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Inner Feng Shui for Relationships


Hi everyone it’s Safrina from Feng Shui and Prosper.

If I am new to you I am the founder of Feng Shui and Prosper, I’m a classically trained Feng Shui consultant. I’ve been helping my clients – residential, commercial and retail – clients worldwide activate the most abundant energy as possible in their home. Today we are talking about Feng Shui for relationships so hold on to your hat you guys because I will be talking about things that I think most people don’t normally talk about in a full complete picture and I find that to be not very supportive or it doesn’t really serve people when they’re only being given incomplete information. So Feng Shui for relationships it’s what we’re going to be covering here. Now I know the title says Feng Shui and relationships but we are not going to be focusing a hundred percent on Feng Shui because those of you who have followed me for any amount of time you know I always say start with the feng shui but you go above and beyond Feng Shui for the biggest, best, deepest, more long-lasting results. This is what you need to do this especially if you want to attract relationship.

Now today admittedly my intention was more to talk about romantic relationship simply because on the 27th of this month will be my 15th year anniversary with my husband and I’ll share a little bit about my how I met him. For those of you who didn’t see my story about how I met him, that I had on YouTube many many many years ago. So I was 22, I was in university you know, having fun. I was here in Canada, I left Malaysia I started a new chapter in Canada as an international student.

You know I was doing the studying but I was also partying pretty hard. At one point though it got really old I was, you know just in my early 20s ,but I wanted commitment and so I did the online dating… I met a lot of really nice people at the peak of it and I tell people this all the time – at the peak of my dating life I would have four first dates a week and I ended up… there’s a side benefit to this apart from me wanting to meet my my mate. The side benefit is that being a struggling student most of the men that I had that I dated were we’re working ( I’ve always liked older men… they needed to be at least five years or older than me so most of them were working). And so we would go out for lunch or dinner or whatever and most of the time they would pay, right? And I would bring home the leftovers so that’s how I fed myself in university. But God darn it for… average of four first dates in a week… After a while that got pretty tiring right? And you’re just like… and I would fall for guys that didn’t reciprocate or they would fall for me and I wasn’t quite feeling it.

I remember one time we fell really really hard with each other, me and this guy. We started talking and somehow the topic of religion came up.And I told him my religion – I am Muslim on paper – I have to say I haven’t been practicing because honestly I believe that all religion teaches us to be beautiful human beings and it’s just human beings that wreck the religion the teachings anyway. And he was Catholic and that was I and that came as a shock for him. And I was like well I have it on my online profile I never I never hid the fact that you know that I’m muslim. And the next day he was supposed to pick me up for a date. He just stood at my at my door and he didn’t come in and he said “I can’t do this… I can’t date a Muslim girl” and I remember I was so heartbroken I was crying on campus the next day with my girlfriends. I was telling them like I really fell really really hard for this guy. And so I got fed up. I was so fed up with dating and this is when I started… this is really my first foray into Feng Shui because growing up in Southeast Asia Feng Shui was really big, right.

Everywhere in Malaysia, like I just grew up with people around me who believed in Feng Shui. And so I was like, okay. Let’s get this Feng Shui thing a try okay, let’s see what happens. I was still very skeptical but I’m like I was scraping the bottom of the barrel at that point, not with the men that I was dating but more in terms of emotionally I was just emotionally drained I didn’t want to just you know keep going out on random dates. And so I called a friend and she gave me a few tips. I was only renting a little room in a basement in a house so all I could feng shui was my room. I covered the mirror because it reflected my bed. I changed… I put stuff around which, to be honest most of them were fast food feng shui but she gave me a couple of tips that, now that I look back it might actually help me tap into the right bed positioning. Anyway, two months later someone else saw my online profile and emailed me. We started talking on the phone for two weeks. Every night for two weeks we started talking on the phone and it was weird you’d normally I would say yes to a date early on because I don’t want to waste my time, right? I would be in the mindset of  “okay let’s let’s meet up and let’s see if there’s chemistry”. But with this guy, the email might came back and forth and then we started talking on the phone. Two weeks on the phone and this would be like phone calls that would last for hours like you know into the mornings. Only after two weeks we decided to meet. And so we met November 24th of 2002. Yeah, November 24th of 2002 and it was the best date I’ve ever had!

We were the you know I met up with him at at the lobby of his office because the restaurant was close by there. We were the first table there and we were the last table to leave. We pretty much closed the restaurant – you know where the people started sweeping and they started putting the chairs up. They had to do that in order to chase us out. So it was an amazing first date. So November 24th of 2002 was our first date and January first we moved in together. So this was like a month of knowing each other we moved in together because it felt right. t felt really right and I remember my best friend at that time and my sister they were like “wait a minute, you just met this guy”. I don’t even want to know what his friends say because I’m nine years younger than him. Well I know what they said they called him a cradle-robber! But anyway, so January 1st we moved in together and then April he proposed and then about ten months after our first date we got married. So this year, September 27th we we would be together almost 16 years but married 15 years. So there are definitely highs and lows. Every relationship has a high and low and this is mine feng shui story, I called him my feng shui husband. So this is my feng shui story about how I met him. Now there are a couple of things that I also want to bring into the picture in terms of how and why my  husband and I got together, and this is something… this is what I wanted to to bring into your mind as well into your awareness. Now I know most people here and we’re talking about romantic relationship, well, you can kind of transfer it to other types of relationships, okay?

Business relationships, friendships, family relationship… People come into our lives for a reason even the ones who aggravate us come into our lives for a reason. Everyone in our life is our spiritual teacher. Now having been married to my husband and we’re still very much in love… it hasn’t been easy though. Now the low points honestly and being really transparent here, the low points in our marriage is where we start to really question what is really going on here? And so going back to the foundational information of Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Mankind Luck. now the Heaven Luck you guys already know is the feng shui. Sorry, Earth Luck is the feng shui and feng shui means you activate the relationship energy as best as you can. I will cover that more in Feng Shui 2019. Here’s my very first shameless plug here.  Many of you guys who are watching are already in Feng Shui 2019 so you guys will get information about this. I’m gonna include additional information that’s not in here. So in terms of activating for relationship it is not your Southwest that is.. it’s not only your Southwest that is the relationship corner. And in most of your cases your relationship corner is not even the Southwest. How do you determine what is your relationship corner – where it is depends on your period of the house, and depends on the facing of your home. And so I will be adding a recorded training on this for everyone who registered
for Feng Shui 2019 in terms of what are the strongest relationship directions that you can activate either with feng shui placements or just with usage to activate for in this case romantic relationship. I will also have a
downloadable PDF with crystal grids and using these relationship crystal grids. Now the crystal grid can be a grid for  family relationship, the crystal grid can be for friend relationship, the crystal grid can be a little bit more flexible in terms of what kind of intention you want to…. what kind of relationship you want you intend to attract. But I will then be looking at period 6, 7, and 8 homes, looking at all the 24 mountains, all the compass facings and I’ll tell you I’ll drill it down to the most auspicious relationship corners and how you can activate it with a crystal grid – if you can activate it with the crystal grid. Now using crystals is NOT feng shui but I’m taking the fact that there are Feng Shui energies for love based on feng shui formulas on feng shui calculation and I’m marrying it with crystal energy to help you activate that. Okay? There’s the difference so those of you who are not yet in Feng Shui 2019, you have not registered and you want to get access to this, it will be included in there. So that is Earth luck. Don’t think that just by buying a pair of mandarin ducks you put it in your southwest corner and that’s gonna do it for you. Unfortunately not. Personally for me I feel that the…. I didn’t go back to that house and take a compass reading but I knew it was facing east and I think it’s facing due east. I was going back to how my bed was shifted I think the biggest thing was the shifting of the bed.

So that goes a little bit more deeper than what I can cover on the live stream but I’m just saying a pair of mandarin ducks didn’t do it for me, I can tell you that much. So that’s the Earth Luck. Everything that’s
included in the Earth Luck, I will cover more in depth in Feng Shui 2019. What you can know for now is – for those of you guys who haven’t been following me for a long period of time… hear me on THIS. You need to let go of the idea that the Southwest is your relationship corner. Let go of panicking that “oh my gosh my bathroom is in the southwest corner so my relationship like is going down the drain”, you have to let go of that because your relationship corner could very well be in other places and in more than one direction. Got it? It could be in more than one direction. So that’s the Earth Luck. The second one is Heaven Luck and this is really important because heaven like is a couple of things now. It’s your astrology. So I will also have some basic information on how you can plot out the best months of the year to kind of really put yourself out there where the where the energy for attracting a romantic relationship is at its peak. Because you guys have heard me on this right and how do you put yourself out there? Go out to more networking things, go out to more social events. Maybe you can travel because some of you guys you meet your person on a travel, right? Especially if water is your best element. I’ve had clients who came back with that. So with Heaven Luck and you can work with the Chinese astrologer. However, hear me on this: the astrologer can tell you what the optimal time is to attract a
relationship. It could even be the whole year, right? However, if you don’t work with your Mankind Luck, then
your astrology can have the strongest inclination for relationship but if you don’t fix your own inner Feng Shui right  around relationships… if you don’t go out there and meet people, if you don’t put up an online profile, if you don’t maybe work with a matchmaker because I have a friend who worked in a matchmaking agency right called It’s Just Lunch, IJL and they put men and women together. If you don’t go out there and see… you know actually put yourself out there your Heaven Luck, your astrology, can have the strongest energy where love
relationships but you’re not meeting it halfway then it’s all voided.

And the other part is Mankind Luck. Okay the second one the one in the middle here… The other part of Mankind Luck is also and I’ve seen this before astrologically relationship and marriage luck was really strong. I remember in one situation that she was that a client of mine was supposed to get married but she wasn’t. And when I told her that, I was like this specific year was supposed to be really good for you. And it was what maybe 10, 20 years ago. And she said “yeah someone actually proposed”, I said, “Okay..?” And then she said “But because of my ego I wanted him to pursue me even more before I said yes to him, and what happened was he gave up he and he went to someone else”.

So that’s your Mankind Luck as well – that’s also your ego, that’s your actions, your decisions that again, astrologically you might have the relationship like in your chart you also need to take responsibility to meet that halfway.I know many of you like for instance the year of the rooster it was peach blossom luck for a few astrological animals and they’re like “oh I’m gonna meet my my one person this year” but then towards the end of the year it didn’t happen. And usually once you peel back the layers to try to figure out why that didn’t happen, there’s usually either the earth luck blocking it the Mankind Luck blocking it or even the Heaven Luck walking in there is some blockages if you’re not if you’re still not attracting your main okay another part of Heaven Luck and relationships are big on this in terms of karma in terms of past lives whether you are open to this belief or not I definitely am a lot of our intimate relationships our parents,our siblings, our children, our spouse a lot of our more intimate relationships this is not our first go-around with them most of the time in our past lives we have had relationships with them your father, could have been your past lover, your mom could have been your father, your children could have been your grandparents like things you know it’s always been in because and again it’s up to people what people are willing and open to believe but usually go through each reincarnation, each physical manifestation coming back with this similar group of people because there are spiritual lessons that we need to learn. Now some of you guys know that I did a past life regression certification almost two years ago now. And in one of my regression, I went back and I saw that my husband had a connection with me in a past life and that was very interesting because I know  I wasn’t prepared for it but it also opened up so much insight for me in terms of why our marriage just the way it is now the good and the bad okay?

Like after 15 years, we’re still very passionate we’re like I know it’s TMI, but we feel like we’re still dating but at the same time because now we have the two kids we have a stress of being parents you know and then other stuff and stresses of work and stresses of business we do take it out on each other and then therefore the past life relationship dynamic that I had with my husband in his other reincarnations in the past also comes to the forefront so the good and bad came and and so we need to work through it but now because I have that insight in the past life there’s more compassion, there’s more empathy and there’s more motivation for me to fix it now because I don’t want it to come back to me next life right so whether or not someone has a past life connection with you again you can work with a past life regression as you can work with an Akashic record practitioner if you want to get insight on this but you’re not stuck by it. Sure it has affected you for many many lives before but you have this opportunity in this life to address the spiritual lesson to absorb the spiritual lesson that you’re meant to learn and this is the part of the last room that I really wanted to put a little bit more emphasis on more than the Feng Shui because the Feng Shui, how long do you stay in a space right?

You can deal with it for however many months or years that you live in the same space but the Heaven Luck, the karmic relationship the one at the bottom there that one can stay with you for lives and lives and lives many many lives. And that’s the most important one to deal with. My relationship with my husband is very closely related to me needing to build my own self-worth because in my past life he was my stepmother if you guys want to know in my past life. He was my stepmother and it was a very strenuous relationship right and so in this life we’re kind of struggling with the same themes in our marriage not to say he berates me or anything but again well we talked about chakras before my throat chakra has always been an issue for me to heal and I’ve always never liked arguments so in a relationship in a relationship like this not liking arguments especially in a marriage doesn’t really empower you as a partner right so I really have to learn to heal my throat chakra in order for me to really voice out what I need what my worth is asking me to claim in this marriage right. He’s an amazing husband and amazing father but we have our karmic lessons that keeps us bound to each other unless and until we learn it. Are you guys getting this?

