“Safrina is great to work with and really gives you your monies worth.”

I am writing this testimonial out of the excitement I have for having learned feng shui properly. I have been studying feng shui for 8 years now but only have seen the benefits in the last year. That is because I have been practicing fast food feng shui and being told I had to buy this really expensive Chinese figures to fix my problems. I knew that feng shui worked but wasn’t seeing the results. So I kept researching different consultants until I stumbled across Safrina Kadri. Something compelled me to her and I quickly trusted her. What she told me made sense. I moved into my home 4 and half years ago and I noticed my son in particular giving me a lot of trouble. I also noticed a lot of unlucky events happening to my whole family and I knew it was something triggering these unlucky moments to happen to us. With my consultation we realized my homes energies were inauspicious in the centre of the home thus affecting the whole family and the red carpets I had on all 3 floors were triggering that bad energy to be activated. Once we implanted the changes to the centre and other rooms as well the energy started shifting and life got lighter and happier. My family is actually getting along now and we’re no longer experiencing the unlucky moments.

Safrina is great to work with and really gives you your monies worth. She was very patient with me and tolerant of all my questions and concerns. I am still taking her courses and signing up for her webinars because there is always something to learn or make life better.

Laura Limotta, Toronto Canada

“I had in the past worked with two other feng shui practitioners, but honestly did not get anywhere close to the results I see now.”

“I first was introduced to Safrina through her online you tube videos. I watched several different feng shui practitioners but Safrina’s made the most sense to me, and I was impressed by the fact that she practices the original classical feng shui and not a modern westernized version of it.

Once I contacted and spoke with Safrina I really had no hesitations at all about working with her. She was just as knowledgable and personable as she is on her videos. I could tell she was a warm and sincere person that really loves what she does and truly enjoys helping people. In terms of products or services, I am a believer that you get what you pay for. But honestly I have been really amazed at how much she put into her online wealth program. It is just chock- full of information. Not just about feng shui, but personal growth and life shifts as well.  It’s really impressive how well planned and thorough it is! Before I started working with Safrina our business was always up and down.  We opened in 2008 and had been playing catch up ever since. About a month after I put into place Safrina’s advice and suggestions in various areas of our home and office things really began to shift for us!  The office income has been increasing for several months in a row now and our staff even notices the differences. Coincidence? I don’t think so!  I had in the past worked with two other feng shui practitioners, but honestly did not get anywhere close to the results I see now. I would say if you’re thinking about trying out this program don’t hesitate for a minute, not only is it an incredible value ( in my opinion) for the price but you will truly see a shift in your life, not just in finances but in other significant ways as well.”

Debbie Chaffee, California

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Feng Shui’ed then found a job AND a tenant!

Hi Safrina!

I thought I’d give you an update on our progress!  So we followed everything you outlined for us which was very very detailed and helpful.  My husband just got offered a new job!  Also, we found tenants for our vacant condo within 1 week after we did our feng shui!  It was vacant for a few weeks and we’ve been looking for 2-3 months with no progress so it was amazing how things just worked our really smoothly all of a sudden!  I want to thank you so much, we feel much better in the new room as well.  Thank you thank you!


JR, Toronto Canada

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Gained a lot of insight

Safrina did a great job of providing me with guidelines on setting up my son’s bedroom.  I have never used feng shui before; I got so much more out of talking with her than I ever expected and I gained a lot of insight into my son in the process.   I’m so pleased with how the room turned out.  More importantly, my son loves it too. – A. Sinclair, Toronto ON

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Real-world Positive Effects

Now into our second year of working with Safrina, we are exceedingly happy with the positive changes she’s been able to coach us through. What started out as validation of our own efforts and frankly a bit of skepticism (from my wife) in Feng Shui in general, turned into sweeping changes in home, which resulted in real-world positive effects. Safrina’s ability to translate Feng Shui concepts into simple yet powerful suggestions and instructions meant that we did not need to second guess ourselves based on all the information out there. We’ve experienced significant positive changes in our lives that we believe are a direct result of many of Safrina’s coaching. We whole heartedly recommend her services to anyone looking for guidance and coaching of Feng Shui principles. – Effi & Luba L.


