I had a bazi reading with a client lately and based on the reading that I shared with her, it doesn’t take much when you see ” Death and Emptiness” linked with her Hurting Officer star ( which usually denotes the husband as the primary, boss as the secondary ). She indeed confirmed that it was hard for her to find a committed relationship.

Although she sounded nervous that her chart seemingly tells of an uphill battle to find a life partner, with her mother on her case and her age advancing as the years go by… However, she was open enough and had enough faith that it will turn around.

I proceeded to advise her of feng shui remedies to place in her surroundings combined with mantras as well as physical action that can be taken in order to start shifting things around with her. A few days later she’s already finding that she’s in a more general good mood and the relationship between her and her mother is seeing shifts as well. With a little more time and some customized feng shui advise, I’m sure we’ll hear from her soon enough about a major breakthrough!!!

What does YOUR chart say about your potential for the love of your life…?

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