Flying Star Feng Shui for 2015

Will your front door be lucky in Year of the Wood Goat?

Video transcript:

Hi everyone. This is Safrina Kadri and I’m coming to you from Now we are just one day away going into 2015 and I wanted to take this chance to wish everyone a strong and happy new year ahead.

Now, the Chinese New Year is actually happening February 19th and if you’ve been following me, you know that I practice, professionally, classical feng shui and that means that the time factor is a very, very important element in our feng shui prctices.

Now what does flying star feng shui for the year 2015 have in store for us? Now, before I go further into details cos’ for this particular call I want to concentrate on your front door but Iwant to invite you to a free feng shui 2015 webinar that I am holding on January 27th at 8pm eastern time. I know it’s eastern time but hopefully I’ll get people from other parts of…. other time zones to join me and in fact I have a lot of Asian followers who have already registered and claimed their spots for the webinar. I don’t want you to miss out so claim your spot here, go to my website, there’s a simple registration form there and once you do that, just a few days prior to the webinar I will email out a workbook that’s going to…. there is some pre-work that needs… simple pre-work that needs to be done before the webinar in order for you to really prepare for the information that I’m going to share with you on January 27th. It’s going to be jam-packed, it’s going to be… I’m making it to be very different and very unique in terms of the 2015 feng shui placements that you can do for your home. So I really, really hope to see you on that call.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, for this particular hangout I wanted to concentrate mainly on the front door. Or the main entrance for your house. Or if you live in a building, the main entrance or your apartment or your condo unit. Although if you live in a building, obviously the main door, the main entrance for the building itself is also very important, but that’s kind of out of your control in terms of activating for feng shui purposes. So we’ll just work with what we can control.

So first things first. As… if you are a serious feng shui enthusiast, the one tool that you need is a compass and I’m going to show you this little compass. I actually carry this in my bag… I’ll bring it closer to… I hope it can focus a little bit. Yeah. So this is… the brand is called Silva if you can see it here but there’s other really really good compasses out in the market. Just go to a store that has a hobby aisle, let’s say fishing or camping, I’m sure they would have a good compass. So basically, the question is, how much money do I spend on a compass? Not that much really. Here in Canada and US you can buy a very decent one for $15-20. Pretty much if you can get lost in the forest and you know your compass can safely bring you out of it, then that’s the compass that you’ll want to use.

I wouldn’t use anything from the dollar store and I wouldn’t use… or well..I know a lot of the smart phones out there have the compasses as well. You can use that in combination with this. Just so… more as a cross-reference to make sure that you have the right directions. But I usually carry this little guy here in my bag when I don’t have my professional luopan cos’ that’s one’s like a few pounds heavy and really big. So when I’m in…. I use this for regular feng shui purposes or when I’m in a meeting or when I’m doing my speaking engagements and things like that. You want to make sure that you’re facing a good direction for that year too – which I will also cover at the webinar.

So for this one, first step first is get a compass. And the second step is figure out what roughly is the center of your layout. So hopefully if your layout is a square or a rectangle it makes it a little it easier. If it’s a little bit irregular-shaped, just kind of figure out as best as possible what would be the middle point of your layout. I want you to stand there with your compass in your hand and turn yourself to face your main door. So let’s say… let’s say if my main door is on this side so I’m going to turn my body and look at my compass and figure out what is the compass reading while I’m looking at my door. So this will help you determine the direction of your door in reference to your whole layout.

Why is this direction important? Because again, proper feng shui uses the compass direction North, South, East, West, Northwest, Northeast and all that. If you’re following a feng shui school that doesn’t talk about directions, that’s a good sign that you need to start researching a different feng shui school. Because classically it’s all about directions.

So now here’s the juicy information bit. I’m going to go through briefly in terms of all the directions. If your door fall in a specific direction, what will be the main energy sitting there for 2015. I’ll do a quick run-down on this one and on the webinar I’ll drill in even more in-depth in terms of more usage of the calculation so you can do your feng shui placements even more tailored to your house as opposed to a generalized video like this.

Now bear in mind that the information that I’m sharing with you here is only dealing with the annual energy. The energy of 2015, the Year of the Wood Goat. A complete feng shui audit of a space will look at three levels of energy. First level of energy is the permanent energy meaning what is the energy at the front door for as long as you live there. And then the second level of energy is the annual energy meaning, depending on the energy that’s sitting at the front door for the year, it will either make your front… the permanent energy of your front door more auspicious or it will make it less auspicious. Which is why there’s always ebbs and flows when it comes to energy. So as much as we want to… it would be great for us to feng shui the front door one time and it’ll be great… good luck and prosperous for 20 years. It just doesn’t happen that way. So the combination of the permanent energy and the annual energy is really important.