Okay so and maybe you guys don’t want to  hear this: a lot of you not the ones who are who have followed me for a while I know people start following me and then they drop off because that “Oh Safrina is gonna not telling me to put a pair of mandarin ducks and then tell me that everything’s gonna be alright” because that’s not the truth. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not going to lie to you just so you feel good. Attracting relationship and I feel like the karmic part is the one that is the hardest for people to work through – needs to be addressed because you can do all the Earth Luck, you can do all the Feng Shui placements right you can do all the Feng Shui, let’s say in your past life or even in your current life right either maybe the family that you brought you were brought up in or whatever the society that you’re brought up in you weren’t brought up with an environment where you were told that you are lovable for instance so you don’t trust that you are lovable. If you don’t learn that and that’s part of Mankind Luck okay because of the environment that’s the environment that you were born into however it is up to you to heal that inner wound, right? Once you realize you are lovable then whatever Feng Shui placements that you do then you will start attracting the people who are ready to love you for who you are, yeah?

That’s just one example self-confidence or self-worth is also a big issue in relationship either it’s a past life or a present life issue, you still need to fix that you still need to address that head-on so that you are then connecting with people who are there to support you in your self-confidence and you self-trust. So whatever kind of relationship it is that you are attracting, we do need to look at it more holistically so I’m sorry if this is not a live stream where I say “oh spend twenty thirty dollars buy this little tchotchke, put it in your southwest corner all good,” I’m not here to do that okay? So if you feel like you’ve been butting your head against the wall in terms of attracting your highest and best partner then you need to ask yourself the really hard questions.Maybe not look at past light because you do need some guidance in terms of that look at even just this life look at all the relationships are there any patterns coming around? Maybe people love you, maybe the men are so in love with you ready to commit even but something in you is shutting, putting attracting your highest and best partner
then you need to ask yourself the really hard questions. Maybe not look at past light because you do need some guidance in terms of that look at even just this life look at all the relationships are there any patterns coming around? Maybe people love you, maybe the men are so in love with you ready to commit even but something in you is shutting, putting up a wall right? Why are you putting up the wall if you start seeing this as a theme and all the past relationships. Why are you putting up the wall? Does it have to do does it have anything to do with your childhood? Look at that. There are many books are on there that help in terms of excavating the internal parts in terms of you know attracting your highest and best mate your highest and best partner so go look at those right if you need a relationship coach go get a relationship coach and then you do the Feng Shui placements that’s gonna be the one that boosts it up but you need to do the hard work first where the relationship is concerned.

Okay, let me take a look and see there are questions… Yes 15 years I wanted to travel and do something special but it’s hard with the two kids you know okay No questions… Miriam was asking you were going through your direct officer pillar? What do you mean by that like – are you saying if it’s my ten-year pillar that had the direct officer not quite sure. Hey Mitch, hello. Okay, so no questions from you guys right so that’s basically it. Sorry if you’re disappointed you wanted more Feng Shui tips here but I have to admit this is how I dragged you guys in to a live streams because not everyone wants to look at past life. Not everyone wants to look at the inner junk but just one thing that I wanted to remind you if you’re not yet in Feng Shui 2019, my second bonus webinar those of you who missed bonus webinar number one the replay is up if you registered if you do register register now you’ll get access to the first bonus webinar replay right away you can register at over here, the second bonus webinar is happening September 16 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and this time we’re talking about inner Feng Shui for relationships so it’s tied with today’s topic in that I can tell you right now you can do all the Feng Shui placements that you want but if you don’t work on the internal one it will still be hard for you to attract the right person okay you can attract them you’ll get more opportunities you start getting more attention but if you’re not working on your internal self if you don’t do your internal healing then the quality might be a little bit off okay I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying if you want to help it along and make sure that you find the best one as fast as possible right then you need to work on yourself.

Okay, so Joyce’s saying Mankind Luck in a work is more important to begin with them work on Feng Shui – yes. Yeah that is what I am saying you can do the Feng Shui but don’t just leave it at that the more important work is the Mankind Luck and the Heaven Luck and you guys know that’s where I come from Anyway I have so that’s the thing about me is that I want to make sure that those of you who invest your time invest your money in any of my products, I want to make sure that you guys get results I actually get really sad when people don’t get results and which is why when I used to just just offer Feng Shui consultations they would do their placements they see results but not to the point that they were hoping it to be – I feel bad I feel sad and then I see the way I run my own life I do my meditation,I do my gratitude or my journaling, my forgiveness, my energy healing all my charity, right all the stuff and then I’m like maybe I should start telling it them about all these other tools that have helped my life right so oh for or yes yes yeah I know sometimes my husband’s like you’re burning yourself out for this group but you know what: it’s my mission. It is. Your journey is my journey I know this sounds cheesy but those of you guys who are in my annual webinars, those of you guys who are in Manifesting Code I hope you can feel that this is coming from my heart that each and every one of you – I am invested in your journey. This is why I do what I do. More than just paying my bills of course it pays my bills beautifully and I’m very grateful for that but some of you guys want to have one-on-one conversations in the background and those conversations when they happen like this sounds bad but every conversation you guys take a little piece of me take a little bit piece of my heart take a little piece of my work but that but I willingly give it okay? And that is how I built that is how I build my business that is how I want to build how I support and serve everyone in here. If you haven’t registered for Feng Shui 2019 please please please start your journey with me there okay get your Feng Shui set up and if you feel called to do the inner work to do the deeper scarier work then you join me in okay and yes on September 16th is bonus webinar number two only open to those who register for Feng Shui 2019 again if you register for Feng Shui 2019 you’re gonna have some basic astrological information with regards to Feng Shui and relationships you’re gonna get information on where are your strongest relationship corners that you can activate in your home we’re gonna becovering period 6 . 7 and period 8 homes and I also have a PDF to guide you in terms of crystal grids for relationship again romantic relationship  or non romantic relationship, you can use the crystal grids and you can also tell you where you can put them in your home.

Okay, thank you everyone for your time. You guys are beautiful. I am so honored, you guys. Have a great day, take care.


Inner Feng Shui for Relationships

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The Best Feng Shui Elements for your home vs Best Elements for you

Today we are talking about Best elements this topic came about and I realized, I needed to talk about this even though I’ve mentioned it before but I need to specifically focus a show on it because there’s a lot of confusion, there’s a lot of misuse in terms of Best Elements. Okay,first I’m going to talk about Best Element for you, okay your Best Element contrary to popular belief it. Oh and another thing, I’ll backtrack before I talk a little bit more on this. Why do you need to use Best Element in that certain situations when you use the Best Element then you boost the auspicious energy that you’re trying to boost, basically, right? And we know in Feng Shui where those of you who are maybe just newbies in the Feng Shui journey, in Feng Shui, there’s five elements, okay?

Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal. Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal.

And there are a couple of ways to use the Best Elements and I’m going to go into that on this live stream so the first one is your personal Best Element. Now many people have the misconception or have been lied to which
is even worse that their Best Element is based on the year that they are born so let’s say that they are born in the year of the Wood Rabbit. They believe they think or they are told that makes wood their best element simply because they’re born in the year of the wood rabbit – that is not true, okay? Because if you follow that you might actually be doing a disservice to yourself because Chinese astrology is definitely more in-depth than that okay.

How is the best element actually derived is by the year and the month that you are born. Year and month but month we specifically look at the season. What season is that, what is the element of the season so for instance winter if you’re born during the winter then the element of that season is water, okay? If you’re born in the fall the element of the season is is metal. If you’re born in summer the element of the season is fire, right? And spring is wood. Okay, there’s no earth season and so we look at the season that you are born and the element of the day that you are born so just like every year has an element, every month and every season has an element, every day has an element and every hour month and every season has an element, every day has an element and every hour element we look at the day and the season that you are born. And honestly there’s no fast calculation on this when I was trained in Chinese Astrology the portion on best element is seriously
like this thick. So it’s not something that I can cover on a live stream here.

My best recommendation if you want to know your best element is to actually go and get a consult with a Chinese astrologer. Don’t come to me because I no longer take clients on that for that but work with a Chinese astrologer, yes to get your best element. What is the best element for? Okay, the best element is really good for you to figure out your best career path, your best business path and those of you guys who were in Manifesting Code, you have like a more thorough video on this but I will and by the way if you want to check out Manifesting Code the link is here. The Manifesting Code, you can check that out after you’re done with this video here so once you know what your best elements are you then know what are the best career paths
for you, what’s the best industry, what are the best kinds of companies for you to work for,  what’s the best kind of business for you to start even what are the best kinds of stocks or businesses for you to invest in, right? So just as really quickly is I’ll tell you in a nutshell what each elements are. So fire is if you think about the Sun right, it’s got a wide reach so fires like media, entertainment. the food industry, metaphysical religion based and spiritual based industries and marketing and PR I’m not sure if I mentioned that. Okay earth is is mining
it’s anything related to let’s say pottery or ceramics things around crystals. Some grandmasters say insurance is part of like a like a trust-based it’s not so insurance is under there but for me insurance it’s actually metal element because it’s a financial service.

That’s my take on that.Other earth would be construction okay. Metal, metal element if you think about back then right well even now money coins gold – that’s metal.That’s anything financial related okay so the banking industry. Anything related relating to law and the judiciary or the army that’s metal as well because if you think about war and military and whatever there’s the sword right that’s very strong metal so that’s a metal element. The legal system right judiciary, that’s metal. Anything around numbers like numbers driven like data and
statistics into that and things like that that’s also metal. Water element –  water if you think about the image of water it starts from the mountain it flows into the creek then to the river then to the larger River and then the
sea so it’s constantly moving anything that’s constantly moving it’s very likely a water element.So water element Industries would be import/export, the cleaning services industries, retail any like beverage industries like coca-cola would be would be water right. What else? Oh travel and tourism, that’s water. Wood
industries if you think about a farmer and Chinese astrology is actually a lot about imagery you guys so wood  industry would be like a farmer planting seeds, watching them grow, nurturing them  and then harvesting them right so um industry such as teaching, consulting, training, coaching, HR those because you’re guiding people in terms of their your their strengths and weaknesses ,your nurturing, their talent and things like that.Okay any creative industries are very likely a wood element as well like fashion industry because cotton comes from plants which is wood. Print and publishing well at least you know like online print and publishing it’s still considered wood but it’s also a little bit of fire oven, oh technology is fire.

Sorry forgot to mention that um so printing publishing because paper comes from trees right so most creative and diverse fall under wood element. What am I missing? Did I say fire, wood, metal, environmentally, Shantanu is asking – that’s that’s actually so I was gonna say this a little bit later but nowadays nothing is cut and dry just one element by the way so environmentalist, Shantanu is asking right off the gate I would say wood but let’s say if you were an environmentalist and you’re fighting for let’s say sea pollution then that would be wood element with elements of water in there. Okay? What is it that I’m missing terms of elements did I cover all five haha I did Fire I did, Metal, Wood, I’m blanking out here I did Earth, shoot someone. To be honest with you my blood pressure today is a little high so I’m a little fuzzy okay? I think I covered it all so how you use these how you use these elements is – thank you Joyce – how you use these elements is like I said if you are trying to figure out your career path, once you know what your best elements are then you try to do that okay as best as you can if you’re already in your 60s or or you’re close to retirement and you’re trying to figure out what you can do I mean, we try to be a realistic right which is why I I tell my clients especially the ones who have that college-aged kids like kids who are going into college I normally do recommend that they do their birth the birth charts for the kids so that we can see as astrologers, we can see the strengths and weaknesses, their passion. What their higher purpose is and also where they would be more fulfilled. Now I have, you know parents who want their kids to be doctor, as engineer, as accountants or whatever and your kid can be successful in it but question is will they be happy?

