Determining Building Period with Move-in Date Instead of Construction Date

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Question I got in my inbox today:
My question is about why in your lineage uses the move-in date/period as opposed to the date of construction? I’m just not clear on this. Doesn’t the construction year and period captivate the energy of that time and live on throughout the life of the building?


My answer:
Great question! We use the move-in date as opposed to construction date when determining building period because as new people enter a space, they bring with them a new Mankind Qi with them. The building of the foundation of the home locks in the Earth Qi, the building of the roof locks in the Heaven Qi, but the Mankind Qi changes as the people using that space changes hands especially if this takes them into a new Period.

This is why sometimes you hear stories about how a previous owner ( if they’ve been there for a while they’re likely in a previous Period, perhaps Period 7 or even Period 6 ) would have bad luck in the house, but the new owners ( with the new, updated period of the home ) is able to capture a more auspicious qi in the house and become very successful whether they’re aware of feng shui or not.

Vice versa happens too, not all Period 8 homes are good for specific layouts. Sometimes as a feng shui consultant I have to decide whether or not to recommend to my clients to update their Home Period or not ( especially if they’re in period 6 ), and this is when I review both the old and the new period to see which one would be more auspicious for living. Updating the period in most cases would require the homeowners to move out for at least 100 days, and then move back into the house and this time they’ll be in Period 8.

If you follow the construction year of the building, then a ‘bad luck’ building will be bad luck forever and ever and always. For instance an old castle with history of death and strife ( and there ARE feng shui combinations that point to this ) would forever been unsuitable for use if we follow this logic. But you see some old buildings flourishing with new owners especially if the new period brings more auspicious energies to the important areas of the building.

I’ve actually done a consult of an entertainment lounge situated in a strip of retail stores, and they’ve been there since Period 7. All other stores in that strip has changed hands many times with businesses failing to flourish. I was able to see that all the doors of these Period 8 units were afflicted. BUT my client, who has remained in Period 7 as they owned that building and have been operating their business there for a much longer period of time, had a more prosperous front door, and have carved a good market and clientele for themselves. This is a great example why construction year is not a reliable method of deciding the period of a building. Hope this helps!

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