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Intuition and Business


Hey guys, it’s Safrina i actually just finished a coaching call with a business client of mine and I got an inspirational hit which is why I’m doing this live stream right now so if you are looking at the title if I put down intuition and business what space does intuition have in your business or what space are you allowing intuition to have in your business. The reason why I’m asking is that business being in business is a very scary journey. Especially right before you start because entrepreneurship feels like it’s very unfamiliar like you don’t have – Hey Neeta, welcome entrepreneurship or being starting your own business feels unfamiliar because you don’t have a boss to you know manage around. And you feel like if there’s any failures or any challenges that it’s all up to you to address and it’s all your fault if anything bad happens in business. And maybe you’re not you know you’re telling yourself you’re not ready for all that. So the thing about business is or being entrepreneurial of starting your entrepreneurial journey is that it’s the biggest – it’s a strongest path to self development because it pushes you to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. It pushes you to it forces you actually, to be honest with yourself in terms of what are you weakness what are your strengths you know. How are you maybe even in self-denial or self sabotaging even your own gifts to the world – hey Tracy how’s it going.
So intuition I was like I mentioned earlier I just finished coaching call with a private coaching client of mine and she had – she had a lot of money energy in her chart. Okay however she’s struggling. So even when I looked at the Feng Shui of her place it wasn’t it wasn’t pointing to financial struggles and definitely there were easy ways for her to activate better you know prosperous flow in her home and once she does that she she she will definitely see a shift in her finances. But remember I always operate at three levels right, The Heaven luck, The Earth luck and The Mankind luck.The Heaven luck is your astrological chart your karma, your destiny. The Earth luck is your feng shui right which is your external energy. And then The Mankind Luck gives the internal energy, now what are your thoughts, what kind of thought patterns do you have, what kind of emotional patterns do you have.
Where business is concerned if you’re always fearful and even fearful of your own talent, of your own gift, of your own ability to change other people’s lives. Then the best Feng Shui or the strongest money energy and the astrological chart is not going to be able to bring you across the finish line. You’ll need to process finish line yourself, okay? And that means doing things or acting or just making decisions or taking actions that are so scary. And then you end up not doing it or you let procrastination kind of come in the way. So I tell this client of mine to her intuitive powers are actually very strong based upon her astrology so her question went so how do I tap into that intuition? How do I know if this is what I need to do for my business? So I told her obviously to meditate. Hey Zed Raquel welcome – and so I told my client to meditate because meditation allows us to have a direct connection with our higher self, a connection with our inner self a connection with God a connection to the universe. Hey Najwa – and that connection usually almost all the time wants what is best for you. So when you’re meditating on a business question, let’s say okay – should I be investing in working with a coach or should I be putting eight thousand dollar advertising with this newspaper or should I be taking on a partner or should I be adding another product line into my business which will need a lot of like you know capital investment. When these scary business decisions come up and you can meditate on that. Okay?
Because as a spiritual entrepreneurs, our products and services are here to bring a light into our clients, customers and patients world you could be, Hey Diana – you could be a jewelry store but there’s a spiritual service there when someone who has worked hard all her life and saved up for like a string of pearl necklace and she goes to your store and buy some string of pearl necklace to you. That’s a spiritual service, that’s you being the vehicle and helping her claim her worth her worthiness of having abundance in her life. Having physical you know, material possessions that she cherishes right? It doesn’t matter what business or what product or what service you have. There’s always a spiritual component to it and if you can tap into that spiritual component and make sure, Hey Len – and make sure that your business thrives because that is how you serve and support your clients customers and patients, that makes you a spiritual entrepreneur that makes you answering your call.
But going back to her question, about how do I make sure when I’m meditating, that the answer that I’m getting is intuition or my higher self or God speaking through me or how do I basically her question was – how do I know that’s the message that I meant to hear. So a big tip is that or let me backtrack a little bit so there’s the our higher self our God mind or our universal mind however you want to call it there’s that higher voice vs the Eagle voice okay? So when you’re meditating on a business question or a life question relationship or health or whatever. When you’re meditating on a question and you’re seeking guidance. We seeking an answer, the first hit that comes to you is usually the intuition is usually your higher self. The only thing is it only has like split second to occupy your heart in your mind before the Eagle mind swoops in and plays on your insecurities plays on your fear, it plays on your worry plays, on your self sabotage, plays on your self-denial. And will give you an answer that takes you away from your higher path. Which is why a lot of people say well, I meditated on it I got an answer I acted on it and it didn’t work. It’s because the Eagle mind and a lot of us we’ve operated our lives and made our decisions and take an action based on ego based thinking ego-based feeling. And because of that our Eagle voice so much stronger than our intuitive voice. The intuitive voice compared to the Eagle voice, the internal voices like this meek little voice in the back of our head, back of our heart, back of our inner eye that sees and feels and thinks the way we need to see and feel and think. But it’s very soft only because we don’t allow it to be strong only because we’re afraid of giving power to it and so when the eagle mind sees that and comes into your meditation and capitalizes on all the fears and worries and lack of self-worth lack of self-confident, lack of self image. Whatever it is that were that were challenged with that feeds the Eagle mind and then it gives us an answer. And we take that answer and we run with it.
