Why you shouldn’t disturb the Northeast, West and Southwest in 2015


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT do major digging / renovation in the Southwest, West and Northeast this year. If you have your yard here and do minor weeding it is fine, but no chopping / digging up of bushes / trees, and of course no renovations. You think it’s hard to follow annual feng shui advice? Would you rather to go ahead with your yardwork / reno plan and risk something bad happening as a result?

Here’s a comment I just got from my Youtube Channel:

“Last week, my entire back yard (was dug up for replacing the grass and a tree was dug up and relocated, which the tree has now died). My back yard faces the SW and W (total opposite of my front door). My spouse lost her job a few days after this digging. Any remedies?”

The remedy would be to activate all three of your wealth corners, make sure your bed positioning is good as well as kitchen is as strong as possible. In other words, make sure your feng shui at home is at its optimum as much as possible to help his wife find another job as soon as possible.

But in all honest truth, prevention is better than cure. Now in all fairness he may not have known that digging in the West and Southwest is absolutely forbidden this year ( the West due to the Five Yellow affliction and the Southwest due to the Grand Duke affliction ).

Only time you should keep your reno work is if you’ve consulted a properly-trained CLASSICAL feng shui consultant and made sure you have remedies in place BEFORE you do the reno work.

I have seen all sorts of loss as a result of working on afflicted directions. So here’s the reminder again, DO NOT do any reno / digging / knocking in the Northeast, Southwest and West in 2015!

Feng Shui and Selling Real Estate


Video Transcription:
Today I’m coming to you with a quick video and I want to talk about Feng Shui and selling real estate. If you have your home or your
commercial real estate on the market right now but you’re not having a lot of response, then you definitely want to take a look at the feng shui of the space.

Now, if you follow me for a while, you know proper feng shui there’s a lot of nitty gritty details in terms of the – I’m not all about those
“fast food” feng shui and unfortunately, I’m not one of those consultants who would give general ideas that may or may not work for your particular listing.

And in fact, those generalized ideas might actually do more harm rather than good but what I would suggest is if your listing is something that has been languishing in the market for a while you wanna take a look at your front door – especially for residential – your front door, your kitchen, as well as the bedrooms. And you (might) wanna bring in a a classically trained – preferably in Flying Star Feng Shui consultant to be able to pinpoint where are the wealth energies that we’re currently going through and activate those wealth corners and – we know in classical feng shui there’s more than just one wealth corner.

Activate that so that you can finally get your listing off the market.

Now with that being said, I’ve just recently come across another feng shui enthusiast. And she mention to me that.. she knows of a million dollar listing here in Toronto, Canada that has been on the market for quite a few months now and they brought in a classical feng shui consultant.

I do know that consultant and I know she does really great work and she’s someone that I admire as well. But this lady that I met said it was still not working because the house is still on the market.
Well, I took a look at the house. And it was – all the recommendations were spot on but when I really looked at the outside of that house,
I realized, this is not really a million dollar market, you know?
It’s not a million-dollar area.
The house – just across from it is a little bungalow (that is) not very well maintained. And the other houses down the street
were kind of in the same shape, you know? In the same form of level of maintenance.
So, even if.. Now, we’re being realistic here and – I, as a feng shui consultant, I’ve never promised feng shui as the magical twirl; that you do feng shui and everything will change overnight. That’s never been the intention.
The intention of feng shui especially the way we do it is to obviously, to navigate the energy that is already there and then boost it
up as much as possible.
But if you look at this house that I was looking at, even though all the feng shui recommendations were spot on, all the logical stuff unfortunately was a little bit off, you know?

The old real estate saying, “Buy the cheapest house in the most expensive neighborhood.”
That’s the smartest thing to do as opposed to buying the more expensive piece of real estate in a cheap neighborhood. And that, unfortunately, is the case for this house.

It’s a million dollar house – 1.2 (million) in fact, I think. It’s the asking price in a neighborhood that doesn’t really command that kind of interest. Right?

So, even with the feng shui, that did bring the foot traffic in, the buyers are obviously still doing – well, they don’t know about the feng shui portion for one but they go through the house and they’d look at the neighborhood and they’re going through the check marks that they’re likely gonna have; and they’re probably gonna think the same thing that I did.

