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Auspicious position in the office

My husband is born in the year of the rabbit,
what auspicious position should he be sitting or facing in his office? Many of
you have this questions, don’t you? Now the thing is the best
direction to face well it should be based on your astrology, it’s not as
simple as just looking at your year of birth. It’s not as simple as that
and I’m gonna be covering gua number or trigrams in another
livestream because that is a whole, I’m almost worried about doing that
livestream because I’ll be opening on another a whole can of Chinese
astrology, can of worms that many of you might not be prepared for but you guys
need to know the real deal about the gua number. I’ll talk about that later.
But in terms of where to face okay, in terms of positioning in the office
especially the easiest one to do at the very least is not to face the Grand Duke
for the year and not to face the number five flying star for the year.
Those are the two commandments in terms of feng shui facing that everyone need to
follow. Don’t face the Grand Duke and those of you who did my Feng Shui 2019 or
you have been following classical Feng shui put in the comment.
Where is the Grand Duke this year in 2019? I need to make sure you guys know
this where is the Grand Duke situated which direction is it in, in 2019 put it
in the comment. And where is the direction for number five? Again put that
in the comment for this year. Lisette got it. What’s Northwest three? The Grand Duke
or the number five? No Bobby, Grand Duke is not in Northwest
two. Grand Duke is in northwest three. The direction of the pig or the boar, okay?
So Grand Duke, every year is situated the same as the year of that animal, the
animal year so this year is year of the pig so the Grand Duke is situated in the
astrological position of the pig on the lower pan, on the street 360 degrees so Grand
Duke is 15 degrees which is the house of the pig or the boar.

You can sit facing northwest one, northwest two – as long as you’re clearing
northwest three – you’re fine, you’re not offending the Grand Duke. Everyone needs
to follow this. Do not face northwest three. Where is number 5 this year, you guys? Where is number 5? Southwest. Great, Joyce.
Southwest is number 5 and the Southwest has 45 degrees so the whole of Southwest
wherever it doesn’t matter where you sit, if you’re sitting facing Southwest – you
need to move. That’s part of the reason why I know it’s hard when you’re in an
office, right. You only have one desk but honestly if it’s like a desk well you
can’t see my desk right now but it’s like a regular square or a rectangular
desk, you can move your screen right you have the compass in your hand. Let’s say
this is your compass I have my phone here right you move your screen to where
your monitor is situated figure out what direction you are if it’s facing north
west 3 or south west this year, just move your monitor a little bit and obviously
that means you have to switch your chair as well and that is where everyone, it
doesn’t matter what year you are – that’s where you need just to not face
this year okay. That is general but I can tell you
just by following these two not facing number five, facing Grand Duke and
actually I would add in a number seven as well and so tell me where number
seven is in 2019? If you follow the first two and as a bonus if you don’t sit
facing number seven then you are saving yourself a lot of grief.
I can
attest to this when I was working in an office environment, I just shifted a colleague’s desk a little bit and her whole situation at work was
so much less stressful for her, in terms of her workload, in terms of the clients
that she got. Okay, perfect. Lisette, Joyce – you guys are amazing.
Number seven has south east this year so don’t face north west three, don’t
face southwest whole southwest, don’t face the whole of South East those are
general. Now if you need to dial it down to based on your astrology, you should
get a proper astrologer for that because there’s many things that need to be
considered and to take it a little bit deeper, you should look at the permanent
energy of the home as well. Those of you in my Manifesting Code that means you’re
not sitting facing the bomb, you’re not sitting facing the robber
okay. That’s permanent energy even if astrologically the Southwest for
instance is a good direction for you right even if Southwest is a good
direction for you because the number five is in the southwest this year, I
still would not recommend you to be sitting facing Southwest okay. You can
use it any other year but just not in the year where that direction is
afflicted okay. So for that question that I got through email, I can’t do
specifically for your husband I’m sorry but I can do general okay.

Can one house be energetically good for one and not the other?

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Can the same house be lucky for one person in the household, yes unlucky for another person?

In this livestream I touched on the top 5 reasons why this would be true.

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Nature, Nurture or Destiny? What really determines who you are?


Hello everyone, it’s Safrina, the founder of Feng Shui and Prosper and if I am new to you – you are watching live stream Tuesdays. As much as I can every Tuesday, I come up and join you guys      on Facebook or YouTube
and we do a live stream on various Feng Shui spiritual, self-development topics. So today so I’ll tell you today, we are talking about Nature, Nurture or Destiny so stay tuned. So how did this topic came about was my husband rented a documentary called Three Perfect Strangers and it was a very it’s a fascinating documentary. If you guys never heard of it, never knew about it,maybe after today you can check it out rent the DVD, go online whatever Three Perfect Strangers. So what happened was the documentary started with the newspaper had with a shot of two guys identical twins and they found each other, they were both adopted and they found each other.
And then another. And this happened somewhere in New York, Manhattan, I think New Jersey area and when the newspaper came out that day, there was a third kid, 19 year old kid, there were all 19 year olds, I think 18 or 19, looked at the newspaper and said well these boys look like me so it turned out that there were not just twins that they’re actually triplets that were separated at birth. That alone was a very interesting story but as the documentary got further in they realized that there was this very I would say, sinister experiment happening in the background.What happened was a psychologist or psychiatrist, I forgot what his real designation has decided to do a social experiment so what they did was they  picked birth mothers who have okay –
spoiler alert so if you’re gonna watch another documentary I’m gonna spoil a lot of it for you – unfortunately but I have to tell you about it because that’s where my thought process might. So this social experiment was these psychiatrists or psychologists you know following the Freudian lineage, they specifically looked for single mothers who had mental health issues and we’re having multiple births so twins or triplets and so these triplets were split into households and they were followed because because what happens was as the boys grew older, they would have people visiting their homes like videotaping them, have them doing you know math or science test and everything and and behavioral test whatever it is. What they told the parents when they were adopting the kids, they said well now that you’re adopting this baby, we’re gonna check up on them you know every so often just to see that they’re doing well it’s for a study so that’s all the parents knew. The parents didn’t know that they were twins so the gist of it all is that these three boys they found each other at 19 and there were so many similarities. They were like instantly famous. If anything went viral back in the 80’s, I think this is when it happened. And mid 80’s or early 90’s, I forgot if anything went viral by then they went viral so they were instantly famous because of you know being split at birth and they’re now finding each other. and they got you know, it was instant connection they realized they smoke the same cigarette, they liked the same kind of girls, they all wrestled in high school so there were those innate characteristics that they realized were so similar. And then at the same time they also found that there were certain differences as well. And this is where I want you guys to all
really sit with this because as we go into Chinese New Year, every year without doubt without fail every year – I get people messaging me, emailing me, asking me how the year is going to be for them. And my answer to
them is well you know astrology is just one part of it and we’re gonna go through the heaven, earth and mankind luck, you guys know I always go through that. Only because it’s so important but this documentary with these three boys, having the same birth charts in you know we look at Chinese astrology, okay we’re not talking about other astrology up there but in Chinese astrology that would have the same birth charts. Exactly the same but with the three boys now okay so in terms of heaven luck, they have the same astrology but then the three boys go into three different households. One went into a blue blue-collar household. One into middle income household and one of the boys went to an affluent household. And it’s very interesting how, again the similarities were there even though they were in different households however one was particularly inclined to have some
mental health issues. Now all three came from the same mother who had mental health issues – why is it that this one is expressing the same challenges as the birth mother and the other two even though they had issues because they were separated. No matter what spiritually soul lies on the soul, level they knew that there were two parts of them that were that was not with them. Actually the documentary said as part of the separation anxiety was all the boys when they were adopted I think at just a few months or maybe a year old all three of
them would knock their head against the crib. So there’s definitely you know, psychological issues that all three boys had to go through. But one of them specifically went into a deep mental hole, had to get you know going I think all three of them went went into psychiatric ward but one ultimately committed suicide. Okay so spoiler alert, I know a little too late for that now I’ve blurted it up – committed suicide. And so this was where that whole social experiment was, they wanted to see if the boys would go into the same path or if they would like you know if they would kind of branch off and you know have do different stuff think different things, have different likes and patterns and things like that so I’m just gonna take a quick sip here so that’s the topic that psychologists have always battled on right in terms of nurture versus nature. But what I wanted to throw out to you, I’m not saying that I know the answer. I just want to pose this to you guys in that what about things like I know I say destiny on in the title but think about this when I was watching the documentary this was what I was thinking three different boys, three different souls, three different past lives, three different karmic patterns.