Will they be fulfilled, it’s their life mission going to be let down by this path that you’ve chosen for them that is not in their best element, right? So as parents we need to think about that. You ultimately want your child to not just make money but also be happy with what they do, be fulfilled with what they do right? And if you want to start a business you figure out your best elements and you start your business in these areas. If you have money that you want to invest right you go to the stock exchange or whatever you’re like okay I want to buy some company stocks what kind of companies then you look at them let’s say if you want to buy stock for Facebook that’s fire because fire is internet if you if your best element is water then maybe you buy stocks for Airbus or Boeing or whatever because transportation is metal, right? That is the usage. A lot of people come to me and recently I have to admit I got one where I was I got a little bit impatient in that “Safrina, what’s the color the best color for my wallet??” Okay true talk here are you guys okay tough love if you haven’t done your Feng Shui – the best color for your wallet will do nothing for you. If you want more money yet you don’t do
the action to open up the opportunities to bring that money in, having a wallet with your best color, best element will do nothing for you, okay? I know it is so easy to be sold the idea oh by this lucky Feng Shui wallet and you will ensure that your all you always have money in there. Guess what what puts money in your wallet right, what puts money in your wallet? It’s through, you know it’s through you attracting money. The wallet does nothing, okay not on its own. If I were to give a percentage of how important is it for you to wear let’s say if wood is your best element how important is it for you to be wearing green top to toe, green wallet, green shoes, green underwear right it won’t help much if the Feng Shui of your home is bad or if your actions do not align with success. Now, my best element is fire, one of my best elements so you’re gonna see I have red in my
hair and uh if you want to know your money element it’s actually the element that you control so this gets a little bit deep I might actually, you guys in a Manifesting Code, I will do a separate little thing on this but oh
those of you in Feng Shui 2018 actually you get a calendar and the calendar actually tells you what your money elements are, okay? So blue is my money element therefore you see actually on this side I have like the bluish or like the dark purple which is considered a  water element but why am I doing this like obviously I have you know this is fire as well right but I don’t just wear my best element I make it maybe my accessories and everything  but my Feng Shui is done to the maximum if I want to make money, the blue hair is not gonna give me money okay just because I have blue on my body doesn’t mean that’s gonna make me money I’m just aligned with my element but I also make sure that I build up my business right so that’s the thing do not spend, do not lose sleep over getting the right color for your wallet, do you guys hear me?

You think I am spending too much time on this – you have no idea how many people message me on Facebook asking me about best color for wallet okay? No shortcuts there are no shortcuts.You can wear your best elements but that should be your last resort. The first thing for you to do is to do your Feng Shui. The second thing you need to do is to deal with your inner energy with your meditation, with self-sabotage, with your karmic energy, those are the things it’s more work but those are the things that will transform your life.

Okay so what are the colors? The colors for Earth are anything ground tones anything you know earthy. The colors for metal are white and and grey,s any shades of grey and any metallic color so like gold and silver and platinum aluminum, chrome. The color for fire is red, yellows and oranges. The color for water is black, black there’s only one black I guess unless maybe more blacks. Black and blues. The element for Wood is any shade of green okay, very simple. “Oh Safrina, what about what about this green what about this green?” Are they green? If they’re green they are wood. Honestly, stop over complicating things okay? “Oh, Safrina, this this yellow is more orangey than more yellow well orange and yellow are both fire by the way? Why are you losing sleep over this, honestly? So and Tess is saying gold so is gold Metal or is gold Fire, you know what it’s fine if it’s both right? Again don’t over complicate things and I think we were talking about oh we were talking about some industries are actually straddling two elements and that is fine as long as one of the element is your personal good element that is totally okay. Now the misconception now we’re going into the Feng Shui part now the misconception is people think now that okay – let’s say that my best element is Water that I need to paint my room blue because my best element is water – nah this is where the line stops. Your best element has
nothing to do with how you do your Feng Shui placements okay and I again I hear this over and over and over again this is something that you guys need to totally divorce but totally separate yourself from that, okay? Your personal Feng Shui or your personal best element has no application in your home Feng Shui. Two separate entities. Now best elements for your home, I wish, I wish, I wish there is like some of you guys you’re probably still doing fast-food Feng Shui right some of you guys think that the element or the east and the southeast is Wood therefore you paint or you use green color in there. That the north is a Water element you put blues in there that North West and West is Metal and you put more metal in there and then north east south west is Earth and you put Earth elements in there. No. Wrong way of doing it.

Classical Flying Star Feng Shui the activation and the remedy is based on the energy based on the mountain star and the water star of the home. Now this is where things start to get complicated and start to get confusing. So let’s say, you have a mountain star and so if you guys look at oh I should have made a  made an example here. Maybe I can – let me see if I can do a quick screenshot. Oh anyway, if you guys don’t know what
a flying start grid looks like you can kind of maybe just google it right now so you have the the grid in front of you it’s a three by three box right with larger numbers in the center and the smaller number is in the top left and the top right boxes. This happens for all the boxes all the nine boxes right. The top left box is the mountain star that affects your health in your relationship. The top right number affects your, that’s your water star that affects any financially related issue. So your career your business, your investments, okay? So in terms of how do you what what is the needed element for a room it’s depending on the mountain star and the water star whether you want to remedy it or you want to activate it so you this is probably where I’m gonna lose the bulk of you guys especially if Flying Star Feng Shui is new to you but let’s say you have a seven in the mountain star and a nine as a water star, nine is a negative energy right? Especially a mountain star it can mean third party in your relationship, it can be it is  illness you can trigger illness and stress. It can trigger accidents, mishaps so you definitely want to remedy that. Number seven is a Metal element what weakens Metal again if you want to do that’s uh a classical Feng Shui you need to be well versed in the five element
Theory.What weakens metal you guys who have been following me for a while or have learned through me in Feng Shui, my annual function webinars and in Manifesting Code what weakens Metal? I’m looking for comments here –  Water, Water weakens metal so then you need blue or black in that room okay?

But good job Renee, good job Joyce but the nine in your water star which is a Fire element nine is a Fire element and that’s your your water that’s the element that is activated or activates money energy so you then say “oh my gosh,Safrina, if I put Water in the room, it’s the fire for my money”, right which is kind of true so what you do is for that you put Fire elements to activate it, you can turn on the light right have you know have a little bit more reds or yellows or oranges there right so you know there is no clear-cut sometimes it’s like you you do get into a situation like 3 & 4 right 3 as the mountains star for as the water star if you, 3 which is bad for conflicts you know arguments or relationship and stuff like that right so if your relationship is very volatile and you want to remedy that number 3 you put Fire right to remedy that but then that Fire element also weakens the 4 in your water star which affects your money so then what do you do right so usually in this case you know it’s not just the Feng Shui, I teach my clients especially you guys in Manifesting Code, I teach my clients how to attract more love relationship, more love energy, health energy, money energy not just through Feng Shui but
through other manifesting tools other spiritual tools because sometimes Feng Shui has a glass ceiling in terms of where or how much it can help you.

Just like if you remedy if you remedy one thing you’re also reducing the good luck somewhere else. It does happen so in the case of the 3 on the top left and the four on the top right I will go for remedying the top left because what’s the point of money if you’re always you know you’re always arguing with your husband. What’s the point of money if you’re estranged from your your siblings that’s it right so you remedy the negative first and foremost and because the money energy now is also weakened by the remedy right because what what you’re fixing also unfortunately weakened for positive energy then you boost that up with your spiritual tools with your manifesting tools with your action okay, make smart money, career business decisions right that’s how you do it so um so that is that is basically the gist of it if you guys have any questions you let me know but elements- just as a recap – elements where the home is based on the energy of the home, elements for you is based on your birth chart, okay?

Can you combine the two? No. So let’s say if the best element for your bedroom is blue, you can wear blue if water is your best element okay or you can yeah so things like that. any questions otherwise I’m like oh wow
we’re at like 40 minutes maybe about 30. Does that make sense you guys, did you learn something? Did you realize you’ve been doing it correctly? Did you realize you’ve been doing it the wrong way maybe? . I have a
feeling most of you guys have been doing it the wrong way. Oh another really good reason when I do birth charts for my clients. I only do it for my Feng Shui clients the ones who do the full consult with me. But for me personally knowing your best element above and beyond the money related stuff right above and beyond
knowing what career to go into what business to go into what kind of investments for you to do is also health which is really important okay health is wealth so if Fire is your best element energy healing and spiritual healing is really good oh by the way disclaimer my lawyers and I have a heart attack, if I don’t have a disclaimer um so whatever your best elements are if you are in a health situation and you need prevent intervention by um you know visiting a doctor, getting treatments and stuff like that – go for it okay? Don’t say “Oh Safrina, I did go for chemo because chemo is Metal element and it’s not my best element”. Do not do that if you need a treatment you go for the treatment and you complement it with your best element treatments.

You guys got it? Okay so if Fire is your best element then um you energy healing so there’s Reiki, there’s Qigong there’s um there’s emotional freedom technique that you guys know I love we just had a group healing session last night so energy healing, spiritual healing I do believe in prayer but don’t just pray for health you also do other necessary things to get that to get your health back okay? Metal, metal is modern medicine, its needle jabs, it’s you know it’s surgery it’s also acupuncture. Wood is you know plant based you know, plant based therapies right like traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, any herbal remedies and stuff like that you know using roots and leaves and berries and you know plant based therapies that’s Wood. Water is any liquid really so it can be juices or broths or you know like Chinese medicine for instance Chinese medicine is actually a combination of two at least the traditional way right Hi Joe – so the traditional way like the TCM doctor will give you a packet of herbs and then you make it into a soup and you drink that soup so TCM a traditional Chinese medicine it’s actually Wood and Water okay?

Just like essential oils. Essential oils are plant base but it’s it’s it’s an oily it’s in its oil right? So essential
oils are wood and water, flower remedies if you guys look to the health food store you see flower remedies those are wood and water therapies as well. So as long as one of your good element is wood or one of you
good element is water you would find that you get better results through the right element therapies. Earth, Earth is crystal healing. Earth is like some people find it therapeutic to sit in mud for instance cuz that you know it takes away all the impurities and the toxins so that. What am I missing? Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth….

I did it all okay I think. Thanks so much for watching now you know how best elements are derived. Now you know how not to use and how to use it. Seek out a Chinese astrologer if you’re interested, if you’re curious about your best element. By the way everyone in my Manifesting Code does get that part from me I look
at every month birth chart and then I send out a quick note with regards to their best elements and how to use that. Tess is asking now that business I’m running now as a gasoline station and it was not right for me um so gas station water right so if it’s not right for you I don’t know do you want to sell that business right if it’s not for you. How drastic of an action are you willing to take right? Maybe sell that business and start a new one or if you’re too far into this gas station business then maybe get another stream of income from something that is in your best element right I’m not asking people to let go of something that they’ve built for decades right? If you are a surgeon and you’ve been a surgeon for 30 years and you find out that Metal is not your best element am I going to ask you to stop being the surgeon no it’s not realistic right you’ve already spent most of your adult life building that career but maybe your investment you know your money and can be invested in your best elements yeah.

We need to be realistic as well right so if you guys are wondering about this Manifesting Code that I keep talking about over and over again look it up if you want to know a little bit more about me and other stuff that I do and my blog is on and that’s it from me this week. Thanks so
much for spending time with me and again feel free to share this with friends or family who might like this I truly truly appreciate that and I appreciate you and again. One more final call for World Refugee day. Let us all make a difference in this world even a small one okay? Take care.


Space Cleansing – Why and How to Do It

Hello, hello, it’s Safrina from Feng Shui and Prosper, it’s my it’s time for my weekly live stream my weekly show coming to you from my living room if you see the timer here we still have about just a little under five minutes before we go officially live,I just wanted to give everyone some time to come in say Hi.
Okay awesome so whoever’s watching me live right now feel free say Hi, let me know who you are and we have a very interesting topic today it actually came up as one of the topic requests – Hello Renee, welcome welcome, who else is watching? So I will try to do a show once a week so let me know if there is a – Hello Joyce – good morning to you, it’s 1:00 p.m. almost lucky at my time your afternoon but hello welcome wherever you’re from we still have about three minutes plus before I go dive into the topic for today which is about Space Cleansing or Space Clearing so hello Claire, hello Julie so if there is a topic, be it Feng Shui related or spiritual related if  there’s another topic that you’d like me to cover feel free to please comment under the video so that I can, I can see that it’s a topic that I can broach or maybe I can bring on an expert to do an interview but I would like to start doing this and I have sort of started doing this on a weekly basis except for last week I had really bad internet but you know I for this year I will go above and beyond Feng Shui, it’s not new for many of you who follow me but for some of my more official videos I will I would like to cover everything energy related be it the in the Heaven Luck or Earth Luck or Mankind Luck around okay?
So how are you guys? Tell me where you’re watching me from. Let me also share this to a couple of pages and just to keep the conversation going and also sunny and hot in Scottsdale, Arizona, amazing we’re starting to feel a little bit warmer here in Toronto and those of you if you know friends or family or whoever who might be
interested in this topic about space cleansing or space clearing please do me a favor and share this with them.