Shifting Negative Energy

It is with great pleasure and much gratitude that I write this.  In searching for a home that would be comfortable for me and my 90 year old mother, we happened upon this bungalow for a great price but the great price came with a few extras.  Conversion from oil to gas and some necessary upgrades but the worse thing it came with; was the severe negative problems that kept happening one after another.  So needless to say in my search for answers and some clarification I happened upon Safrina’s web site which I now believe I was guided to and most thankful for.   Safrina is such a kind soul and I have to say extremely knowledgeable in the principles of Feng Shui but most of all Safrina is someone who takes pride in what she does and does a great job.   Thank you Safrina for coming to my house and patiently going over the solutions required to help me and thank you for the many follow up you have done with me.    To be honest I am extremely happy to have found you what an amazing job with swift results.

Thank you Safrina

– Nas, Ontario Canada


Within two weeks of implementing Safrina’s suggestions, I felt a positive shift in my career and just my overall mood.  Safrina is very well grounded in feng shui concepts, and communicates them beautifully whether it is via computer or telephone.  I truly believe I can trust her suggestions and that she genuinely cares about her clients.  I also appreciate that she can be reached via email for questions after the session ends.  I highly recommend booking Safrina for her attentive and accurate feng shui audits.    MOLLY, Ontario Canada

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Selling your house with feng shui

I just recently received an email from my client who wanted to let me know how relieved she was that they were able to sell the house after their feng shui audit:


Hi Safrina,

I just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service you provided to us in auditing our house with your feng shui advice. I was getting really frustrated and could not figure out try our house was not selling. Being in the interior design field I know that our house was nicely staged and we had all the up-grades a potential buyer would be looking for. Our house had lots on interest but somehow the buyers was never able to commit.

I’ve never consulted a feng shui professional before, and I’m not a superstitious person, if anything I always thought that some things are just better unknown so that you are not constrain to certain rules and guidelines. And I have to admit some of the suggestion you provided in your audit for us to change the house’s energy took some effort to embrace. But am I ever glad we took your advice to heart and apply the remedies you listed in each area of our house. I’m thrilled to tell you, within 2 ½ to three weeks of your audit our house sold!

It’s a big relief to us now  that the house has sold and we can concentrate our energy in preparing to move into our new house.

Again, thank you for your very effective service.


MLQ, Toronto 


Personal relationships

“Hi Safrina,I just wanted to let you  know how the feeling is from the house.

Since I have done the ( feng shui placements ), I think that the female influence of aggravation or whatever it is, is much lower.

I had a wonderful conversation with a family member that I never chat to at all.

Also, received an email thru Facebook from a niece that I never speak to saying that she loved me!

This may be a coincidence but I don’t think so. I believe that it is the feng shui work so I want to thank you for your help with the audit. Again, thanks for that and I would like to get the birth charts done and keep you on board for next year when we sell the house.




The power of moving your bed with proper date selection

“Safrina gave me a feng shui consultation and in particular suggested that i move my bed so that it faces west in order to improve my financial cash flow.  I reluctantly shifted the bed on the prescribed date and was quite surprised to receive a totally unexpected job offer that very day to do some ADR on the new Tom Cruise film, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.   The gig was a well paying one that will see me receiving ongoing residuals from the film.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but from now on I am paying more attention to my energetic patterns.  Thanks Safrina.”- Peter F, Los Angeles California



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Can’t get pregnant? Feng shui might boost your luck

Hi Safrina,

We are pregnant!

We had to pursue some help from the specialist so that definitely helped our chances but it has finally happened!We moved the bed about a week before our procedure and I’m not sure if that is what did it but it worked! I did end up getting a beady thing to hang at the bathroom door so I felt better about bed placement. If all goes well we are going to have the baby in January. Can you think of any other things (based on our house and charts) that we could do to promote a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby?

Its interesting, a lot of the things that you were able to find with my chart correspond with a chart reading that my mom had done for me when she went to India. Good job!!

Take care!