Those are the
things that third part, was you know has never especially at least where the psychologist is concerned most of the time it’s not put into the mix right, most likely because they don’t believe in it so I was wondering okay so they
have a birth mother who was mentally, psychologically challenged, she had three boys and they had psychological issues, granted because they were separated and they on a spiritual level they knew it, they knew they weren’t complete but why was one taking the bigger hit. I’m wondering if that destiny portion the past life the Karma has anything to do with it. Again I’m not saying I know the answer and also being a Feng Shui consultant,
I wonder if of course – I wonder how the energy of all these these three separate households affect each boys, right. We’re not even talking about parenting style, what kind of parents they have, what kind of society they have, of course that comes into play but you know so there’s all these things that need to be factored in so when people want ask me for an astrological article reading and and even other astrological readings, how many of you guys have one have went to like the tarot card reader, a fortune teller or whatever right and you’re given an answer but maybe it wasn’t accurate and you’re like oh she wasn’t good because she said this was gonna
happen but it didn’t. But if you really think about it there’s some energy,  consistently influx, it’s constantly shaping and so sure I do astrological readings for my clients but I tell them I always tell them do not think that this is set in stone. So when you ask me how the year is going to be for you especially when you only tell me your year like I’m a dragon house – how is it gonna be for the Dragons, I can give you general stuff but you know like for instance I was sharing in my annual webinar because everyone was freaking out that they are born in the year of the pig and they’re gonna hit with the Grand Duke. And what I told when I shared with people on the webinar by the way if you didn’t join Feng Shui 2019, you can register here, you get to see the replay where I share this is that my husband being the year of the dog was hit with the Grand Duke this year right? Did I make him panic? Because he sit with a Grand Duke? No! Do I have him carry something to do with the Grand Duke? Well he was open to it so he carried something with him. However there are other things that you can do to make sure that the negative energies don’t affect you, you know as much as it could have – it’s basically where I’m coming to you to. So sure there’s nature, there’s nurture but even with those two factors there is still the possibility of having a different kind of life. I’ll show you I’ll share with you in Manifesting Code, there’s actually one client – she and I we share the same birthday. We have the same birthday, only different birth hour and we have very different lives. Because astrology is just – let me let me bring this up here okay, astrology which is in heaven luck is one portion. So me and her – we’re astrological chart is concerned, we’re very similar we have the same day, same month, same year but the mankind luck and the earth luck is different therefore we have our lives are night and day. I’m married with a kid and she is you know single, carefree, childless woman at this moment right. Night and day kind of life so even with these boys being born in the same hour, they have different
lives you know, different way of thinking different way, even in character you know all their wives would say oh this twin is like this this, twin is like this, this twin is like this so even behavioral there’s differences right. So as much as much as there’s so much interest in astrology at the beginning of every year, I beg you guys especially if the news is not good, I plead with you guys to not throw in the towel just yet.

Just because astrologically, it’s gonna be a challenging year for you – it does not have to end that way because you still have oh you still have mankind luck,right which is your own actions your own and there’s also earth luck, I’m pointing it the wrong way, I need to go this way it’s like which is your Feng Shui and I gotta tell you like this year my husband being hit with the Grand Duke – actually career wise this has been the most gang buster year for him. And in fact he just got news about another huge acknowledgement and another bump in his salary that he wasn’t necessarily seeking for it, just fell on his lap. So so much for being hit with the Grand Duke where you know oh you’re all like you’re afflicted and whatever that’s just one third okay? Don’t write it off but don’t let that be your end all and be all okay. Because remember astrology, it’s just one third okay so that’s pretty much all I wanted to say because there’s nature, nurture versus destiny and and that’s the part that’s hard and destiny being past life being karma – it’s also another thing that each and every one of us need to look into, we need to explore a little bit more. It does seem like a very esoteric, very it’s hard to grasp, it’s hard to even get the right information about this right but if someone you know and again – I’m not saying like for example that that twin that committed suicide, he likely had some past baggage either the current life or the previous lives baggage or karmic debt if you want to call it that that affected him more than you know that made him more struggle a little bit more, in terms of mental health more than his other two brothers. So that’s that’s pretty much what I wanted to share with you guys today.

Main gist of it is sure it’s astrology is great to give you insight. Once you have your astrological reading, it helps you plan your year. I do you know fairly in-depth astrological readings for my clients but whenever there’s bad luck, I tell them okay so this is the rough patch that is coming your way – this is how you navigate that right. So if it were to happen for instance, if I see illness or if I see separation like marriage or if I see I remember one time I had to tell my client because I looked at both hers and her husband’s charts and I told her this year there’s a potential for someone wanting to break the marriage so I said and she obviously started getting really worried and I said don’t panic what you need to do you know now that you have kids and whatever most couples kind of lose touch with each other so I said just make sure you have your date nights you know. If you’re hitting a rough patch, go see a couples counseling, don’t just you know sweep it under the floor you know and I gave her
resources and experts and books to read just so they have a healthier communication style right. That was a few years ago and they’re still happily married. So that’s the thing, the astrological reading may give you the good news and maybe not the so great news but once you have that info you don’t just sit on it. Now you know how to deal with the energy of the year, okay. This is especially for those of you who read the New Year astrological
article or video or book or whatever and you’re all panicking, you’re like okay that’s it I’m just gonna stay inside my house and not do anything for the rest of the year and wait till the year is done and then I’ll do. I actually had one client tell back to me and I’m like that it’s not the point of the astrological reading alright. So let me know, I can take questions but not questions about your astrological chart. I’m not doing it on the live stream. Hind, has a very good question – let me put that up on the screen. How can we protect our aura from negative energy of other people? It’s not really topic related but this is a very interesting one. So I believe in protecting yourself and protecting your family. In fact I think in Manifesting Code, I have a couple of modules in terms of protection. So what you can do usually for me I ask my clients to do a visualization, a bubble visualization so you’re just imagine yourself in a bubble and you you know and maybe you have that person who’s giving you bad juju right –
bad bad vibes you can visualize that person outside of your bubble, trying to give you the bad energy and the energy is just bouncing off your bubble. It doesn’t affect you that’s one way to kind of protect yourself and when I have clients who have you know potential mishaps when they’re traveling obviously they’re concerned about that I have them do very similar visualizations as well and so visualization for me is very important. And I’m not I’m not a Reiki master or whatever but you also need to make sure that your Chakra centers are strong that you know that like some people have weak centers where it’s easier for other people to kind of impose their energy on you, especially those of you guys who are who are energetically sensitive, who are Empath, you absorb whether these people have negative intention towards you or not, energetically your boundary is so weak that you tend to absorb other people’s negative energies right?

