Feng Shui 2014 - what's in store for the year of the Wood Horse?


Now that the Gregorian calendar has celebrated its new year, feng shui enthusiasts and Asians all over the world now turn their attention to the Chinese Farmer’s Calendar, also known as the Hsia calendar, to prepare for the new lunar year. The Hsia calendar is a very interesting and a very accurate system and it’s been used for thousands of years as a means of forecasting the years ahead.

If you look at the Chinese calendar you’ll realize that it incorporates all the twelve astrological animals as well as the five elements of fire, metal, water, wood and earth. Therefore, it’s more than just a mere calendar that charts time. Those who are familiar with the calendar will study the interaction between these astrological animal signs and elements and derive fairly accurate forecasts on the outlook for a certain time period.

The information on the 2014 update here is very GENERAL, but if you want to do a more in-depth feng shui-ing for your space I would suggest that you seek out a classically-trained feng shui consultant (who knows feng shui the way it was meant to be practised, not the watered-down feng shui that’s more readily available nowadays). There are far too many nuances and feng shui needs for each space that do-it-yourselfers can’t even comprehend…


2014 Hsia Calendar Outlook

2014 is the year of the Jia Wood Horse. Jia is yang wood, so the imagery or the visual that we normally use for a yang wood element is a tall tree. One that is straight, strong and unmovable unless of course you cut it down. Even then it takes a lot of energy to cut down let’s say a 300 year-old tree. Its roots are deep into the ground, another characteristic of the yang wood that denotes stubbornness. So in the Chinese Hsia calendar for 2014, the yang wood sits on top and  the horse which is the year sits at the bottom:


So think about the strong wood on top and then the horse which is a fire element sitting at the bottom. What usually happens when fire comes in contact with wood? The fire burns the wood and the wood produces more fire (that is the destructive and productive cycle in Chinese metaphysics).

And because of this wood sitting on top of fire, that then means we’re going to see really strong fire element here. Taking into consideration that the wood is so strong in its principles and is not easy to move, combining that with the explosive fire, we’re going to see more threats of conflict and even war among nations. I know there have always been wars and conflicts but expect to see even more disruptions globally this year. If you’ve been following the media you may know that tensions are brewing between China and Japan.

Again, when you think about horses, they’re very strong animals. With the horse being a very strong fire element it is undoubtedly a very powerful energy going into 2014. In terms of business, the energy of the year will infuse businesses that are more aligned with this energy – air travel, sports, exercise, entertainment, restaurants – and the infusion of energy is generally one of optimism. One example is the FIFA World Cup happening this year. Another aspect that will start seeing things moving positively is the broader economy and the stock market (hit hard in 2008, associated with a lack in the fire element). If we look back at 2008, the main element for the year was water. Generally speaking, in terms of emotion, water is usually fear-based and very depressed. In financial markets that usually translates into worry and fear which definitely was felt worldwide.

So this year, we can definitely expect some relief in terms of the global financial outlook. Certain parts of the world (namely those in southern regions) are going to gain the fire energy a little more than others.

Let’s take a deeper look at the financial sector. In the five elements of Chinese metaphysics, banking/finance is a metal element industry. If you think about silver coins, gold bullion and all that, the financial industry is a metal element industry. So if you think about say, a big chunk of gold, on its own it already has value, but what makes it even more valuable is if we can mold it into something more usable. What’s needed to mold metal and make it usable? Fire. And since the fire element is so abundant this year, then from a feng shui and Chinese calendar perspective this is a good sign for the financial sector.

Another bonus? This optimism will actually carry into 2015 as well.


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