The eagle so the one key but well not just just the one but the first key in knowing what if intuition and one is what is Eagle is what is that first hit that comes to you when you ask that question when is that first hit you. Listen to it, receive it, accept it and act on that. That is faith, that is using your faith and your spirituality and the authenticity of the message coming through you and working that in not just in your business but in any area in your life. And sometimes the answers are things that you never thought of and then you’ll you get that first intuitive fit and you’re like really you want me to do this? But the key is to trust and the more you learn to trust your intuition, the stronger your intuition is going to come through you, then the stronger that voice is going to be. Like some people they have really strong intuition and they have no problem listening to it right? All of us can get there.
I do a lot of my business decisions when I meditate right? But unless and until you can protect your meditative space energetically so that the Eagle doesn’t come in unless until you know how to do that then you need to be more aware, okay, it’s that person to rid of it okay and then the second piece to knowing okay? Is that the intuition or is that the eagle has talking to me is really what is it telling you to do. If it’s keeping you in the space of fear, of lack. If you’re keeping you in the space of hopelessness or helplessness Or if it’s keeping you in the face of fear and worry, then you know it’s very likely the eagle that’s talking to you. Because what makes the eagle strong and powerful is for it to hold us back in our lives for it to hold us back from the mission that is calling us, Hey Mariana – welcome.
The Eagle mind knowing the Eagle mind, your awareness of the Eagle-mind of its power over you and then through that awareness if you start saying no to the Eagle mind and start saying yes to your intuition to a higher self to your Universal Mind to your God mind whatever you want to call it, that’s when we get into ease and flow. When you start living in faith that’s when many miracles even bigger miracles come through. I’ve seen it happened in my life and it’s just the biggest the biggest breakthroughs come from opening yourself up to faith. The biggest breakthroughs in life and especially in business comes from the other side of taking or making a decision or taking an action that scares the pants off of you. Because it’s so out of your familiar box right behind that action right? Behind that decision is usually a life changing point. And a lot of us don’t do it because we feel the fear and we cower and we hide. And I’ve done that, I’ve done it , I’m not saying I’m perfect. And there’s been many many times where I do my meditation and I ask for an answer, I take the easier route and I listen to the eagle mind. I’m not saying that I’m a hundred percent you know, immune to it.
We all have our challenges around overcoming the eagle mind and in fact I truly believe that’s our biggest spiritual lesson for everyone in this world, is really to overcome that eagle mind so that our connection with ourselves, our connection with our higher self that always always always has our best intention at heart. That’s miraculous living, that’s inspired living. That’s how you get into the flow and that’s how you really turn on the tap of abundance right? Especially in business so i’m sure this in a different live stream before but that was hard I had a client that intuitively I knew I shouldn’t work with right? So I worked it out and say okay you know, what I’m gonna because she has an 8,000 – well just under eight like seven thousand square foot home if she wanted me to Feng Shui, I renovate but the energy just felt off right the energy felt off and so I gave her a quote which is a higher quote, because it’s a huge house. There’s going to be a lot of time on my end, invested to make sure that everything is is following the Feng Shui Principles, right? Initially she bolts and then she came back to me via email and I was like, oh my gosh even with that coach she still wants to work with me so the eagle mind was like – oh man I finally arrived i quoted someone five figures to do some sway and she said yes, right? But there’s something internally that just didn’t sit well. It’s not very obvious, to be honest with you it’s just things that have been picking up from my communication with this potential client. And then I told my husband I’m like it just doesn’t feel like I should be working with her and I meditated on it and it felt really good in terms of not taking this person on as my client. And then there’s the eagle mind that comes in – Whoa, you’re going to say no to a five-figure consulting gig? Like sure she can be a pain in the behind but you know just take the cheque, cash it, do the work and you know get out of her way right ,that’s the eagle mind talking. And then you know, there’s the message of when else are you going to get another chance like this to work on a beautiful home in a very affluent neighborhood there’s going to be you know testimonials what people are going to be wondering who did the house and stuff like that that’s the Eagle mind.