How do you know what this if this happens to you? If you go into a space and you get drained you know all of a sudden you feel very drained or if you hang out with a specific person, let’s say and you start getting headaches or whatever just feeling really tired after the interaction. That could be a sign of you being having absorb their energy or even energy vampires people can actually take your energy from you. so that bubble visualization is a very simple one but I find that to be a very powerful one to do as well. I’ve used that and I’ve recommended that to my clients. Those of you, Manifesting Code – I’m pretty sure I have a visualization meditation track on that so you guys can take a look at that okay. and so now growing up in Southeast Asia I don’t want you guys to panic but growing up in Southeast Asia, I have grown up in a society where we believe in black powers right. We believe in that there is such a thing as black magic. And
some people do go out there and do weird things to other people right and those of you guys who you know live in other parts of the world I’m sure you agree with me that they do exist. How do you protect yourself from that? Where we are concerned let you are you know here I am as I touch my hair but you need to be very careful in in terms of like things that have your DNA right, because sometimes things can be done to you with just like a piece of your hair so again, I don’t want to scare anyone with this but in terms of protection you know there’s basically how do I say this? If you every so often if you do a protection ritual for yourself again, you can google it or you guys in Manifesting Code I have a couple of protection rituals there do it every so often don’t do it when you feel like you’re already under attack. Prevention is better than cure so I would do it you know every once in a while protect yourself, protect your family, protect your home so that you don’t come under attack okay. No other questions I know this is a really maybe a weird topic for you guys as I sip my Ribena, so um yeah alright so I
guess no other questions from you guys yeah? Otherwise I’m just gonna let you guys go but again I will there is a chance there is a chance for me to actually cuz I’ve been asked to do a Chinese New Year talk and I’ve struggled with this because they wanted me to do astrological reading for every animal signs. And you guys know me I was actually trying really hard to dissuade the client from that because I said you know exactly what I said this whole live stream and that so what if there is an astrological forecast. You know some people are just gonna think that they’re cursed for the year or some people are also gonna think that oh it’s a lucky year they don’t need to do anything it’s all gonna fall on their lap. Not really even if the year is supposed to be a good year for you, you still need to make sure that your mankind luck and your earth luck is in tip-top shape. Otherwise, the good vibes are not going to come to you as strong as it could right.

So you know so there’s the tension
that I have in between what I know is a more holistic way of dealing with this as well as the client because it’s a fundraiser, it’s for you know, I’m not making any money from it’s a fundraiser but this is the kind of information that they want. so I’m struggling with the format that I you know that is not selling out my integrity in terms of the kind of content that I share with people. So that’s what I want to share with you guys this week, if you guys are watching the replay, feel free to post your questions. If it’s relating to this topic and again –  don’t ask me your astrological reading for the year because I won’t do it on like a Facebook post like this even if you want a private astrological reading from me I only do it if I do your Feng Shui way because like I said at least, I help
you deal with two out of the three right of the three Lucks. If you do your Feng Shui then sure I’ll do your astrology. If you want to do just your astrological reading I’ve always said no. From the past few years now I don’t just do one level of luck okay. All right that’s – oh Joe you’re only coming on now. I’m just about to leave. Thanks everyone for watching. I will catch you guys next week.

Take care.

Mirrors and Feng Shui

Hello everyone, it’s Safrina from Feng Shui and Prosper and sorry I know I am about five minutes                     late with my livestream, I had a little bit of a technical difficulty but hopefully you guys can hear me you can see me okay. If you’re watching, let me know who’s watching. I know I had about 13 people ready to go and I went live earlier just a few minutes ago. Hello Tracy and who’s watching me on oops – are you guys seeing me on Facebook on YouTube hold on, okay perfect. So we are live both on Facebook and on YouTube so if you see me darting my eyes, that’s part of the reason and I’m trying out a new set up here because I don’t want it to just go on YouTube and abandon my Facebook followers and vice versa so that’s why I’m trying to go live in both places. So today, we have a very interesting question that came up from one of my Feng shui 2018 participants. Now just a quick plug before I go into the Q&A is if you have not registered for my Feng shui 2018 annual event now the live events are all done but you can still register and get all 11 plus hours of recording. The main event itself is 4 hours where I handhold you guide you through how to prosperify your home for the year of the dog. And to be honest even though the New Year doesn’t happen in like in January, I think February 16th, it’s actually Chinese New Year, the energy of 2018 is actually already starting to take hold. If you guys have a door in the North corner, you know what I’m talking about. Or if you guys have a door in the east corner and you have not put your remedy for 2018, you know the New Year energy is already starting for you guys. So this is not something to play around with if you want to make sure that next year is you’re on an up level rather than being stuck where you are or even backsliding right, then I hope you join me by registering and getting all my video recordings. Again the address, if someone can type out either on youtube or on Facebook, it’s

Now I have a beautiful community on Facebook which is part of anyone who registers can join me as a bonus on a VIP inner circle and I’m getting really really amazing questions coming from many of them. And this is one in terms of mirror usage – hey Emily Marie on YouTube – it’s with regards to how to use mirrors for Feng Shui purposes now I’m going to break some myths about mirrors so either this is going to get you very relieved
or this is going to make you a little bit upset because a few of these are super myths that has just been regurgitated and regurgitated and regurgitated over and over and over again honestly. I don’t even know where it starts so first things first is – the idea that mirrors are a water element, actually going to take a quick sip here, the idea that mirror is a water element. Now I can’t really fathom how that comes to play because even because a lot of the feng shui principles come from how things were in the olden days, right. And even if you think about youknow, hundreds of years ago when there were no mirrors you know okay well if you want to think about like the cavemen era or you know whatever before technology happens the first mirror I guess you can arguably say that the first mirror was the your reflection in the river or on the lake right on a water surface. I guess, maybe that’s why mirror equals water element comes from but really once people started                knowing about chemistry and things like that and you know manufacturing and productions and all that mirrors really are metal, you know. A flat metal surface where it’s reflective or even nowadays it’s glass but there’s a little bit of a metal element there so that it reflects better.

So the idea, the super myth that mirrors if you have a space in your home that needs more water therefore you put more mirror in there, that is not something that the Grand Master is talked about at all. So that’s super myth number one. I know there are questions coming in so I’m gonna try to go through them in a bit so just hang tight. Super myth number two is the usage of the bagua mirror, now you have to be really really careful with this. In my feng shui lineage, the lineage of the Tan Yangu School of Feng Shui, I have not heard in any of our textbook talking about the bagua mirror okay. And in fact, I have a few private consultations as well as people
who email sometimes with questions who already have the bagua mirror above their door, my question to them is has it gotten worse since you put the mirror in? And they said most of the time four out of five, I would say they said it actually did get worse once the mirror was put up. Now the whole thing the idea, that’s perfect perpetuated with regards to the bagua mirror is that if you have a poison arrow or if you have, I don’t know like bad neighbors or whatever and so if you put the mirror at your front door then it’s gonna reflect the energy back to you. But guess what, if you have a poison arrow – let’s say if you have a big tree and this is actually what happened in one of my sorry I have something in my eyes – this is actually what happened in a private consult, is that the moment me and my master got there there was a huge tree right in front of the door and  there was a bagua mirror – guess what it doubled the tree.

