Space Cleansing – Why and How to do it.

by Safrina Kadri | Founder and Feng Shui Consultant.

So today’s topic is about space clearing, and why you need to do it. And I’ll also show you a couple of ways that I’ve been clearing my space. And there’s there’s other ways of doing it, but I’ll share with you what I’ve been doing for the past years and years as well if you if you tune in, especially if you guys are a little bit more intuitive tune into the space and if you feel like the space is a little bit the heavy, the energies a little bit dense, or if it feels you know, maybe you feel fine, but when you come into the house, you start feeling headachy or whatever. That is a really good sign that the energy is a lot of energy needs a little bit of a lift, and it helps it helps remedy or it helps heal your home where the energy is concerned. Now Oh, I should have mentioned this earlier is well why I do believe and I do practice space cleansing and space clearing. And some will argue with me some will disagree with me, but it is not functioning. Okay. So even though I covered this in my live stream, I do not see it as a way to practice Okay, I’m not saying it’s, again, I do it myself but do not confuse it as a functionary principle, just like decluttering is not Fung Shui, just like putting vision boards. It’s not really Fung Shui or, you know, or putting symbolic things. Like for instance, if you want a relationship and you display a poster of a very amorphous couple, like I call those law of attraction, placements. Those are not funks right? Do not confuse that. I’m not saying don’t do it. I actually love doing all those things. It’s just it’s a separate branch. terms of changing the energy in terms of putting forth into, into the universe into your space, the kind of intention that you want to attract into your life. Okay, we got that. Um, yes. Joyce’s saying sometimes she needs to clean up plenty of space after spending time with someone who is very draining or very toxic. That’s a really good thing to like after a party is also really good. Just so you know, everyone else’s energy doesn’t just stick around, especially someone who is negative, right? Some of you guys may be doing for your in laws, for instance, um, So in a nutshell, that basically is it and some of you guys who are a little bit more intuitive. And and I think this speaks to, to speak to quite a few of you, followers of mine. If you meditate If you do a lot of spiritual work if you’re a Reiki practitioner or any type, if you’re in tune with energy, if you sense that something is off energetically, even after you do your phone replacement, something still feels off. It’s a really good idea to do a cleansing. And it’s very interesting. And so cleansing has many different. There’s many different reasons to do it. But spiritual, spiritual energy, it’s because you’re at home. It’s so important for you to keep the energy of your space, as healthy, as clean, as supportive and as light filled as possible. So if you feel like especially, for instance, if it’s a home that has been in your family for many generations, there could be some generational energy that’s just been hanging around. Right? We’ll talk about generation cleansing generational energies in your home, then that’s a really good way to a really good reason to cleanse your space. And also if you if you just feel like those of you guys in manifesting code some some of you come to me and say, Hey, Sabrina, I tried the meditation, I tried whatever, one way to, but you, you say you’re trying to do the tools but you’re not getting the, you’re not getting insights from your meditations, you’re not getting insights from your Akashic Record journey, or not getting insights from your journaling, whatever it may be. One way to kind of support you in that spiritual journey a little bit more is also also to cleanse your space because some spaces block that almost like a block around you where the messages don’t come through as much as possible. So it’s not always you. It’s Not always are evil mind that is blocking the answer. Sometimes it is the space, it is the energy. So let’s see here. How is it so far? Who? How many of you already have a practice in terms of cleansing your space? And how many of you don’t right? Feel free to comment there as well. I would love to hear. So let’s just get into the nitty gritty here. I’ve got some notes just to make sure I don’t miss out on anything. Okay. What is very important in any metaphysical or spiritual work is intention. And what I mean by that is, don’t just do the rituals. For the sake of doing originals. You need to kind of center your As much as possible, and have the intention of meeting your ritual halfway in terms of, okay, you’re doing the cleansing ritual to cleanse the space but you need to also be present. You need to also have the intention and the intention can be in the form of a prayer. The intention can be in a form of mantra, or simply being present is good enough. I don’t want you to, I prefer you not to do the ritual just for the sake of Okay, check today I cleanse my space, and we’re good to go. No, it doesn’t work as well that way. So focus on the intention. Don’t just burn and spray. And you’re gonna you’re gonna hear what I mean by that. Oh, I got my spirit. Oh, wait a minute. All right. Just making sure I have my my stuff around me. Um, so there’s a couple of ways that I personally do it. Again, there’s other ways and other ways that it can be done, but I have no experience in it. But I will go over them in a minute if we have the time. So first I want to talk about using incense and see and staging and using resonance. So incense is pretty much so this is what I have. I don’t know if the camera can focus, maybe not. This is a Japanese brand. It’s called Morningstar and my husband and I would love this because the incense stick, it’s pretty short. You can see maybe not my hair. It’s pretty short so it burns pretty quickly. I remember getting a sandal an incense from like a Jamaican grocery store, and it was really long. I think it took close to three hours to burn down. But that one is easy. So what I do, I just, I just burned