Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder - Inner feng shui recommendation!


Classical feng shui consultant Safrina Kadri recommends Catherine Ponder’s classic book Dynamic Laws of Prosperity as a great tool to work on inner feng shui!

If you’ve ever heard of Law of Attraction or have been on the spiritual / metaphysical path for a while you will have learned the power of prayer, meditation and visualization in helping you magnetize more health, wealth and relationships. In this short video Safrina shares a great resource to get you started!


Video transcript:
Hi everyone, I’m just deciding to do an impromptu video here out on my solarium. If you hear any shuffling that’s my eight-year-old daughter playing around, but.. don’t mind the traffic either.

Firetruck might come by, but anyway…

I wanted to share with you a very, very important resource. Ever since I started on this spirituality path.. probably about 12 years ago. About the same time that I found out about feng shui. And you’re starting to hear me talk a little bit more about inner feng shui as well.
I’m actually going to be integrating that into my online course..

so we’re gonna be doing step by steps on
outer feng shui obviously in terms of placements and things like that, but it’s also very very important to be working on the inner feng shui.


Now this is a great resource and I want to share with you guys this is the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. It was published many decades ago and it’s still one of the best prosperity books out there.

It’s not as widely known but it’s pretty thick. This one I’ve had with me for about 10 years now and you can see it’s…

I have my favorite pages all dog-eared and I have my notes everywhere in the book and it goes through with you the basic prosperity laws and also gives you techniques affirmations, and
prayers.  I really really do believe in prayer in shifting that inner energy as well.

So this is definitely a really really great resource to start with.

I just checked out Amazon and they’re selling for a $1.99 if this is something that you can carry on you even to read throughout the day… I’m actually gonna start a challenge… to
challenge myself to read I passage our chapter at least a little bit every day just to reinforce that… a little bit more that prosperity mindset.

I’ve always loved this book and I’m reconnecting back with that and I really really wanted to share with you guys. So definitely give it a try either buy the hardcover if you really like highlighting or at the very least and the $1.99 and get it on Kindle. I really like to have my am my books on the phone is also that I can also get reinforcements when I’m out and about and…
please comment below I what your feedback is once you’ve started reading on it, if you’ve tried I started with the exercises and I don’t know maybe we’ll start a book club or something.

So the Dynamic Laws a Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. I truly believe the loss on every persons shelf who is willing to do the work, to shift the inner energy, to finally attract true prosperity. Thanks so much guys have a great one!


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