And when I do my professional consults with my clients I look into the monthly energies as well. So that, again, if there are certain months where it’s a little bit touch-and-go at the front door, I give my clients a heads up so they know what they need to do.

Okay so are you guys… if you want to pause this video, take your compass reading and figure out your front door, that will be great. If not you can always do this a little bit after, come back to this video and I will go through with the directions one by one.

So if your front door is in the northwest corner of your house, you can definitely heave a huge sigh of relief in 2015 because 2014 was a little bit of a challenge wasn’t it? For 2014, the northwest door was the most afflicted that year that put up a lot of challenges, a lot of stress, a lot of strain to whoever that was living in that house. So if this is your case, if your door is in the northwest you can definitely feel a little bit better because the energy that’s coming through that door for 2015 is more, much much better for healthy relationships especially in terms of love relationships. So that’s great news if you are single and you’re wanting to find love in 2015. It’s also great for education luck or literary luck. So one great way to activate it for 2015 is put in crystals. For boosting love luck , the common convention is to look for rose quartz so you can have a nice crystal display at the front door or around the front door, that would be great. If you want to boost education luck, then you can look up calcite crystals. There’s many many types, many many different colours, you can place those at the front door as well. But even if you don’t put the crystals for any door, mind you, for any door be it auspicious or not auspicious, usage of the door will activate the energy that’s there. Positive energy or negative energy. So in this case the northwest main door being more auspicious this year you don’t really need to put the crystals but just going in and out of that door, you’re already activating the positive qi so you would be already good to go there.

And the next one is if you have… so we’re gonna go counter clockwise. So if you have an entrance in the west direction of your house, this is unfortunately where you need to watch out. You need to be really really wary of this. If you’re in a house and if you have a separate entrance, by all means use that. Here in North America, if you’re in a house, usually there’s an entrance in the garage or there’s a side door or even a back door. So if you’re able to use that, I know it’s a little bit of a pain but I promise you, you will at the end of the year you will realize it wasn’t that bad after all. So if you have a separate, a different door you can use, definitely use that. For the remainder of 2015 you want to keep that door quiet and dark. So if you have lighting there, you want to turn it on only when you need it you know let’s say it’s at night and you want to put your shoes on. And I would put also a lot of metal there. Now classical feng shui you don’t need any Chinese-looking feng shui items to activate or remedy a specific area. Most important thing is if you have the right element, you’re good. So in terms of placing more metal items at the front door it could be as simple as a metal vase, a metal shoe bench, a metal… if you have like a… if you like to have a table by the front door by the entryway, a metal table. Or even a mirror with metal frames although be careful with mirrors at the front door. You don’t want it to reflect the door you don’t it to reflect any clutter or anything that’s unsavoury. So those are things that you can do or even like a metal umbrella holder. Really, you can really, really be creative with this and even outside of the door, if are in a house. If you can put metal planters that would be great but the caveat is usually people put soil in the planters. So if you’re able to put a planter but maybe put a fake plant that obviously doesn’t need real soil because the earth energy actually will activate the affliction in the west area even more. So planter’s great, if you need plants in there, go for fake plant just so it doesn’t need the soil.And also if you have a door at the west, anything that’s fiery I would also take it away from the area. So anything that’s red colour, any lighting, any candle features or a lot of people they maybe have those himalayan salt lamps or anything like that, I would take those away as well. After 2015 you can put them back.

And then for the southwest, if you have a door in the southwest of your house it’s definitely picking up steam in terms of the prosperous qi and actually in 2016 it’s going to be hitting that wealth money spot as well. So the southwest door is definitely gaining momentum in terms of really really positive energy. One thing that I would warn you is not to do any renovation in the southwest corner. So that means no digging, no drilling, no knocking, and even outside, no cutting down trees, no digging the earth and things like that. Other than that, you can also activate the energy by keeping that area brightly-lit. Just turn on the light at least three hours a day, you’re good to go.

And what happens if you have an entrance in the south corner. Now the south door was really really auspicious in 2014. It is getting a little bit weak for 2015. It’s a little bit touch-and-go for the year. So what’s the energy for the south door in 2015? There’s the robbery energy and I usually classify that as some thing, someone, or an opportunity being taken away from you. Figurative and literal robbery. Another form of robbery is also the robbery of health, so if you feel like your energy’s being drained or you’re falling ill a little bit more in 2015 and your door is in the south, it’s that energy at the door that’s creating havoc there. So what can you do if your door is in the south? Very simple remedy is to put a bowl of water, nothing too small. I would like a nice decorative bowl and even better if the bowl is blue that would be great. I wouldn’t put a water fountain here or a water feature, no aquarium either. Just a simple bowl of water would suffice.

