her, gave her a heads-up that they might not be able to renew.

So we did the feng shui and her birth chart, and I guided her through a few inner tools as well (i.e. visualizations, helping her release her fear and worry through energy healing). What followed was something very much unheard of in a time when lay-offs are rampant in the industry:

The company literally created a position for her, and was willing to go through the whole rigmarole of advertising it just to be kosher with HR, but the job was hers right from the start. 

Would you like to stop stop swimming upstream when it comes to your career? Connect with me (safrina@fengshuiandprosper.com) and we’ll build a holistic career focus for you.

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