So that’s not good. Immediately we asked her to take it down and so we do not use the bagua mirror, at all. If you guys don’t know what the pop-up mirror is, it’s basically like the octagonal frame with a round mirror in the circle and usually it’s what’s the word convex. Yeah – do not, do not ever use that okay. What are the other common mirror myths, okay. Never so in terms of, if you want to place mirrors in your space what do you do? My guideline really is what does the mirror reflect? You don’t want the mirror to reflect out your door. You don’t want the so be careful when placing mirrors in your entrance. You can put it by the side but you don’t want where you come in and you immediately see yourself in the mirror that’s what you don’t want, okay? So no mirrors reflecting out the door no mirrors reflecting the stove okay? It can reflect other part of the kitchen but do not reflect the stove. As much as even if your stove is fengshui’d and is prosperous okay. Because you don’t want too much fire. You don’t want too yang of an energy. In feng shui placements and even in our Chinese astrology, we actually want elements to be as balanced as possible. Which is a little bit of a segue but when you talk about the five element theory – why do we use the weakening cycle to remedy an element instead of the destructive cycle? It’s the destructive cycle is too strong. You just want to weaken, it not necessarily destroy it okay. Even
it is a negative energy, you just want to kind of balance it, neutralize it. The other mirror feng shui myth, okay so don’t have mirrors reflecting the stove, don’t have mirrors reflecting the toilet bowl and I don’t mean the mirror in the bathroom that is obviously fine. I’m talking about mirrors that are outside of the bathroom. For instance if you have the bathroom door open and there’s a mirror outside and it happens to reflect the toilet bowl, that’s another No No. I would take that away. And obviously no mirror reflecting the bed. This one is really common and I have to say it’s not a super myth. We do want to follow that. You don’t want your mirror to be reflecting your bed. It’s just not good for a restful sleep. And it’s generally not good for relationships as well, okay got it?

 So let me look at questions – you guys over at YouTube. I think I can see your comments as well, so feel free to comment. And hello Danielle oh you caught me on YouTube  okay? So no questions who’s got questions about mirror? I thought I gave you guys a heads up on Facebook anyway oh I’m surprised I’m actually here prepared to
just answer questions about mirrors and Feng Shui but I hope that makes sense you know in terms of what do you not want to a wonder the question that was in the bonus webinar for 2018: is using the mirror to reflect a positive direction? That’s not really hey hi – it’s not really – we don’t really use some mirror for that purposes okay we don’t use that to double up a good direction or to double up a good energy. Let’s say, a good 81 flying star energy. How do you double it up really is with other placements and with usage, right? Let’s see questions,
questions okay oh now – I’ve got questions, okay perfect. So can Canarys asking are mirrors okay they’re facing the north for 2018? Facing the north yeah – that is fine. It’s not like doubling up the energy of the north.

Again you look at what the mirror is reflecting in terms of physical stuff, okay? Is it is it reflecting clutter? Is it reflecting a poison arrow? Is it reflecting other not nice things? I’m saying my words here – I’m sorry. And Fanny is asking what about a mirror facing another mirror? That’s actually a good question. I haven’t seen this a lot but it’s very similar as doors facing each other, the energy is very what’s the word not combative, they’re like opposing right. So I wouldn’t have mirrors facing each other. I would have them staggered. Another thing too, it is very maybe, it’s just my own personal preference but I just feel like energetically it’s not good. There are certain styles of mirror where it’s like a sunburst so you get like little pieces of mirror all over the place so when you’re looking at the mirror you’re kind of – it’s not really feng shui, you have to say but you’re kind of disjointed, I guess
is the word right. I don’t like those either. If you want to use a mirror – use the ones that are a nice one piece, okay. Oh hello Nellie, so glad to see you catching me live. And Marilla is asking mirror in the dining room reflecting a big clock? That is fine, that is fine. Especially if so the big clock Marilla, actually I’m trying to remember the big clock in your dining room because we did a private consult. If the big clock is there to activate the positive energy, and you happen to have a mirror to reflect that I guess in a sense that means you have two mirrors to activate the positive energy. But then you have to watch out: in the months where the number five and I would even say the number seven goes into that space and you guys who follow my Feng Shui 2018, you have my calendar make use of my new year calendar so that you can keep track of the monthly changes right. So if you’re using the mirror to double reflect, let’s say lighting or a moving object right? You have to be really
careful that – in a month, that it’s afflicted I would say number five and number seven – take them away for the month. And when the monthly energy is done, you put that back in again if you have not joined me in Feng Shui 2018 which is my annual online event, I think about eleven, twelve hours worth of videos and webinars and Q&A recorded – you can go to and grab your registration and you get immediate access to all the recordings and get your house what I call Prosperify 2018. Just a quick midsection advertising there okay.

Questions, questions –  Linda asks is it good feng shui to have mirror in the bedroom? Yes but not reflecting the bed right? So you have to be creative. Actually, I just went through this with a client last week in a private consult, you have to be creative in terms of where you put the mirror. If you really need a mirror in the room then fine just make sure it doesn’t reflect the bed. Jeanne says so what do I do with a mirror reflecting on my bed since my cabinet lighting reflects my bed unfortunately my bed friend is fixed always my cabinet? Then cover the mirror. Years ago before I met my husband and some of you know my husband is my feng shui husband. I did my feng shui and then two months later I met him. So I was renting a little room up you know north, a little north of Toronto, I was still in University, and it was a really tight quarter so I couldn’t move my bed. And the same thing, my closet is like sliding doors and it’s floor-to-ceiling mirrors. What I did was I went to the fabric store and
pretty much got long curtains to cover it so when I in the morning when I’m changing. I have the mirror up but the rest of the day when I’m done doing my hair makeup, changing I have a fabric down so that’s what I did. Canarys, is it good to place a mirror facing safe or cash safe? I guess there’s that thought of doubling the
money if you really want to – then go for it okay?  Thank you for that Tracie, awesome.

So now I’m going to go on YouTube and see what the questions are there. Danielle okay yeah I took the bagua down about two weeks ago – amazing. I am so proud of my peeps who join me in Feng Shui 2018 to really see the questions asked, initially being very basic and then now I see the trajectory of their questions starting to get a
little bit more intermediate and yesterday I told one of the participants I’m like I’m such a proud feng shui mama because now when like someone wants to buy lighting and they know okay this is bad lighting because there’s a lot of poison arrow or in terms of elements and stuff like that. It’s really, really amazing to see everyone’s progress to finally do proper feng shui for your home. Okay so Marlene asked how about mirror as a tool for a plate for money corner? Tool for a plate for money corner, you can do it and I actually have so again in terms of using mirrors to double up the physical stuff, the structure is the things right. I don’t have it right now but I used to have a crystal grid. What’s a crystal grid? It really is crystals with specific patterns right to activate certain manifesting properties and I put the crystal grid on a mirror so that the mirror doubles up my crystals so that’s fine. It’s I guess, it would be similar in terms of what you would want to do for your money corner okay? So Mawapo is asking is big-screen TV considered a mirror because I have a 55 inch in my room? If it’s very reflective – yes. So many a consult, I have had to ask my clients to also cover the TV screens when they’re done watching the TV. And they’ll be like oh but I let the TV, I’d fall asleep and the TV would just like keep going you know like well then – stop doing that.Even better is not to have a TV in the bedroom like we don’t have a TV in the bedroom,we actually when we hardy to watch TV right. So especially for a 55 inch, it’s gonna reflect quite a bit um you know quite a bit of of the bed. And it also depends on the reflection of the TV screen, there are
some TV screens that are not as reflective as others so I guess it really depends but personally better be safe than sorry is to actually cover the mirror.