Piping through my meditation and even my daily living, right? I’m doing other stuff and that eagle mind is just like screaming in my ear. And I go back to meditation – should I or should I not take this person as a client? And it was like no doubt in my soul not just my heart but deep in my soul that this person is not aligned with my values not align with my integrity not align with how what to deal how I how I want to do my work right? I don’t cut corners so I emailed her back and I said you know what um I believe there’s unfortunately no fit in this I wish you well I gave her a few other names of other classical Feng Shui consultants that she can and I said I wish you well I’m not able to take on this project and and that was it. And it felt so good it never felt so good to reject a five figure income to be honest with you. And even my husband the funny thing about my husband is usually when he looks at the amount of money and you’ll feel he’ll be like the Eagle my hope you might just do it just take the money you do a work and be done with it. But he asked me he was like would you be able to replace the five figures with with other smaller consulting gigs. I’m like – heck yeah and then guess what a week after that I had other smaller gigs but they made up for what I lost in that one.
So taking that on faith, I took that intuitive hit on faith and I also have faith that the universe always has my back. That even though I said no to this client that other opportunities are going to come my way, and I’m going to make up for it or more right? And I have to tell you if this came to me three maybe four years ago i have taken it. I wouldn’t even have to meditate on that i will feel the unease in my soul but i would just push push push it aside and do it, right? So but to be honest I was very proud of myself for taking that intuitive message and having faith that there’s more abundance for me and the universe and God just let other miracles unfold in my life. Because I took a stand in not cutting corners. I took the stand in only putting out work with integrity. I took a stand with only working with my highest and best clients right? So that is my share for you guys for this live stream, in that sure business is scary. Business is many many many many nights of sleepless nights many nights of nightmares maybe even. Tracy says with said the more I admire you and looking forward to be able to attend your course it’s truly not all about the money. Exactly, it’s truly it really is the money is the gravy and it’s hard to get there to be honest with you. Because I mean especially when you start doing this, right? Any every little bit counts. You almost tell yourself, so I don’t care how the money comes in, right? I just need the money because I need to pay my bills. That’s fine – everyone has those phases in life and business. Everyone has that I went through it, right? I went through that and I am happy that now that I have those of you guys who watch my webinar, Feng Shui for your business webinar you will have heard me talk about the magnetic client attraction system that I used in my business. It took me a few years to actually have that solid system in place, right? Which I now teach my current students on how to do that in six months. And watch with me I would say like three years I would give them my students of the building blocks in six months. However fast they want to build their building is up to them but I’m giving them the bricks, okay? These are the bricks that you put on the foundational level of these are the second level bridge like I get all that to them within six months of working with me, yeah .
So it took me a while to get to that point where I don’t need to work for money and the more I stand in that space, the more prosperity comes to me because the thing about Law of Attraction the more desperate and frustrated you are the more you’re actually pushing it away whatever it is that you desire we love or health or money, right? The secret to magnetizing your desires is being clear that you want it that you want it in your life being claiming your worth that you are worthy of that which you want to manifest and then at the same time relinquishing your control about when it happens, how it happens, right? I mean I have my income goal for this year, I don’t mind sharing it with you guys my income goal is half a million dollars my big hairy scary goal with half a million dollars for this year. And just saying it gives me like pitter-patter in my heart but I’m going to work towards it I’m not going to let my procrastination my fear, my worry, my what ifs, my buts – I’m not going to let that get in the way. It’s going to come in my brain space or in my heart space for a few seconds but I’ve cultivated my inner strength enough, that I will see it and I will let push it aside. And I will let fear and the prosperous energy guide the rest of the way right and my intuition and God and my angels and my spirit guides guide me the rest of the way. That is how I build my business really so everyone has space for that okay there’s always spiritual guidance in building your business so that you can impact more clients customers and patients. And so that you can make more money doing it, right?
Money is not a dirty word it’s great to have money because then you can have more options in life then you can help more people right? Through your philanthropic work and stuff like that so don’t make money the dirty word here and don’t make intuition the dirty word, here going back to why back to the topic of this live stream so I’m just going to leave maybe making this a five minute live stream but I guess you guys know me it’s never short with me. So thank you for the likes, I would love it if you guys share this video with other spiritual entrepreneurs who might resonate with allowing intuition to come through especially building their business. And if you guys have any feedback or comments feel free to put it under this video I’d love to hear your feedback and comments, okay? You guys have a great day — Take Care.
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Living room has your feng shui wealth corner but you want to hide your home office? Here’s a neat idea!