Who else is here, Renee from Clint,Texas near El Paso. Julie from Jersey City. Oh mostly Americans here I guess it will be really late over in Asia and other parts I guess in in the European countries as well. Awesome, so we are almost did someone get a haircut? Um actually, I’m hoping I don’t turn my head too much I only I only kind of did my front, I just had a shower but just had a shower so only the front is presentable I hope I don’t turn my head too much you’re gonna see my the back is still a little wet this is the reality of live shows. Mary from Ireland my goodness – is it Oh actually in the in the European countries that would be around 5:00 or 6:00 in the evening for you guys right, Mary?The front looks beautiful, thank you Joyce.
All right again before we officially start if there’s a friend or family who would be interested in today’s topic which is about cleansing and clearing your space, please feel free to have them join us on this live stream or even share it if you’re watching the replay feel free to share the replay with everyone as well so welcome timers gone to zero and this is going to be my my format where I will come hopefully once a week hopefully on Wednesdays around 1 p.m. and then just about 5 to 10 minutes prior to the show I will come on just to get a little bit more interaction with you guys know you guys a little bit more as opposed to it being just like a one-way conversation so 6 o’clock, okay perfect.
So today’s topic is about space clearing and why you need to do it and I’ll also show you a couple of ways that I’ve been clearing my space and there’s other ways of doing it but I’ll share with you what I’ve been doing for the
past years and years as well if you if you tuned in especially if you guys are a little bit more intuitive tune in to
this space and if you feel like the space is a little bit that they have the energy is a little bit dense or if it feels you
know maybe you feel fine but when you come into the house you start feeling panicky or whatever that is a really
good sign that the energy it’s a lot of energy needs a little bit of a lift. And it helps it helps remedy or it helps
heal your home where the energy is concerned. Now, oh I should have mentioned this earlier is well well I do believe and I do practice space cleansing and space clearing and some will argue with me some will disagree with me but it is not Feng Shui, okay? So even though I covered this in my livestream do not see it as a
Feng Shui practice, okay? I’m not saying it’s again I do it myself but do not confuse it as a Feng Shui principle.
Just like decluttering is not Feng Shui, just like putting vision boards it’s not really Feng Shui or you know or putting symbolic things like for instance if you want a relationship and you display a poster of a very amorous couple like I call those Law of Attraction placements. Those are not Feng Shui, do not confuse that I’m not saying don’t do it I actually love doing all those things it’s just it’s a separate branch in terms of changing the energy, in terms of putting forth into the universe into your space the kind of intentionthat you want to attract into your life, okay? We got that. Yes, Joyce is saying sometimes she needs to cleanse some space after spending time with someone who is very draining or very toxic. That’s a really good thing to like after a party it’s also really good just so you know everyone else’s energy doesn’t just stick around. Especially someone who is negative, right? Some of you guys may be doing after your in-laws leave – for instance.
So in a nutshell that basically is it and some of you guys who are a little bit more intuitive and I think that speaks to speaks to quite a few of you followers of mine. If you meditate if you do a lot of spiritual work if you’re a regular Reiki practitioner or any type if you’re in tune with energy.If you sense that something is off energetically even after you do your Feng Shui placements something still feels off it’s a really good idea to do with a cleansing. And it’s very interesting and so cleansing has many different, there’s many different reasons to do it but spiritual energy it’s because you’re at home it’s so important for you to keep the energy of your space as healthy as clean as supportive and as light filled as possible.So if you feel like especially for instance if it’s a home that has been in your family for many generations there could be some generational energy that’s just been hanging around, right and we’ll talk about generation at cleansing generational energies in your home then that’s a really good way to a really good reason to cleanse your space and also if you if you just feel like those of you guys in Manifesting Code some some of you come to me and say “Hey Safrina, I tried the meditation, I tried whatever..” one way to but you you say  you’re trying to do the tools but you’re not getting the you’re not getting insights from your meditations you’re
not getting insights from your Akashic record journey or not getting insights from your journaling, whatever it may be one way to kind of support you in that spiritual journey a little bit more is also to cleanse your space. Because some spaces block that almost like a block around you where the messages don’t come through as much as possible so it’s not always you it’s not always your Ego mind, that is blocking the answer sometimes – it is the space, it is the energy.
So let’s see here – How is it so far? How many of you already have a practice in terms of cleansing your
space? And how many of you don’t. Right, feel free to comment there, as well I would love to hear. So let’s just get into the nitty-gritty here. And I’ve got some notes just to make sure I don’t miss out on anything.
Okay. What is very important in any metaphysical or spiritual work is intention and what I mean by that is don’t just do the rituals for the sake of doing the rituals. You need to kind off center yourself as much as possible and have the intention of needing your ritual half way in terms of okay you’re doing the cleansing ritual to cleanse the space but you need to also be present. You need to also have the intention and the intention can be in a form of a prayer, the intention can be in a form of mantra or simply being present is good enough. I don’t want you to, I prefer you not to do the ritual just for the sake of okay – Check, today I cleanse my space and we’re good to go – No.
It doesn’t work as well that way.
So focus on the intention. Don’t just burn and spray and you’re gonna you’re gonna hear what I mean by that. All right, just making sure I have my stuff around me.So there’s a couple of ways that I personally do it. Again there’s other ways other ways that it can be done but I have no experience in it but I will go over them in a minute if we have the time. So first I want to talk about using incense and saging and using resins.So incense is pretty much so this is what I have I don’t know if the camera can focus maybe not this is a Japanese brand it’s called Morningstar and my husband and I we love this because the incense stick it’s pretty short if you can’t see it’s pretty short so it burns pretty quickly. I remember getting a sandal an incense from like a Jamaican grocery store and it was really long I think it took close to three hours to burn down but that one it’s easy so what I do, I just burned this and I and I personally I keep it simple I do it very similarly so either it’s an incense or a resin or sage I just I just light them up and I go around room by room.
Again trust your intuition if your intuition tells you that you need to linger in a room a little bit longer or even you know even if it’s not intuition if you feel if someone has just been pretty ill or there’s been an argument happening in a certain place or maybe maybe you do it longer in the kitchen because someone just you know had a mini fire there or something. If wherever you feel it needs a little bit more energetic support you linger around that space a little more. I like to do it room by room, okay?
And while you’re and we were talking about intention a little bit earlier is you can again it really is up to you there is no hard and fast rules, right? You can simply use your religious background or your spiritual background some of you are Wiccan some of you are you know whatever Taoists or Christians or whatever just have have a prayer in mind or you can even say your prayer while you’re going around so the other one is do I not have my lighterso um and the other one is – Oh actually I think I jumped up a little bit. In terms of incense any type of incense really can work but personally I prefer sandalwood because sandalwood, it assists in it’s a very it’s been used in Buddhist temples for you know many many decades now, because it is deemed as setting the connection and reconnection with your spirituality with a higher realm of energy so it also assists in quieting the mind so you can also start listening to the subtle voice. And before I do my meditation I do have a little bit more of a preference in terms of using frankincense and sandalwood because personally I find my meditation goes deeper when I have either of these two burning.
And we’ll talk about oils but I even put a little bit of frankincense oil on my third eye and and trust me in your meditation if you feel a little bit of a struggle with your meditation or your visualization that will help you anchor into the energy and you’ll get a bit more breakthrough that way, okay? Sandalwood also helps elevate you from your current consciousness and your current belief system and this is great in terms of your Mankind Luck, especially if you feel stuck somewhere the sandalwood is really good to unstick that and get the energy moving, okay?
And then there’s the sage. Some of you guys are –  it’s really bright where I am, I don’t know why. Okay, here’s the sage. It’s basically sage leaves but bundled up and these guys are readily available I think you can get them online. You can get them in metaphysical stores or more spiritual based stores. If you have a sage plant I’ve never tried this myself but I know people who basically make their own the sage bundles. If you have a sage plant I think that you just dry it you kind of  dry upside upside down and you basically tie it right if you guys can
see there’s strings here right. So and I love how it smells actually so again just like the incense I just burn it again with an intention. It can be a mantra, can be a chant, it can be a prayer, it can be just help me cleanse this space, right? Spirit, universe whatever help me cleanse the space make it a supportive space for health and rejuvenation and family and love, okay?
So again I just light it and I go around the room. I would light it I will sometimes I do light it more than once because it does go out but when I light it I put it in a heatproof dish if you don’t have a heatproof dish like this you can use Pyrex because I don’t think that will break or anything that can take the heat a heatproof bowl. So light it and then I just use my hands to kind of guide the the smoke in in what do you call that in Native American tradition they use feather as I believe. I think that’s just just an option but and these feathers and like a shell or something but this one yeah I just walked through and cleanse the space with combined with my intention.
Do you know that essential oils are also great for space cleansing and this is great for those of you guys who are a little bit more sensitive to the smoke so this is a really good alternative. So it can be like a little spray like this.
This is actually a spray that I leave in my bathroom four times when you need a little bit of a room you know there aromatherapy support so half fill half the bottle with witch hazel and the other hand with distilled water distilled water not regular tap water, okay?
Some will argue regular tap water is fine but personally I find distilled water works better for me and then so half witch hazel, half distilled water and about twenty five to thirty five drops of essential oils.
Now where essential oils are concerned the highest quality that you can afford – go for it. Especially in terms of cleansing of face and I’ll tell you why I’ve used these essential oil room sprays for years and years now and I used to buy them from other brands other stores like I realize I noticed that when I use those brands, the scent doesn’t last it doesn’t last in in the room which kind of makes me wonder you know in terms of the quality. Once I switched to my preferred brand right now and I’ll put in my link in the PDF as well as here later on is called doTERRA, once I spray it and even after like and an hour we’re going in I can still smell a hint of it so meaning for me in my very unscientific opinion is that the molecules or whatever of the of the oil because they’re essential oils from plants, right? So that for me means higher quality so I’m very very happy when I realize that. So this one here for instance is with lemongrass and lemongrass is actually a great space cleanser not just for the bathroom but I first time I got turned into lemongrass as a space cleanser is when I was in a wellness clinic and so what lemongrass does is it dispels and I actually have a bottle of lemongrass here this is my beautiful oh my god it just smells really great already immediately uplifts me.
So lemongrass dispels feelings of despondency, despair and lethargy, okay? It helps you let go of limiting beliefs, toxic energies, it helps you move forward and commit to a healing path for those of you guys who are hoarders either physical hoarder,s right? You hoard a lot of stuff in your space or emotional and psychological hoarders meaning it’s hard for you to let go of certain emotions or certain thoughts lemongrass is amazing and helping you move, break away from that and move forward.If you guys don’t believe me in terms of the power of essential oils – give this a try. If you feel like it’s hard for you to let go either something or someone or some memory – lemongrass is gonna start moving you helping you get the momentum forward without being held back, okay? So lemongrass so I just this one actually has lemongrass in there already so I just spray it I use that in the bathroom because I love the scent as well.
White fir I don’t have the white fir with me right now but this is white fir was one of them that I suggested to a client because she is very she is very in tune with the energy but she felt like generational karma or generational energy is weighing down, weighing her down in her home. She says she always has a headache when she comes home so white fir is great for generational issues passed down from family member to family member and this can be in terms of substance abuse, emotional abuse even physical abuse and also really good in letting go of anger too so especially this would be great the white fir would be great after a conflict.
So frankincense I have my go to frankincense – oh this one is frankincense okay? My frankincense essential oil here. Again I do it in a spray bottle and it’s great to cleanse a space especially before a spiritual exercise such as meditating, such as journalling, you know doing a forgiveness work and so on and so forth.
Bergamot, oh I do have very good Bergamot but I don’t have it on me right now but Bergamot has a nice citrusy smell to it and I love Bergamot especially in my Earl Grey tea but bergamot is also great in your cleansing spray because it invites you to clear away stagnant energy or limiting beliefs as well because limiting beliefs just keep you stuck, doesn’t it? And it’s also good for a lot of the because Bergamot has a little bit of that greenish tinge it’s also great for the heart chakra work and I’m not saying you spray it on your heart but if you feel like your space or even yourself if you’re struggling with issues of not feeling lovable, not feeling good enough or if you’re hiding behind a mask right you’re not good enough to project your real self to the world, Bergamot is really good in this, okay? Especially if there is a situation where you’re kind of stuck you spray this in her room it won’t turn it 180 degrees but it will help facilitate the healing, okay?
Another one that I don’t have on me because I just finished it it’s it’s from again my favorite brand which is doTERRA but the doTERRA purify is a blend and the name it’s all pure if I already tells us what it does so it’s a blend of a lemon, lime Siberian furneedle, citronella, tea tree, cilantro yes all that. So it facilitates emotional breakthroughs so in order to receive you need to also release a couple of you
know in in order to receive you also need to allow yourself to release that which is no longer serving and supporting you so this blend the purified blend will help you release the old so you’re also more open to the new, okay?
So those are the ones those I might go to but once in a while when I feel like I need additional support in the home, I do a visualization and I’m not going to go through like maybe I should have prepared to go through one here but basically you can do a cleanse either with the incense or sage or resin or with the essential oil and then you can sit down and you can do a meditation.
The main gist of it is to meditate and put your home in like a light bubble as a light light as in bright right and let the light either you know it can be light from the Sun or light from the moon when you’re doing a full moon ritual this is really good to kind of do your visualization as well so your home is it’s being surrounded by this bubble and there’s light being infused inside the bubble and let the light just cleanse energetically cleanse the home this is a really good meditation to protect the home as well so while it’s cleansing it’s also protecting. This is one a really good way to do even if you’re not at home, right?
Let’s say you’re traveling and the news of something happening at home you can do this visualization to kind of elevate the energy a little bit, okay?
And other ways that I don’t have is a sound healing so I don’t, some sound healers they use like a bell, they hit the discs the metal discs together and the ringing of the Bell or the disc, cleanses the space and some of you have the I actually have a cleansing bowl but it’s in a different room right now not too prepared for this live stream but you it’s it’s a bowl where and some healers use crystal bowl they are a little bit more pricey but if you’re interested in that you can definitely explore that so the the sound of the the bowl will ring throughout the space and that also elevates the vibration of the energy. If you are a Reiki Master obviously I can’t show this because I’m not a Reiki Master if you’re a Reiki Master I believe they can or if you know someone who is they can also kind of I don’t know what they do to be honest but I know it they can kind of support the energy of the space as well with their whatever Reiki techniques, okay? That is pretty much it for me – let me see in terms of questions.
Elana says I heard that the sage removes negative and positive energies, I do not believe so because otherwise why would someone want to do something that also gets rid of the positive energies and I personally when I tune into a space after it’s been cleansed I personally don’t think that that is true okay? Diana says I like the last one you demonstrate it could you type the name of all the things we are using because I’ve never done cleansing and I don’t know any of them.
Diana, you’re in Manifesting Code right? So I will have additional information in the future modules in terms of cleansing your space. I will definitely do that but for those of you guys who want my PDF –  type PDF in your comment and once I have the one sheet is gonna list up all the stuff that I have mentioned earlier – I’ll send it to you via Messenger.
And again if you know of anyone who will be interested in what I’m sharing today, feel free to share with them the video. Ethel says after my work, I sprayed my body to remove all bad energy from my coworkers – yes. You can actually, some of the essential oils are really good as a body spray I personally just dab them most of the time I just dabbed them like behind my ears and also depending on what Chakra usually I do it on my in in my around my heart area as well I really do love smelling my oils so I really like putting it somewhere where I can smell it as well. Marnie says can we mix salt in essential oil in a spray – I don’t know about salt. Be really careful with salt because salt can actually ruin salt can actually ruin your furniture if you’re not careful and it’ll ruin metal as well right so if so I wouldn’t personally I wouldn’t recommend salt in your room spray. Why do we need witch hazel in the room spray some of you are probably wondering is because essential oils are oil, oils don’t mix with water but the witch hazel actually allows them to combine a little bit better, okay?
Ashley, any help for career please? Are you talking about cleansing a space for your career? you can do it in your work space, if you feel stuck in your job, you can do it in your work space but again you need the right intention when you’re doing it. Renee, is there the way to cleanse the car. Use a smaller small spray or if you want you can you know you can use the incense or the sage, the scents might stick a little bit in your car not sure people will think that you’ve been smoking but that’s definitely one way of doing it.
Joyce says I’ve heard that some oil should not be placed directly on the skin not sure which one’s can and which
can’t. That is correct some essential oils are fold I think the term is phototropic in that when you put it on your skin you should not go immediately out in the sun.
For me I don’t know I have thick skin so I haven’t found and oh and these oils are usually those of you guys who are  Aromatologist, Anne you might be able to help me but most of these oils I believe are citrus oils so I think Bergamot would be one of them, lemon maybe but yeah those are the ones you can put them onthe skin just it should not be exposed in the sun immediately, okay? And Ashley is saying, you’re an artist you’re not getting sales so cleansing the space – are you in the gallery? Cleansing the space can help but you need to do more than that now again you need to meet the energy halfway what are you doing in terms of getting yourself more visible either your work or yourself as an artist. What is your art maybe a little bit more unique in that it’s more attractive to a certain niche type of people either demographically or psychographically, right? You’re at home okay?
Are you using social media to to push your work forward, the cleansing can cleanse your space but it will just do a call out in to your buyers to have them come, okay? You need to do the Mankind Luck you need to do the work in terms of increasing the sales as well now I used to work in a “Feng Shui” store, right? Some of you guys know I used to work in a Feng Shui store selling all sorts of stuff that I know now you don’t need to do Feng Shui, right and there were days where the whole day would come and go and I’m almost closing up and no one
came into the store and it’s a “Feng Shui” store, okay? That is when red flags started happening in my head because I’m like this is this store sells Feng Shui stuff and why have we not made a single sale today? And so I would cleanse the space I would do it with the sandalwood but to be honest it didn’t help that much so so cleanse the space but you also need to figure out what else you need to do to meet that energy halfway.
If you’re elevating the energy of the space in your home right that is that is Earth Luck okay same as Feng Shui, you’re doing it based on Earth Luck What is it in your heaven look and what is it in your mankind like that is missing? And with that in point I hope it’s okay for me to share with you guys Manifesting Code you will see the link to Manifesting Code here if you want a little bit more information on that is there there are no tool not one tool on its own can change your life, okay? I didn’t want to talk about this today but I guess Ashley’s comment kind of trigger that so I think I should address that so anything in your life that want to change you need to look at the Heaven Luck, the Earth Luck, in the Mankind Luck those of you guys who follow me I know you’re sick and tired to hear me say this but I do need to say this because many of you guys are not listening unfortunately or you need a little bit more reminder just doing Feng Shui is not enough, just doing Law of Attraction is not enough, just looking at your astrology like if you’re a dragon sign is not enough, be it in your relationship or your health or your spiritual work like we’re talking about cleansing right? Whatever it is, whatever area in your life that you want to activate you need to ask yourself the hard question – what are you missing?
So that’s the thing. I wish Feng Shui on its own can change your life and that is not the truth unfortunately. You need to combine your Feng Shui work with your own determination which is your Mankind Luck, your own discipline, your own willingness to look at what’s not working and fix it and you also need to look, be open to looking at the Heaven Luck what’s happened in your past life and how is it affecting your current life. What’s happening in your current past right the past which is up until today in your current life what has what what are the spiritual lessons that you are meant to learn that you haven’t learned because unless you learn the lesson from it the same things gonna the same the same lesson the same spiritual lesson is going to keep rearing its head to hopefully one day you get it, right?
And such so Manifesting Code here is where I talk about the Heaven Luck, the Earth Luck and the Mankind Luck and you guys some of you guys who are watching are in there right now.
These are courageous people who are willing to do the work who are committed in their spiritual path and in changing the trajectory of their life to put in the work and the time and the effort to change the energy should shift the energy in their Heaven Luck, the Earth Luck and the Mankind Luck and those are the ones who are finally seeing issues that have been hounding them for years, it’s starting to see resolution. If you want change, it doesn’t happen overnight. I wish it does, I wish I have the secret key to give you something that can change your life overnight but I don’t think it’s out there, okay?
Joyce is asking is witch hazel a carrier oil or should it be a Jojoba fractionator oil. Oh witch hazel is not a carrier oil because it’s not an oil the witch hazel is actually watery, it’s more like water but look it’s like a yeah it’s it’s like a water consistency without the scent you would actually think it’s water but don’t confuse it as a carrier oil,okay?
Donna is saying I’m confused with charity work, that there is a right kind. Could you elaborate? Oh okay um so for instance if you want to get pregnant it’s very simple if you want to get pregnant you do charity work with you know organizations that work with children. If you want to shift your health right, let’s say you’re struggling with cancer you do more charity work with cancer related organizations if you have a past life where you murder at someone and you want to ship that karmic debt then you do more charity work relating to let’s say supporting people who okay let’s say let’s say in your past life you were a drunk driver and you hit someone and that person die right. Once you figure that out and that energy is and you realize that energy is affecting your current life or even if it happened in your current life right then you do charity work in terms of supporting families who are left poor affected by drunk driving uh if you want to oh I like this if you want to increase the abundance through your business then you do charity work that supports other entrepreneurs right like that’s a really easy one to do if you want to shift the energy in your career maybe do charity work through organizations that help that help kids with you know career counseling or something like that right something that is you don’t have to I just feel like it just gives that the additional additional push right, additional boost in terms of shifting the energy for you.
Julie says but for your body or use jojoba but okay that must be a conversation that I’m missing here. Oh Julie says I am an aroma therapist and always need a carrier oil to put it on your skin because pure they can burn your skin like almond oil or coconut oil is best. Listen to the aroma therapist but I like mine neat, to be honest and even and again some of you guys will not like to hear this but doTERRA oils are very pure I actually ingest mine. Not all of them but I have my grapefruit essential oil I have my ginger essential oil there’s a copaiba central oil that’s actually good for pain management. And some of you will cringe when I say again if it’s not high therapeutic grade do not do it because it’s not pure enough but I do that with mine again maybe I just have really thick skin essential oil neat just doesn’t affect me at all but if you want to be safe definitely mix it.
Renee is saying for me Jing Chi turns into Chi went into okay so maybe the cleansing of the space will refine into what she’s who is trying to manifest what? I’m not sure I think there’s a I’m missing the link in the conversation here okay so uh we are going, whoa we are almost an hour in so I will I will leave you guys here. Again those of you who want the PDF I can’t guarantee I can’t promise when I’ll finish it it just popped up to me that you guys might actually want this written out but I’ll do it in a PDF format probably just one white sheet if you guys want a copy of this just comment PDF under this video and I’ll message you and send it to you when we’re ready.