And a door in the southeast this year… your door is in the southeast of the house then it will be a more challenging year in terms of stress and illness and especially if anyone in your house or in your living space has weak health, they definitely need to watch out more because the front door for 2015, the energy there is definitely not going to be supportive of the health. Very simple but very powerful remedy for this is to place a lot of metal. Just like what I’m suggesting for the west, also put a lot of metal element in the southeast door. Again, metal planter, metal shoe rack, metal coat rack, anything like that. Even like a little metal cupboard or anything like that. Just be creative, figure out what you can place there and that would be a good way to do it.

If your door is in the east, this is definitely great news especially if you’re in sales, if you’re in business because the door in the east is really supportive in terms of sales endeavours. But even if you’re not in business, having a door in the east is also really prosperous and is also gaining momentum in terms of collecting that wealth qi as well. So if you want to boost it up, again just by going in and out that door you’re already activating that. Also a career potential is actually really, really strong in the east as well. So if you’re there you definitely want to make sure that you go out there and network.

And the next one, if your door is in the northeast, it’s also a much stronger year for you as well at least in terms of a stronger front door. 2014 was a little bit challenging but 2015 will be a little bit more friendly. It’s great for career progression energy-wise and just like… similar to if your door is in the east, you also want to make sure that you go out there and network. Social life is likely to be picking up as well. And I do tend to believe that door with the northeast energy is also really ripe energy in terms of doing self development work or spiritual work. So if this is something that, if your door is in the northeast and you’re kind of contemplating on doing this kind of work, then the energy at the front door definitely will help you support you in that and you get more breakthroughs in terms of your progress. So that would be great.

And I’m going to talk about why I’m not suggesting any water fountains to activate wealth for this year. Especially since feng shui… the shui portion, shui is water obviously. So if you’re wondering why I’m not suggesting water fountains or water features or even fish tanks to activate the wealth energy in 2015, it’s not because I don’t believe in it, it’s because I believe that it’s so powerful, you need to be really really careful with water placements. I do not recommend putting in water fountains and water features only based on what you read on the internet or in books because those are very very generalized information. I wouldn’t even do it here. Water placements need to be done under professional supervision. In my seven years as a feng shui consultant I have seen a lot of DIY feng shui enthusiasts with good intention of course, they put in the water fountain and it made things worse. So you definitely don’t want to put yourself in that situation.

So that is it for me for this video and I hope this is enough information to get you started, but I really hope that you will join me at my free feng shui 2015 webinar that I am holding on January 27th. Like I mentioned earlier on the video, I will be drilling down into the flying star feng shui for 2015 even further so that you can have… the better your feng shui placements, the better your results are going to be. So the more you let go of the general information out there, the better the outcome that you can see.

So thank you so much for joining me on this hangout. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please subscribe and please register for my webinar, I would love to see you there and in the meantime, happy new year and all the success to you!

Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo – a great remedy!

Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo – a great remedy!



PROOF that the right feng shui remedies work! If you follow Flying Star Feng Shui (which is the main feng shui school that I use in my professional consults), you will know that the #7 sits in the centre of ALL spaces this month. This untimely star usually means energy drain, losing something ( person, thing or opportunity ), pettiness around you, as well as potential mishaps. So I placed this very vase of feng shui lucky bamboo in the centre of my condo and just recently realized that one of them is yellowing and dying off. I’ve had them for at least 2 years now, and these guys have absorbed the negative energy on my behalf that this month one has finally decided that it’s absorbed as much as it could.

So I will replace this one stalk, but I won’t throw it away before thanking it for the protection that it has given me.

My clients have also reported similar instances where they were doing fine for months and years and all of a sudden they suddenly start dying off. And often it also happened when the #7 is even stronger when combined with either the permanent or the annual energy of the house! That’s proof enough to me that this is more than just coincidence!

Feng Shui Items – What You Need To Know

Feng Shui Items – What You Need To Know


Video transcription:


Now, those of you who have followed my past few videos you’d know that I refer very often to this term called fast food feng shui. What I mean by fast food feng shui is.. it’s almost like when you go into a fast food joint, you order your combo all the while thinking you’re putting, ordering something and putting food in your body.But is it really food? You know,  with the recent exposes with regards to what goes in our burgers and chicken fingers and things like that, are we really putting nutrients into our body?

So fast food feng shui is very much similar to that. It’s simpler, easier feng shui to practice, and they’re made to make you think that you’re doing feng shui but it’s actually not. Where classical feng shui is concerned, the best description of feng shui especially how it was done classically is the examination of the external and the internal environment, and with an added layer of the time dimension. That is how the Masters did it before. So… especially if you want to apply a more modern version of feng shui, it doesn’t mean that you need to put a three-legged toad or a sailing ship or the 5 element pagoda or lucky coins. Or even the Happy Buddha, the Laughing Buddha. You don’t need to put all these items in your space in order to do feng shui.