Living room has your feng shui wealth corner but you want to hide your home office? Here’s a neat idea!

wealth corner living room office

If you have a home office, and your living room happens to have one of your three money or wealth corner, here’s a great idea to place your workspace in the living room but still have the option to hide it when you’re done! ( Bonus if you can also face your auspicious direction that’s NOT afflicted for the year! )

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Feng Shui and Business Cards

Feng Shui and Business Cards

My advice on business cards will be transferrable in terms of choosing colours for your website or any marketing collateral – anything that represents you or your company, your products and services.

So the answer to choosing the best element for you, obviously easier if you don’t have any business partners, is to choose colours that are determined by your Four Pillars of Destiny, or Chinese astrology. Based on the day and month you are born, we can determine your more favourable, as well as unfavourable elements.

If fire is your best element you’re looking at reds, yellows and oranges, or even reddish purples. If wood is your best element, green is your best bet. Earth colours are browns and beiges. Metal colours are white, grey, silver or any other metallic colours. Water-element colours would be black and blues.

If you want to do this right, unfortunately there’s no do-it-yourself method. A client of mine once googled a tool online but it ended up suggesting a colour that was the client’s worst possible colour choice. So your best bet is to consult a qualified Four Pillars practitioner.


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Feng Shui and Career ( how your bazi / paht chee chart holds the key to career fulfillment )

As a feng shui consultant I get asked a lot of the same questions over and over again, and lately I’ve been getting more clients concerned about the state of their career. So how can Chinese metaphysics can help them in finding more satisfaction in their career.

“I want to start my own business but I’m scared it’s not a good idea?”

Some people are meant to be self-employed while others are not. The person’s characteristics of course lends a big factor, but the bazi / paht chee chart will let us know if the energy in your Chinese astrological chart will actually be supportive of this. Taking it a step further,  if the energetic pattern points to fulfillment and financial stability through having your own business, we can time it so that you plan your activities based on the energetic patterns (i.e. not making big business decisions in a month when you’re afflicted, finding the best time to launch your business, if you’re better off doing this on your own or taking on a business partner…)

“I have a side business right now. When – and should I – take this full time?”

When it comes to career decisions I’m all about timing, and date selection. If you are in a year where you’re majorly afflicted it would suit you best to see how the following years are looking energetically for you, then plan accordingly. I have a client in Indonesia who had big plans to expand his business this year, but due to a couple of fairly serious afflictions this year my advice was for him to hold off until next year and to make this a year of building a stronger foundation before employing more people and expanding the office.

“I just got laid off. While I’m upset I’m hoping this means this is an opportunity for me to try something new. But what would that be?”

“I hate my job right now… but I don’t know what career path I should be focusing on because I don’t know what I want to do !!!”

Based on the 5 elements in your chart we can pinpoint what are the elements are more supportive of you and narrow down the nature of industries that would be most suitable for you. Based on your day of birth we can also tell which job descriptions (either you need to be in a position that lets you use your creativity/leadership/attention to detail etc.) would likely give you the most job satisfaction.

“I am still in school but I’m starting to question if what I’m pursuing is right for me?”

Your bazi / paht chee chart will give good indication whether or not your current studies are suitable for you.


My personal experience on this?

A few years ago I realized I didn’t want to stay in my position at the time much longer. It paid the bills, but it didn’t get my adrenaline rushing at all and I am pre-disposed to needing to feel more useful in my job. So I set out the intention of finding one that would be more aligned to me. Based on my chart I knew which industries would suit me best, so I did my company research that way. I used date selection to figure out what dates to send out resumes, and when to do the interview when I got a call. So here’s how it went down:

– I sent out 5 resumes

– out of those 5 resumes I got 3 job interviews

 – out of those 3 job interviews I was offered the job by 2 of them

– I chose 1 ( of course ) 🙂


Statistically that is a 20% success rate for a job search. How would it change a job seeker’s life if they were able to boost their chances of success?!

I had another client here in Toronto who came to me, feeling worried because her contract was almost over and her boss, though they loved her, gave her a heads-up that they might not be able to renew.

So we did the feng shui and her birth chart, and I guided her through a few inner tools as well (i.e. visualizations, helping her release her fear and worry through energy healing). What followed was something very much unheard of in a time when lay-offs are rampant in the industry:

The company literally created a position for her, and was willing to go through the whole rigmarole of advertising it just to be kosher with HR, but the job was hers right from the start. 

Would you like to stop stop swimming upstream when it comes to your career? Connect with me (safrina@fengshuiandprosper.com) and we’ll build a holistic career focus for you.

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