And it was a very obvious and a very big problem that this specific listing was having. So again, that’s.. I guess this is.. my comment with regards to that listing still being on the market. It’s, you know, feng shui-wise; it has been remedied but the fact that it’s still on the market, you know, the seller needs to.. and in fact, the real estate agent also needs to look at the other logical realistic things as well. Right?

I have helped a lot of my clients sell their listings. And these are usually the ones where – you know, structurally, they look great… close to public transit, close to a good school, close to parks or whatever. It checks a lot (and) ticks a lot of boxes, but for some reason, it’s still on the market. Those are the ones where once you add in that feng shui elements that it does get off; (and) it does move very very quickly after that.

The fastest that I’ve gotten as my feedback was four hours. And then, you know, my other clients – they will have their homes or their commercial properties listed for a few months and then a few weeks after we did the proper feng shui, then it finally… you know, they finally got rid of it.

So, as much as I would like to give you generalized tips on how to sell your real estate through feng shui… My best advice really is to invest in a classically trained consultant so they can help you with that. Or if you find that you can find one in your area, I can do it long distance as well. Feel free to look me up my website is FengShuiAndProsper.com. Let’s have a chat and see if it would be something that you
would be interested to proceed with me.

Anyway, this is a little bit of a rant today.. but anyway, I wanted to share that bit of insight in terms of feng shui and real estate.

And if you have any questions, feel free to email me at Safrina@FengShuiAndProsper.com. And hopefully, I’ll be able to hear from you. If not, I’ll see you on my next video!


Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder – Inner feng shui recommendation!


Classical feng shui consultant Safrina Kadri recommends Catherine Ponder’s classic book Dynamic Laws of Prosperity as a great tool to work on inner feng shui!

If you’ve ever heard of Law of Attraction or have been on the spiritual / metaphysical path for a while you will have learned the power of prayer, meditation and visualization in helping you magnetize more health, wealth and relationships. In this short video Safrina shares a great resource to get you started!


Video transcript:
Hi everyone, I’m just deciding to do an impromptu video here out on my solarium. If you hear any shuffling that’s my eight-year-old daughter playing around, but.. don’t mind the traffic either.

Firetruck might come by, but anyway…

I wanted to share with you a very, very important resource. Ever since I started on this spirituality path.. probably about 12 years ago. About the same time that I found out about feng shui. And you’re starting to hear me talk a little bit more about inner feng shui as well.
I’m actually going to be integrating that into my online course..

so we’re gonna be doing step by steps on
outer feng shui obviously in terms of placements and things like that, but it’s also very very important to be working on the inner feng shui.


Now this is a great resource and I want to share with you guys this is the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. It was published many decades ago and it’s still one of the best prosperity books out there.

It’s not as widely known but it’s pretty thick. This one I’ve had with me for about 10 years now and you can see it’s…

I have my favorite pages all dog-eared and I have my notes everywhere in the book and it goes through with you the basic prosperity laws and also gives you techniques affirmations, and
prayers.  I really really do believe in prayer in shifting that inner energy as well.

So this is definitely a really really great resource to start with.

I just checked out Amazon and they’re selling for a $1.99 if this is something that you can carry on you even to read throughout the day… I’m actually gonna start a challenge… to
challenge myself to read I passage our chapter at least a little bit every day just to reinforce that… a little bit more that prosperity mindset.

I’ve always loved this book and I’m reconnecting back with that and I really really wanted to share with you guys. So definitely give it a try either buy the hardcover if you really like highlighting or at the very least and the $1.99 and get it on Kindle. I really like to have my am my books on the phone is also that I can also get reinforcements when I’m out and about and…
please comment below I what your feedback is once you’ve started reading on it, if you’ve tried I started with the exercises and I don’t know maybe we’ll start a book club or something.

So the Dynamic Laws a Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. I truly believe the loss on every persons shelf who is willing to do the work, to shift the inner energy, to finally attract true prosperity. Thanks so much guys have a great one!


Why I will no longer give annual astrological forecasts

Why I will no longer give annual astrological forecasts

Video transcription:


Hi, everyone! This is Safrina Kadri from fengshuiandprosper.com. Now, we are still in the throes of Chinese New Year celebrations and I have been getting a lot of requests and a lot of questions and concerns about the astrological forecast for 2015.
I have mentioned before that I will be coming out with some information some astrological forecast for everyone but I have actually decided to not do it.