Okay some of these, I’ve already answered. Emily mirror is reflecting a window it’s absolutely fine. Emily yes is there a bad aspect that a mirror will fix? I know oh so there are certain school of thought that says if you have
a missing corner, you use a mirror. If you have a missing corner and you have a missing corner. You can’t use mirrors or lighting or whatever to try to cover it up. So I don’t actually use mirrors as a remedy for anything. If it’s in the house, it’s in the house. If it’s reflecting bad areas then I take tell my clients to take it away but I don’t use that as a recommendation for placements at all. So DLG who is DLG, you told me to place four plants in the center for our money corner? We placed a mirror by the entrance and it is now reflecting the four plants. Does that cause a problem? Okay so this is an 81 combination kind of question. So the four plants to activate a certain wealth energy in the 81 combination is because of the number four. So if you have a mirror to reflect the floor plans then that becomes eight which kind of defeats the purpose. So maybe you want to move the plants elsewhere or move the mirror. That might be a little bit easier. I think I saw Danielle saying that she feels things have gotten a little bit feeling, the effects now more after taking down the mirror. The bagua mirror. Look at I know it’s a little bit hard especially if you’re kind of new in the classical Feng Shui journey but again we’re going into 2018 if you’re starting to feel the negative energy a little bit more, it’s not because of the mirror. It’s likely because of the annual changes, that’s a really starting to take place. Okay seriously you guys who have not
done you guys who have a door or a bedroom or a kitchen in the north and in the east and you have not put your remedy in – tell me. If you’re already starting to feel it something is up right.

Blessing Francis asked can I put a mirror above my kitchen sink? Only if your kitchen sink is prosperous.             If your kitchen sink is in a location that is actually activating money loss, your mirror will double that. Okay Emily Marie is there an optimistic number of mirrors to have? Not really again because mirror is not I don’t use it as a replacement for water element. I don’t use it as a replacement for metal element. If I want water element, I’d do the watercolors or the water element itself. If I want metal element I use the metal colors or actual metal itself right? So I don’t use the mirror in you know so in terms of collection or in terms of an auspicious number – you can follow the general flying star auspicious numbers I guess right. The good numbers would be 1, 4, 6, 8, 9 so you can do that if you want to. But again that’s not like something if I were to write a feng shui book, it’s not something that I would even you know give even a couple of pages to. Not very important. Leonora: Hi Safrina, what is the best day on May 2018 for moving to a new house? It’s not mirror related? Did you sign up for my Feng Shui 2018? Leonora, your name sounds familiar. If you did – my Feng Shui 2018 webinar and the calendar will help you plot out a good day for a moving house. Verna asks is it okay to put the mirror opposite to the window? That’s fine. Yeah. Sadiah, I was given my bagua mirror as a gift but was told to keep it turned down on my dresser. I don’t know. Because I don’t use it so I don’t know what the purpose would be, especially turned down. I have not heard of that before.Question: if we need to increase metal element in the North section of my house, then can you play some metal piece in a mirrored bowl? Can you place a metal piece in a mirror wall to magnify the metal element? I guess so you you will put the metal element and then put the mirror to double up the metal element you can but I would still prefer the metal element itself, okay? Got it? Try not to use replacements like this as much as you can. Alright how long have we gone on to? Real good questions you guys. Danielle says boyfriend says no to moving the TV screen in the bed in the bedroom see if he’ll be okay with you covering it? Yeah so I will – oh my gosh we were like almost half an hour in.

Last question so Emily says is there anything with a mirror to do with the sign you are? Not that I know of not feng shui wise. Maybe in other spiritual tools maybe but not in Feng Shui, yeah. All right everyone, thank you so much for joining me here on YouTube and here on Facebook. Hopefully you guys have you know gotten some good insights with regards to mirror use in a nutshell. At least the way I am trained. And I am very very proud of how I’m trained so in a nutshell mirrors are not and well not too important of a consideration. And it’s not a very important remedy to use. At least not in my practice and not the way I am trained other consultants might disagree with me but you know it hasn’t been and you know a big missing piece at all in terms of getting results for my clients. So again thank you so much for joining me. I will try to do a live stream like this once a week. I’m thinking every Wednesday, we’ll see how it goes with my schedule. And again if you guys are not registered for Feng Shui 2018, please do yourself a favor I’m not you know I’m not saying this because um it’s my offering. I’m saying this because I truly truly care about what is happening or is going to happen in 2018 and I want you guys to have a successful a year as possible right. And having making sure that your house it is at least good for the new year, it’s the least that you can do. If you are serious about your Feng Shui at all. It’s a little bit of an investment to make sure that you know what’s coming to you next year. Again to register is, I have a lot of my lot of people who are registered here, who’ve watched all the all the recordings and you know they can tell you in terms of what they’ve learned the a-ha moment that they’ve gotten. A lot of the savings that I’ve managed to you know they they can now stop buying all these feng shui stuff for for the new year that they do not need. And also a lot of confusion being answered finally. And I know Feng Shui is a rabbit hole, it’s a little bit of a rabbit hole you, answer one question and then or I should say like a Pandora’s box – you answer one question and then there’s another level of questioning. Like more intermediate more advanced questioning happening. That’s just how the learning cycle goes but at least you’re basic, your newbie or beginner feng shui questions, will be resolved and once you’re done with the videos. So again thank you so much everyone. I will see you guys in a week – take care.


Stop using the wrong Feng Shui Bagua!


If I were to give it a percentage, I would say 95% of Feng Shui information especially the English language Feng Shui information either online in books or spouted by other experts, 95% from what I see anyway basically the majority of the English language Feng Shui information is wrong. Especially the information around the bagua okay. If you’ve been on the feng shui research journey for any amount of time you would have heard about the bagua which is the I have a sample here right if you guys can see, it’s probably a little bit bright but this
you know the the octagonal shape.

And there’s been a lot of confusion about how it is used. There’s been a lot of there’s been a lot of confusion about how it is used. There’s been a lot of how do you use the information that’s in the bagua? So if you guys are familiar with this one here right – this is the I’m sorry to say this is the fast food feng shui, I know it’s a little bit bright for you guys but this is where it has now it takes, it’s an offshoot of what is classically considered the bagua but then it’s been changed to I don’t know the full history of this but this is definitely not the one that you should be using when you do your feng shui okay? So the ones that most of you guys are aware of is so this is – the south, this is the north west-east and so on and so forth right? So the idea is that the self is the fame corner, the southwest is the relationship corner, the West is I don’t even know the West is that they call it the children or the creativity corner, north west is called the travel corner or the helpful people corner, north is the career corner supposedly, North East as the knowledge or education. East is family and then South East is money corner right? How many of you guys still think south east, it’s always always and forever the south east corner?