this and I and and i do i personally I keep it simple I do it very similarly so either it’s a an incense or resin or Sage I just, I just like them up and I go around room by room. Again trust your intuition if your intuition tells you that you need to linger in a room a little bit longer. Or even you know even if it’s not intuition if you feel if someone has just been pretty ill or there’s been an argument happening in a certain place or maybe maybe you do it longer in the kitchen because someone just you know had a mini fire there or something if wherever you feel it needs a little bit more energetic support, you linger on that space a little more. I like to do it room by room. Okay. And he while you’re and we were talking about intention a little bit earlier. is you can again it really is up to you there is no hard and fast rules right? You can simply use your religious background or your spiritual background right some of you are Wiccans. Some of you are you know, whatever, Tallis or Christians or whatever just have have a prayer in mind or you can even say your prayer while you’re going around. So the other one is to I know have my lighter I don’t have so um, and the other one is Oh, actually, I think I jumped off a little bit in terms of incense, any type of incense really can work for Personally I prefer sandalwood. Because sandalwood and I have my note here, it assists in. It’s a very it’s been used in Buddhist temples for for you know, many, many decades now because it is Dean does Setting the connection and reconnection with, with your spirituality with a higher realm of energy. So it also assists in quieting the mind. So you can also start listening to the subtle voice. And before I’m doing my meditation, I do have a little bit more of a preference in terms of using frankincense and sandalwood because personally, I find my meditation goes deeper when I have either of these two burning, and we’ll talk about oils in a bit but I even put a little bit of Frankincense oil on my third eye. And, and trust me your meditation if you feel a little bit of a struggle with your meditation or your visualization that will help you anchor into the energy and you’ll get a bit more breakthroughs that way. Okay. sandalwood also helps out Elevate you from your current consciousness and your current belief system. And this is great in terms of your mankind luck, especially if you feel stuck somewhere the center would is really good to unstick that and get get the energy moving. Okay. And, and then there’s the sage. Some of you guys are, it’s really bright where I am. I don’t know why. Okay, here’s the sage. It’s basically sage leaves but bundled up and these guys are readily available. I think you can get them online. You can get them in metaphysical stores or more spiritual based stores. If you have a sage plant, I’ve never tried this myself, but I know people who basically make their own Sage bundles. If you have a sage plant. I think that you just dry it kind of dry, dry upside upside down and you basically tie it right if you guys can see there’s strings year right? So and I love how it smells actually. So again just like the incense I just burn it again with an intention. It can be a mantra it can be a chant can be it can be a prayer it can be just helped me cleanse the space, right spirit universe whatever helped me cleanse the space, make it a supportive space for for health and rejuvenation and family and love. Okay, so again, I just liked it and I go around the room, I would light it. I will some sometimes I do like it more than once because it does go out but when I liked it, I put it in a heat proof dish. If you don’t have a heat proof dish like this, you can use Pyrex because I don’t think that will break or anything that can take the heat a heat proof ball. So light it and then I just see use my hands to kind of guide the smoke in in that what do you call that? in Native American tradition they use feathers I believe. I think that’s just just an option. But and these feathers and mega shell or something, but this one Yeah, I just walked through and and cleanse the space with combined with my intention. Do you know that essential oils are also great for space cleansing. And this is great for those of you guys who are a little bit more sensitive to the smoke. So this is a really good alternative. So it can be like a little spray like this. This is actually a spray that I leave in my bathroom. Four times when you need a little bit of an air room, you know therapy, aroma therapy support. So half fill half the bottle with witch hazel and the other half with distilled water. Distilled Water not regular tap water. Okay. Some will argue regular tap water is fine but personally I find distilled water works better for me. And then so half witch hazel has have distilled water and about 25 to 35 drops of essential oils. Now where essential oils are concerned, the highest quality that you can afford, go for it especially in terms of cleansing a space and I’ll tell you why. I’ve used these essential oil looms face for years and years now and I used to buy them from other brands other stores. Like I realized I noticed that when I use those brands, the scent doesn’t last it doesn’t last in in the room which kind of makes me wonder you know in terms of the quality once I switched to My preferred brand right now and I’ll put in my link in the PDF as well as here later on is called doTERRA once I spray it and even after like an hour going in I can still smell a hint of it. So meaning for me in my very unscientific opinion is that the the molecule molecules or whatever of the of the oil because they’re essential oils from plants, right? So that for me means higher quality so I’m very very happy when I realized that so this one here for instance, is with lemon grass and lemon grass is actually a great spread space cleanser not just for the bathroom but I we first time I got turned into lemongrass as a space cleanser is when I was in a wellness clinic. And so what lemongrass does is it dispels and I actually have a bottle of lemon grass here. This is my beautiful Oh my god, it just smells really great. Oh, ready immediately