Nandini, British Columbia Canada


First time doing a feng shui audit

Safrina came to my house to do a feng shui audit and also did a birth chart reading over the phone. She was very thorough and took the time to explain everything in detail. Any time I had a question, I could email her and she was happy to help (this was my first experience with feng shui so I had a lot of questions!). She even gives suggestions on where to find items she recommends. I really enjoyed working with Safrina and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a birth chart reading or home audit.

– Karen B, Toronto

I have been a client of Safrina for more than a year. I consult her for advice on Bazi, Fengshui and life coaching. She approaches problems from a holistic perspective which I find very useful and beneficial to me.  She has been a great support for me during a difficult phase of my life. She has a calming voice. She is compassionate, patient, motivating and professional. I always feel good after a session with her. I am always grateful to her.

– Tina L, USA

Holistic Coaching

During the session, I felt comfortable with Safrina. I felt that I can be vulnerable and honest about what I am experiencing. I felt that I could trust her to provide me the safe space that is required for me to open up to receive what she had to give me, and to let go of my need to protect myself, my fear of exposing my weaknesses. I quickly understood that Safrina will not judge me, and that she will provide me with the support that I need.  

During the session I felt that the technique was working well for me. It was both gentle, not harsh or too intrusive as some other techniques that I’ve experienced, and at the same time it went very deep into my consciousness. I could feel a shift, an alignment in my energy system, which was linked to the shift in my mental awareness. I could feel all that as a reaction to Safrina’s words, to the tapping, and to my own voicing of what Safrina guided me to say.  My immediate reaction after the session was over, was a sense of optimism and being more energetic.  

The next day I woke up easily, which was something that I did not experience for a while now. The whole day after the session I felt a sense of optimism, which made me feel happy and relaxed, feeling that I have control over my life and knowing that everything will be alright. This was a much needed balance to how I have been feeling lately, which was fatigue, low energy, feeling that I am not were I want to be and that I cannot handle the amount of tasks that I have taken upon myself for this year.  I am grateful for the opportunity of experiencing a session with Safrina. I felt that she worked in a very balanced way, being both intuitive and in touch with spiritual guidance, and knowing how to connect to me and my needs in a grounded, clear and concrete way. Thank you Safrina… I am honoured.

– O. Waldman, Toronto Canada


I just had a phone session with Safrina. I had an abortion 6 years ago, at the age of 42. At the time I had two teenage children and had health issues, I was anaemic and suffered chronic fatigue. I felt there was no way I could cope with another child. It was a relatively easy decision to make. Since then I went into depression, withdrew from friends and family in a big way, and struggled to reconnect ever since. I felt like a shell of a person, going through the motions. I put on alot of weight while taking antidepressants for 2 years, and just have never felt right in myself since that time. I felt broken. I tried countless therapies and healing modalities. I felt I suffered PTSD as well. I just couldn’t lift the lid on what was holding me back there.

My first EFT session wtih Safrina felt like I was coming home to myself. Im very good at staying in my head or disassociating from my feelings but her wording and intuition cut right through my walls I had built up around my heart and soul. I felt like all sides were covered, all the good feelings, all the bad feelings and all the stuck feelings. My survivor guilt felt off the scale. My shame and lack of forgiveness felt stubbornly like a fortress not wanting to budge. I felt I wasn’t prepared to let it go, even though I had suffered long and hard. Safrina’s wording touched me in places I’d tried hard and long to forget. It was a relief to have someone see those places and shine a light on them.

Then something shifted, it was instaneous actually. I felt like I was getting deeper into the sludge and felt I might grieve this one all over again and then I felt a huge reconnection back with myself and the baby that I had carried. How could I have loved this baby growing inside of me if I was going to kill it?

Now when I think about that time, all I can feel is love for that wee soul, in my womb. I cant even feel the abortion, I can see it in my mind but I cant feel it. I can only feel that i was honoured to carry that wee baby for the short time that I did. And even though Ive justified why she wasn’t meant to be on this planet from a spiritual point of view, now my heart and soul and mind can unite in that decision I made 6 years ago. I feel blessed she touched my soul.

I am the mother of 3 children. Daniel, Morgan and Avalon xxxx

– K. Strong, New Zealand


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