Now, to be absolutely transparent with you, these fast food feng shui or what’s also known as symbolic feng shui is how I got started as well. And… results were hit and miss and it wasn’t until I got myself fully certified in classical feng shui that I realized, “You know what? If a person wants to feng shui their space from top to bottom, it doesn’t need to involve Asian-looking objects at all”.

And definitely that is a concern that some of my clients have because my clients come from all different backgrounds. All different religion in fact and most of the time they don’t want their friends and family to come into the house and know that they’ve fengshui-ed, start looking at them weird after that.

Especially my retail, commercial as well as corporate clients, they can’t have these symbolic feng shui items lying around their space because it would be hard to explain to people why they’re there in the first place. Because, as much as feng shui is mainstream nowadays, not everyone is still open to the idea.

And… especially as the businessperson you don’t necessarily want people to know what you’re doing to give yourself that competitive advantage as well. It’s nice to have some secrets up your sleeves.

So I’m just going to show to you some of the feng shui items that are very, very popular.

I have a couple of them just lying around. So…. you know, fishes. This is the arowana fish. Very very popular. Of course, in Asian culture, fish is always a symbol of wealth, a symbol of abundance, of having more than you need. Because in Mandarin, fish is called ‘yu’. And especially in Chinese New Year, you would hear very often people would wish each other “nian nian you yu” and direct translation it means every year you have ‘fish’, but remember fish means more than you need. So they’re really wishing each other, every year wishing you every year you have more than you need. So that became, translated into feng shui, it’s become a symbol of always having more than you need. But really, classical feng shui, you don’t need this to tap into the wealth energies.

And the same thing for this one too. This is a heavy little guy. Solid metal, probably about… even though it’s small it’s probably at least two pounds in terms of its weight.

So this is two fishes with a little gate here. I don’t know if you can see it, there’s this gate. And this is… this is, in symbolic feng shui, it’s usually used for someone who wants to progress in their career or for students who want to pass their exams. Because as myths have it, these fishes, when they… cos’ they swim upriver right? They face the challenges head on and they’re strong enough, if they’re strong enough to leap over this little gate, then the fishes turn into dragons. ‘Cheng long’. So that’s considered a progress, it’s considered success. So again in symbolic feng shui this is used very very often for career as well as academic progression.

And… ships. Sailing ships, especially. So these, you know, there’s… You’ve probably read that if you have your sailing ship sailing a certain direction that meant you’re bringing in good wealth energies specifically with you. So that’s another symbolic feng shui that’s very very common that you see a lot.

As well as…. Let me see what else I have here. There’s this little wu lu ( wu lou ). Again it’s painted in gold and symbolically wu lu is known as a feng shui item to boost health. Because back in China this is what they use in order to carry medicine, this is actually a gourd. Not this one but in olden China, they use the gourd as a bottle, really, and then they put the medicine in there. Which is why now in terms of symbolic feng shui if you want to boost your health, this is usually what’s recommended to boost it up.

And some of you guys are probably aware of this one as well. Maybe not as mainstream, or maybe it is, I have been out of the symbolic feng shui world for quite a while now but this definitely was something that was highly recommended when I first started out. So this is… especially if you’re familiar with Flying Star Feng Shui, the five element pagoda is usually what’s recommended to reduce the #5 Five Yellow energy which is the strongest negative energy when it comes to Flying Star Feng Shui, and that usually gives you challenges overall really, in terms of health, wealth, relationships. And also to reduce the #2 Illness Star which illness and stress. So usually in symbolic feng shui, this is what’s usually recommended to quell the Number 5 and theNumber 2.

Now, you’ve probably caught on that I call it symbolic feng shui very very often. It’s not wrong if you want to place it. I mean, a lot of the times when I go into my client’s space, they show me a whole bunch of stuff that they’ve already bought. If you already have it, I usually just help my clients incorporate that if they want, but if they don’t have it, most of the time the feng shui items that I recommend are actually things that they can get in regular home decorating stores, or even in Wal-Mart or a garden store.

So you don’t necessarily need feng shui items. So again, it’s really preferance. If you like these Asian-looking objects and you don’t mind people asking, by all means go ahead with that. But as part of my recommendations for my clients, I actually don’t have them, I don’t ask them to spend any money on these items. So a lot of the things just blend in to whatever interior, whatever decor that they already have in place.

Now, these are what I… I mean other people may have different opinions and I’m maybe putting myself out there and making a lot of people upset, but this is what I call fast food feng shui. You don’t just place a fish and think that you’re going to progress in your career. You don’t just place a ship thinking that the wealth energies is just going to sail into your space. Of course it’s easier for the mind to wrap around and to digest, but classically, in terms of how the feng shui masters used to do it decades and decades and hundreds of years and even thousands of years ago, this is not how it was done.

Now, I’m going to confuse you a little bit. Because I just spent all this time telling you that all these items here and the fish… and this fish… these are just a handful of examples that I have lying around here.