Why? Because I don’t want it to be crutch for anyone.

Just, you know, where astrological forecasts are concerned, a lot of people think, “Oh, if you’re born in the year of the rat or if you’re born in the year of the sheep, then you have a certain typeof energy coming to you.”

Yes generally that is true. However if your feng shui is good then whatever the forecast is you will have a better 2015. So if astrologically you’re supposed to have a successful year but your space in your office, in your business, or at home it’s blocking all the abundance qi, then that success is gonna have a hard time to come into your life. And I have seen it, believe me, I have been a consultant for seven years and have read many many Chinese astrological charts for my clients… There were times when they were supposed to have a lot of material abundance but that did not come through because the house had a very bad feng shui foundation.

On the flip side I’ve also seen, personally, situations where it’s supposed to be a astrologically horrendous year but with the right feng shui the energy got shifted. Success still comes through the door. My husband for instance, last year – and I’m not just looking at the year that he was born – I looked at his whole four pillars which is the month, the year, the day and the hour that he was born. So last year were supposed to be a fairly challenging year for him and obviously with the feng shui that I did for us space, I made sure that the challenges that were coming will be reduced. And then, any opportunity for success will be boosted.

So whether it’s going to be astrologically weak or astrologically strong year it doesn’t matter. You still need to make sure that your feng shui foundation is good then you’ll still come out ahead.

So that is the reason why I’m not doing the astrological forecast this year and very likely not going to be doing it and the future. So I do apologize for those who are waiting on me to do that but take this bit of advice from someone who has done a lot and seen a lot of case studies, feng shui is still the first and foremost priority.

You want to shift your energy okay?

So if there’s any other questions or any other topic so you’d like me to cover feel free to reach out to me at safrina@fengshuiandprosper.com. or look me up on youtube and on Facebook and in the meantime I wish you a successful 2015!

Determining Building Period with Move-in Date Instead of Construction Date

Couple unpacking boxes



Question I got in my inbox today:
My question is about why in your lineage uses the move-in date/period as opposed to the date of construction? I’m just not clear on this. Doesn’t the construction year and period captivate the energy of that time and live on throughout the life of the building?


My answer:
Great question! We use the move-in date as opposed to construction date when determining building period because as new people enter a space, they bring with them a new Mankind Qi with them. The building of the foundation of the home locks in the Earth Qi, the building of the roof locks in the Heaven Qi, but the Mankind Qi changes as the people using that space changes hands especially if this takes them into a new Period.

This is why sometimes you hear stories about how a previous owner ( if they’ve been there for a while they’re likely in a previous Period, perhaps Period 7 or even Period 6 ) would have bad luck in the house, but the new owners ( with the new, updated period of the home ) is able to capture a more auspicious qi in the house and become very successful whether they’re aware of feng shui or not.

Vice versa happens too, not all Period 8 homes are good for specific layouts. Sometimes as a feng shui consultant I have to decide whether or not to recommend to my clients to update their Home Period or not ( especially if they’re in period 6 ), and this is when I review both the old and the new period to see which one would be more auspicious for living. Updating the period in most cases would require the homeowners to move out for at least 100 days, and then move back into the house and this time they’ll be in Period 8.

If you follow the construction year of the building, then a ‘bad luck’ building will be bad luck forever and ever and always. For instance an old castle with history of death and strife ( and there ARE feng shui combinations that point to this ) would forever been unsuitable for use if we follow this logic. But you see some old buildings flourishing with new owners especially if the new period brings more auspicious energies to the important areas of the building.

I’ve actually done a consult of an entertainment lounge situated in a strip of retail stores, and they’ve been there since Period 7. All other stores in that strip has changed hands many times with businesses failing to flourish. I was able to see that all the doors of these Period 8 units were afflicted. BUT my client, who has remained in Period 7 as they owned that building and have been operating their business there for a much longer period of time, had a more prosperous front door, and have carved a good market and clientele for themselves. This is a great example why construction year is not a reliable method of deciding the period of a building. Hope this helps!

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Flying Star Feng Shui for 2015

Will your front door be lucky in Year of the Wood Goat?

Video transcript:

Hi everyone. This is Safrina Kadri and I’m coming to you from fengshuiandprosper.com. Now we are just one day away going into 2015 and I wanted to take this chance to wish everyone a strong and happy new year ahead.