If you would like a PDF of the space cleansing methods I covered above, please click HERE to grab your free copy!

When Should You Feng Shui for 2018 Year of Earth Dog?

Video transcription:
Hello, everyone. It’s Safrina from Feng Shui and Prosper, and I wanted to do a quick Livestream with you guys because I just released the registration page for my highly anticipated annual Feng Shui Webinar. So I got this question which is why I wanted to address it here is that we just went into August and so the live event the webinar is happening on October 23rd at 7:30p.m. Eastern standard time so that’s Toronto time here. I’ve already gotten people who say especially the ones who are in a different time zone. I’ve gotten a couple of emails from people who say they’re going to take the day off because it’s going to be during the day time for them. So as you can see this is a highly highly anticipated event. I think this is the fourth year that I’ve been doing this now and last year, I had about 400 people register, with I think almost 200 maybe even 300 people actually watching me live. I don’t remember the numbers now. so I am I’m putting up the intention that I will be attracting double if not triple that amount this year. Because obviously I’m getting so much more visibility on proper classical Feng Shui now. Now the question:

Sorry, just to go back to the topic of this video…So for everyone who is already registered? Congratulations on saving your seat. I have super early bird pricing for the first hundred people. Yes, Monica, I saw your registration come through as well-super early bird pricing for the first hundred people. Why am I doing it this way because I love especially you guys who are in my Business Coaching group. You know I love to reward fast action takers because you know what if you look at successful people, they’re fast action takers. They’re fast Decision-Makers, that’s why they’re successful. They see an opportunity to jump on it. Those who are not so successful –
they sit on the fences right and you’re not going anywhere.You’re not making any decisions that could potentially make a big positive change in your life here,fear and worry just keeps you stuck.

So the first hundred people are my fast action takers and fast decision makers, so you get to register for $68

After that, it’s going to go up to $88. It’s not a big price jump. But I know some people you know they want to save the $20 and after we hit the $88 is going to go up to$108 so We have three months away from the event and I’m working on the Feng Shui and Astrology Calendar for you guys, I’m working on the workbook for you guys. So those of you who register -You’re going to get the workbooks Maybe in the last two or three weeks leading up to the event because I want to make sure that there are no mistakes, no typos and anything like that so…

Going into the topic of today’s video is

When should you start to get your house Feng Shui ready for 2018? Why am I doing the event in October when Chinese New Year – I don’t even remember the date. Now is usually around the end of January early February. The reason why is:

The Energy starts shifting into the new year at the end of the previous year, so even though the calendar the date doesn’t turn into 2018 right? For for the Chinese new Year like January February The Energy, in my experience in my 8,9 years as a Feng Shui consultant now, the energy of the new Year actually starts taking hold. I have seen it as quickly as October so for us to get ready to get your house ready for 2018 –

You need to at least have the information on what you need to place by October. At the very latest December. Personally, I do my new year placements around October, November. Some of the really important ones I even start doing it end of September right? So hey Julie. Hey, Nuriel.