I just spent the last few minutes telling you that these are fast food feng shui. Which is not classical feng shui. Now I’m going to turn around and say ” you CAN actually use this for feng shui”. Have I stumped you? Probably. Why am I backtracking right now? The reason why I’m saying you CAN use this for feng shui is not because of the shape or what the animals are, it’s more in terms of the material. So where these items are concerned, this is actually like… I think it’s brass and it’s solid. It’s really heavy.

And all these other items, well they’re not solid metal, they ARE painted in metal colors like, well obviously for these guys they’re painted in gold. The reason why I’m not saying that you CAN actually use these for feng shui is because of their metal element. Especially if you want to remedy the Number 5 and the Number 2, what you need is to place more metal.

Now what that really means is, it can be a metal statue, it can be a cat statue for all you want. It could be a metal bookcase or you know, if your bedroom just happens to have the #5 or the #2 sitting in your bedroom, it could even be a metal bed. And that’s your feng shui remedy. That’s your feng shui item placement. You don’t need the wu lou, you don’t need the ship, you don’t need the galloping horse to be successful, you don’t need certain kinds of paintings. It’s not the symbol of it that makes it good feng shui, it’s actually the colour, the element, and maybe the shape of it that can help you boost certain energies in certain spaces.

So especially if your, you know, you’re new to feng shui and you’re not too sure about bringing in all these symbolic things into your space, or you’re going through Chinatown or whatever trying to get objects to ‘properly feng shui’ your place and you can’t find the things that are recommended for you, fear not. You really need to just figure out what kind of elements you need to place and then just do it that way. If you need more wood in a certain area look for let’s say a wood furniture or go for something that’s green.

Maybe green curtains and things like that.

If you need more fire then in terms of colour placements you use more reds and yellows and oranges if you need to boost up the fire element somewhere. So if you don’t have a feng shui store near you, or if you don’t want to have to order feng shui items online, let’s say, it doesn’t matter what it is that’s holding you back. I am here to let you know that all is not lost. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do feng shui. And in fact I would say as long as you have the correct element in the correct space, doing feng shui actually is easy peasy and again it’ll blend into your decor, you don’t have to worry about people asking you. Like “Uhm, what is this dragon doing here?” So I hope, I’m going to keep my video today fairly short so I hope that this video has been a value to you and if you haven’t subscribed to my Youtube channel, please subscribe so that you get notifications of my future videos. I will be coming up with a 2015 New Year updates very very soon so definitely keep your eye out on that.

How to feng shui your kitchen

How to feng shui your kitchen

Here are some basic guidelines to ensure how to feng shui your kitchen based on classical feng shui!

Video transcription:

This video this time around is talking about feng shui and your kitchen. Now, if you’ve followed my previous videos you know I always say that for residential… if you want to feng shui a residential space there are three main areas that you always need to make sure have the best feng shui as possible.

First and foremost is the entrance. Second is the kitchen and then third is the feng shui for all the bedroom – at least the bedrooms that are going to be used. So for this time around, I do see that there are a lot of questions around how to make sure that the feng shui is good especially in the…. in the past few consultations, the kitchen seems to be the sticking point for a lot of people so I thought might as well do a hangout this time around and I will address a few of the main concerns here.

So let’s get right into it.

First and foremost, do not place a stove in the center of the layout. Especially if your house is facing Southwest or Northeast because this will make it a double whammy. Because the heart of the kitchen for the houses that are facing Southwest and Northeast… the heart of the kitchen is already weak. And when you put the stove there it makes it even weaker. Even for a regular house if they are facing a different direction, you also want to make sure that the kitchen isn’t right in the middle. Just imagine, if the…. so the kitchen being the heart of the home is equivalent to the heart of your body. If your heart is weak, then your whole body is weak. Our heart is the one that’s pumping blood and nutrition and energy to the rest of the body. Same thing with the center of the kitchen. If you have the stove there, you’re burning up the luck and this is especially true for the health of the residents.

So if it possible for you to move your stove, if it’s currently in the center, you definitely want to look into that as one of your main projects to do. If you’re building from the ground up and you’re working with an architect, definitely tell them DO NOT leave the stove there. Try to see if there are other ways around it. The stove should always be placed behind a solid wall. So… in modern homes, we do see very often where the stove is in a kitchen island, right? A lot of people like it that way where you know, when they’re cooking they can interact with their guests or anyone… or anyone in the kitchen with them. So it’s great for social reasons.

However, the stove, while it is symbolic for health and it’s also symbolic for your finances as well. So if you’re not getting support, if the stove is not getting the support, it is symbolic of your wealth being very vulnerable as well. And you definitely don’t want to be in that position.