Now, the Chinese New Year is actually happening February 19th and if you’ve been following me, you know that I practice, professionally, classical feng shui and that means that the time factor is a very, very important element in our feng shui prctices.

Now what does flying star feng shui for the year 2015 have in store for us? Now, before I go further into details cos’ for this particular call I want to concentrate on your front door but Iwant to invite you to a free feng shui 2015 webinar that I am holding on January 27th at 8pm eastern time. I know it’s eastern time but hopefully I’ll get people from other parts of…. other time zones to join me and in fact I have a lot of Asian followers who have already registered and claimed their spots for the webinar. I don’t want you to miss out so claim your spot here, go to my website www.fengshuiandprosper.com, there’s a simple registration form there and once you do that, just a few days prior to the webinar I will email out a workbook that’s going to…. there is some pre-work that needs… simple pre-work that needs to be done before the webinar in order for you to really prepare for the information that I’m going to share with you on January 27th. It’s going to be jam-packed, it’s going to be… I’m making it to be very different and very unique in terms of the 2015 feng shui placements that you can do for your home. So I really, really hope to see you on that call.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, for this particular hangout I wanted to concentrate mainly on the front door. Or the main entrance for your house. Or if you live in a building, the main entrance or your apartment or your condo unit. Although if you live in a building, obviously the main door, the main entrance for the building itself is also very important, but that’s kind of out of your control in terms of activating for feng shui purposes. So we’ll just work with what we can control.

So first things first. As… if you are a serious feng shui enthusiast, the one tool that you need is a compass and I’m going to show you this little compass. I actually carry this in my bag… I’ll bring it closer to… I hope it can focus a little bit. Yeah. So this is… the brand is called Silva if you can see it here but there’s other really really good compasses out in the market. Just go to a store that has a hobby aisle, let’s say fishing or camping, I’m sure they would have a good compass. So basically, the question is, how much money do I spend on a compass? Not that much really. Here in Canada and US you can buy a very decent one for $15-20. Pretty much if you can get lost in the forest and you know your compass can safely bring you out of it, then that’s the compass that you’ll want to use.

I wouldn’t use anything from the dollar store and I wouldn’t use… or well..I know a lot of the smart phones out there have the compasses as well. You can use that in combination with this. Just so… more as a cross-reference to make sure that you have the right directions. But I usually carry this little guy here in my bag when I don’t have my professional luopan cos’ that’s one’s like a few pounds heavy and really big. So when I’m in…. I use this for regular feng shui purposes or when I’m in a meeting or when I’m doing my speaking engagements and things like that. You want to make sure that you’re facing a good direction for that year too – which I will also cover at the webinar.

So for this one, first step first is get a compass. And the second step is figure out what roughly is the center of your layout. So hopefully if your layout is a square or a rectangle it makes it a little it easier. If it’s a little bit irregular-shaped, just kind of figure out as best as possible what would be the middle point of your layout. I want you to stand there with your compass in your hand and turn yourself to face your main door. So let’s say… let’s say if my main door is on this side so I’m going to turn my body and look at my compass and figure out what is the compass reading while I’m looking at my door. So this will help you determine the direction of your door in reference to your whole layout.

Why is this direction important? Because again, proper feng shui uses the compass direction North, South, East, West, Northwest, Northeast and all that. If you’re following a feng shui school that doesn’t talk about directions, that’s a good sign that you need to start researching a different feng shui school. Because classically it’s all about directions.

So now here’s the juicy information bit. I’m going to go through briefly in terms of all the directions. If your door fall in a specific direction, what will be the main energy sitting there for 2015. I’ll do a quick run-down on this one and on the webinar I’ll drill in even more in-depth in terms of more usage of the calculation so you can do your feng shui placements even more tailored to your house as opposed to a generalized video like this.

Now bear in mind that the information that I’m sharing with you here is only dealing with the annual energy. The energy of 2015, the Year of the Wood Goat. A complete feng shui audit of a space will look at three levels of energy. First level of energy is the permanent energy meaning what is the energy at the front door for as long as you live there. And then the second level of energy is the annual energy meaning, depending on the energy that’s sitting at the front door for the year, it will either make your front… the permanent energy of your front door more auspicious or it will make it less auspicious. Which is why there’s always ebbs and flows when it comes to energy. So as much as we want to… it would be great for us to feng shui the front door one time and it’ll be great… good luck and prosperous for 20 years. It just doesn’t happen that way. So the combination of the permanent energy and the annual energy is really important.