So and I say this over and over again But I just want to hit it home in that to get ready for 2018 especially number 5 so the number 5 Flying star is going to fly to the north. If you guys have a front door or a bedroom or a kitchen in the north you need to know how to remedy that and those remedies need to be in place for me, at the latest December because the number five acts very quickly. And holds on to the space very quickly. The number 5 act so quickly like if the New Year is in February. And you have an afflicted room like important area and that happens to fall where the number five is people start seeing the negative effects from the first month. Right? This I see this over and over again now. I know there are certain consultants out there that think there’s no point in getting the house ready until the New Year – I can tell you. For all the theories and formulas that I learned from my Grand Master I also add into my own observation and in fact my master tells me that my sense of observation is –

Hey Minerva, I just saw your registration come through just pop down on the screen.

So, in my observation a lot of the clients start feeling the New Year’s energy, especially the negative energy
Like a few months before the new year even turns. So hey, Aiman thanks for sharing my video appreciate it. So that’s that’s the thing. The energy doesn’t just leap into the new energy at the strike of midnight. It’s slowly transitions, just like I’m actually working on a couple of big homes right now where working on the Blueprint level and I asked my client –

Are you building this house as an investment or you’re going to be living in this? Because if you’re living in this house or actually even as an investment to be honest with you, for any homes you actually don’t build it for Period 8 right now. Because Period 8 is starting to go away.Right? Period 8 officially ends in 2024 but you know what? The period nine energy is already starting to get itself felt here.

Same thing right?

So you get yourself at this point at the year of 2017 and we’re getting close to 2018 if you guys are building your house? Or doing preparing to do big renovations on your own your home? You need to work with a consultant to make sure that it’s going to be auspicious going into Period 9. Forget about period eight. You’re just wasting your money if you’re building your home up on Period 8. Okay, same thing with that annual placement.

You know I still have my 2017 webinar for sale. People are still buying it because there’s still a few months left And feel free to do that, but at this point your eye on the prize is to get your home prepared for 2018. And going back to the month right, those who have been doing some Feng Shui learning with me privately or or with my Business Coaching, you guys – Oh actually you guys are going to get this is my 2017 Calendar here. But you guys are going to get the 2018 calendar as well. It’s not quite done yet but hey –

Hey, Sylvie, and I just got the registration from Michelle. I don’t know if she’s watching the live, but I just – see? Like the first hundred seats, I have a feeling it’s going to go in like two weeks max. I’d be really surprised if the first hundred seats with these super early bird pricing will last longer than that, so

Just sharing with you guys like let’s say October, right? October in the Chinese calendar doesn’t start until October 8th in the the first day of the month in the Chinese calendar. Starts for the for the Yang Metal Dog month doesn’t start until October 8th in the Gregorian calendar, right? So I get my clients ready. For the new month at the even a week before the month turned.

Right you guys who…especially the ones who did the full in-depth consultation with me. You know what I’m talking about. So that’s the thing my theory, and I don’t think a lot of consultants actually talk about this – my theory and and my belief my conviction is that you need to prepare for the next energy that’s coming through a little bit before it actually officially turns into that period. So I’m just gonna – that’s pretty much my explanation as to why I’m starting my registration so early this is the reason why I’m doing the event on October 23rd instead of in January of 2018 because once we do the webinar on the 23rd,I wish I could do it do it sooner in October you guys, but again date selection. That’s the best date for me.

October 23rd you guys get the webinar you get the workbook, you get the calendar right? And you can plan the rest of the year. Take two or three weeks to plan out your placement and get it placed by like November at the latest December. That’s how I want to protect you guys for the new year. Again especially if your front door, if your kitchen if your bedroom is in the north especially if actually your important areas are in the east as well.

Especially if you have important areas in the northwest or you have important areas in the southeast. So there’s actually four directions that you guys need to be a little bit more cognizant of for next year. So those are the things that I want to get you prepared for. So you know so I know between now and the webinar, there’s a chunk of time, but I’m gonna you know definitely work really hard to get the workbooks and the calendar out for you guys and the calendar especially if you guys have a business you use the calendar and you plan out your business, right? You plan on all your marketing strategies you plan out all you know do your date selection for that? Even if you guys don’t have a business whatever important activities that you have coming up for 2018.

Once you have a calendar, You will know how to plot that too and in the webinar you guys who have been on my webinar You know it runs like average of three hours right and because I’m going to get so many people watching me live I’m going to try to go to as many of your questions as possible.

I might even stay a little bit longer if you know if the internet doesn’t crash but yeah, you guys are going to get a whole ton of information about 2018 and how you can prepare for that. Especially if 2017 has bitten you in the behind, you want to make sure that you really ride the wave of what 2018 has to offer to you.

So thanks so much for watching, you guys.If you haven’t yet registered again, I at this point. I probably only have about 50 seats left for these super early bird pricing remember.I just released a sales page like 18 hours ago, so the super early bird pricing at $68 is for the first hundred people who snap up there who reserve their seats.I’m going to put up the link on the post

But it is FengShui2018.getresponse, Feng I’m going to put up the link in the comment, I’m going to put up the link in the description of the video as well. I’m looking forward to seeing your registrations come through so we can make you o we can make 2018 the Year of the Earth Dog a kick-butt year for you, alright? Thanks for watching guys – Take care.







Intuition and Business


Hey guys, it’s Safrina i actually just finished a coaching call with a business client of mine and I got an inspirational hit which is why I’m doing this live stream right now so if you are looking at the title if I put down intuition and business what space does intuition have in your business or what space are you allowing intuition to have in your business. The reason why I’m asking is that business being in business is a very scary journey. Especially right before you start because entrepreneurship feels like it’s very unfamiliar like you don’t have – Hey Neeta, welcome entrepreneurship or being starting your own business feels unfamiliar because you don’t have a boss to you know manage around. And you feel like if there’s any failures or any challenges that it’s all up to you to address and it’s all your fault if anything bad happens in business. And maybe you’re not you know you’re telling yourself you’re not ready for all that. So the thing about business is or being entrepreneurial of starting your entrepreneurial journey is that it’s the biggest – it’s a strongest path to self development because it pushes you to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. It pushes you to it forces you actually, to be honest with yourself in terms of what are you weakness what are your strengths you know. How are you maybe even in self-denial or self sabotaging even your own gifts to the world – hey Tracy how’s it going.
So intuition I was like I mentioned earlier I just finished coaching call with a private coaching client of mine and she had – she had a lot of money energy in her chart. Okay however she’s struggling. So even when I looked at the Feng Shui of her place it wasn’t it wasn’t pointing to financial struggles and definitely there were easy ways for her to activate better you know prosperous flow in her home and once she does that she she she will definitely see a shift in her finances. But remember I always operate at three levels right, The Heaven luck, The Earth luck and The Mankind luck.The Heaven luck is your astrological chart your karma, your destiny. The Earth luck is your feng shui right which is your external energy. And then The Mankind Luck gives the internal energy, now what are your thoughts, what kind of thought patterns do you have, what kind of emotional patterns do you have.
Where business is concerned if you’re always fearful and even fearful of your own talent, of your own gift, of your own ability to change other people’s lives. Then the best Feng Shui or the strongest money energy and the astrological chart is not going to be able to bring you across the finish line. You’ll need to process finish line yourself, okay? And that means doing things or acting or just making decisions or taking actions that are so scary. And then you end up not doing it or you let procrastination kind of come in the way. So I tell this client of mine to her intuitive powers are actually very strong based upon her astrology so her question went so how do I tap into that intuition? How do I know if this is what I need to do for my business? So I told her obviously to meditate. Hey Zed Raquel welcome – and so I told my client to meditate because meditation allows us to have a direct connection with our higher self, a connection with our inner self a connection with God a connection to the universe. Hey Najwa – and that connection usually almost all the time wants what is best for you. So when you’re meditating on a business question, let’s say okay – should I be investing in working with a coach or should I be putting eight thousand dollar advertising with this newspaper or should I be taking on a partner or should I be adding another product line into my business which will need a lot of like you know capital investment. When these scary business decisions come up and you can meditate on that. Okay?
Because as a spiritual entrepreneurs, our products and services are here to bring a light into our clients, customers and patients world you could be, Hey Diana – you could be a jewelry store but there’s a spiritual service there when someone who has worked hard all her life and saved up for like a string of pearl necklace and she goes to your store and buy some string of pearl necklace to you. That’s a spiritual service, that’s you being the vehicle and helping her claim her worth her worthiness of having abundance in her life. Having physical you know, material possessions that she cherishes right? It doesn’t matter what business or what product or what service you have. There’s always a spiritual component to it and if you can tap into that spiritual component and make sure, Hey Len – and make sure that your business thrives because that is how you serve and support your clients customers and patients, that makes you a spiritual entrepreneur that makes you answering your call.
But going back to her question, about how do I make sure when I’m meditating, that the answer that I’m getting is intuition or my higher self or God speaking through me or how do I basically her question was – how do I know that’s the message that I meant to hear. So a big tip is that or let me backtrack a little bit so there’s the our higher self our God mind or our universal mind however you want to call it there’s that higher voice vs the Eagle voice okay? So when you’re meditating on a business question or a life question relationship or health or whatever. When you’re meditating on a question and you’re seeking guidance. We seeking an answer, the first hit that comes to you is usually the intuition is usually your higher self. The only thing is it only has like split second to occupy your heart in your mind before the Eagle mind swoops in and plays on your insecurities plays on your fear, it plays on your worry plays, on your self sabotage, plays on your self-denial. And will give you an answer that takes you away from your higher path. Which is why a lot of people say well, I meditated on it I got an answer I acted on it and it didn’t work. It’s because the Eagle mind and a lot of us we’ve operated our lives and made our decisions and take an action based on ego based thinking ego-based feeling. And because of that our Eagle voice so much stronger than our intuitive voice. The intuitive voice compared to the Eagle voice, the internal voices like this meek little voice in the back of our head, back of our heart, back of our inner eye that sees and feels and thinks the way we need to see and feel and think. But it’s very soft only because we don’t allow it to be strong only because we’re afraid of giving power to it and so when the eagle mind sees that and comes into your meditation and capitalizes on all the fears and worries and lack of self-worth lack of self-confident, lack of self image. Whatever it is that were that were challenged with that feeds the Eagle mind and then it gives us an answer. And we take that answer and we run with it.
The eagle so the one key but well not just just the one but the first key in knowing what if intuition and one is what is Eagle is what is that first hit that comes to you when you ask that question when is that first hit you. Listen to it, receive it, accept it and act on that. That is faith, that is using your faith and your spirituality and the authenticity of the message coming through you and working that in not just in your business but in any area in your life. And sometimes the answers are things that you never thought of and then you’ll you get that first intuitive fit and you’re like really you want me to do this? But the key is to trust and the more you learn to trust your intuition, the stronger your intuition is going to come through you, then the stronger that voice is going to be. Like some people they have really strong intuition and they have no problem listening to it right? All of us can get there.
I do a lot of my business decisions when I meditate right? But unless and until you can protect your meditative space energetically so that the Eagle doesn’t come in unless until you know how to do that then you need to be more aware, okay, it’s that person to rid of it okay and then the second piece to knowing okay? Is that the intuition or is that the eagle has talking to me is really what is it telling you to do. If it’s keeping you in the space of fear, of lack. If you’re keeping you in the space of hopelessness or helplessness Or if it’s keeping you in the face of fear and worry, then you know it’s very likely the eagle that’s talking to you. Because what makes the eagle strong and powerful is for it to hold us back in our lives for it to hold us back from the mission that is calling us, Hey Mariana – welcome.
The Eagle mind knowing the Eagle mind, your awareness of the Eagle-mind of its power over you and then through that awareness if you start saying no to the Eagle mind and start saying yes to your intuition to a higher self to your Universal Mind to your God mind whatever you want to call it, that’s when we get into ease and flow. When you start living in faith that’s when many miracles even bigger miracles come through. I’ve seen it happened in my life and it’s just the biggest the biggest breakthroughs come from opening yourself up to faith. The biggest breakthroughs in life and especially in business comes from the other side of taking or making a decision or taking an action that scares the pants off of you. Because it’s so out of your familiar box right behind that action right? Behind that decision is usually a life changing point. And a lot of us don’t do it because we feel the fear and we cower and we hide. And I’ve done that, I’ve done it , I’m not saying I’m perfect. And there’s been many many times where I do my meditation and I ask for an answer, I take the easier route and I listen to the eagle mind. I’m not saying that I’m a hundred percent you know, immune to it.
We all have our challenges around overcoming the eagle mind and in fact I truly believe that’s our biggest spiritual lesson for everyone in this world, is really to overcome that eagle mind so that our connection with ourselves, our connection with our higher self that always always always has our best intention at heart. That’s miraculous living, that’s inspired living. That’s how you get into the flow and that’s how you really turn on the tap of abundance right? Especially in business so i’m sure this in a different live stream before but that was hard I had a client that intuitively I knew I shouldn’t work with right? So I worked it out and say okay you know, what I’m gonna because she has an 8,000 – well just under eight like seven thousand square foot home if she wanted me to Feng Shui, I renovate but the energy just felt off right the energy felt off and so I gave her a quote which is a higher quote, because it’s a huge house. There’s going to be a lot of time on my end, invested to make sure that everything is is following the Feng Shui Principles, right? Initially she bolts and then she came back to me via email and I was like, oh my gosh even with that coach she still wants to work with me so the eagle mind was like – oh man I finally arrived i quoted someone five figures to do some sway and she said yes, right? But there’s something internally that just didn’t sit well. It’s not very obvious, to be honest with you it’s just things that have been picking up from my communication with this potential client. And then I told my husband I’m like it just doesn’t feel like I should be working with her and I meditated on it and it felt really good in terms of not taking this person on as my client. And then there’s the eagle mind that comes in – Whoa, you’re going to say no to a five-figure consulting gig? Like sure she can be a pain in the behind but you know just take the cheque, cash it, do the work and you know get out of her way right ,that’s the eagle mind talking. And then you know, there’s the message of when else are you going to get another chance like this to work on a beautiful home in a very affluent neighborhood there’s going to be you know testimonials what people are going to be wondering who did the house and stuff like that that’s the Eagle mind.
Piping through my meditation and even my daily living, right? I’m doing other stuff and that eagle mind is just like screaming in my ear. And I go back to meditation – should I or should I not take this person as a client? And it was like no doubt in my soul not just my heart but deep in my soul that this person is not aligned with my values not align with my integrity not align with how what to deal how I how I want to do my work right? I don’t cut corners so I emailed her back and I said you know what um I believe there’s unfortunately no fit in this I wish you well I gave her a few other names of other classical Feng Shui consultants that she can and I said I wish you well I’m not able to take on this project and and that was it. And it felt so good it never felt so good to reject a five figure income to be honest with you. And even my husband the funny thing about my husband is usually when he looks at the amount of money and you’ll feel he’ll be like the Eagle my hope you might just do it just take the money you do a work and be done with it. But he asked me he was like would you be able to replace the five figures with with other smaller consulting gigs. I’m like – heck yeah and then guess what a week after that I had other smaller gigs but they made up for what I lost in that one.
So taking that on faith, I took that intuitive hit on faith and I also have faith that the universe always has my back. That even though I said no to this client that other opportunities are going to come my way, and I’m going to make up for it or more right? And I have to tell you if this came to me three maybe four years ago i have taken it. I wouldn’t even have to meditate on that i will feel the unease in my soul but i would just push push push it aside and do it, right? So but to be honest I was very proud of myself for taking that intuitive message and having faith that there’s more abundance for me and the universe and God just let other miracles unfold in my life. Because I took a stand in not cutting corners. I took the stand in only putting out work with integrity. I took a stand with only working with my highest and best clients right? So that is my share for you guys for this live stream, in that sure business is scary. Business is many many many many nights of sleepless nights many nights of nightmares maybe even. Tracy says with said the more I admire you and looking forward to be able to attend your course it’s truly not all about the money. Exactly, it’s truly it really is the money is the gravy and it’s hard to get there to be honest with you. Because I mean especially when you start doing this, right? Any every little bit counts. You almost tell yourself, so I don’t care how the money comes in, right? I just need the money because I need to pay my bills. That’s fine – everyone has those phases in life and business. Everyone has that I went through it, right? I went through that and I am happy that now that I have those of you guys who watch my webinar, Feng Shui for your business webinar you will have heard me talk about the magnetic client attraction system that I used in my business. It took me a few years to actually have that solid system in place, right? Which I now teach my current students on how to do that in six months. And watch with me I would say like three years I would give them my students of the building blocks in six months. However fast they want to build their building is up to them but I’m giving them the bricks, okay? These are the bricks that you put on the foundational level of these are the second level bridge like I get all that to them within six months of working with me, yeah .
So it took me a while to get to that point where I don’t need to work for money and the more I stand in that space, the more prosperity comes to me because the thing about Law of Attraction the more desperate and frustrated you are the more you’re actually pushing it away whatever it is that you desire we love or health or money, right? The secret to magnetizing your desires is being clear that you want it that you want it in your life being claiming your worth that you are worthy of that which you want to manifest and then at the same time relinquishing your control about when it happens, how it happens, right? I mean I have my income goal for this year, I don’t mind sharing it with you guys my income goal is half a million dollars my big hairy scary goal with half a million dollars for this year. And just saying it gives me like pitter-patter in my heart but I’m going to work towards it I’m not going to let my procrastination my fear, my worry, my what ifs, my buts – I’m not going to let that get in the way. It’s going to come in my brain space or in my heart space for a few seconds but I’ve cultivated my inner strength enough, that I will see it and I will let push it aside. And I will let fear and the prosperous energy guide the rest of the way right and my intuition and God and my angels and my spirit guides guide me the rest of the way. That is how I build my business really so everyone has space for that okay there’s always spiritual guidance in building your business so that you can impact more clients customers and patients. And so that you can make more money doing it, right?
Money is not a dirty word it’s great to have money because then you can have more options in life then you can help more people right? Through your philanthropic work and stuff like that so don’t make money the dirty word here and don’t make intuition the dirty word, here going back to why back to the topic of this live stream so I’m just going to leave maybe making this a five minute live stream but I guess you guys know me it’s never short with me. So thank you for the likes, I would love it if you guys share this video with other spiritual entrepreneurs who might resonate with allowing intuition to come through especially building their business. And if you guys have any feedback or comments feel free to put it under this video I’d love to hear your feedback and comments, okay? You guys have a great day — Take Care.