No mirror to reflect the stove. Again, I see this more often in the more modern homes where they have the nice mirrored backsplash or they have the aluminium, the metal sheets that they use as a backsplash that’s very reflective of the stove. So…. and mirrors anywhere else in the kitchen is also very important. The mirror can be… I guess the main thing is to make sure that there aren’t any mirrors that reflect the stove. Because one stove is enough heat, if the mirror reflects that, that’s a lot of fire, a lot of yang energy and we usually want things to be on an even keel energy-wise. So nothing that’s too explosive. So definitely no mirror that reflect the stove and also no mirror to reflect the clutter. Now I know, I’m an avid cook. I have a lot of the Eating God Star in my Four Pillars of Destiny. So I love eating, I love cooking. So I know how it is, when you’re in the kitchen you have the pots and pans and everything. So when you’re done, clean it up. Clutter is the main rule. No matter what space, if it’s commercial, residential, or if it’s in a corporation. Clutter blocks Qi from coming in. AND, if it’s reflected by the mirror, again it’s doubling the clutter. So you definitely want to make sure that once you’re done cooking whatever you need to clean up.

No stove in the Northwest corner. This is one of the cardinal rules. When I have families coming to me for house hunting either buying or renting, the moment I see the kitchen in the Northwest especially if there’s the father, the man of the house is still around, I usually tell them to “you know what? Don’t even look further, just keep shopping”. The reason being the Northwest is the Qian trigram and that signifies the patriarch, therefore it will be hard for the man of the house to progress either career or health or relationship-wise. And depending on their astrological chart this might make some of them depressed, this might actually… could actually trigger quite serious mishaps. You know, losing a job or business not doing well and things like that.

So really… and you would think “how could a kitchen in the northwest put up such obstacles for the man of the house?”

Well, without going into too much details, you know… feng shui has been around for years and years and when there is a pattern of certain kinds of placements and you see similarities in terms of what’s happening within that space, it’s… you don’t even need to explain it too in-depth but there’s definitely co-relation to that.

Now, I don’t mind sharing that years ago my husband and I we actually did live in a space that had a kitchen in the Northwest. And we were there actually there for five or six years, this was right before I got certified as a feng shui consultant. And career-wise it was hard. It was hard for him. You know, he didn’t… his relationship with his supervisors were a little bit rocky so it definitely didn’t support him as much as it should. So knowing that now… I know for sure, even based on my own personal experience and having done other consultations where the Northwest has the kitchen as well, I know for sure that it doesn’t support the man of the house at all. So if you are looking for a space to either buy or rent, and if there’s a man of the house and there’s the kitchen in the Northwest, just keep moving on.

The next one is… no red kitchen. The reason being there’s too much fire. The stove itself is already a fire element and once you put in…. and once you make the kitchen’s colour palette mainly red, you’re putting in more fire in there. And again, anything that’s too strong is not feasible especially with red. In feng shui actually be very very VERY careful with red. It’s almost overkill sometimes when people think that red is auspicious in feng shui and red can attract relationships and romance. If you place it wrong, you could actually be attracting more negative energies instead. And of course that wasn’t your intention. So definitely no red walls in the kitchen, if you want some red accessories like that beautiful red Kitchenaid mixer that I’ve always wanted but I still don’t have, that’s fine. Little accessories are fine. Things that are temporary that can be taken out , those can be red but anything that’s permanent, you know like red tiles, red painting… paints on the wall, red cabinets… those, especially if you’re serious about feng shui, I will strongly recommend not doing it.

Next one is no stove… don’t place a stove across from a sink. And this is true if it’s exactly facing each other. The result of this is you know, a lot of disharmony within the household. A lot of quarrelling and things like that. So… the remedy for that is you can put a green mat in between them to kind of calm the energies there. The same thing goes to if your stove is on the same countertop area as the sink and it’s very close together. Usually I will recommend for the sink and the stove to be at least two feet apart. At the very least. Even that two feet may be still a little bit close. But if that IS the case, if you can’t change it, again place a green element there in between them. It can be maybe a green placemat, it can be plants and things like that. So that would be one way to remedy it. The stove should not be aligned with the kitchen door as well as the stove shouldn’t be visible from the main door. These again, you want to make sure, because the stove signifies health as well as wealth, you want to make sure that it’s not vulnerable. So if it’s… again if it’s immediately visible from either the kitchen door or the main door, then the Qi… it makes the stove very vulnerable, and thus your health and your wealth will be vulnerable as well.

The stove shouldn’t have a washroom right above it. And this obviously only applies to houses or lofts. Cos’ what happens when everytime someone flushes down the toilet it… energetically it’s symbolic of pouring water over the stove so you’re always putting out the fire. Which again weakens your health and your finances as well. So that’s definitely a no no.

And the stove now.. the direction, the facing of the stove is also very important. So this can be a little bit tricky especially if there’s more than one person living in that house. If that’s the case, it would be… obviously it would be preferable if anyone… so let’s say it’s husband and wife, if they’re east group or west group, that would make things a little bit easier. But if the husband is east group life gua and the wife is the west group, then at that point I usually ask my clients, “okay, who’s the main breadwinner here?”