And when I do my professional consults with my clients I look into the monthly energies as well. So that, again, if there are certain months where it’s a little bit touch-and-go at the front door, I give my clients a heads up so they know what they need to do.

Okay so are you guys… if you want to pause this video, take your compass reading and figure out your front door, that will be great. If not you can always do this a little bit after, come back to this video and I will go through with the directions one by one.

So if your front door is in the northwest corner of your house, you can definitely heave a huge sigh of relief in 2015 because 2014 was a little bit of a challenge wasn’t it? For 2014, the northwest door was the most afflicted that year that put up a lot of challenges, a lot of stress, a lot of strain to whoever that was living in that house. So if this is your case, if your door is in the northwest you can definitely feel a little bit better because the energy that’s coming through that door for 2015 is more, much much better for healthy relationships especially in terms of love relationships. So that’s great news if you are single and you’re wanting to find love in 2015. It’s also great for education luck or literary luck. So one great way to activate it for 2015 is put in crystals. For boosting love luck , the common convention is to look for rose quartz so you can have a nice crystal display at the front door or around the front door, that would be great. If you want to boost education luck, then you can look up calcite crystals. There’s many many types, many many different colours, you can place those at the front door as well. But even if you don’t put the crystals for any door, mind you, for any door be it auspicious or not auspicious, usage of the door will activate the energy that’s there. Positive energy or negative energy. So in this case the northwest main door being more auspicious this year you don’t really need to put the crystals but just going in and out of that door, you’re already activating the positive qi so you would be already good to go there.

And the next one is if you have… so we’re gonna go counter clockwise. So if you have an entrance in the west direction of your house, this is unfortunately where you need to watch out. You need to be really really wary of this. If you’re in a house and if you have a separate entrance, by all means use that. Here in North America, if you’re in a house, usually there’s an entrance in the garage or there’s a side door or even a back door. So if you’re able to use that, I know it’s a little bit of a pain but I promise you, you will at the end of the year you will realize it wasn’t that bad after all. So if you have a separate, a different door you can use, definitely use that. For the remainder of 2015 you want to keep that door quiet and dark. So if you have lighting there, you want to turn it on only when you need it you know let’s say it’s at night and you want to put your shoes on. And I would put also a lot of metal there. Now classical feng shui you don’t need any Chinese-looking feng shui items to activate or remedy a specific area. Most important thing is if you have the right element, you’re good. So in terms of placing more metal items at the front door it could be as simple as a metal vase, a metal shoe bench, a metal… if you have like a… if you like to have a table by the front door by the entryway, a metal table. Or even a mirror with metal frames although be careful with mirrors at the front door. You don’t want it to reflect the door you don’t it to reflect any clutter or anything that’s unsavoury. So those are things that you can do or even like a metal umbrella holder. Really, you can really, really be creative with this and even outside of the door, if are in a house. If you can put metal planters that would be great but the caveat is usually people put soil in the planters. So if you’re able to put a planter but maybe put a fake plant that obviously doesn’t need real soil because the earth energy actually will activate the affliction in the west area even more. So planter’s great, if you need plants in there, go for fake plant just so it doesn’t need the soil.And also if you have a door at the west, anything that’s fiery I would also take it away from the area. So anything that’s red colour, any lighting, any candle features or a lot of people they maybe have those himalayan salt lamps or anything like that, I would take those away as well. After 2015 you can put them back.

And then for the southwest, if you have a door in the southwest of your house it’s definitely picking up steam in terms of the prosperous qi and actually in 2016 it’s going to be hitting that wealth money spot as well. So the southwest door is definitely gaining momentum in terms of really really positive energy. One thing that I would warn you is not to do any renovation in the southwest corner. So that means no digging, no drilling, no knocking, and even outside, no cutting down trees, no digging the earth and things like that. Other than that, you can also activate the energy by keeping that area brightly-lit. Just turn on the light at least three hours a day, you’re good to go.