How do you boost for prosperity if you don’t have an income stream?

Hello, everyone! It’s Safrina, as usual. I’m just gonna give it a few minutes so people can join me, hopefully, but i wanted to do a scope. And as per my headline, there are many different types of prosperity. And yeah, I wanted to talk about this topic because I got a really interesting question on my YouTube channel and he gave me a…

Hello, welcome! And so this question I got from my YouTube channel and the question was, “When you’re trying to activate your money corners in Feng Shui and again, let me reiterate for those of you who have not heard me say this. In Classical Feng Shui, you actually have up to three money corners. Not just one, okay?

Fast food Feng Shui is going to tell you “you only have one,” but based on Classical Feng Shui, there’s actually three and even certain periods and certain phasing could have a fourth — not as strong — but
a fourth money corner as well. So the question was, if you are not working and you’re activating for money, then how does that work? So his example was, okay, let’s say my aunt or my mom doesn’t work or is retired or whatever, how does it make sense to activate for money? Well, my answer to him was that you still activate for money but then the financial prosperity will come in other forms.

So let’s say, if you are retired or you’re a housewife or whatever, if you activate your money corners with
Feng Shui, then other opportunities will come, right? It could be, let’s say, you’re going on your travels.

Let’s say you’re embarking on a 10-country travel and whatever, but you happen to have friends in all those 10 countries and they all asked you to stay with them while you’re in town. And this is actually what’s happened to my husband’s aunt who just came to visit as in Toronto and then I think she’s left to the States and going to the UK and Paris and Turkey.

I’m not sure, but in almost every country that she’s traveling to and — she’s in her seventies — in every country that she’s traveling to, she stays with friends or family. And that is prosperity because she gets to save a lot of money. Like she doesn’t have to pay for hotel lets say, you’re activating for money and you go out, you’re meeting with friends and family and somehow or other people always pay for you.

Not that you’re expecting them to pay for you, but they happily pay for your meal. Bring you out to dinner, watch movies and stuff like that. Or even if someone gives you gift cards. That is a form of prosperity as well, so when you activate your money corner, you don’t just activate for monetary results.

You also have the potential to be activating non-monetary stuff. So, people giving you things or giving you furniture or things like that. Or even if you’re living with family. So you’re living rent-free and mortgage-free, that is activating for prosperity as well.

So those of you guys who are watching me live right now, what do you think about this? What do you think about me saying that there are many different forms of prosperity? And I do believe that money isn’t the only thing that’s important.

You also want good relationships; you also want great health. So, for those of you who are watching me
live or watching the replay, this is what I want you to take away in that be open to the universe’s idea that the definition of prosperity is so vast. So vast. And when I do Chinese astrology for some of my clients, when I see wealth in their birth chart and they’re like, “No, you know, it’s not really like money didn’t actually come, but another really good example about prosperity is also connections.

Let’s say, you come in contact with someone who has a really vast network. And through that person, you get clients and referrals and whatever either career referrals or business referrals, that’s also another form of non-monetary prosperity as well. So, think outside the money box and hopefully I’m not going to cut off because it’s telling me that my connection internet connection is weak.

So, I don’t want you to think that by activating the money corner that it’s only cold hard cash that you’ll be
activating you definitely be able to activate for other stuff as well. And I also want to have you keep your eyes out for those kinds of opportunities because like I don’t want you to activate for your money and then
you’re just sitting there waiting for the monetary stuff to come in and yet you miss out on the non-monetary thing, which can also make quite a big bit of an impact in your life. So, that’s pretty much what I wanted to remind you of, okay? So for those of you guys whether you’ve worked with me one-on-one or done my group programs and stuff like that, remember to always open your eyes to how the universe is giving you abundance and prosperity in more ways than one.

And I have a question for you guys here — for those of you who went to my website (, some of you may not know that I had a 12-week online program. It’s an online group program where I actually go through everyone’s layouts and we talked about how to activate the important areas in the home. I do have a waiting list for that although because of my schedule right now, I don’t think I will be offering the 12-week group program anytime soon, however spirit or the universe spoke to me last night, like midnight. I was about to go to sleep and an idea came to me…

Okay, I’m back.

Neth, you’re asking me how to activate the money corner?

Okay, I wish I could give you a quick answer, but it really is figure out what period are you based on the year
that you moved into your home, so it’s likely period seven or period eight. If you moved in between 1998-2000 for your period seven.

If you moved into your home between 2004 until now, you’re period 8.

So, that’s one. Second is you need to know what is you’re facing. So you need to take a compass; you go to
the facing of your building or your home and you take a compass reading. And you write that down. And then, based on the period and the facing of your home then based on Flying Star Feng Shui, then you can figure out your three money corners. And just before I got a little bit cut off earlier, this is what I wanted to run past you guys in that that’s what I taught my students during the 12-week program in that how to find the three money corners as well as how to activate them.

But again, because of my schedule, I looked at my schedule I don’t think i’ll be offering than 12 weeks because it’s a lot. It’s a big chunk of time. And it’s weekly group calls, which I don’t think I can commit to right now, but would you be interested in a self-study four-week program?

So it’s a digital program.

It’s a self-study meaning you don’t really have access to me, but you have videos, you have handouts.
And the videos would go through like explain them. I think I do my explanations in the video quite succinctly.

So, the four-week home study digital program will go through just like what Neth is asking how to (1) find your three money corners, (2) how to activate those money corners and if you have areas that are not good for finances, how do you actually remedy them? But this is self-study.

I still haven’t figured out how much I’m going to price it. It will be, you know, I’m not gonna price it like higher
because you don’t have access to me. So that’s the only thing because right now I am a little bit busy. I am actually stepping away from one-on-one consultations as well simply because i don’t really have the
bandwidth for that. I’m working with more corporate clients at the moment, as well as my six-month Stand Out and Prosper Group Program, which is for spiritual entrepreneurs who want to use Feng Shui, marketing and mindset to really boost their business. So, between all that, I’m not able to offer the 12-week group program anymore.

For what I call the Wealth Qi Program, so the message that I got from spirit or the universe last night was that, maybe make like a smaller course — a four-week course where we only talked about how to activate for money in Feng Shui. I’m not gonna touch on health or relationship because again that we that makes it a really big program, which you know, as a home study, might be a little bit too overwhelming. But would you be — for those of you guys watching me right now, tell me right now — would you be interested in this?

Again, what it encompasses is you get handouts, you get PDFs that you can print out. You get videos from me and it’s self-study, so every week, you’ll get new modules coming out emailed to you or you can access it on a special website. And we figure out your three wealth corners, how to activate it, how to remedy your
financially weak corners and the final module is actually how to do water placements which I know a lot of you guys want to know about. And a bonus module about where to put your money bowl.

I know you guys heard about money vase or wealth vase. We actually don’t do well vases but there is a money bowl and that is based on the year that you’re born. So, those are the things that I’m thinking of.

I haven’t actually put it together, but if you guys are — I’m not seeing any feedback here, so I guess I shouldn’t do it? No one is commenting on the video whether or not they would be interested in it, so maybe I shouldn’t offer it, but that’s just one way for me to be able to get the right information out there to you guys.