How do you guys still have that misconception you probably don’t even know it’s misinformation, misconception? I am breaking this myth the bane of my existence as a classically trained feng shui consultant because this is the one that really ruins a lot of you guys. So many situations like for instance someone on the livestream a few weeks ago just said oh he thought he was activating his career corner and he put a water feature in the career corner because sure – the element of the north is the water I don’t you know I don’t disagree with that is what is the classical formula. So unbeknownst to him he was misguided by all these wrong information out there. He put water or a fountain in his career corner and things got worse he said. I’ve also had many many clients over the past eight, nine years of being a consultant, I have many clients who think that their wealth corner is in the southeast corner.

And what do they do? They activated that put a fish tank, again they put a water feature. And in fact two, brought me in the moment I came in I look I did my compass reading and I saw in the southeast corner is a water feature and I said you know – “you’ve been doing do it yourself feng shui, haven’t you?”. And they’re like no actually we had a consultant before and he told he or she told me to put it there to activate for money but what happened
these two actually they were at the brink of bankruptcy and I asked him things got worse after you put the water feature there, didn’t it? And they said yes. And very quickly as well. So this thing here okay if you’re still doing your Feng Shui based on this, based on the same direction you know marriage direction travel direction whatever you need to stop. Especially when it comes to activations okay? Because this will dig a deeper hole for you enough. I’ve seen it some of you guys probably are seeing it as well. And probably wondering what the eff is happening. I followed this to do my feng shui but nothing is working! I don’t know why? This is why okay so I what I will show you for the rest of this video.

The main intention for this video is really to have you stop doing it this way okay.         And the obvious next question, Safrina then what else do I do? Real feng shui now Ary you’ve taken my you’ve taken my certification course right? My feng shui certification course.Those who study true Feng Shui will realize that there is so much to learn – even on an intermediate level. That’s what the feng shui certification is. Even at a beginner to intermediate level.There’s so many theories, so many formulas to remember and then you also realize that Feng Shui is not simple. That is part of the reason why I can’t write Flying Star Feng Shui book because it’ll take me years because there’s so much to cover. And that is also what I can’t just have someone ask me a question on the live stream and I can’t just give you a quick general advice because feng shui done properly is not generalized.

How is it possible that every home worldwide has the same energy? How is it possible? It’s not okay? So every space has a specific energetic blueprint to it and those of you who have either done the certification or you’ve done the annual feng shui webinar with me for any amount of time –

either you’ve just registered or started following me a few years back. You now know those of you who started your class real true classical feng shui journey, will realize that energy is not general like this. You will know that energy is based on the period of the home, based on the facing the compass direction of the home. Only from there you know what the energies are. So you know like some of my students who took the course they’re like oh now we know why you can’t justanswer simple general or general questions on social media or whatever because I don’t have enough information about your home to give you proper recommendation. If you work with the feng shui consultant and actually someone made a comment on this on another video that I had about having needing that the compass is the basic tool that any feng shui enthusiast especially a feng shui consultant must have. So I have a separate video on that about about a compass being the most basic tool for feng shui and someone made a comment she’s like “oh my god, I just spent a ton of money bringing in another consultant and I never saw her use a compass. She used my door, she used her door to kind of calculate the energy. Guys, that is not how it is used.

Doors in feng shui are important but it only determines what are the strongest energy that’s coming through the door. You do not do your feng shui replacements with calculations based on the door, okay? So now that I’ve you know I’ve told you guys to forget about this. What can I tell you about how it is done or how the real feng shui bagua is? So to be honest with you, I’m too lazy I couldn’t I couldn’t even I tried to Google like classical feng shui bagua And you guys can try Google classical feng shui bagua. What comes up is actually this – the fast food bagua. Wow that is not classical you guys that is not classica.l So this is a look into what is, this is not all of it but this is what probably won’t blow your mind but too much, okay? Because if I go too much into the advanced information you guys will be – like kill me, kill me, now right? So this is the classical one or the basics of it the foundational one of it okay? I don’t know how clear, it is I might actually be able to I wonder if I can share my screen I don’t think I can share my screen on this one. I will put a picture up on this after I’m done with the livestream. So this is classical bagua okay so you can see that they try to pawn it off as feng shui. The all these things that’s that’s true in most of the fast-food bagua is the elements they got the elements right. They got the directions right. They have the north, south, east, west. They got the directions right they do have the trigrams so that passed it off as classical but apart from that what the directions mean are wrong okay. So this is what so Ery you took the course with me right you can take a look at your notes if you still have it. But this is what it is. So south at the top north, east, west, south west, south east, northeast northwest, okay. And you have the trigrams here. Someone actually asked why’s the south on the top? If you guys want to know there’s actually two different types of bagua.

There’s early heaven bagua and the later heaven bagua. Early heaven bagua has a different configuration that one is more for date selection which we’re not going to talk about here. But we use a later heaven bagua which has the south at the top and the north and so on and so forth okay. This is what we use for Feng Shui purposes, don’t ask me why. That’s just how it is. I mean I’m not – who am I to question something that’s been around for
thousands of years right? So anyway so most of the fast food bagua, they have the right idea in terms of south is fire, north is water, west and northwest is metal. Southwest and northeast is earth. Southeast and east is wood. They do have that now this is another way a bastardization of the feng shui. Some of the books says – oh if your bedroom is in the east and the east is be a wood element you need to paint your bedroom green. It’s not as simple as that you guys. It’s not okay. Like it doesn’t make sense. If you have an open space place – are you supposed to have you know that your South wall red, your north wall blue, your east wall green and your west wall white or gray? How does that make sense? You know and a lot of people do their decorations based on that right, a lot of people do their decorations literally you don’t take it literally like that okay? So stop cuz the room will not look good okay? So first things first. Each direction is specific to a family member I’m gonna bring it back a little maybe you guys can see it a little bit better okay? Each direction is a specific family member – I’ll just keep it at that I’ll talk a little bit more about it in a minute. So south refers to okay let me start with a father basically Northwest is the patriarch. And patriarch means male yeah I mean usually the men in the house – the father. And actually as a segue okay so that the text that I got from my client and this is a home that I that I worked with uh with the architects from scratch. We did the layout, I did the you know so it was a feng shui home from the ground up. So well the house has been built. The clients moved in and then someone told her – oh your bathroom is in the northwest. And that’s bad because the Northwest is the your bathroom is in the northwest, leader the Northwest is you know it’s um it’s the breadwinner. And her being you know the breadwinner of the family, she thinks it affects her so that person again well-intentioned really freaked her out. That’s when she texted me I said – the Northwest is the oldest male in the house that usually the oldest father figure in the house.

Unless she changed her gender she is not affected by the energy in the northwest. And by the way a bathroom in the northwest is fine. What we don’t want is a kitchen in the northwest. If there is a man in the house okay a father in the house you do not want a kitchen in the northwest bathrooms are fine. So even though she’s the main breadwinner, she’s the she’s the leader so to speak, you know she is the head of the house but she’s not considered a patriarch unless she does like a gender change surgery. Really she is still if she is here Southwest which is the matriarch. If you guys can see the matriarch okay. Next is the oldest son I’ll do oldest son sorry I got this wrong I take this wrong this is youngest son actually okay North East, his youngest son and then the oldest daughter in the southeast, oldest son is the east, youngest daughter in the West middle daughter in the south, middle son in the north. Now there are a couple of questions around this as a tip you guys are gonna you know a couple of you are going to be joining me in March for a feng shui certification course will act. Every you’re still here right. How much time did we spend on the bagua, when we did the course a lot of time because a lot it’s based on the bagua.

