I had a recent bazi / paht chee reading with a client who, as loving as she is, is in her fifties and has never been married. Longing to love and be loved, she asked me if there’s any potential for future love prospects. Luckily for her, I said it does look like things will start looking brighter for her, but I warned that whatever negative patterns that didn’t work well for her previously will need to be addressed if her future relationships were to be fruitful. Based on her element, I advised that her being needy hasn’t served her well and will never be. The fact that she loves so much that she puts others in front of her to the point of being self-sacrificial doesn’t serve her as well.

It was quite clear that she was flabbergasted by how the day pillar in her chart alone told me so much about her characteristics. I gently reminded her while these are behavioural patterns she’s inclined towards, it doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. Nothing is set in stone. I personally believe karma can be changed by our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

There was marriage luck before, and when I told her of the year she confirmed that indeed there was a marriage proposal by a man she loved, and whom loved her in return. But she acknowledged that her pride stood in her way and that relationship met an unfortunate end. This again proves that even though the energy for a certain happening is there, it all remains in POTENTIALITY until we act upon it, whether we realize it or not.

I realized after the appointment the best way to describe this potentiality as can be seen in a bazi / paht chee chart, and here it is :

Things that were to happen as per the chart is like the electric current that’s surrounding a dark room. It is until we turn on the switch that the potential energy turns into a light that fills the room, and it is our decision ( consciously or not ) Β to put the room back into darkness.

Our part in this whole thing has been, for the most part, done subconsciously. I highly recommend Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts as a great introduction to what we have agreed to go through in our lives before we are born into this earth.

I hope this analogy can help most of us reconcile with the idea that while we are on this earthly plane, a spiritual classroom, with ups and downs in our lives and sometimes we feel like we are merely corks being tossed about in a volatile sea, ultimately we have the power to change that. Also, changing your destiny doesn’t mean you’re defying God or the higher power whichever name you wish to use… It also doesn’t mean you’re playing God. It just means you come into a position in your life where you decide to take more control of what goes on inside and outside of you. I will say this again and again, changing our destiny means deflecting negative karma in our lives through mantras, prayers and chants…. charities and donations…. praying for others’ health and happiness… feng shui… taking care of our negative emotional and psychological states…. breaking ourselves of bad habits…

With your action, things happen. With your inaction, things happen as well. One gives you power, the other takes it away.

… Which one will you choose?

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