And what happens if you have an entrance in the south corner. Now the south door was really really auspicious in 2014. It is getting a little bit weak for 2015. It’s a little bit touch-and-go for the year. So what’s the energy for the south door in 2015? There’s the robbery energy and I usually classify that as some thing, someone, or an opportunity being taken away from you. Figurative and literal robbery. Another form of robbery is also the robbery of health, so if you feel like your energy’s being drained or you’re falling ill a little bit more in 2015 and your door is in the south, it’s that energy at the door that’s creating havoc there. So what can you do if your door is in the south? Very simple remedy is to put a bowl of water, nothing too small. I would like a nice decorative bowl and even better if the bowl is blue that would be great. I wouldn’t put a water fountain here or a water feature, no aquarium either. Just a simple bowl of water would suffice.

And a door in the southeast this year… your door is in the southeast of the house then it will be a more challenging year in terms of stress and illness and especially if anyone in your house or in your living space has weak health, they definitely need to watch out more because the front door for 2015, the energy there is definitely not going to be supportive of the health. Very simple but very powerful remedy for this is to place a lot of metal. Just like what I’m suggesting for the west, also put a lot of metal element in the southeast door. Again, metal planter, metal shoe rack, metal coat rack, anything like that. Even like a little metal cupboard or anything like that. Just be creative, figure out what you can place there and that would be a good way to do it.

If your door is in the east, this is definitely great news especially if you’re in sales, if you’re in business because the door in the east is really supportive in terms of sales endeavours. But even if you’re not in business, having a door in the east is also really prosperous and is also gaining momentum in terms of collecting that wealth qi as well. So if you want to boost it up, again just by going in and out that door you’re already activating that. Also a career potential is actually really, really strong in the east as well. So if you’re there you definitely want to make sure that you go out there and network.

And the next one, if your door is in the northeast, it’s also a much stronger year for you as well at least in terms of a stronger front door. 2014 was a little bit challenging but 2015 will be a little bit more friendly. It’s great for career progression energy-wise and just like… similar to if your door is in the east, you also want to make sure that you go out there and network. Social life is likely to be picking up as well. And I do tend to believe that door with the northeast energy is also really ripe energy in terms of doing self development work or spiritual work. So if this is something that, if your door is in the northeast and you’re kind of contemplating on doing this kind of work, then the energy at the front door definitely will help you support you in that and you get more breakthroughs in terms of your progress. So that would be great.

And I’m going to talk about why I’m not suggesting any water fountains to activate wealth for this year. Especially since feng shui… the shui portion, shui is water obviously. So if you’re wondering why I’m not suggesting water fountains or water features or even fish tanks to activate the wealth energy in 2015, it’s not because I don’t believe in it, it’s because I believe that it’s so powerful, you need to be really really careful with water placements. I do not recommend putting in water fountains and water features only based on what you read on the internet or in books because those are very very generalized information. I wouldn’t even do it here. Water placements need to be done under professional supervision. In my seven years as a feng shui consultant I have seen a lot of DIY feng shui enthusiasts with good intention of course, they put in the water fountain and it made things worse. So you definitely don’t want to put yourself in that situation.

So that is it for me for this video and I hope this is enough information to get you started, but I really hope that you will join me at my free feng shui 2015 webinar that I am holding on January 27th. Like I mentioned earlier on the video, I will be drilling down into the flying star feng shui for 2015 even further so that you can have… the better your feng shui placements, the better your results are going to be. So the more you let go of the general information out there, the better the outcome that you can see.

So thank you so much for joining me on this hangout. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please subscribe and please register for my webinar, I would love to see you there and in the meantime, happy new year and all the success to you!

Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo – a great remedy!

Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo – a great remedy!



PROOF that the right feng shui remedies work! If you follow Flying Star Feng Shui (which is the main feng shui school that I use in my professional consults), you will know that the #7 sits in the centre of ALL spaces this month. This untimely star usually means energy drain, losing something ( person, thing or opportunity ), pettiness around you, as well as potential mishaps. So I placed this very vase of feng shui lucky bamboo in the centre of my condo and just recently realized that one of them is yellowing and dying off. I’ve had them for at least 2 years now, and these guys have absorbed the negative energy on my behalf that this month one has finally decided that it’s absorbed as much as it could.

So I will replace this one stalk, but I won’t throw it away before thanking it for the protection that it has given me.

My clients have also reported similar instances where they were doing fine for months and years and all of a sudden they suddenly start dying off. And often it also happened when the #7 is even stronger when combined with either the permanent or the annual energy of the house! That’s proof enough to me that this is more than just coincidence!