But it’s not how you think it is. So I’m gonna go through in as much as I can on the livestream in terms of how looks really being used. So what happens if you’re just you know if you are how do I say this okay so let’s say so you’re married and okay  let’s say it’s a door right like my building here we’re close to University of Toronto. There are a lot of condos that are you know that are taken up by students so there’s no there’s no mother there’s no father or whatever but if there is a certain specific energy in a room that’s bad for the middle son for instance then if you’re the middle son and you stay in that back room for the middle son you will get affected. Everyone else will be okay. And without making too much confusion, there’s actually age and marital status and parental status as well that goes into it right. So for instance you could be a husband and wife. Husband and wife you move into a place but you are yet to have children so you’re still not considered a patriarch because no one’s calling you daddy as yet. Unless and until you have children you’re not the patriarch, you’re not the patriarch. You’re still the oldest son or the oldest daughter okay. That’s going a little bit more advanced but I know some of you some of you guys are gonna also gonna ask me what happens if I don’t have three sons and three three sons and three daughters? What happens to this? Then you actually go back to the age, the marital status and I don’t know if it’s a actually a word of parental status whether you’re a parent or not you could be married but your childless that gives you a different status here okay. So I guess I can go through this really quickly. Let’s start with the youngest okay. So youngest son I know I typed out all this here but it’s actually youngest okay it’s a typo so the youngest son is single male youngest and younger than 16 okay.

Youngest daughter is single female younger than 14 okay. And then middle daughter is single, female, unmarried so over fourteen okay. married no children. Middle son is single male also no children because I guess nowadays you can be single but have kids older than sixteen. Oldest son is that you’re married male okay.
Oldest daughter is a married female so it doesn’t matter what age now will your hopefully more than fourteen and did I miss anyone? And tell me if I miss anyone I forgot to keep track but anyway that is how it works okay so as you can seenow you don’t actually take up bagua and superimpose it on the layout you guys know. Oh you like any of you guys who still have the bagua and you’re trying to superimpose it on your layout stop doing that. So how do you actually use the bagua Okay let me take a look at my notes cuz and you don’t follow the gua number
again forget about the gua number. You don’t use the fast food feng shui, you don’t use the gua number – PERIOD. That will bring you a lot of confusion at best and will give you bad results out at the worst point okay. So how do we actually use this information how do we actually use the information that is given to us from the bagua – oh by the way you’ve got you guys see numbers as well okay so you see five in the center, six.

This is actually the location, number seven, eight, nine, one, two three, four. So the 81 combination actually relies very heavily on this and I’ve gotten a couple I have prepared a couple of situation up examples for you guys okay. So for every direction on the bagua,not necessarily direction on your layout okay there is a difference, for every direction on the bagua for instance the southwest is the palace of the matriarch is the element of earth and if you want to give it a number like the flow not the flying star number I guess but it’s – I guess you can call it life it’s not a number just so make things simple and this is the trigram. And this trigram of Kun in terms of health oh I should talk about health okay so every trigram also has a link to how the energy affects us physically in terms of our health for instance. So the trigram of Kun being a sorry yeah being the matriarch is the abdomen right the mother’s give birth so it affects health around the abs area affects the skin okay. The patriarch in the northwest is the head, it affects the head okay. You can’t find information about this
online this it’s mostly true most of the information with regards to the health direction is correct so I won’t go through everything but like the middle son is ear and kidney. I shouldn’t say the family member, that’s going to confuse you. The Trigram Kan effects ear and kidney.The trigram Ken effects hand. The trigram chen, effects feet. The trigram sun effects butt and hips. The trigram li effects eyes and heart and the trigram tui effects mouth and lung okay. I’m not going to go through everything about that but here are the examples okay now. You’re gonna realize that you don’t actually superimpose – stop superimposing the bagua on your layout – main thing. So some of you guys may have remembered I talked about 81 combination Oh what is the 81 combination? If you guys have never seen this I don’t know how clear this is for you guys. Who has seen this before right so this is the energetic calculation for a home or a building that is period 8 meaning moved in, moved in after 2004
February of 2004 so it’s a period 8 home facing north one. Period 8 homes but facing a different direction would have different calculation.

So therefore if you’re reading a book or if you’re following an expert and God forbid if you paid a consultant and they don’t use a compass reading and they claim to be classical – they are not classically trained.

So based on the period and the facing now, we can calculate the energy so now every direction has an energy. And what is the 81 combination? 81 combination are the top left and top right numbers for each quadrant okay so two, five, seven, nine, nine, seven, five, two, three, four, one, six, six, one, eight, eight, four, three. Those are 81 combination and each  combination has a different energy. As a reminder – it’s not general you can that’s another reason why you cannot do generalize feng shui advice, okay. So how is this bagua translated into actual feng shui replacements?

 Again you don’t superimpose. So for instance three two or two three combinations so I don’t have that here, I guess I should have but if there is if you’re seeing like a two three or a three two combination okay that means abdominal complications for women and again I didn’t make this up this is just formulas that’s been passed down by my Grandmaster and while I don’t believe in blindly following I have seen this to be the case these have been proven okay.

Two the combination of three two and two three why does it impact the abdominal area for women? Because the number 2 here is matriarch and affectsabdomen and skin, okay. You can potentially have skin issues as well but mostly abdominal okay. If you have five eight or eight five okay again if you do if you plot your 81 combinations and you have let’s say 5 8 or 8 5 it represents sickness. Especially worse for the youngest son okay we don’t like 5 anyhow right in flying star 5 is the worst number and 5 affects the 8. What is 8? In this trigram in this bagua, it is the youngest son and what kind of in an illness its general illness but very likely relating to the hand it could be hand injury right.And then 8 2 or 2 8 so again you take your period you take your facing if you’re seeing 2 8, are you guys able to see this, if you’re seeing anywhere 2 8 or 8 2 let’s say if it’s a master bedroom right there’s 2 8 in there it’s a master bedroom. This actually and if you guys can see 8 is the youngest son, 2 is the married woman who’s also a mother okay 2 8 and 8 2 – I have seen this are affairs between older woman i.e matriarch with a younger son with a younger female which is usually underaged, okay.

And if there is eight seven or seven eight okay if it’s anywhere here eight seven or seven eight – going back to this eight is youngest son seven is youngest daughter okay. Kind of like the Romeo and Juliet kind of thing it’s potential for these younger girls and younger boys to run away together ie eloping okay. And I and I actually have a situation of this I saw this the daughter’s room had this energy and was very much you know in love with the boyfriend at that time and you know my client wasn’t very happy about it and I said you know what if you don’t want her to run away you need to be at peace with her choice cuz otherwise she’s gonna choose to be disconnected to you.

And she’s gonna choose her path no matter what you say right. So the daughter is still with the family what happened was that they allowed the boyfriend to move in because they don’t want to lose the daughter because I can tell you if theyand it’s again Feng Shui is not always about placement it’s also about your awareness and how you deal with situation so I’ve seen the 8 2 and the 2 8 as well and obviously this was something not something that theclient readily supplied to me in terms of information but Flying Star Feng Shui don’t lie and I approached her with it and I said very gingerly because you don’t want people to feel offended but she fessed up to being tempted, haven’t  acted on it yet.

So one is awareness I told her obviously don’t cuz it’s not gonna end well and then well I actually put her in a
different room. Okay you guys is how so the bagua is very important in Feng Shui. It’s definitely very, very important but what we look in the bagua is the trigram. And what does the trigram point to in terms of who gets affected in the house in terms of what potential health issues could come up in terms of and you use it in terms of you look at the element and based on that you do your remedies based on that. So I wish in the live stream I could go up over everything but those who took my course you guys know it took me four days right. it’s not something I can do unless you take the course.