So we try to have the stove positioned in the way that supports the main breadwinner more. Obviously we don’t want to make the other person lose out so you activate your wealth corners throughout the house as well. So those are the general tips for the kitchen and if you’re able to… if you’re able to observe these tips for the kitchen you’re off to a great start.

Feng Shui and Real Estate

Feng Shui and Real Estate

Are you buying or selling real estate? It’s best practice to make sure the space has good feng shui foundation before committing to such a large (and often life-changing) purchase. Safrina Kadri, classical feng shui practitioner tells some guidelines when buying or selling real estate.

Video transcription:

Hello. Welcome to My name is Safrina Kadri and the topic that I want to cover today is titled “Feng Shui and Real Estate”.

Now, here in Toronto Canada where I’m broadcasting from, the real estate industry is starting to pick up again. Usually when springtime rolls around, the buyers are sprucing up their homes to get ready for sale and… Sorry, the sellers are sprucing up their homes for the sale and then the buyers are starting to come out now that the weather’s nicer to go to open houses and things like that.

So I thought this is a good time for me to revisit why feng shui is important when you’re trying to buy or sell real estate. And because of the activity that’s starting to pick up, I’m starting to actually get a few more calls now from real estate agents as well as buyers and sellers themselves wanting to get a little bit more clarification about a space before they put in an offer or if they’re having issues selling the house then they want to clarify if maybe feng shui is the issue. And if there’s something that feng shui can address to help them get a few offers.

So I can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure that whatever space that you’re wanting to buy has a good feng shui foundation. Now it’s going to be a little unrealistic to want to find a house that’s 100% feng shui perfect because that will be 99.9% impossible. Now why do I say that? Because… there’s a few that would come to mind.

One, feng shui is all about energy. It’s all about QI. And science tells us that qi is constantly moving. So a house can be prosperous and auspicious for the current Period 8 that we’re in which ends in 2024 but if this is the house that you’re wanting to stay for generations onwards, there is a chance that for Period 9 when it starts rolling around, it’s not going to be as auspicious. Even if we don’t look at the 20-year period, the energy’s… the annual energies can affect a space very differently. A house can be very lucky this year but may be a little more afflicted next year.

So again, if you’re looking for a house, the main things to watch out for is, what do you see at the front door, where’s the kitchen located and what’s the energy in the kitchen. Where is the location of the bedrooms and what’s the energy in the bedrooms. And if you go a little bit deeper you need to look at the structure of the house as well. Cos’ sometimes the energy for a bedroom for instance can be really good but if it has bulkheads all over the place and you have no choice but to place your bed under a bulkhead, especially a deep bulkhead, then even though the energy in that bedroom is good, unless you can get rid of that bulkhead somehow, that bulkhead is actually a structural obstacle for you to harness that auspicious qi.

So there definitely are a lot of factors that need to be considered when you buy a space.

Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is who actually will be living in that space. It’s definitely easier if it’s just a single person or a couple that’s looking for a space, then you need to find a home that supports both of them preferably or at the very least the main breadwinner. But if you are moving a family into a house, the same house may not energetically support everyone in the same level. It could be a great house for the father, but not so great for the children, their studies or maybe their health being afflicted. Or it can be a really good house to make money but not so great of a house in terms of fostering healthy and passionate relationships for the couple.

So… obviously it’s hard for me to cover all the nitty gritty details about what you need to watch out for in a home, but my main message for this video is that, if you truly believe in the power of the energy that you surround yourself in, and how it can boost up your chances for success, as well as how it can also block your chances of success, then before you put in an offer, it is absolutely, absolutely imperative to get the feng shui looked at.

If you’re not yourself trained, I would actually suggest Flying Star Feng Shui if you want to… in terms of all the schools of feng shui out there to help you find a good supportive home, flying star feng shui would be good because that way you can actually forecast for the next year, two years, ten years, how that house is going to be… what kind of energy that house will be, given as the time changes. So that’s a really good school of feng shui to use when you’re looking for a house.

If you’re not properly trained, it is actually worth the investment to bring in a consultant to look into that. Again, I am obviously biased. I would highly recommend a classically-trained feng shui practitioner. The school that I graduated in, we look at the full picture. The birth dates, the structures, the internal and external environment. What’s the compass reading for the house? Who’s living in that house, or apartment, or condo?

So there is definitely a lot of information that needs to be gathered. A lot of information that needs to be examined, and even cross-referenced before we can come to a conclusion whether or not you should buy or just move on to the next house.

I’d like to take this moment to share a situation that I encountered with a client of mine, and that is a…. not a warning, but it’s a story of how important it is to have the consultation done before you make a decision to move.