This obviously is good for people who are good self-paced learners, okay?

If you need a lot of hand-holding, then maybe this is not the best way to do it. Maybe a one-hour consult with me might be the best one for you, so I’m just kind of playing around with options here because like I said I am stepping away from one-on-one consultations. I’m not pushing it as hard anymore especially full consultations because that one takes hours from me, which I don’t have.

I don’t mind doing the 1-hour consultations. I can fit them into my schedule pretty easily, but the full
consultations — it’s because I give so much information to my clients. The report takes many hours for me to
finish and I looked through everything. So I am trying to step off from full consultations for residential. I’m only doing that for businesses and corporations right now, but there for residential, you still have the option of doing the one-hour consultation with me, which I’m still taking on. So, if either that a one-hour consultation with me for you residential guys or take this self-study meaning no access to me.

But I will try to explain everything as clearly as possible; and you guys, you figure it out as best as you
can and I’m going to try. Again, this is all kind of something that I’m throwing out there but maybe if you getthat self-study program, you might have access to my monthly Q&A calls where you can actually ask me questions but the Q&A calls are kind of fluid as well it happens when I have time in my schedule. So, that’s the thing, right? I want to support as many people as possible, but I also need to make sure that I have time for my family and I have time to take care of myself because I only have 4 hours sleep last night, you guys, between the work that I’m doing for my two businesses and other stuff. I only have 4 hours of sleep and I haven’t napped so I’m a little bit rundown. And I need to make sure that I’m not so run down that I fall ill. So, I want to be able to support as many people as possible, but at the same time, honor me, my time, my value and my expertise. And there’s a lot more things that I’m gonna live stream about that just came to the fore. And the next one I’m going to title it, “I’m Gonna Save You $800,” so maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

So, watch out for that title because that’s a very interesting one.

Anyway, it’s at 15 minutes right now. I’m not going to take out too much of your time, but let me know under this video whether or not you would be interested in a self-paced four-week program to activate money in your home.

Okay? Let me know. If I don’t get a lot of yeses on this, then I’m just going to forget it because I don’t want to spend too much time on something that people don’t want. So, you guys have a great day! It’s Friday! I don’t know if i’m going to do a lot of hard core work for the rest of this afternoon before I pick up my daughter,
but I might need to because it’s been a long night of working. Anyway, you guys, thanks for watching!

Either you watched me live or watch my replay. Take care! Looking forward to hear your feedback!

How do you gain a competitive edge in life and in business?


Video transcription:
Darting my eyes a little bit because I am looking at you guys here at Periscope as well as my other webcam and we’re
doing a Google Hangout as well. So, for those of you guys who are not familiar with me, I am Safrina Kadri and I am a Classical Feng Shui consultant and I helped my client’s achieve peak financial flow in their life as well as in their business.. Mitch, you say you’re still in the garage? So you’re like just coming out of your car, getting home?

Well, I’m glad that I could be the last person you speak to before you go to bed.

It sounds like so — Thank you, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you on my scope. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a scope, but I just went to Vegas a few days ago and I got back to Toronto and that was for a business. I guess it’s a mastermind with a whole bunch of other high-level, like serious in terms of what they want to do and what they want to achieve in their life and in their business. And I’m coming home still kind of in a high, but with a lot of information that I want to implement in my business.

And it gave me the prompts, I guess I should say, to do this scope and the title is “How Do You Gain a Competitive Advantage in Business and also in Life” and it got me to — Thank you for the hearts, everyone! I’m gonna be asking for more hearts if you like what or if you are resonating with what i’m talking about. So, it got me to thinking, obviously, as a business owner, as an
entrepreneur, “How do I gain competitive advantage not only among other Feng Shui consultants but as a business, as a whole?” And I’ve seen other patterns in my life where I realized in situations where I got the best outcome possible is when I was looking for an angle that made me a little bit different from other people. And I would love for you guys to share with me
how you feel in what area in life have you gained that competitive advantage, and what kind of results that gave you. So, why do we need that competitive advantage? Because there are billions and billions of people in this world; and whether you own a business or whether you’ve worked for someone else, success really depends on how you stand out. And how do you do that where in a sea of other people doing very similar things that you do, either on your career path or in your business,
other people who do the same products or the same services that you do? How do you put yourself forth in that — Reck5767, not a problem! Hopefully you will be right back.

We have quite a few viewers on Hangout as well. So, that’s great.

Sorry, lost my train of thought there. Yes, so in terms of gaining competitive advantage, visibility is key.

Now, a lot of people think — because I’ve been a Feng Shui consultant — people think that — And by the way, for those of you
guys who are not familiar with Feng Shui, I’ll give you a nutshell in terms of what it is. So, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese wisdom that where we can calculate what kind of energy is in a space. Is it a prosperous energy? Maybe that space even has an energy that’s not so prosperous? Sometimes, when you hear people — let’s say they move into a new house; and they’re like, “I don’t know man, ever since we moved into our house, things just started falling apart. My husband and I — we started arguing more, maybe we started getting sick a little bit more, maybe someone lost their job, or maybe business wasn’t doing good — that usually means that the space that they are in, doesn’t have abundant prosperous space to help them in terms of getting better
luck, in health, in relationships and in business or career. So, Feng Shui is an ancient study where we can actually calculate what’s going on space-wise. You can call me the “space whisperer” if you want. And if there are negative energies anywhere, with Feng Shui, we can remedy it. And on the flip side, if there’s auspicious positive energy, then with Feng Shui, you can
activate that a little bit more.

So, people think just because I’m a Feng Shui consultant, then things that are gonna be “hunkydory” a hundred percent of a time. I wish that was the case, but I’m gonna let you down a little bit that Feng Shui is not magic. It’s not voodoo.

It’s helping me working with the energy of my space so that I do get better opportunities coming around….

So, Li Linn on YouTube! Hey, Li Linn! You guys watching the Google Hangout, you can comment, by the way. I’m going to see that as well.

So, with me, even in my 6-7 years as a business consultant — actually, almost 8 years now as a Feng Shui consultant.
I still need to think like an entrepreneur, not just as a Feng Shui consultant. I still need to think in terms of how do I make — Hi, Studio31 Salon! Thanks for joining — how do I make my consulting business stand out? Because I did build it part-time for 6 years, but when I want full time 2 years ago, like this is not a hobby business anymore.

I need to be seriously focused on how do I make my business stand out; because if you don’t stand out, especially in business, you guys; if you don’t stand out, you will stay as the best kept secret in the world for your industry. And that’s not where you want to be because if you’re a secret, your clients are not gonna be able to find you and how are they going to give you money in exchange for your product or service if they can’t find you? So, my competitive advantage is I learned about social media especially Facebook and I learned about video marketing. And if you guys are in business and you’re not doing video be it Periscope or webinars or even even like pre-taped videos (it doesn’t have to be livestreaming), you are leaving a lot of money on the table because I would say, at this point, probably it’s just my data, but from the other entrepreneurs or business owners that I’ve been talking to, it seems like it’s still almost 90% of business owners are not on video as yet.

So, if you want to gain that competitive advantage, that’s what you need to do.

Even in, let’s say, dating. What’s your competitive advantage? For me — I can only talk about me — so, my husband and I – we’ve been together for 14 years. However, prior to us meeting, I was so sick and tired of the dating scene.

My average was four first dates a week. So, it wasn’t from the lack of putting myself out there. I was definitely out there.

My competitive advantage and taking dating into almost like a business metaphor is that I made sure that my package was properly marketed in front of the right audience so that what I am prepared to offer is what my audience wants. So, I had a personal profile on Yahoo Personals (I don’t think they’re around anymore. This is 14-15 years ago). Yahoo Personals and my bio — again, taking it as a business analogy. It’s almost like a sales page.

I had a nice photo and my title pretty much was”Am one who can party on a Saturday night and bake muffins on a Sunday morning.” I have to admit, that headline gained a lot of interest but that really who I was.

I thought I was about 22 at that time. Anyway, I was 22 at that time so I can party up a storm. University student, but at the same time I can be the homie, you know, lounging-on-the-couch kind of girl as well. So, I wanted someone who was prepared for that. So, then my husband saw my profile. We had our first date mid-November 2002, We got married 10 months after our first
date and we’re still married. Because he saw my ad, he saw my bio, and that was the competitive advantage in terms of him.

He wanted also someone who had that combination of fun and yet — not seriousness — but fun and stability at the same time.
He loves my cooking, by the way. I think I spoiled him for other women. But that was my competitive advantage in dating.

And years ago, when I was still building my consulting business part-time, I was not really happy in my job. It was great; it paid the bills. How many of us know that? It paid the bills, we’re comfortable, we don’t wanna rock the boat but you know what I was dragging myself out of bed every morning and it was not a good feeling. I wasn’t too ready to take my Feng Shui business full time as yet. So, what I did was I started putting my fillers out there. So my competitive advantage was, in terms of as a career person, I researched the heck out of the companies that I wanted to apply to. I looked at their company website, their videos if they have it. Like I really turned it inside-out and I narrowed it down to 5 companies.

And what’s my competitive advantage in this point?

I called each of those 5 companies, I asked for the hiring manager for these positions. Some of them were like, “Oh, just email it to me.” I’m like, “Yes, I will email but I would still like to know the hiring manager’s name. Now, why do I need this? That’s when I took the name, I put it on an envelope, I printed my resume out in color (because the way I did my resume was a little bit different; black and white wasn’t good enough for me), I put some — it’s you know like how I highlighted my name in
a different color — let’s say, orange or whatever.

And the companies that I used to work for and also the company that I was working for presently — I had their logo on one side of the page and I had like the quotes of clients raving about me on that page.

If you guys wanna know the way to do this resume, you look up this book called Guerilla Job Hunting 2.0, I think. I think that’s the title.

But, anyway; so I emailed the resume but I also mailed it out. I FedEx-ed it. All these five companies — I dropped about
$20 each to FedEx my resume. And out of the five resumes, I got three call backs. Out of the three, two gave me a second interview. Both of them gave me job offers.

And this was at a point where people were finding it hard to find work. And I was actually in a position where I could
choose which companies I want to go to.

And I have to admit, I think, about maybe a year — Oh, so when I did the first interview with one of the companies, the hiring manager was like, “You know what? The office was a buzz when your resume came in FedEx-ed. Because you know why? Once they received it and they signed for it (through their tracking number), I can actually find out that it’s there. And I
actually did call to confirm that it’s there.

That’s my competitive advantage as a career person. That was how I stood out compared to other people.

And about a year or so later, we bumped into each other again and the hiring manager’s wife actually got let go and he was mentioning to her my tactic or the tactic that I learned from that book.

And he said, “You know what? You should try this because it definitely puts your name on top of all the other candidates. So, in business, in life, in career — whatever it is that you want to do, main question is: how do you stand out? Because really, if you’re missing this one key, in my opinion, you’re just allowing yourself to swim against the current needlessly.

Just be a little bit smart in terms of your strategy.

And any effort that you put in, I guarantee you, will come back many times more. It does take a little bit more time to gain that “competitive advantage,” but once the foundation is there, then you are set.

Okay? Anyway, that is my scope. I wanted to keep it quick, but hopefully that inspires you guys to really think about what it is that you can do different from the others in life, in your relationships, in your health, in your career?

The same advice can be applicable to any area in our lives.

So, thank you so much for watching, you guys. And, again, if I am new to you, please subscribe to me either on YouTube — Hey, Mitch. You’re still here! Thanks so much! I think you need to go back to bed.

It’s probably what, 6-5:30 AM in Philippines now?

I’ll see you in my next scope. Hopefully, I’ll try to do it a little bit earlier. If you haven’t subscribed to me on YouTube (for
those of you who are watching me on Google Hangout), please do so.

And — 5:10 AM in the Philippines. Thank you so much! And if you’re not yet following me either on Periscope or Twitter, I will be — Studio32 Salon, are you Ellen? I’m not sure. Ellen or is that Nikki?

Let me know who you are, but thank you.

Yeah, so, I am really pumped. I will —- Oh, Nicole. Hey Nikki! How’s it going?

Yeah, so, for my next few scopes, I will be putting a little bit more attention in terms of how you combine Feng Shui, metaphysics or spiritual tools and mindset and hardcore methodologies in building your life especially your business.

So, hopefully this resonated with you guys.

Thank you so much for the hearts! And I think I hear my daughter stirring right now in her room, so I need to go get her. I do
have a four-year old. If you guys don’t see the baby swing right behind me that I was trying to cover with my body.

Anyway, thank you so much for your time! Hopefully, we’ll reconnect again in my next Hangout or in my next scope. And you guys have a wonderful day ahead! 🙂