So Eva asked how do you plot feng shui
combination? There are calculations out there so you just put in the year that you moved in and you put in the facing of your home, the direction of your home. And the calculator is going to basically plot out the energy for you. The trick is to actually know what the numbers mean unfortunately so you can have this chart but you won’t know what it means unless you have the proper information. And even the facing you have to be really careful with the facing because well most houses, most buildings so facing is pretty straight forward most of the time  it’s front of the building or where the main entrance is but that’s not always the case.

Oh that I guess that’s a great segue for those of you who are registered for Feng Shui 2019 if you want some help actually I said that the date I think it’s October 3rd so those who registered for Feng Shui 2019 especially if this is your first go-around with me. My bonus webinar number three is for me to help you determine the period of your home and the facing of your home. Because some of you guys, and determining the period of the home can be very confusing as well so we’ll go over that. And determining the facing of your home you can send me a Google Earth shot of your home and we’ll figure out where the facing is. That is where you take your compass reading if you get your period wrong if you get your facing wrong even if you have a calculator it’s gonna give you the wrong numbers, okay?

So any other questions with relating to this. Sharifa, am i pronouncing it right do you teach Feng Shui online? I don’t teach the course online I do have a course coming up in March if you guys are interested in that then you send me an email or you shoot me a message here on Facebook and I’ll give you the link to the course I am holding another one in March. But if you want to start learning more actually I should put up so if you guys are not yet signed up for Feng Shui 2019 but you want to – just go to Feng Shui The next webinar is October 3rd so if you register now then you can email me your questions with regards to determining your period and your facing and we can go over it on the webinar. For those of you guys who are already registered, I will be sending out an email about this and you can start sending me your questions.

In a nutshell –
Stop thinking your relationship corner is the Southwest or your money corner is the southeast because this is what determines it, okay. This is what determines where your money corner and where your relationship corner is. I did the fast-food Feng Shui for a few years it wasn’t until I start I took the certification – I was happy and depressed at the same time. I was depressed because of the amount of energy and money and time wasted on the wrong information right. So that would be so that is how you need to take it from here. Yvette says I would need an actual layout of that of what of your home yeah so for those of you who registered for Feng Shui 2019,
again it’s over here on this corner here Feng Shui 2019 that’s the address website that you go to to register if you have not yet registered. This is if you can’t do if you know if a private consultation is not an option for you
then this is the best way that you have the best way that I can offer you in terms of doing your home finally do it n your home based on the right information okay. And for those of you who did the annual webinar with me
before, you know I look at your layouts. I look at your you know your  placements and we have a private Facebook group. As well even after the webinars are done can also post your questions there. That’s the only way I can really give you proper information because then I have proper sight on okay – how does this layout look where are the doors where are the streets? What are the formations outside of the house, okay.

Hello Nina. Kat says I see yes join I’m a shameless plug here join Manifesting code and Feng Shui 2019 –           it is an important combo because Feng Shui 2019 gets you ready based on the annual energy. Manifesting Code actually gets you ready based on the permanent energy so we are actually as much as possible right, without taking an actual course manifesting code in a simpler format because not everyone wants to know all the complicated stuff. They’re just like just tell me where my money corners are so I can activate it so in Manifesting Code I actually go through and tell you where your three money corners, where you’re you know did I talk about relationship corners? I actually I’m blanking out right now but that is based on your period and based on your facing so Feng Shui 2019 is not going to give you that. It will give you enough information to get you ready for the year but I can tell you even what I share in Feng Sui 2019, the depth that we go through
like you guys who took it before, the depths that we go through in terms of getting you ready for the new year based on the period of your home, based on the facing of your home – I have yet to find the amount of support the amount of access that you guys have to me as your as your guide, I have not seen anyone else offer it in the same format that I do. Yeah so you guys who are who have taken the annual Feng Shui – it’s not so much to tell people how much value you guys have gotten from me. It’s not in terms of tooting my own horn. You know what I am sick and tired of people either knowingly or unknowingly, misleading people. And to be honest sometimes I don’t know how I know of consultants who actually have been marketing themselves Feng Shui consultant way before me okay here in town in Toronto. I know of a couple of them. And I’m sure over the years they must have known that what they’ve done is vastly Feng Shui, the years they must have known someone must have told
them and yet they still keep taking money doing the wrong Feng Shui.

And that irks me that is my biggest issue with this industry to be really honest with you because it’s so easy to be a feng shui consultant. And to be honest I don’t even know if all of them even took the course. Some of them probably even just read a book and started marketing themselves as a feng shui consultant. For me, I told my husband I need to make sure before I take a cent from anyone that whatever information that I give is the right information. So I only felt good after I did my certification and I made sure that lineage was really important for me I wanted to know who taught my teacher and who taught my teacher”s teacher. That was important for me and I was I shocked it up to a good karma that I found the right school that I found the right teachers and the grand masters. So I am even after doing my certification I was still kind of just okay let’s see how much of this is the truth so many many many many many times after I plotted this out without the clients telling me too much, usually they tell me enough but when I look at this and II look at the combination the 81 combination and you know again some of the stuff are very sensitive right?   It would be –  have there been like alcoholism issue since you moved in? Or you know have there been any affairs or have you been really sick? Have people started getting really ill since you moved in? And they would say yeah how do you know or even did you guys started getting sued after you moved in you know and usually the skeptical person would sit up how do you know we got sued in this house after we moved into this house, I said no one told me the energetic combinations for me. It’s just that powerful when you have the right information. So if you guys want to learn all about there’s a few things – I don’t want to confuse you guys. If this is your first time hearing about the wrong feng shui bagua and you’re confused anyway and you want to start getting your house ready for the year .Then you join me in Feng Shui after you’re done with Feng Shui and you want to learn more about the permanent energy and more about the inner energy because I actually talk more about the inner feng shui then you can join me in what Kat mentioned before okay. And so Lisa is asking so the period of the home is the
year we moved in versus the year built yes yes yes yes. Kat says classical feng shui seems complicated at first but oh ah I love that okay I love that analogy.

So I will do it get this question all the time hey once I do the feng shui, how soon can I can I see results? I can’t ethically give you a timeline because it really depends on a lot of things. It depends how well it’s being remedied it depends on because sometimes you’re remedying but you’re still activating the negative energy – then you’re kind of how do you put a break and put on the accelerator at the same time. Some clients actually do that because unfortunately if it’s like a really highly used area. Let’s say if the front door of the kitchen or the master bedroom it’s really bad and we put the remedy and yet because it’s the important areas it’s still being used you can’t help but not use those areas then you know you need to give it some additional time for the negative energies to you know to for you to start seeing visible results.

That’s just how it is you know it’s not an
excuse it’s just how the energies work. Yeah okay I think well we’ve been going on for almost an hour now. Thanks so much so I’ll leave it here. Thanks so much for for watching me live. There’s quite a few of you guys here. If you know of other feng shui enthusiasts. Especially if you know that they’re struggling with their fast-food Feng Shui – hopefully you’ll see the sense in sharing this video and stopping them from figuring out oh how do I put the ba gua over my layout. Just stop them from wasting any more time and energy on that because it’s just
heartbreaking when I see that. Okay you guys, thanks so much for watching take care.