So this would be about two… maybe almost three years ago now when I did a consultation for a couple. They had a condo in downtown Toronto. The reason why she came to me is her husband is a little bit stuck in terms of his career, in terms of career progression and not being happy with the management that he works under. So when I went in there, and I took a look at the master bedroom, and I did the flying star feng shui audit, I took a look and I took her aside and I said… I asked her, “Now I know your husband is having issues with career, but how is your marriage ever since you moved in here?” And she had to confide and said, you know what? Ever since they’ve been in the condo, marriage has been a little rocky, it’s been stressful. And I told her it’s because the most, the strongest affliction actually was in the master bedroom.

Now in terms of affliction, you can reduce the affliction, but if it is a strong one, you can’t necessarily get rid of it altogether.

So there’s still a little bit of a lingering effect in terms of that affliction. So the wife was obviously, a little bit.. more than a little bit concerned. And I didn’t hear back from her until a few months later and she emailed and said, “Hey you know what? We moved into another house and decided to rent out the other condo.”

She wanted to bring me in to do the consultation for the new home. And when I took a look at the house, the new place, unfortunately for them it had the very same affliction in the master bedroom that they were initially running away from. So they made that big move to a new place only to be stuck with the same energy. Now, some people may call this karma, some people may call this just plain bad luck, but if the due diligence, the feng shui audit or the energetic audit was done prior to them making that big move, it would’ve saved them a lot of hassle. And you know, I know some feng shui practitioners are not very affordable so my suggestion would be, work with someone that’s good, start looking around, maybe narrow it down to 2 or 3 that you really really like,

hopefully they’re all about the same timeframe that you’re looking, and then have the consultant go through those main ones and then you can make a decision from there.

So that would be the advice that I would give if you’re either wanting to rent, and especially if you’re wanting to buy your own place. And this is not just for a place to live in, but this is actually also very very important step to take if you’re wanting to either rent or buy a retail or commercial space. That’s actually an even more of an investment, because… or an even smarter investment because you obviously want to make sure that your business flourishes. You want to make sure that you move into a space where the office is auspicious, where the main production areas are also auspicious, that structurally there’s nothing that’s going to be blocking wealth and prosperous energy from coming in.

Now I just want to quickly move on to how feng shui and real estate can help you if you’re actually trying to sell your home or to sell your space. The same guideline in terms of buying is the same. So remember when I said, when you’re buying, you want to make sure that your front door, your kitchen and your bedrooms are auspicious. If you’re trying to sell, and especially if it’s not selling, you need to look at these three main areas and figure out if there are any afflictions there. Either permanent afflictions, or annual afflictions, even monthly afflictions. And I would actually do a date selection to make sure that the date that you put the house on the market, when you put it on listing, is actually an auspicious date as well. Preferably the dates as well as times that you do your open houses.

Now I know a lot of people think this is kind of like cramping their style in terms of wanting to sell the place, but, if given the option, would you rather swim against the current or would you rather paddle and go with the flow?

So feng shui and real estate can really work hard in hard with that. And I’ve worked with a couple of locations where they’ve been on the market for, you know, six months, nine months, and the moment the audit is done you can see very clearly why it’s not moving.

And done properly, the… and from my experience, done properly, the house can start getting offers within a couple of weeks and actually be taken off the market.

So when you feel that your house has ticked a lot of the other boxes, right? Like maybe great neighbourhood, great schools, safe and all that. It ticks all those boxes but somehow you’re not still getting the offer, this would be the time for you to take a look at the feng shui for the home. Because there is no other external reason why the house is still on the market. Well, obviously of course if you’re overpriced then that would be an issue.

But if you’re a good price and you tick all the other boxes and you’re not getting offers or offers keep falling through, then the energetic blueprint of the house needs to be examined. And that’s a really good investment to do in order for you to cut the time in having your house stuck on the market.

So that’s pretty much all I wanted to share with you in this video. I wanted to keep it shorter than the other videos that I’ve done before. But if you have any comments or feedback with regards to how feng shui and real estate relate, and if you have any questions around this issue, feel free to just put down your comment below the video here and I’ll get back to you. And if there are any other topics that you’d like me to cover, feel free to connect with me. My email address is below. My website is I would love to hear what you want to learn more of.

I’m here to break the myths, I’m here to also make things a little bit clearer in terms of what’s important in feng shui, what is actual feng shui and what is fast food feng shui that you can really just forget about. So again, feng shui plays a big, big role in real estate. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying, or renting, or leasing, or selling.

As long as it’s a space that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in, feng shui audit is a good investment. Either done by yourself or done by someone properly-trained. And if it’s something, if it’s an asset that you want to let go of but seems to still keep hanging on, then that’s also a great time for you to figure out what’s going on energetically in that space. If there’s anything that’s blocking that sale.