uplifts me. So lemongrass dispels feelings of despondency, despair and lethargy, okay, it helps you let go of limiting beliefs, toxic energies, it helps you move forward and commit to a healing path. For those of you guys who are hoarders either physical hoarders, right? You hoard a lot of stuff in your space, or emotional and psychological quarters, meaning it’s hard for you to let go of certain emotions or certain thoughts. lemongrass is amazing and helping you move, break away from that and move forward. If you guys don’t believe me in terms of the power of essential oils, give this a try. If you feel like it’s hard for you to let go. Either something or someone Some memory lemongrass is going to start moving you help helping you get the momentum forward without being held back. Okay, so lemongrass so I just this one actually has lemongrass in there already so I just spray it I use that in the bathroom because I love the scent as well. Like for I don’t have the white fur with me right now. But this is white fur was one of them that I suggested to a client because she is very she is very in tune with the energy, but she felt like generational karma or generational energy is weighing down. Weighing her down in her home. She says she always has a headache when she comes home. So white fiber is great for generational issues passed down from family member to family member and this can be in terms of substance abuse, emotional abuse. Even physical abuse and also really good in letting go of anger. Okay, so especially this would be great the wafer would be great after a conflict. Okay, so Frankincense I have my go to Frankincense Oh, well this one is Frankincense okay my Frankincense essential oil here. Again I do it in a spray bottle and it’s great to cleanse the space especially before a spiritual exercise such as meditating such as journaling, you know doing your forgiveness work and so on and so forth. bergamot I do have bergamot but I don’t have it on me right now but bergamot has a nice citrusy smell to it. And I love bergamot especially in my Earl Grey tea but bergamot is also great in your cleansing spray because it invites you to clear away stagnant energy or limiting beliefs as well because limiting beliefs just keep you stuck, doesn’t it? And it’s also good for a lot of the because bergamot has a little bit of that greenish tinge. It’s also great for the heart chakra work. And I’m not saying you spray it on your heart, but if you feel like your space or even yourself, if you’re struggling with issues of not feeling, not feeling lovable, not feeling good enough or if you’re hiding behind a mask, right? You’re not good enough to project your real self to the world. bergamot is really good in this. Okay? Especially if there is a situation where you’re kind of stuck. You spray this in a room, it won’t turn it 180 degrees but it will help facilitate the healing. Okay. Ah, another one that I don’t have on me because I just finished it. It’s It’s from again My favorite brand which is doTERRA. But the doTERRA purify is a blend, and the name itself purify already tells us what it does. So it’s a blend of lemon, lemon, lemon, lime, Siberian for needle citronella tea tree cilantro Yes, all that so it facilitates emotional breakthroughs. So in order to receive you need to also release a couple of you know, in in order to receive you also need to allow yourself to release that which is no longer serving and supporting you. So this land the purified blank will help you release the old so you’re also more open to the new. Okay. Um, so those are the ones those are my go to. But once in a while when I feel like I need additional support in the home, I do a visual ization and I’m not going to go through like maybe I should have prepared to go through one here. But basically, you can you can do a cleanse either with the incense or Sage or resin or with essential oil. And then you can sit down and you can do a meditation. The main gist of it is to meditate and put your home in like a light bubble as a light, light as in bright, right, and let the light either you know, it can be light from the sun or light from the moon. When you’re doing a full moon ritual. This is really good to kind of do your visualization as well. So your home is is being surrounded by this bubble, and there’s light being infused inside the bubble and let the light just cleanse. Energetically cleanse the home. This is a really good meditation to protect the home as well. So while it’s cleansing and also protecting this is one a really good way to do it even if you’re not at home, right, let’s say let’s say you’re traveling and the news of something happening at home, you can do this visualization to kind of elevate the energy a little bit. Okay? And oh other ways. Other ways that I don’t have is sound healing. Um, so I don’t some some sound healers they use like a bell. They they hit the disk, the metal disc together and the ringing of the bell are the disk cleanses the space and some of you have the I actually have a cleansing bowl but it’s in a different room right now. Not to prepare for this live stream. But you you it’s, it’s a bowl where and some healers use crystal balls, they are a little bit more pricey. But if you’re interested in that you Definitely explore that so the the sound of the the bowl will will ring throughout the space and that also elevates the vibration of the energy. If you are a Reiki Master obviously I can’t show this because I’m not a Reiki Master if you’re a Reiki Master I believe they can or if you know someone who is they can also kind of I don’t know what they do to be honest but I know it they they can kind of support the energy of the space as well with their whatever we can techniques. Okay. That is pretty much it for me. Let me see in terms of questions. Ilana says I heard that the sage removes negative and positive energies I do not believe so. Because otherwise why why would Someone want to do something that also gets rid of the positive energies. And I personally when I tune into a space after it’s been cleansed, I personally don’t think that that is true.

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